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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


It's not surrender, it's retreat!

"A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you." - Elbert Hubbard

Vic 9/30

want to check in . show up, walk (Done)

Cyber school was much better today. Every day will get better, and once we get books and another ocmputer, i\and caught up, it will really work out well. It is alike a full time job, so not getting much else done, but it is worth it.

Got a great free meditation site from a friend.  click Be Still and Know in the middle. It amazing.

Recycler CI 7:10pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

This morning I walked to the gym, did additional cardio, and did my stretches & ab exercises.

Starting the day at work with my organized & highlighted assignment list really helped. Overall I was on track all morning. At lunchtime I bought a sandwich, then did an online chore.

After lunch, I continued to make progress on my assignment list. At the end of the day, I updated my list so it will be ready to go in the morning.

A challenging-to-deal-with phone call at the end of the day. I did ok with the call, but after I clocked out at work, I stayed a little late and went in a quiet room to acknowledge and process my feelings. When I had regained my composure, I prepared to walk home. Before I could leave our property, an [evidently homeless] high or intoxicated man was approaching women on the sidewalk. Although I was giving him plenty of room, he started to talk with & approach me, so I turned and RAN back to the building. Another lady was coming out, and she stood with me as we watched him continue to approach people. Finally he progressed far enough away that we knew I could get a safe start on my 1.5-mile walk home. Fortunately I completed a safe walk home. Having made it through 2 rather bizarre events, I will probably call someone local in my other program. I'm just going to chill the rest of the evening.

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)


wow, that's scary!  Be careful!


"A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you." - Elbert Hubbard

Cross-post because I

Cross-post because I accidentally posted this in YESTERDAY'S thread...


Thanks for your support on my last post (Clement, I checked out 'The
Practice of the Presence of God' - awesome - though needless to say I'm
very bad at it as yet!)

My housemate found me asleep at my computer at 4am
Friday night after I'd been up procrastinating for 5 hours because I
wouldn't let myself go to bed until I put the groceries away. She was
VERY angry, but it led to a really helpful conversation the next day,
and I agreed only to use the internet for essentials for the rest of
the weekend, in order to get the urgent stuff done.

I was able to get my long task done for my housemate,
borrow the money I need, and find my dogsitter's house key :) (although
my room is still a total mess.)

So things are looking up - although there's a very long
way to go yet - I'm struggling a lot at work this week (in that
'there's so much work I can't do any of it!' kind of way.

This is the difference between me and my housemate -
and between me and my very tough and hardworking bosses - when they are
faced with an overwhelming workload they do more. I do less. It's
something that really makes me angry with myself.

Anyway, can't end on that bad note! I did have an
awesome conversation on the train yesterday with someone I work with -
she just casually assumes I'm capable of so much, and while I'm talking
to her, I am. She's a HUGE inspiration to me. Everyone needs at least
one person like that in their lives! I'm lucky I have a few :)

Sorry to have disappeared on you all - I missed you :)

Today's very brief tasklist is:

get on top of this work pickle somehow (because that is a SMART target, not) - erm... slightly

write another begging email, this time on behalf of a third party!

pay D if an automatic bank transfer hasn't happened

do my ESTA application for my upcoming trip


CL daily overcoming

already had an appt today.

1:40pm. that's late.

but i can make the best plan from this min forward.

- god i implore you to give me the ability to pray continually
- fill the void inside me so i need nothing
- it's all your business

1:40pm: make work plan

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

rec ci

A late start to the day because I woke very early with a migraine and nausea and had to take an Imitrex shot and phenergran to get relief. Now feel groggy from it, but better, thankfully. Need to take a quick shower and get into office. I must avoid feeling like the day is a total loss due to the late start and be productive with my remaining work time!


I hope you will be feeling better

Hi rec,

Be good to yourself. (((gentle hugs)))



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)


Sorry to hear about the migraine, and hope you feel better!  It's ok to get a late start when you are sick!


"A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you." - Elbert Hubbard

Thanks, Jo!

Thanks for the encouragement; I really appreciate it!



