Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Monday September 14, 2009

Anyone for tea?

Afternoon, everyone.  Earl Grey here, new  to the forum and chro-pro extrodinaire. 

Just wanted to get the ball rolling rather than "just" logging off.  So, here goes....

1.  Pick-up Angel#2 from activity. 

2.  Have dinner with family.

3.  Get Angel#1 and #2 to off to bed.

4.  Set video for favourite program.

5.  Read something, ANYTHING.  (I'll explain later)

6.  Check in.    

Tea is served

Thanks, crayon0!

Here's the check-in.....

a  Pick-up Angel#2 from activity. 

a  Have dinner with family.  (AND I made it!!!)

a  Get Angel#1 and #2 to off to bed.

a  Set video for favourite program.

 X  Ah!  Never mind, I'm going to have a cup of tea instead.  Over this refreshing brew I'm goin to worry about what to do next.  This could either be an session of work or a session of play.    

a  Check in.    

Hi EarlGrey I agree, great

Hi EarlGrey :) I agree, great introduction - are you British by any chance? (I am.)

Welcome earlgrey!

Welcome!  Way to get the ball rolling :) 


Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. 

~William James

My first check-in!

I jost got to this site... great place with great guys who, like me are just tired of throwing our lives away!

As the day is almost over I had though to post that I'd write tomorrow a list of just three things I really must do! but, isn't that just another way of procrastinating?


So here's my list for tomorrow... this way, tomorrow I'll just copy them and add a couple more and then I'll make an effort to at least accomplish these ones:

  1. A minute to talk with God!
  2. @W - Place POs:
    1. Mtr.
    2. Tcl.
    3. CC.
    4. Ugn.
    5. BBs.
  3. @W - Prepare mail on BaM to FV and actually send it!
  4. @W - Write my @W list for wednesday!
  5. @H - Cleanup desk to avoid working at the table so close to the TV
  6. @H - Take kitchen bar size and send it to G. for quote
  7. @G - Start drafting course end plans
  8. @H - Thank God for whatever I get to accomplish!

Thanks to everyone! you're a great inspiration as I see people really trying to move on!

Questions for everyone:

  • Does anyone know the spanish term for procrastination?
  • Has anyone considered / actually canceled paid TV to avoid distraction and using the time spent for other things? has it worked?

OCz-yes, I no longer have a tv-it helps


I made a drastic decision in college to put my tv out on the curb as I was so absorbed in my shows and doing poorly because of it.  It was a tremendous help.  I definitely get more done withou the tv.  I do surf on the internet which is a prob. but I don't watch shows.


I *love* the beginning and

I *love* the beginning and end of your list :)

Welcome OCz and thoughts on procrastination in Spanish

I can really identify with your "Glad I found this site" post.  I was blown away that there were others facing these issues and, more importantly, overcoming them!  Good luck!

In your other post you mentioned that you thought it was too bad you missed Sunday's meeting.  There is a daily phone check in every weekday at 8:30 in the morning (eastern time) if you are interested... I think it is ENORMOUSLY helpful.  As helpful as the meetings.  You should be able to find the call in info under the meetings subheading in the forums.   

Finally, I had to chuckle when I read your question about procrastination in Spanish.  I actually had a long discussion about this the other day. There actually isn't a word for procrastination in Spanish.  The word most commonly used seems to be "pereza" which means laziness or sloth (as in, the deadly sin of sloth).  

Longish non-sequitor--I think the lack of a word in Spanish to specifically describe the experience of procrastination, which I think is VASTLY different from laziness, surely reflects something about the differences in cultures.  I haven't really seen any cross-cultural studies on the anguish of procrastination, but my impression (from discussions with my family in Latin America) is that while there is plenty of procrastination going on, there is less anguish/self-hatred around procrastination (in Latin America at least).  Procrastination there seems to be less in the guilt-laden realm of INdecision, less of an existential affront to the self, and more of an actual decision to do it tomorrow.  Now, they may acknowledge that it isn't a "good" decision, but the cultural attitude toward putting tasks off seems to be more of a "we all do it"/"we are all sinners" message, and less of the individualized "I am bad" message.  Perhaps this reflects a broader difference between the cultures with regard to socially-prescribed perfectionism; to me at least, it seems like the idea that anyone could be, should be, or should even try to be perfect is WAAAAAY less common in Latin America than in the US.  Maybe for that reason, in my experience, people in Latin America seem a little more willing to just chalk it up to human nature, forgive themselves, or ask forgiveness given that whole sinning link, and move on.  (By the way, there's a lot of interesting research out there that shows that people who forgive themselves for procrastinating are way less likely to do it in the future).   

