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ADHD or just ADD

Been awhile since I have logged on, I have been struggling with my procrastination...depression...anxiety... .  My son has been diagnosed with ADHD, and in doing all the research, I have come to the conclusion that I, also, have ADHD.  I have been trying to figure out WHY I have procrastination, WHY I am depressed, WHY I have anxiety, something had to have started all these things, something pretty fundamental....turns out that ADHD is a neurological disorder, it is genetic, passed down through generations and NOT MY FAULT.

I thought I would share my AHA moment with all of you, maybe this applies to you as well.... 


welcome back isabo!

"You've got to trust your instinct, and let go of regret.  You've got to bet on yourself now, star, 'cause that's your best bet." - from All Mixed Up by 311


I have a two sons, one of whom has ADD, the other is likely ADHD: (he is a 19 year old who will still make sound effects while fencing with projectile objects). My dad had to have ADD and as I am the link in the middle, I suspect that I, too, have it. What can be so very confusing about this is that sometimes each of us will have the ability to hyperfocus, but often, very often, I will find myself following webs of thoughts as my ideas flit by too quickly. Driven to Distraction was very good reading and I am trying to encourage my sons to read it: knowledge is definitely power for this.

Congratulations on finding your AHA! I felt the same way.

asking for help to do the next right thing


Thank you, e, for responding.  yes, knowledge is power, it is up to each of us individually to wield that power.   Here's to us!

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