Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Tuesday October 20, 2009

New girl in trouble

Hi, I'm new to this site....not new to the 12-steps.  I was up all night stressing about the latest object of my procrastination - my practicum project for the completion of my graduate degree; it's getting down to the wire and I got to get it done!!  I meet with my coordinator tomorrow and am now feeling under the gun, but I'm not doing anything except wasting time!  I don't know where or how to start. HELP!

Getting things done

1. abstinent breakfast - check

2. kitchen - check

3. nap - check

4. read prac. objectives

5. read CC grant application

6. condense my outline of grant application

7. read bcc grant completed application

8. da meeting

9. gsa meeting - check

10. power walk -check

11. 2 more abstinent meals

12. at least 15 min cleaning bedroom

13. clean kitchen, AGAIN

14. call aes - check

15. call about ticket

16. print out/complete aes form

CL daily overcoming (wed oct 21)

huge work week. hyper focus extra hours.

no time to make day starter :(

wasted 1/2 hr. that's how i know i'm an addict. even with this work focus week, i still take the time to surf. that's wrong.

But god is changing me, so i say what brother lawrence says:

- i will never be able to do otherwise, if you leave me to myself

this takes all the wind out of the sails of the failure. It now has no power. I now just wait expectantly for god to change this in me.

730 part of daily maint tasks - DONE
840 str - DONE
750 check emerg email and meetings - DONE
8 finish daily maint tasks
(already have work plan)
8:10 quiet time
8:40 work!

my prayer to day is to find god even in the programming. programming is intricate, logical. God invented that.

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

Recycler CI 8:15pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Cute threadstarter, vic! :)

This morning at the gym I did my cardio, stretching & ab exercises.

At work this morning I was very diligent on my project list, and was also flexible with interruptions. when my mid-day appt showed up, she was 2 hours late, but no big deal. At lunchtime I ate food that I brought from home.

In the afternoon I worked on other projects. At the end of the day I updated my assignment list for tomorrow. I had to work late due to a need of my boss, but again, no big deal. At home tonight, I fixed dinner + a staple food to keep in the fridge. I have washed a load of clothes.

Oh, the other night I was supposed to make gym bags for this week. Actually that didn't happen -- Ooops! Anyway, I am making bags tonight for Wed/Thurs/Fri. I also did another delayed project of counting some coins. I could do more tonight, but we'll see how it goes.

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Babarino ci 10.20.09

Hi all.

At home today, not working. trying to clean up and exericse before 2:30 appointment, then rest of night off.


Journey noon

Slow start today!  Working from home.  I went to the gym and stopped by the grocery store, then got distracted by puttering around the house instead of getting to work!

But I now have my todo list, and I have attended the first meeting of the day.  Next thing on the list is Project E, then break for lunch.  I'll work a bit later this evening to make up for the late start. 

Have an enjoyable and productive day everyone!


"You've got to trust your instinct, and let go of regret.  You've got to bet on yourself now, star, 'cause that's your best bet." - from All Mixed Up by 311

kromer 11:40 CI

OK, frustrated b/c my computer is still not working. Hopefully it'll get fixed sometime today, but if not I'll just have to keep going as best I can.

However, there is a bunch of work I can still do. In particular, I can work on any of the following (I'm feeling a lot of resistance today, so I'm listing a bunch of tasks and letting myself take care of whichever seem most appealing):
1)Send out deacon notes
2)Read a couple more articles on Sertoli cells
3)Take care of financial stuff
4)Email LL, TL, MG, home
5)Make up retinol and retinoic acid
6)Finish NLP review and homework
7)Go to NLP class
8)Get sLDA working
9)Start proofreading for JH
10)Spend some time studying regression (did a little of this, want to do more later)
11)Harambee planning meeting (will go to this soon)
12)Set up mtg w/ DP
13)Gene list for cyp26b1 dataset
14)Start looking into Sertoli cell culture
15)Bike helmet+light
16)Buy backup hard drive

17)Go to colloquium

OK, I'll start by finishing NLP review.