At the same time, I think it is fascinating/ironic that the Spanish word for procrastination is actually the same word as the deadly sin--no judgments there, huh? 


Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. 

~William James

welcome, OCz :)

Hi OCz!

Welcome :)

To answer your last question: Even though it wasn't related to recovery from procrastination, I canceled/stopped watching TV 8 years ago.

I still keep a DVD player & monitor in the condo, to watch up to 4-5 movies a month, but I haven't missed regular TV or paid TV.

In my free time, I spend about 1 hour per day on the Internet. I guess I have replaced TV-watching with the Internet to that extent.

"avoiding distraction" = imho My life does feel more peaceful without TV.

"time spent for other things" = I usually am more successful in going to bed at the time I want, instead of feeling I have to stay up to finish watching a show or whatever (no TiVo ;)

I think each person is the only who can decide which percentage of mediatime is the most advantageous to them.

Glad you are here! :) Keep coming back! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Lucky fails at checking in today

I got to work and straight into another very busy day, and by the time I had a chance to do a tasklist it seemed too late to do one... oops.

I'm really hoping I can persuade a procrastinator friend here in England to do a room-tidying help exchange.  She's miserable about the state of her flat and too ashamed to let anyone help her. I'm hoping if I can get her over here to help with my equally shameful bedroom, she might let me return the favour :)

 Incredibly busy week at work coming up - I saw two lawyers cry today and that's two more than I've ever seen cry before - so I'm likely to be working a bit of overtime and need to be super responsible and supportive, plus at home I need to help my housemate with a lot of stuff, plus trying to make some headway with my ongoing life-sorting project... prayers welcome! 

Sending you good energy!

Sending you good energy and happy thoughts!  It sounds like you are doing great!  Keep on going! 


Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. 

~William James

Oh gosh, Crayon, thank you

Oh gosh, Crayon, thank you <3

Hey Lucky

Prayers coming your way - surrounding and guiding you.

♥"Kindness and truth have met, righteousness and peace have kissed." Psalm 85♥

I'm so feeling them Thank

I'm so feeling them :) Thank you!

Recycler CI 4:05pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

This morning I walked to the gym; did additional cardio; did my stretches and ab exercises.

At work: in the morning, I went through emails and got ready for staff meeting. After the meeting, I began working on those projects. At lunchtime, I ate food that I had brought from home. After lunch, I have worked on other projects. I am getting ready to update my project list for tomorrow.

After work, I will walk home. I will change clothes, then go to the local meeting of one of my other 12-step programs. Since I hope to meet with my sponsor after the meeting, I may not get home in time to update my CI.

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Spirit 9/14 online checkin

Good Afternoon All,

Had a fun weekend and still feel very tired, guess it's Monday.  Today is a slow day and I am definitely in the throws of Monday blahhs soo, I'm committing to

Eating Breakfast

  • Make my 11am appt on time
  • being prepared
  • send off paperwork for mtg
  • making an action plan for the week
  • completing paperwork for gpac

This is the day i get organized for the week, keeping an easy list helps keep me from being overwhelmed

Joe K 10:55 AM Check In

I have been procrastinating at work for months. Instead of working, I've been obsessively reading news about college football and my favorite as well as my most despised teams. As a result, I discovered that my emotional well-being had become connected to the team's performances. I'm going to try not reading about the sport for some time and see how that works for me.

Today, I will try to write a report that was due last Thursday. I'll start now.

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing  --Steven Covey

Hi Joe K

I can relate to your share. Rarely do I ever just do my work all day. I get mad at myself for this. Much luck in writing the report!!

♥"Kindness and truth have met, righteousness and peace have kissed." Psalm 85♥

Hi All!! Hope I didn't miss too much in the past few days!!

Today is actually day 11 (I counted) of showing up at work and not calling in sick!!! YAY!!!

Yesterday was so productive, I didn't have time to log on.

Need to get work stuff done, been doing my own stuff too much already today. We're moving on October 15th and I'm stressed, but excited!! Have lots to do. Got rid of a lot of junk already yesterday. YAY!!! So glad depression isn't around, at the moment anyway.

