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Monday October 19, 2009

 Trying to stay untangled today...................

CL daily overcoming (tue oct 20)

no time to post a day starter :(

huge work week today.

already wasted the 1/2 hr i had for quiet time.
so i have 2 min left. God, you're going to have to compensate for my lack of discipline and pack a whole quiet time's worth of perspetive and centering into 2 min. Fortunately, you can do miracles.

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

Recycler CI 3:20pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies & Cute Kitty Cat! :)

Thanks for the thread-starter, vic! :)

I walked to the gym this morning, then did stretching & ab exercises.

In the office this morning: I got things prepared for my morning meeting. After the meeting, I transferred all the new projects to my assignment list.

During Lunchtime: I ate food I brought from home, then checked some things online.

Afternoon at work: I continued working on projects. Next: update & highlight my assignment list.

After work, I am going by the condo before going to the local meeting of one of my other 12-step programs. I hope to meet with my sponsor after the meeting.. I’m not sure if I will get to update my CI later.

Have a great night, everyone!


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

mj monday ci

Heyo all

most important things for today:

reschedule court date

clear off kitchen table

write to pablo


Journey 1 pm

Hey y'all!  Things are going good for me lately and I haven't been checking in every day.   I've got hard deadlines at work which keeps me on task pretty well.  I'm catching up on all the posts over the weekend, welcome to the new folks.!


"You've got to trust your instinct, and let go of regret.  You've got to bet on yourself now, star, 'cause that's your best bet." - from All Mixed Up by 311

OCz morning CI

Hi everyone, have a great week! thanks for the opening vic! Let's untangle it!

After a very slow start...

  1. A minute to talk to God.
  2. Morning email check
  3. Follow up on BaM for MmD PO. - Sent fUp mail!
  4. Complete MoP
  5. request Aconf # for M.Mndz
  6. Help R.O. setup her WaS
  7. Lunch @ 12:30
  8. Prepare NxTl meeting material
  9. Meeting @2pm / NxTl. postponed by C.H.
  10. email EDPlan to Ctbl =(
  11. Reply Fco about egt SOP
  12. Prepare Vndr list with exp dates.
  13. Start TreeDiag
  14. Get Dprs for CC
  15. Finish GaP Apstld speech @home

During sunday meeting I stated that I have issues Breaking down tasks into small steps: Sometimes I think that breaking down will consume lots of time... so I don't do it and end up not knowing where to start or what to do next. My number 4 task for today has been sitting there for weeks. even though I have made huge progress the last week I was unable to untagle this one.

So, the next thing I'll do is untangle this task: Finish MoP

Visualization: I will feel better today if I manage to complete this task! It will save me from a lot of problems and I won't get any more calls fro R.O. asking me about it (which I totally hate and most likely lie to her about my progress)

Break it down into small steps:

  1. Start a presentation
    1. define goals
    2. open file from vendor
      1. compare against MMd numbers
      2. review numbers for SJ
    3. Start talk between Sct & Fco
      1. Agree on final numbers for SJ
    4. Send agreement to vendor
      1. wait for $ from the vendor
      2. Discuss $ with Proc.
    5. Complete presentation
  2. Order equipment
  3. Plan implementation

Hmm... I guess that's why I didn't want to start in the first place... seems so much... but, It will look better once I have strokedthrough a few ones... and definetely feel beter once I have marked the last one!

Now: let's exersise some brute-force willpower!

Living one step at a time!

Hope-Faith CI 10:15

Good Morning or Afternoon all,Today I begin again. I have been floundering all over the place over the last 2 1/2 months. I can say that they have been productive times however they have not been focused. Over the past year that I have been involved with this fellowship I have learned so much about myself and how I "operate". I have also learned new ways to offset negative nonproductive thoughts, feelings and actions. I am also aware of where I want to go and how I will get there. While I am happy with the accomplishments that I have made over the last 2 1/2 months I have ventured off into deep waters away from comfort zone (routines) that I had established. So today I am moving back to my comfort zone (routines) and bring with me some new experiences (thoughts, feelings and actions) that I have encountered. I am thank for this fellowship. I actually do not have to begin again I just need to pick up my slack and move onward with what I have developed tweaking along the way.

Work I need to focus on preparing for mid term exams.

  1. A1
    1. Finish creating games  (Done)
      1. Make copies of last review ?'s
    2. Copies of review questions (Done)
    3. Create review quizzes
  2. A2
    1. Create a 33 question review.
    2. Create another 33 question review
    3. Create a 34 question review
    4. Key in exam
  3. Declutter desk (Almost done)
  4. Make reservations for tournment Done

Me, My Family and more

  1. Home
    1. Declutter V
    2. Supper Done
    3. Declutter C
      1. 2 times Printed
      2. Create games for spelling DS forgot to bring words home ):
    4. Get ready Done
    5. BoyScout's Done
      1. Uniform Done
    6. Reading/homework working 8:30-9:00 In Progress

Heading over to chat to start working.

CI 12:55  I have accomplished one time on my list, that is in addtion to all the other task that I had to perform in the past, phone, email, review 30min, file, find papers in clutter, create two quizes, graded assignments, posted grades. So only completing one task off of my posted to do list, well I will just have to be happy with it and move on.  So moving one, Lunch break now need to eat and complete 33 question quiz in the next 15 min.

CI 6:00 home now at least for the next half an hour. Need to work fast and furious to get things done. I got some done but not as much as I needed to, anyway I guess it will not go anywhere until it get it done.

CI 8:30 Next up homework/reading/bath back into chat to work some more.


Spirit 10/19

Great start

  • morning phone checkin
  • shower
  • breakfast
  • time action plan completion posted by 10:30
  • checkin buddy @ 10:30
  • go to work location outside of office and post tasks
  • check emails and reply
  • return phone calls

Midday and two task from list completed for today.

  • work on list for next 45 minutes and see how many tasks I can complete.




CL daily overcoming

tangled, yeah...

7:50 check email and meetings - DONE
8: check in here - DONE
8:10: quiet time - distracted, but DONE
8:30: start working

fb prac
vz store

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

kromer 8:25 CI

OK, this morning I want to check over my homework, do a little studying, and make a schedule for the week. (also, order rain pants and a better bike light, if I have time)

This afternoon, I want to catch up on NLP class, ask MG about mice, take care of deacon notes and seminar website, get SLDA working, run GSEA on first wave data (alone and in combination w/ stages data), take care of financial stuff, ask about experiment timing.

If I have extra time for some reason, I'll also finish reading about sertoli cell sorting, and get a list of top genes from cyp26b1 mutant. 

OK, heading to the chatbox to finish up my homework

I need to leave at 9:45 for class in order to be on time. 

kromer 2:30 CI

OK, checked over my how, made a schedule for the week, went to class, asked MG about mice.

My computer is on the fritz--I've put in a request to IT to have it fixed, but there's only so much I can do without it.

Catching up on NLP class seems like a good thing to do now, so I'll work on that now. Heading to the chatbox. 

Update 5:50--pretty much done catching up on NLP, now since my computer is a disaster I'm going to do reading about Sertoli cell sorting. To do this I need to
a)Read through 3 papers that I have
b)Look at refs from a couple papers for Markers
c)Do search for FACs sorting of Sertoli cells

Back when each of these is done.

Vic 10/19

Show up, pay attention(done)

Paying attention helps me see how much of a tangled mess I make: