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Monday, October 26

Happy Monday, everyone!


"Never forget: This very moment we can change our lives...This second, we can turn the tables on Resistance. This second, we can sit down and do our work." ~Stephen Pressfield, The War of Art

fudoshin -BLs - 9:59pm

Please do not leave advice.  Thank you.  Prayers welcome. 


I need to make some bottomlines.  Some like ways in which I need to live my life. A life plan, of what I deem to do.

  • I read my goals and affirmations everyday.
  • I brush my teeth and use listerine each morning.
  • I brush my teeth, I floss, I use listerine and a periodontic brush before bed.
  • I get six hours of sleep every night. 
  • I exercise once a day for at least thirty minutes. 
  • I come on time for classes and appointments.  I show up for classes and appointments.
  • I had in assignments on time.
  • I brush my hair before leaving in the morning and I always look presentable.

I have to avoid the following sites for the next five weeks that I am in school.  I can use them on and after December 17th:

  • and their associated fan lines
  • (I shall deactivate the account by October 30th).
  • and any other youtube celebrity fan sites
  •,,, any form of public blogging that is not a movie review

Lucky 'new style' CI

This idea of posting achievements, instead of a tasklist that I can 'fail to do perfectly', is SO WORKING! Will you look at what I did today! And if I hadn't been doing things this way I would certainly have considered this an imperfect, fail-ridden day. I'm actually starting to see what people mean when they say I'm perfectly capable and just don't realise it.
Don't bother too much about reading all the work tasks, as they won't make much sense - though it is a glimpse into the bitty life of a PA - 'no such thing as a typical day'...

Got to work on time without any mad rushing/taxis/etc
Remembered to pack food and some letters to deal with at lunchtime
Read book on train and caught up with the news in Metro
Checked work email
Sorted out Sky PIN
Emailed team re J's absence
Scanned new type of contract, decided where said contracts are going to live
Printed stuff for E
Had catchups with S and D, noted tasks to do for them this week
Updated S's work in progress list (twice)
Reset my and bosses' phone clocks
Formatted a word doc for D
Saved some contracts as pdf for L
Sorted out replacement for a disappeared document
Worked on routing contracts
Checked personal email/forums
Edited bank standing orders
Arranged to visit friends tonight to do housework
Called debt management company
Called life insurance company
Signed a leaving card and sent it around the team
Emailed, faxed and couriered a termination letter
Distributed post
Finished routing contracts
Called debt management company again
Called bank
Started bible filing
Printed a letter for L to sign
Redid a contract (twice)
Sorted out couriering a personal letter for L
Tidied desk
Read more of my book on train home
Did 1hr paid cleaning work for neighbours
Had shower
Had a bit of chilling time with housemate
Replied to a couple of posts on PA
Washed up
Cleaned top of cooker
Put laundry on
Reminded housemate to get her laundry out of the dryer and took it upstairs for her
Posted this!

Recycler CI 6pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Before going to the gym this morning, I started the dishwasher, and took the trash out.

At the gym, I did my cardio, stretches, and ab exercises.

This morning I answered email and went to staff meeting. After staff meeting, I went through all new projects and transferred them in priority order to my assignment list. Ate lunch at my desk in prep for repairman-time-away this afternoon. After eating, I worked on my highest priorities, & did a quick meeting to ask questions to someone.

Repairman called, so I went to the condo. I puttered around while he did routine maintenance on washer/dryer.

Received email: Company coming this weekend! Yay!!! :) Wheee!!! :) Ooops, I'm a procrastinator & the guest room is in shambles!!! Aiieeee!!!! Oh my gosh!!! ((begins cleaning condo with a passion))

Tonight I am going out to a meeting in one of my other 12-step programs. I can get a little more done before I go out.

Have a great night, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

mj check in Monday

Most important things today:

Write article for slate

seed back yard

schedule this week

make dentist appt

investigate 2 other districts

kromer 1:10 CI

Today so far I've worked on my homework and gone to class.

MITs for today are:
*Make a schedule for the week
*Do realtime PCR
*If realtime PCR works: make slide of results
If it doesn't: talk to labmates/look into how to troubleshoot
*Do 1 problem from take-home midterm
*Microburst website updates
*Email TL, DP and LL

If I have extra time, I'll do an extra problem from the midterm and work more on the website, and maybe try a few review problems as well

OK, right now I'm going to start on the realtime PCR. Back when that's running. 

OCz morning CI

Good morning everyone! have a great week!

  1. Thank God for another day!
  2. Show up!
  3. morning mail check
  4. Review tasks for this week
  5. @Wk
    1. MoP -> working on it! breaking task:
      1. Open the file!
      2. Finish ppt 
      3. Email Fco Sent a "good enough ppt", well, maybe less than good enough, but at least I sent it, now I can start next conversations with my boss about this project! I feel bad about the quality of this task... but I have felt worse from not doing this particular task!
      4. Email Sctt
      5. Email vendor
      6. Call vendor on afternoon
      7. Agree on next steps
    2. BaM
    3. CxP
    4. EdP
  6. @GaP:
    1. change calendar entries
    2. post this weekend activities review
  7. @Hm:
    1. Plan FDay
    2. Dist Hm
    3. Finish Bk
  8. @W:
    1. Plan new Sts

Thank you all for being here!

I will find joy in what I do!

Spirit 10/26

This morning

  • Showered
  • attended phone meeting
  • edited phone bridge promises for recovery
  • posted to share with whomever may find them useful
  • coffee
  • make dr appts
  • dental appts
  • put tasks in order in excel
  • post actions into business plan
  • support for friend-all day
  • call and mk appt for cont signed
  • follow up on ext
  • meet client
  • get paperwork submitted from client


GeorgeSmiley 8:15 AM

I've been at my desk since 7:30 but found myself getting caught up in Facebook, my personal blog, other non-essential stuff.

Now I'll get a cup of coffee and then look at my task list.



Want what you have. Be who you are. Do what you can. ~Forrest Church (1948-2009)


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