In a few minutes it will be noon so I will say good afternoon everyone.  I have had a busy morning.  Didn't get a chance to post this morning as I am in crisis around some personal matters this morning.  Thought I had the issues resolved only to find out that the resolution we thought we had wasn't accepted and back to the drawing board with a deadline looming.  This is a stressful one.

I must rely on devine intervention in this matter and needless to say it causes my stomach to be tied in a knot.  Now after giving that away I will show up and do the next right thing no matter how painful.  Procrastination will only make it worse.

I have had a meeting this morning, checked and responded to emails, sending off docs to customers, and now am back into office.  Cancelled class @ 1pm just don't think I can sit through it, should use time to generate income or problem solve.


Ugh, sounds horrible!

Ugh, sounds horrible! Praying for you too,

praying for you Spirit


Hope-Faith CI 11:10

Home today with DS who has the "flu", he is much better thankfully he got sick on Friday and he is now in recovery mode.

Since I am home today I need to get some house work done, in addtion to everything else. I think my best approach is to start with my am routine which I have neglected for about 4 weeks. Going back to work I have not been able to switch my mind set to accomplish home stuff and work stuff. Today is a good day to get that in sync.

1) 5 loads of clothes -- Folded, Washed and put away (It has been along time since I have had to do more then one load of wash in a day, but I will catch up today and get back into my routine, I like it better when I ony have to worry about one load)

2) AM Routine -- Modified

12:00 update -- one load of wash in machine I have updated my post. Always feels good to look at progress and determine areas of opportuinity. Now begin am routine in the pm.

12:30 update -- load two in wash load one drying. 3 hotspots done. Next unload dishwasher (for the second time today), feed animals.

1:00 update -- Animals feed, dishwasher unloaded and reloaded, frig cleaned out. next unload clothes, swish and swipe, check e-mail.

5:30 update -- Last load of laundry in wash, dd picked up from school, supper done, part of homework done. Next work on routine.


Agnus checkin 11am - adding good news

G'mornin' team!  adding good news - yesterday's appt with J's cardiologist was all GOOD news :-)- the first from any of his docs in about a month! This means a better chance for the fairly extreme treatments he need for other conditions. Thanks for everyone's prayers and support. We feel like dancin'!!:-)

I slept in a bit this morning, then called my sponsor and complained that I never feel like I have any fun anymore. :? She laughed and reminded me that only a few days ago I was completely relaxing and enjoying myself; it's only the Addict in me that, given a couple days of actually having to buckle down and face responsibilities, responds by whining "I never get to have any fun, waaah!" :(( She made me laugh at myself.

So I did my Step 11, prepped lunch in the crockpot, cooked breakfast, had a bathtub jacuzzi bath (my treat for the day!) and got dressed. Then I ate breakfast and studied stats a bit, returned a phone call to my school adviser and my accountant, and responded to a few emails.  Now I'm starting my taxes. Still need to:

  • Call professor about the test I'll miss Thursday, and the classes I'll miss Oct 20 and Oct 22, and ask if he thinks I should drop the class.
  • Explain a complex contracting issue to a colleague who has trouble understanding complex issues (God grant me serenity...)
  • Study statistics another hour
  • Be on time for stats class at 1:40
  • Complete the 08corp info the accountant needs in the morning
  • Get clear on what I need for business class Wed-Thur.

YAY! Great to hear about the

YAY! Great to hear about the good news :)

Ag progressing

  • Call professor about the test I'll miss Thursday, and the classes I'll miss Oct 20 and Oct 22, and ask if he thinks I should drop the class. His office hours won't start today until right before class so I'll have to ask him then, or right after class. But I did learn something: I can make up one test, but only one...and the next test is Oct. 20, when J and I have our annual family vacation. No time today to deal with this so turning it over and asking HP for a resolution of the dilemma.
  • Explain a complex contracting issue to a colleague who has trouble understanding complex issues (God grant me serenity...) DONE (so far so good)
  • Study statistics another hour Nope - see below.
  • Be on time for stats class at 1:40 Nope- see below.
  • Complete the 08corp info the accountant needs in the morning
  • Get clear on what I need for business class Wed-Thur. DONE

Ag withdraws - but it's good

Major surrender: I withdrew from the stats class this afternoon. After consulting with my sponsor and trusted advisors, I realized it's impossible to complete when I am certain to miss 7 of 31 classes and 2 tests. The clincher was a new work project that has about an 80% chance of requireing me to be out of town during finals week.