I need to answer & handle 5 or 6 work emails today.

My finances are messy I don't log in my expenses on my DA chart often enough and I haven't balanced my checking account in weeks. Also, I have insurance stuff to handle for me and my girl.

Glad to be back with you all.

Have an amazing day!!

♥"Kindness and truth have met, righteousness and peace have kissed." Psalm 85♥

Hooray! hope4meandu You are really on a roll!


I am so happy for you.  I relate with the stuff you are working through.  It sounds like you wrote about my finances and expense report (well the expense report that I should be keeping)

Wishing you the best ...and keep rolling!!


Hi P.E.

Thanks so much for your support. Much appreciated!!

Sorry you can relate to the messy finances. Again, I didn't do it today, but did a lot of other stuff.

How can I support you with record-keeping, etc?

♥"Kindness and truth have met, righteousness and peace have kissed." Psalm 85♥

Hi hope4meandu-thanks!!


Thank you for offering support!!  I am probably doing this backwards, but I am presently working myself out of my backdated overdue report-nightmare that I have gotten myself into. 

Also, I am working to do all of the things with my son that I am realizing that I put off due to procrastinating about the paperwork "oh honey, I can't do that now, I have to finish this report..." ouch, those words sting. 

Last, I will need to get to this finance stuff- I guess I should look at it now, as well, but I do feel with the help of this site that I will get to it sooner than...never

I am now writing in on my to do list to play with my son.  I love to play with him, I just prioritized procrastinating over him! 

I was so happy this morning that we played ball while waiting for his bus!!! (tears of happinessSmile)  He just started K-that could also be helping w/ tear production!!

Well, that was lengthy- but thank you SO much for asking!!  The support here has had a huge impact on my life and I am so grateful.

Have a great day!!


Hey P.E.

Thanks for sharing that, it was very sweet and I'm so happy it sounds like the priorities are straight!!!

♥"Kindness and truth have met, righteousness and peace have kissed." Psalm 85♥

CL daily overcoming

i just reiterated to myself what my standard routine is. (if u wanna c: search for "Clement's standard routine"
clement's bookmarks aka

It is a good one. When i follow it--when i surrender to it, i work much better, i'm much more productive.

so why do i resist following it?!

This is where my faith comes into play. I ask for the faith to disregard every impulse in my body that says to avoid this routine, and regardless run towards what i know is true. I am an addict and this faith-in-god-powered daily overcoming is the cure.


quiet time was long, 1 hr, but that's not too bad. and during my prayer time this came into my mind:

we are a canvas. If we can just let god take the paintbrush, he will create a beautiful masterpiece.

Ok now this is funny i noticed a typo above, which i've since corrected. I was missing the 't' from 'paintbrush'. So with the preceding in mind (christianity-specific):

With out the cross (the 't') god's paintbrush is just a painbrush


now back to ur regularly scheduled tasks ;)

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

julesk CI 9.14.09

Hello all!

Getting ready for what I hope is a huge garage sale this weekend.  I am freeing my life from clutter and letting my mom and uncle sell this house.

I will then be free to follow my 2 life dreams, my own design biz and travel.  

So today I will do 2 hours of decluttering, with a couple short breaks.

Then at 1 I will start to get ready for a 3:00 job interview.

After 5-ish when I get home I will eat dinner and then do 3 more hours (6-9) on cleaning/decluttering.

at 9 I will watch an episode of Project Runway and get ready for bed, by doing my PM routine.

Thanks for being here!



e's pick myself up again Monday

I realized that I have things disorganized all over the house today and I would like to get that handled. In fact, I find it too difficult to face my MIT's until I do so. I also am extremely tired from having ingested some donuts: sugar and flour are a deadly combination for me as a hypoglycemic, and just woke from a 2 hour nap.

I think I will do only one little task at a time again. That worked well on Friday.

C's room: clear up my things

12:06 checked email instead. Now going to C's room.

12:39 took my belongings out of C's room, did all the dishes but 2. Those two are difficult to clean, so letting them soak for....30 minutes. setting phone on that. clearning up the couch

12:58, took one tiem off the couch and then finished the dishes. Got my radio on and that seems to help a lot. taking all things which must go to the basement to the basement door. Will have C carry them down when he gets home from school.

