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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Potential Eneregy 1:19


 I have come up with a ton of creative things that I absolutely needed to do, prior to starting my reports-

I even went horseback riding, put together a puzzle, am working on slowing down recorded music for my son to practice violin easier...... made homemade Halloween cookies-then went on to make an array of colored icings to decorate them.... they looked great so, of course we needed to take pictures then eat them.....

I am tempted to go on this way, because my dog really needs a bath and I do love it when the floors are polished.... 

But-  I have at least, about 5 hrs. of reports that ABSOLUTELY are DUE TOMORROW!!  So,  I must put aside all of these fantastic things (that I would never dream of doing if it weren't for these reports- so I should be thankful for the reports?)  and get them done.   The thought of sitting and writing these reports is so dreadful that I get a feel it in my stomach when ever i think about it.  So, here is my real to do list

Work:  B report,        AF report       DK report        EC report       call jmp    DE report   

Home/me/Z:  pract. v       f.m.g.             g.m.g.              pack lunch for                tomm.               uniforms tomorrow         100 situps              10 min stretches      take trash out!!     



Lucky CI

JulesK, well done for checking in! I find other people's tiny victories really inspiring :)

 kromer, argh, I know THAT feeling *hugs* but it sounds like you're dealing with it in a really sensible way, not demanding perfection, and are well on the road to getting what needs to be done done. Good luck :)

I've had a 'Why We Procrastinate Theory' brewing in my brain for a couple of days, or maybe it's just a 'Why I Procrastinate Theory'. I think some of us, as children, get it into our heads that:

We are not good. (Actually, scratch the t, we are no good.)

Being good means following a complex, demanding set of rules and routines. (Strict school, anyone?)

 This is impossible for us. Not for everyone. Just for us.

 Having decided being good is impossible for us, we're in a bit of a bind. Nothing we do is good enough to make us good enough. We can't do the impossible. But we can dream of doing the impossible tomorrow!

 So we make up complex, demanding rules and routines, and we make them impossible for us.  Of course we fail, every time, but that's not the point. The point is the hope. We'll do it tomorrow. We're always a day away from perfection.

This means we pretty much always feel we've failed. We can have a productive day by any normal standards, and still be tearing our hearts out with rage at ourselves because we didn't stick to our plan for the day.

We rack up failure after failure, and each one makes us feel more useless. Over a lifetime, we train ourselves into the ultimate can't-do attitude. And it's addictive! Constant failure is weirdly reassuring. It reassures us that we can't help failing. It's okay to fail when being good is impossible for you.

The much scarier alternative is to accept that you've had a head full of nonsense for your entire life and that being good is not what you thought it was at all. It's a real, messy, living, growing thing, it's measured in pluses not minuses, it's different for everyone, and not only is it possible for you, you're already doing it. I guarantee that the worst procrastinator on this board does SOMETHING worthwhile now and again, and it's not always something you'll find on a tasklist or a daily timetable.

This is a wonderful realisation, but it's also a frightening one because once you realise you CAN do it, you have a responsibility TO do it. And for some reason, realising it once isn't enough. You have to keep realising it over and over again until you properly get it through your skull.  I'm not there yet!

 Has this made sense to anyone??

 I have to pack this weekend for an international trip (and will then be pretty much offline for a week) - LOTS to do, starting with making a packing list. I'm also still in a bit of a financial crisis (waiting to hear back from someone re hopeful loan) - for some reason I'm not too worried about it but I should be, as I have one more day to get it sorted before I fly!


Clear kitchen

Do laundry

Make packing list

Get suitcases down from attic


"pretty much always feel we've failed"

Yep, makes perfect sense to me!


"A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you." - Elbert Hubbard

Small but very, very

Small but very, very cheering help with the financial crisis - neighbours are probably going to pay me to clean for them 2 hours a week. Not much but it'll feed me!

Hi all, I'm feeling

Hi all,

I'm feeling really stuck today...I've got lots off stuff to do and I overslept, getting a little panicked.

