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Spirit wants to conquer Frustration-can anyone give insight

I am now in a place where i am working my lists which is great but sometimes like today 9/11 I feel like I'm spinning my wheels.  When I am doing all that I am supposed to showing up, prepared, taking the actions and get stalled I feel like I am going to explode.  I don't know if this is a blood pressure spike, I know it is anxiety but I would like to be more calm because I think better and I get more done when I relaxed.

I would love to get some feed back from anyone who has mastered or even has tips on how to handle frustration, avoid frustration or get out of it quickly so that i can be more productive and less anxious when nothing moves forward and I am doing all I can.


Feedback for Spirit

Hey Spirit

I have done a lot of work with my anxiety, both through the program and with a therapist.

The simplest thing to do that can provide immediate results, I have found, is to focus on gratitude through some simple statements that you have arranged in advance.  This concurs with both therapist and 12-step stuff.  (Affirmations, if you will)

One I use when I get into a spin about needing more things, whether in general or for the future of my business, etc, is "I have enough."  This means to me:  I have a roof over my head, food in the kitchen, materials to work with, books to read in my free time, etc.  I have enough.

Another that would be relevant in your situation is:  "I am on the right path."  Or, "thank you God for putting me on the right path."

Also making a list of things that you are grateful for and posting it can help.  It's what they call Attitude of Gratitude, and it is a huge stress reliever.  Two things cannot exist in the same place at the same time (physics) so if you have gratitude in your brain you cannot have room for anxiety/frustration.  (I still need practice at this, but when I do it, it works.)

Much love,



Boy I can relate.

Insight? One Day at a time, Keep coming back, Keep showing up, Acceptance (you don't have to like it), powerlessness, the steps, humility, pray, gratitude, know you are not alone, surrender, stop criticizing yourself, help someone else





Ugh, know the feeling. I

Ugh, know the feeling. I think it's part of our over-perfectionism that getting stuck can feel SO bad.

It's not a perfect solution (ha) but I find it helps to move around to get my brain out of the rut it's in - physically changing the view can mentally change the view as well. Take 5 mins to get some air (even at work most people will allow you to take a 5-minute break), move your work to a different place, or just make yourself some tea/coffee - at work I find it really cheers me up to make drinks for my colleagues as well and get the smiles and thank yous. (Though eventually people become wise to what you're doing ;) my boss has actually warned me off making too much tea for everybody... :)