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Friday, October 23,2009

Good morning!

Why I make lists:


I have a funny cartoon to go with this, but I don't know how to upload it! I don't have a URL for it...







Have a great day, everyone!



Falcon CI Friday night

Hi pro buddies,

I've got some things on my mind and am having a hard time staying present.  Here's what I need to do to take care of myself:

  • Get ready to exercise
  • Exercise
  • Change clothes
  • Make & eat dinner - set timer so I don't keep reading long after I finish eating!
  • Meditate
  • Maybe weave or balance checkbook/pay bills
  • Get to bed early

 Going to head over to the chatroom to get myself on track.


Falcon CI later Friday

I'm doing pretty good - done everything so far up to meditating.  I'm glad I set some priorities!  Getting some exercise and meditating have really helped my mood & helped me relax.

I took a look at the bills & bank statement.  Now I think I'll do a little weaving and then get to bed.

Good night!


Recycler CI 5:55pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Friday afternoon after 5pm is one of my favorite times of the whole week! :) Wheeeeee!!! :)

This morning at the gym I did my cardio, stretching, and ab exercises.

At work this morning I did follow-through on a number of items I had talked about with my boss. At lunchtime I went to have lunch with a sponsoree -- they no-showed, which wasn't a problem, other than they felt bad. I left a message on their voice mail checking on them, then they called me back to reschedule for next week. They know I am not mad at them.

In the afternoon, I had to dot a lot of last-minute i's and cross a lot of last-minute t's for Big Events on Oct 31/31, due to the procrastination of others. hahaha! However, by the end of the day I had everything finished, turned in, and had notified everyone that needed to be notified. I finished other items that I needed to complete, and also prepped & highlighted my assignment list for Monday, so All's Well that Ends Well, as they say :)

I am still blowing off steam a little bit, as it was an action-filled day/week.

At home, I have fixed & eaten dinner. At 7pm I have a meeting of one of my other 12-step programs to go to, so I have about an hour before that to putter around and see if I can get anything done ;) I'm planning to do a couple of fun easy things to start with, then see if I feel like doing anything else ;)

P.S. I've noticed the last few days my little avatar hasn't been loading immediately or perhaps not at all. ((sigh)). Now checking my browser bookmarked sites, it says the Photo Hosting Site link is broken & my virus protect says the Photo Host is listed as being unsafe due to viruses. ((sigh)). Ok, I will have to see if I can find an alternative location for my little corgi avatar and any threadstarter pics. ((sigh))

9:25pm. I'm back from the local meeting of one of my other programs, and it was great! I feel really happy :) I am going to surf the Internet a little, read a little, then go to sleep.

Have a great night & weekend, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

kromer 10:50 CI

OK, main task for today is to do an experiment. I got it started this morning, now I have the next couple hours to wait, then I'll work the rest of the afternoon on it.

In my couple of hours off, I'm going to have lunch, do deacon notes and finish reviewing lectures. Heading to the chatbox now. 

OCz morning CI

I had such a bad day yesterday, I procrastinated the whole day long... I need to do better today!

Need to go to a meeting, I'll get back to list today tasks... mostly the ones I should have completed yesterday! :(

  1. Thank you God for another day!
  2. Show up!


Thank you all for being here!

If only it weren't true!


Don't know if this could work but it has been helping me with "my week 7".

or put "microburst" in the seach box on the left.

Take care, Vic

journey 10 am giggling @ George's non-cartoon

Haha George!  That's probably funnier than the cartoon would have been.   

I ended up working VERY late last night as I had the assistance of the BIC so I took advantage while I could, and got a LOT of stuff resolved with Project E AND Project V.  Of course, now I feel tired today and don't wanna work lol.

Project E is on hold until we get some answers from the vendor, so hopefully I won't need to work on that today, and I can focus on Project V and get a bit of work done on the slow moving Project P.   It's easy to let Project P slide to the bottom of the todo list because it's not high priority but it is still a goal I need to complete by the end of the year.   I did work on it yesterday for about 30 minutes, if I can work on it 30 minutes EVERY day on average, I should meet my goal no sweat.  