GeorgeSmiley 9:51 AM + Updates

1. Love the Day Starter, vic!!! 

2. And Love your signature, OCz: "I won't quit on me today." That is really awesome.


Yesterday I was out all day. While out I got a couple of small projects finished. 

Today I slept late because I've been exhausted the last few days from late shifts at my part-time job, and I have another one tonight.

I'm working harder to try to assign projects to time slots. I still have too many piled up to devote one day to one project, as I have been trying to do, but I hope to be able to clear my backlog enough over the next couple of weeks so that I can move to that.

I'm feeling more highly motivated than I have in some time, which is good, and I believe I can translate that motivation into working productively and away from resistance activities.

The first thing I need to do now is a personal email relating to a volunteer group of which I am a part. They have an important meeting tonight that I won't be able to attend and I want to get my 2 cents in. 

Then I will return with my next task.

Have a great day, everyone.

Update, 12:25 PM

OK, did that personal email thing, which took a while but was important. Had some lunch. Now to work. First Project is Project K.

I've budgeted a total of 4-5 hours for it. Some today, rest tomorrow.




Want what you have. Be who you are. Do what you can. ~Forrest Church (1948-2009)

The Hero's Code:

Show Up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

Julesk CI

Hi guys!

I've been by everyday in  the past week, but I've not logged in nor checked in.  Hmmm!  WOnder what that's about.  (Part of that WAS a vacation out of town...)

Anyway, I start a new job today, at 2:30 PM) so this AM is just going to be:

1. clean my purse (30 mins)

2.  do 15 minutes cleaning the kitchen

4. run up to church for 1 1/2 hours (including drive time)

5.  clean my car for 15 minutes

6.  get ready to go!

Thanks for being here!


Hope-Faith CI 9:40

Busy and productive am so far.

  1. A1
    1. Make copies of last review ?'s
    2. Create review quizzes
    3. Send e-mail
  2. A2
    1. Create a 33 question exam
    2. Create another 33 exam  
    3. Create a 34 question exam 
    4. Test last set of questions
    5. Create reviews
  3. Declutter desk (Almost done)

Me, My Family and more

    1. Homework
    2. Declutter V
    3. Declutter C 
    4. Supper
    5. Create games for spelling
    6. Get ready
      1. DD to activity
    7. Reading/homework working 8:30-9:00  




OCz morning CI

I had a regular day yesterday... I need to do better today, dear God, grant me courage...

  1. Thank you God for another day!
  2. Show up!
  3. Come back to copy ALL the tasks I didn't complete yesterday!
  4. Prepare Vndr list with exp dates. Breaking task:
    1. List Vndrs
    2. Open POs
    3. Find Contract
  5. request Aconf # for M.Mndz
  6. Complete MoP
    1. Start a presentation /define goals
    2. open file from vendor
      1. requested help from vendor
      2. compare against MMd numbers
      3. review numbers for SJ
    3. Start talk between Sct & Fco
      1. Agree on final numbers for SJ
    4. Send agreement to vendor
      1. wait for $ from the vendor
      2. Discuss $ with Proc.
    5. Complete presentation
    6. Order equipment
    7. Draft implementation plan
  7. email EDPlan to Ctbl
  8. Reply Fco about egt SOP
  9. Create master list!
  10. Tpy @20:00
  11. GaP mtng @21:30
Thank you all for being here!

I won't quit on me today!

Vic 10/20

 Showed up, get out the door and walk, have a plan, know what day it is , prepare for meeting, get there early (done)

I actually got there early!!!!!!!!!I felt so "human". Paying attention, I really became aware of how much my procrastination issue was a part of my being late all the time.It made me see the  whole thing in a different way. Being late for a PAer is like a can of beer is to a AAer. ( We can not afford the fobiles of normal men).