OK, here's a plan:
1)I need to clean up my work's a disaster and is making me feel even more overwhelmed(didn't do a great job, but made enough progress that I don't feel totally overwhelmed)

2)I need to make sure I have SOMETHING reasonable to present at lab mtg at Tuesday. It doesn't need to be perfect, and I can write up what I have so far before I do more work. So I need to:
a)Make a couple introductory slides
b)Make slides on germ cell transplantation and elimination experiments
c)Make slides on other pathways involved
d)Make slide on Dmc1/Stra8 experiment
e)Write up current status of Dmc1/Stra8 experiments

f)Make slides on Retinol injection expts (almost done with this, will finish soon)
g)Write up current status

3)I have a problem set due on Monday. So I'd like to at least get a couple of problems done

4)If I finish all that, I'll work on the conserved association/stage length analysis. But if I don't get to it that's OK. 

JulesK CI - OMG Recycler - your header made me smiillle!!

Hi guys

I'm here.  I was resisting checking in so I did it.  That's all I have to say.

Except I loved getting a warm welcome!  Thanks Recycler!



Vic 10/3

 Showing up (done) walk, feeling better today, need to stay calm (STAY IN TODAY), catch up with house stuff. check in later.

Focusing your life solely on making a buck shows a certain poverty of ambition. It asks too little of yourself. Because it ' s only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential. - Barack Obama

Falcon CI Sat. a.m.

Hi pro buddies,

Groovy thread starter, recycler!  Smile

Stuff to do:

  • Put dishes away - DONE
  • Tidy kitchen- DONE
  • Clean mutated fuzzy things out of fridge - DONE
  • Pay bills
  • Do insurance form- partly done
  • Go to library - DONE
  • Get oil change - DONE
  • Go to bookstore? - DONE

I have a little time before my class, so next up is to put dishes away, clear the kitchen & start on the fridge.




Falcon thinkin' ahead

Just thinking out what I need to do tomorrow. . .

  • Get groceries
  • Make lunches
  • Pay bills
  • Balance checkbook
  • Go to bank
  • Load of laundry
  • Email L.
  • Call J.?
  • Run through music


Recycler CI 4:45am EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

I'm going to work on one of my hobbies today. I'm up early to check on some overnight hobby news, then I'm going to start straightening my hobby room, as well as do regular Saturday errands and chores.

6am. I've folded & put away dried clean clothes, and from the laundry hamper I've started a new load to wash. Since I was working on clothes, I went ahead & made my gym bags for the week. I've had some juice, and now need to take my high blood pressure medicine. Hobby news looks good! Must. Not. Spend. $$$. $$$. $$$.

6:35am. Meds are taken. Did some light kitchen swishies. Sorted change jar. Waiting for it to get daylight so I can go for my bike ride. Next: decide on at least one more recipe; add any needed ingredients to shopping list.

8:35am. Back from bike ride. Nice, brisk morning here. I've already updated my shopping list with recipe ingredients, so all I need to do now is change clothes & go to store. Also, more positive Hobby News this morning, so life is good! :)

1pm EST. I bought provisions for the week, then put gas in my car. I bought some extra things for the condo. I dropped some things off at Goodwill. I returned music CD's to the library, and got a couple more. I did a couple other errands and got some take-out on the way home. Arriving at the condo, I've eaten lunch, put away the refrigerated items, and made a snack for later.

Next: I know doing the Hobby Room will be a lot of fun. However, at the moment, I'm kind of pooped. I think I will update my budget record for a while, then see how I feel.

5pm. Furniture is moved around in my Hobby Room. That was today's goal & it is accomplished. Does that mean everything else is back where it is supposed to be? No. But that is what tonight & tomorrow can be about.

Next: I can putter around for a while before going to social activity.

10:45pm. I'm home from my activity; still a little hyper. Last bit of Hobby News may be coming through in about 30 minutes -- I think my curiousity will have me staying up for the news! ;) Instead of puttering, I think I will read a little bit while I am waiting.

Have a great day, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)