Have an enjoyable and productive day every one!  Think about some ways that you can work on your goals and ENJOY THE PROCESS today.  (unapologetically stolen from Tony Robbins).


"You've got to trust your instinct, and let go of regret.  You've got to bet on yourself now, star, 'cause that's your best bet." - from All Mixed Up by 311

journey 1 pm

Just testing my new quote 

"The world is my classroom, each day is a new lesson, and every person I meet is my teacher" - Craig Harper

Spirit 10/23

Goodmorning All,

Today is the let's get it done it is Friday.  Need to accomplish some forward motion.  I am out at the coffee shop but its rather busy don't know how long I will able to work from here but here goes.

  • check emails
  • return phone calls
  • appt with con
  • fax number reschedule for next week
  • eo
  • project 8 time action plan
  • billing
  • lawn care
  • dental appt
  • phone advisor-emailed instead
  • time action plan for project BD
  • p.l.
  • website develoment secured
  • followup on paperwork
  • drop forms by client office
  • outreach calls
  • laundry
  • schedule fun time this wknd
  • make dr appt



Vic 10/23

I don't know how to insert a pic witout a URL either, spent lots of time tryng

show up, know what day it is, sent e-mails, read PA stuff (Motivation Follows Action -- and "Microbursts" ) always learning something as I keep showing up here, did alot yesterday and got to Halloween parade, practised "patience, love and tolerance "with my older son, wow, today I am really going to focus on a plan with microbursts, it seems like something I need to learn and something that is "doable", just need to stop self critcism that stops me from trying it, like it "that doesn't count" and say "it's better than nothing, baby steps" 

Motivation Follows Action -- and "Microbursts"

I don't know why I never read this before, this is so good. I have been ,microbursting so far getting micro motivated, need to read this whole areticle: my worst problem is dread.


7pm ck in :

ck in: Feeling pretty good about my microburst day- not so much about how much I got done, but about that elimination of "dread" just like she says.Need to drive son, go to store, so will use microburst idea to get there because it is raining and I do not want to go anywhere. (dread) I know the idea is nothing new but a different spin on "baby steps" which always worked for me but did not eliminate the dread- "microburst" sounds "powerful"

Microbursts* – Eliminate Dread with this Simple Inertia-Busting Technique

Dread is Bad, Microbursts are good!

How much simpler and less stressful would your life be if you didn’t have big projects hanging over your head? I’ve observed that the longer a project hangs over my head, the longer it WILL hang over my head – meaning I’m less and less eager to start a project that I’ve put off, and put off. Dread sets in.

"Don’t let dread get a foothold on your projects. Use microbursts instead. "

It's a few paragraphs of writing that have really HELPED me.

I wrote more about how I use it in this other link here:

Since this is not available on her site anymore and may soon disappear completely, I'm reposting it here. Archived from -pro

Hope-Faith CI 9:40

The day is off to a good start and I am really feeling positive about my productive. Today

  1. Make up googledoc for Tearry  Started but not done will have to work on it later
  2. A1
    1. PPT and Send E-mail  
    2. Begin developing next unit
      1. Print out Curr Done
      2. Determine Pacing Done
      3. Calendar  Done
      4. Pretest 4.01 Done
      5. Setup notebooks Done
      6. Type Pretest into quia
  3. A2
    1. PPT and Send E-mail   
    2. Begin developing next unit
      1. Print out Curr Done
      2. Determine Pacing Done
      3. Calendar  
      4. Setup notebooks
  4. Declutter desk did not work on this yesterday so will need to do so today (10 more mins done)

 After work

Time Frame -- TBP

Things to do

  • Get Camera ready for tournment
  • Patches on B/S
  • Fix DD's H Costume Done
  • Study Guide for DS Test 



GeorgeSmiley 7:32 AM

I have some out of the office meetings and some errands to run today, but I think it will work out for me to use a lot of this AM to declutter... So that's what I'm planning to do...




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