So, even though I had to struggle with feelings of failure, I surrendered to Reality. It helped alot when my boss, whom I admire, laughingly said she had quite a few "W's" on her transcript by the time she got her Master's degree, because she often found she'd taken on too much. 

OCz CI day11

I procrastinated so much yesterday I didn't even checked in! I feel so bad about it.

I'll come back in a bit to place today's tasks.

Thank you all for being here!

hang in there OCz

we've ALL been there!

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

I really need to complete these today!

Thanks Clement! It helps just showing up, but it helps better when you guys provide these support words!

these things cannot wait anymore... Any of this I don't finish today will really get me into trouble at work by the end of the day:

  • HP Invc
  • BAM css
  • MRY css
  • AD mig
  • RFx -> this one can wait... but if I accomplish this  after the other 4, this would be the cherry on top of the cake (pretty common expression in spanish I'm sure there must be something simmilar in english wich sounds better, LOL :)

Ok, I'm gouing to lunch now, but, when I return and as I tackle each task I will take a 10 minute walking break If I get to complete each in half an hour: I'm taking that imaginary deadline as if my boss was in front of me waiting for the finished document to be handled to him!


Good luck!  We say "icing on the cake" lol

"A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you." - Elbert Hubbard

Good progress

Ok, I won't be able to finish everythin, but made a good progress!

At least I managed to ge a good couple working hours today (i know it sounds too little but believe me, it is a progress from previuos weeks).

  • HP Invc
  • BAM css need to complete report. Sent data to personal email to follow up later at home!
  • MRY css Reviewed them all, completed 3, requested additional info to complete 7
  • AN mig sent update, need to review in more detail.
  • heading now to GaP Meeting!

    journey 10 am & update

    I was SO tempted to post the Tuesday lady today lol!

    Working from home today, and I have ZERO meetings which is good and bad.  Appointments and commitments keep me on track, but I like having an open calendar.  Well, almost open, I have a dentist appointment at lunchtime. 

    I've been to the gym, and the grocery store, I needed a bunch of stuff since I kept the grocery shopping to a minimum over the weekend cause i was broke, but tomorrow is payday yay!   I made a nice spinach omelette for brunch, and put chicken in the crock pot for dinner.   Whew!  I love working from home. 

    Workwise, I've checked email, checked calendar, rescheduled meeting with boss as he's travelling today, and started my todo list.  Now I'm going to make up the bed, change clothes, finish my todo list and make a schedule for the day.  Including lunch with the dentist yuck. 

    Update 2:30 Back from the dentist and now I really don't feel like doing anything else today lol!  But I am committed to working steadily for the next 3 hours, then I'll call it a day.  

    First, decide what I'm going to work on next, then check back here to bookend it.

    Update 5:30  Well I forgot to bookend it, but I worked on the boring and tedious Project P and hooray I finished the second chunk.   Now I need to review the 1st and 2nd chunks and start on the third and last chunk, but not today!   This was a good day to work on this project as I was feeling tired and my schedule was disrupted by the dentist so good time to work on a fairly easy if boring task.

    Now to make dinner, see ya later.


    "A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you." - Elbert Hubbard

    kromer 10 CI

    Had some trouble getting into lab on time today.

    I have a busy day today. I have lab mtg 10-12 (which I absolutely have to go to), and would also like to go to either class 1-2:30 or colloquium 4-5:15.

    MITs are:
    *Work on associations project (got through all my refs!!)
    *Write up program milestones and career plans (almost done w/ this)
    *Contact SM
    *Look at realtime results
    *Notes from retreat

    Other tasks
    *Finish website updates
    *Start NLP pset
    *Look into click chemistry

    OK, heading to lab mtg now. After that, I'll work on program milestones/career plans.