Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Monday, October 19th to Saturday 24th

Hi all.

Hope this is all right, please bear with me as I´m new and very overwhelmed.

I´m writing down some tasks that needs to be done this week then I might see what to do with them.

1. Finish 6 chapters in Translation

2. Finish movie in Translation

3. Call the library

4. Clean kitchen

5. Clean bedroom

6. Clean car

7. Get stuff back from S´s friend

8. Get password and site from University, start organizing my new film reviews

9. Spending record - finish

10. Finish half of 4th chapter in my movie script

11. Pay the bills for 24th

12. Get the computer in the shop

13. Get jeans for S

14. Write to Claude (don´t want to - have been putting it off for a month)

15. Organize store room

16. Get the builder to look at veranda wall on my house. Get estimate.

17. Buy new lanterns for my parking space as promised

18. Make a new list for long term vision work.

Checking in - 20th of October

1. Finished 2 chapters in Translation

2. Finished one third of the movie.

3. Called the library, settled my debt.

4. Called the dentist, got an appointment (been putting it off for months)

5. Called my gynocologist, got an appointment for regular check-up

6. Called store for S. jean´s.

7. Called another store for S.´s school stuff.

8. Wrote some pages for my own movie script and found solutions. Made me feel good.

I need to review the list since I´m sick, coming down with the flu and won´t be able to finish all the chores.

Until later. Smile




Mercredi - 22. octobre

I have the flu so I can only work from home.

1. Finished third of movie.

2. Had S after school, got mum to look after her tonight, will see how the flu pans out.

3. Ordered book from Amazon on Rejection

4. Called two creditors, got a good deal.

5. Called my bank, got my overdraft taken care of.

That´s it for today.


@ Lilywhite - looking good!


Seems like you're doing quite good! arent you?

now, you're my inspiration!

living one step at a time!

Thursday 22. October

Hi there. :)

 Thanks OCz, your support means a lot to me.

I´m really sick with the flu, so I called both employers andextended my deadlines.

No work today, just relaxing and listening to Indian music, about to watch a film.

Love to all of you,





Friday the 24th 2009


I did my usual work today, movie and the translation.

Washed the floor, but kitchen is still quite messy.

Will be thinking about the house this week-end and how to organize it.

I need to change a toilet seat I´ve been putting off for a year! I´m so unhandy after my divorce, this is something I am dreading to do, but I cannot put it off any longer. I will be having the same guests I had a year ago and they will see I still haven´t changed it.

It should be there regardless of any guests, my house should be nice for it´s own sake. The living room is, but that´s about it.

Detailed list will come tomorrow.

I´m turning in early since I´m sick.

Good night,