1:19 now the items which need to go elsewhere are set, but as they are not in their final place the house is still messy. will plan supper now.

1:57: ate lunch, soaking lentils for soup or mudjarrah. shifted the laundry which I had done started on Friday :(
now looking at warranty information to see how long I have to keep the electronic's boxes

2:10: 1 service warranty looked at and box set for recycling. now to see if I must register.

2:30: don't have to register, just keep the reciept....
now for the second one...

brought in the trash. need to put some holes in the bottoms of the yard work barrels....still did not finish the warrantny issue

fixed grilled cheese for c.

asking for help to do the next right thing

ScottK CI 10:24

  1. Clean up web survey
  2. Distribute FBM
  3. Distribute MB pdf
  4. Distribute email push
  5. re-fax loan reports

Thanks for being here, everybody!


1.  GYM




5. TRD



8. clean kitchen and bathroom


10. talk to Matthis.



not a good day as i procastinated a lot! yet am glad to be back and starting to face the reality of this addiction!!!! it is so difficult to deal with it

Agnus 10:30ci

Been busy since 7am on only 4 hours sleep (again, sigh). Had prayer, personal time, sponsor/sponsee calls, pet care, Mass, and four important phone calls already. It really helped to have made my to-do list and food plan last evening.  Still to come:

  • Resked termite check
  • Resked J cardiologist
  • Book J flu shot
  • Call HC support group
  • Sked J a specialist appt
  • Email Jan the link
  • Call PL @ LF: can do 500 repro's?
  • software resolution plan on envelope
  • sked webinar on the software
  • Outline Plan B for TO8
  • Draft Valpo itinerary and finish bookings
  • 11:45 cat to vet
  • Lunch - review CAP notes during lunch to prep for 2pm call
  • 1:30 mammogram (LOVE-NOTE TO PA-women: When was your last one? PA-men, please ask your women the same question.)
  • 1:45 bone density test
  • 2:00 CAP conf call
  • Call DLs
  • Sked the items I jotted last week as "next week" tasks
  • Get Inbox to "0" by 4:30 p.m.
  • Read FS case study
  • 5:30 walk the dog. Start dinner by 5:45 and eat by 6
  • 7pm RCIA class
  • 8:30 study stats
  • 9:30 prep for bed incl Step 10

CL quiet time

agnus, your faithfulness has inspired me. Your "prayer, personal time" somehow reminded me and gave me the strength to have my quiet time.


the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

Ag 6:45pm

So glad that helped, Clem...a token alongside all the help you've been to me here. That's how it works, isn't it?  :-)

So today has not gone as well as I'd sick, J's and my med tests took much longer than planned, etc.  Here's the latest:

  • Resked termite check
  • Resked J cardiologist
  • Book J flu shot
  • Call HC support group
  • Sked J a specialist appt
  • Email Jan the link
  • Call PL @ LF: can do 500 repro's? neh
  • software resolution plan on envelope neh
  • sked webinar on the software neh
  • Outline Plan B for TO8 neh
  • Draft Valpo itinerary and finish bookings neh
  • 11:45 cat to vet
  • Lunch - review CAP notes during lunch to prep for 2pm call
  • 1:30 mammogram (LOVE-NOTE TO PA-women: When was your last one? PA-men, please ask your women the same question.)
  • 1:45 bone density test
  • 2:00 CAP conf call missed - no cell signal in the medical bldg where my tests ran 1.5 hours longer than planned
  • Call DLs neh
  • Sked the items I jotted last week as "next week" tasks neh
  • Get Inbox to "0" by 4:30 p.m. down to 27 - YAY!
  • Read FS case study neh
  • 5:30 walk the dog. Start dinner by 5:45 and eat by 6 neh
  • 7pm RCIA class leaving now; dinner will have to be after, with studying while eating :-(
  • 8:30 study stats
  • 9:30 prep for bed incl Step 10

Vic 9/14

Gratitude list,wash,e-mails,Showing up (done)  Feeling sad, about myself, these avoidance issues and self sabatoge, I did listen to CLA meeting on the phone and did more than I would have.Progress not perfection and baby steps.At least I don't feel like everyone hates me today (except me).

