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Saturday, October 16, 2009

Vic 10/17

Show up, have a plan (done)

kromer 12:45 CI

I spent the morning doing chores (bike repair, laundry) and relaxing, and will spend a lot of the afternoon hanging out with a friend. But there are a few things I want to get done today: make a list of BrdU alternatives, spend an hour or 2 studying regression, and do 2 hw problems. Will start by working on hw

Heading to chatbox now.

8's ci 9:19am


  •  b-fast shower
  • gargbage out/clean some
  • wash car
  • buy part to fix thingy
  • fix thingy
  • change info in pacer
  • start new case
  • yoga
  •  first thing look up meeting plan to go

Recycler CI 5am EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Company is coming tomorrow. I have to Get With The Program today!!!

While I will be doing some errands this morning, and going out mid-day, I need to get as much done as I can this morning! While it looks hopeless to be working by Zones, I will give it a try! ;)

5:17am. Zone 1 = clear. Plus, I won't be washing any clothes in the washer this morning, to help that area stay clear!

5:25am. First swipe on Zone 2 is done. Some items are still on the counter, but it is because I am going to use them before the end of the day.

5:41am. Zone 3 = clear.

6am. Dishwasher is started. Zone 4 = clear.

6:16am. Bathroom swishies are started. Zone 5 = clear.

6:34am. It would be so much more efficient to pour Shipping Peanuts directly on the floor, rather than try to tilt the cardboard box so the peanuts will pour into the trash bag -- for some reason that never works! Anyway, the shipping peanuts have now been hand-picked-up from the floor, so that I can take them with the bag of trash to the dumpster. I need to make a little more progress with bathroom swishies before leaving, but I'm on my way out the door! I hope to update my CI later! :)

7pm EST. Today = way off the Fun Charts :) Had a great day, but need to work on making the condo presentable for tomorrow. Because I have brought things in during the day, I will have to retrace my steps from this morning. Let me see how far I can get :)

7pm. Zones 1 & 2 = clear, with minimal work.

7:05pm. Zone 3 = clear. Sorted & moved some things around.

7:30pm. Zone 4 = clear. Put away dried plates from dishwasher; started a new load. This morning I put away refrigerator groceries when I brought them in; this evening I put away the pantry groceries.

8:12pm. Zone 5 = clear. Sorted through the other things I bought or received today.

9:40pm. I've started something to cook overnight in the crockpot. I've cooked this recipe overnight before, so I expect it to turn out ok.

I really planned to get more done today, but I will try again in the morning.

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)