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Sunday October 4th 2009

Good morning to all...           one step is not more, but infinitely more, than staying still

kromer 4:30

have had a friend unexpectedly in town, another call from a friend, both of which are huge blessings, but which are making me stress out a bit about getting all my work done.

Highest priority for today is to do write-up of retinol injection experiment. Then, I have to check on my mice. Once I'm done with that, it's probably be about time to leave for dinner w/ friend at 6.

After dinner, I need to finish committee write-up and email off lab mtg report. If I have time I'd like to work on associations project and send email to DR as well.

OK, heading to the chatbox to do writeup of retinol injection now. 

Potential Enegy 4:25


 I have come up with a ton of creative things that I absolutely needed to do, prior to starting my reports-

I even went horseback riding, put together a puzzle, am working on slowing down recorded music for my son to practice violin easier...... made homemade Halloween cookies-then went on to make an array of colored icings to decorate them.... they looked great so, of course we needed to take pictures then eat them.....

I am tempted to go on this way, because my dog really needs a bath and I do love it when the floors are polished.... 

But-  I have at least, about 5 hrs. of reports that ABSOLUTELY are DUE TOMORROW!!  So,  I must put aside all of these fantastic things (that I would never dream of doing if it weren't for these reports- so I should be thankful for the reports?)  and get them done.   The thought of sitting and writing these reports is so dreadful that I get a feel it in my stomach when ever i think about it.  So, here is my real to do list

Work:  B report,        AF report       DK report        EC report       call jmp    DE report   

Home/me/Z:  pract. v       f.m.g.             g.m.g.              pack lunch for                tomm.               uniforms tomorrow         100 situps              10 min stretches      take trash out!!     

 I just transferred this over from Sat- oops- so that is why I didn't do anything-i put it in the wrong place!

Hope-Faith CI 3:25

Thing to accomplish today

  1. AM routine -- left home at 5:30 this am and yesterday am so have not had time for am routine almost done 3 items left todo declutter done next swish and swipe. AM ROUTINE DONE
  2. Put clothes away -- Yay got on board early in the week with routine so I do not have any to wash just put away. If I get them put away it will be an amazing accomplishment as we have been living out of the clothes basket for about 6 weeks ): decided to wash sheets on bed sheets in dryer one comforter in wash last conforter is in dryer Done just need to make the beds up when we go to  bed beds made but did not put up clothes I guess we will live out of them one more week.
  3. Upload pictures in progress Done with the ones on home computer
  4. Orgainize softball team orders, hotel and registration -- send e-mails Done
  5. Send hc e-mail Done
  6. Supper started still in progress, almost done
  7. Lesson plans
  8. Declutter Van Done
  9. Read Done
  10. Color hair in progress Done
  11. Get LS portfolios out and review for completeness

Well there is my list to start with update every half an hour to keep myself motivated because what I really want to do is go to sleep.

Done for the day 12:10


Falcon CI Sun.

Hi all!


  • Get groceries - DONE
  • Make lunches - DONE
  • Pay bills - DONE
  • Balance checkbook - DONE
  • Go to bank - DONE
  • Load of laundry - DONE
  • Email L. - DONE
  • Call J.?
  • Run through music - DONE


Nice one, Falcon!!

Nice one, Falcon!!

e's sunday ci

Hello and good wishes to all for a productive day. So far I have been wobbly with my progress, but thankful for those bits which I have done. The big MIT for the day is to do my 5th step, which has been a long time in coming and I am not sure that I am entirely ready to do it, but will do it anyway. I am pleased that I took my meds properly this morning and that I kept bringing myself back to the current task I was working on. I kept saying, you get to do that next, but for now we will do the dishes, or make the bed, or whatever. For right now I am bathed and that feels good, as yesterday was spent wallowing in my pjs feeling under the weather - most likely because I did not get up and take a shower! So small favors. Today my spouse has offered to make egg lemon soup if I clean and boil the chicken: my least favorite tasks. Howevver, it means not making supper and that feels good. So for right now, I am heading to to create a one at a time to do list so I keep the focus on just what is in front of me.

peace, everyone.

asking for help to do the next right thing

e sunday check back 3:20 really works for me. laundry is started, dishes are finished, chicken is clean and boiling. now it is time to review my fourth step. I am dreading this, because I really know that I have not done my best. It has been simply too hard to do for lengths at a time, but I have made progress on it. spending 10 minutes on it now.

asking for help to do the next right thing

e check back

It is after 10 and I am thankful to be here and to be done with my 5th step. I cleaned and cooked the chicken, met with my sponsor, finished the dishes and went to my meeting: all my MIT's got done today: which says a lot for not putting too much on my plate at a time!

Gratitude list for the night:
having a sponsor who is just the right amount of supportive without triggering me to rebel.
My Sunday night meeting fellowship and friends
for my son becoming more responsible for getting his work done and keeping his space clean.
for finally getting the directions to how to live life by following the 12 steps -- and being willing to do so!
For allowing myself to make mistakes without having it be a moral issue: it is okay to be human and to learn from mistakes.
For my family coming to support my going to meetings.
For having the opportunity to learn how to get things done, one baby step at a time.

good night!
asking for help to do the next right thing

mj sunday checkin

Hi y'all,

Long time no checkins. But I'm back. Love the thread starter, chickadee.

Today's must do list

  • walk dogs
  • celebrate daughter's birthday
  • fix light
  • 2 hrs work on papers

nice to do:

  • shop for grass seed, sprinkler
  • transfer $
  • straighten room

Take care.



vic 10/3

show up done

hike?? not sure where they meet

weekly 12-Step P.A. meeting in "meetings chatbox"

Procrastinators Anonymous weekly 12-Step meeting in "meetings chatbox".

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Meeting is held:

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It works when we "work it". Let's do whatever it takes to find recovery. All are welcome.

No obligation to attend. No need to "report in". No attendance taken.

Come when you feel called to come!

All are welcome!

Meeting follows
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Morning all!  Beautiful

Morning all!

 Beautiful threadstarter, chickadee, is that Scotland?

 Friend coming over today to discuss lending me money - prayers appreciated :) I should be able to pay him using my cleaning wages!

 Just starting off a tasklist for today:

 Suitcases down from attic

Walk dog

Make packing list


Check in online for flight

Talk to S re money

Hi Lucky  and good luck

Hi Lucky

and good luck to you in your travel and financial arrangements

--the starter image is... almost Scotland, a few more miles--it's a lake on Hadrian's wall, Crag lough, (I did google image for free to use available pictures of paths, rainbows and the like and chose this one)

Thanks Chickadee! Full

Thanks Chickadee!

Full task list:


Suitcases down from attic

Walk dog

Make packing list


Check in online for flight

Tidy a bit in prep for S visit

Talk to S re money YES! YES! Thanks to anyone who prayed :)

Shower and straighten hair

Tidy room sufficiently for housemate to GET IN to feed pet rats

Give her rat food

Email L re itinerary

Email T

Wish C happy birthday

Note L's and J's phone numbers

Ask C to transfer my money to me for trip

Wash and dry additional clothes

Empty baubles

Top up phone £30

IF TIME - Mend/pin clothes (NB safety pins will not be allowed on flight - black trousers 1st priority)

IF TIME - Cut out card making materials and pack in hand luggage

IF TIME - Find Sim card

Book taxi to airport

IF TIME - Tidy up


Packing list:

Card making stuff (in hand luggage?)

Reading book - HAND LUGGAGE
Notebook and pencil - HAND LUGGAGE


Makeup (including new powder and FIND brown eyeshadow) - HAND LUGGAGE
Extra suitcase for bringing books back
Sewing kit (if not mended clothes)/safety pins (Not hand luggage)
Hair straighteners - HAND LUGGAGE

Wash stuff including shampoo, conditioner, serum, shine spray, contact lens stuff and lens case - HAND LUGGAGE
Hair brush and hair tie - 2 if poss - HAND LUGGAGE
Plug adapter - HAND LUGGAGE
Phone charger - HAND LUGGAGE
Grey heels
Black heels
Underwear (well...)
Grey suit
Pale purple top
Purple shirt
Red shirt
Black shirt

Party dress + accessories

To wear on flight - black trousers and black sweater and boots

Recycler CI 5:45am EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Thanks, chickadee, for the threadstarter :) Very scenic :)

I have time to putter around before my bike ride today. I'm thinking about starting something to cook, but that may be overly ambitious due to time limitations. I think while I am fixing breakfast, I will decide on my strategy for the morning.

11:30am. Weather temperature was Beyond Brisk on my bike ride this morning. I will need to add an extra layer on future rides. I got back in time to change clothes, start a load in the dishwasher, and go to my mid-morning activity. After that, I did an errand on the way back. Arriving at the condo, I started lunch to cook, and put a load of clothes in the dryer. Hobby news seems to be finalized for the weekend. This afternoon I want to do my regular Prep for the workweek; but maybe I will get a chance to do some hobby-stuff, too :)

12:50pm. I finished eating lunch. I have portioned leftovers into storage containers & letting them cool a bit before putting into fridge/freezer. I folded & put away dried clean clothes, & started a new load of laundry to wash. I'm still deciding what to do next. I might work by Zones.

1:15pm. Zone 1 = 1st swipe is done. I've also started yet another load of laundry to wash.

1:30pm. Zone 2 = clear.

1:50pm. Zone 3 = clear.

2:15pm. Zone 4 = clear.

3pm. Zone 5 = clear

5:10pm. Dinner is in the oven. I've prepped something else to go in the oven after it. Earlier this afternoon I cut my hair. I talked with a friend on the phone, & made a call for support to someone else. I'm still puttering around.

5:30pm. I've eaten dinner. The other item is cooking in the oven. One more load of laundry is finishing in the dryer. I'm still puttering.

6:50pm. For a project that will be needed later this week, today is the only time I will have to do it, so it is completed. Next: after calling my dad, I need to remember to make sure everything is lined up for tomorrow. Plus, running the dishwasher one more time would be good.

7:55pm. I talked with my dad. Elderly aunt has health issue, so I then called & talked with my uncle. I reloaded the dishwasher --hopefully for the last time today ;) Sofa looks ok -- I put a corduroy-type bedspread over it rather than a slipcover, and it looks ok enough, adding some color. Next: I need to email 2 friends; and still trying to confirm that I have everything needed for tomorrow.

Have a great day, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

chick sunday

chick sunday CI

house  some sorting and cleaning and laundry done

errand done