 I have come out of my

Need to fill out 19 pages of application for cyber school for my son next. Will be checking in. One page at a time (done)cleaned downstairs, made dinner, put away wash my Have gone from feeling sad to being angry- don't even know exactly why.just feel really ticked off-walk, meeting, rents, store.

Journey 9 am

First day back at work after vacation.  So you can pretty much imagine how I feel this morning.  :((

lol, it's not that bad, it was just hard to get up early!   In a way I'm glad to be back at work.   I really do like my job. 

I exercised at home this morning, and I'm already in a 9 am conference call . . .as soon as call ends I'm going to get a cup of tea and make my todo list for the day.

I have Toastmasters at noon and it will probably take a couple hours this am just to catch up on email . . . *sigh* 


"A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you." - Elbert Hubbard

welcome back from vaca, journey

...hope your visit with family this weekend was great!

Potential Energy 8:40


 Work :

make new report list                 work on d.e. report           Do SK 3mo rev.   

 learn new eval-look at it for 10             call C. about last check

 email to c.r. about new eval. policy-maybe not today but post it for work


practice v. w/z                    practice words w/ z                        play ball w/ z

 add. uniforms for z               read book w/ z                         get vitamins for z



email J about landscaper                  water window boxes   Do at least 2 loads

(don't forget overdue cpr   -turn in m p. ins. )



kromer 8:30 CI

Scheduled: class (+ travel time) 10-1, mtg 2-2:30, blood drive appt. 5-6, square dancing 8-10 :)

*Ask about poster format + lab mtg, coordinate w/ TE
*Write abstract. email DR (will do this after class)
*Make overview graphic 1 (working on this now)
*Get extraction/RT protocols
*Check in about RT plan, order primers
*Deacon+Harambee notes (started on this), email miniparish list of CH, condolence note to M+F

Other tasks
*Add WM stuff to schedule
*Make overview graphic 2
*Get and read RNA seq protocol
*Note to BP
*Organize papers in my room (made a tiny bit of progress on this)

*Send email about student seminar stuff, talk to WB

OK, right now I'm going tohave a quick prayertime and head to lab, where I'll ask about poster and lab mtg and maybe ask around about protocols.

Update 10: Heading to class now, when I get back I'll email TE w/ what I'm planning to include in my poster, get protocol for RT, order primers, then go to mtg. 

Update 2:40--OK, I'm making good progress, but now I'm feeling stalled out. So, here's a step-by-step breakdown of what I need to do.
1)Figure out good RT control, order primers
2)Write poster abstract, email DR
3)Make overview graphic 1
4)Read through protocols
5)Figure out which RT machine we have.

OK, working on figuring out good RT control. Heading to the chatbox, will check back when done. 

Further steps on overview figure 1:
A)Edit down organ figure
B)Make tubule sketch
C)Make production chart
D)Clean up

chick CI

-stuff sent

-delivery thing

project L


here i am making open lists again, wanting to load more tasks on after dinner. Really, I want tomove onto making a cloed reasonable list for each day and feeling a sense of satisfaction instead of thinking i'm chipping away at something infinte


Crayon CI - middle o' the night

Currently pulling a very non-productive all-nighter...really haven't even begun.  Spent all day on PA yesterday, trying to get myself together and STILL feel like I'm just running myself into the wall (repeatedly).  I have only one super-critical task today and it is this report...I just need to get myself together to get it DONE. 

As of 5:30AM, still haven't STARTED. 


Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. 

~William James

Thrown away another day

Still haven't done ANYTHING.  Sick. Tired. Didn't sleep at all last night. Seriously questioning my sanity. 

Thank you all for your kind words though.  I'm just starting to think I'm unfixable :(( 


Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. 

~William James

Okay, Crayon, it's bedtime

Okay, Crayon, it's bedtime where I am but I'm going to leave you with some suggestions.

 Get some sleep. I'm sure you know only too well by now that sleep deprivation messes with your brain. It makes everything so, so much worse than it is. And the longer you go without sleep, the harder it is to be productive at all. I'm sure that's a big part of why you're questioning your sanity right now.

I know this report is tremendously important and needs finishing as soon as possible, but I think you've hit a point where sleep will help you finish it sooner, not later.

I think the two things you need to do now, in whatever order, are sleep, and communicate with whoever you're doing the report for. I think I'm right in saying you've already missed the deadline. The sooner you communicate the better it will look. Tell them you're sick - they don't need to know exactly how and why you're sick - and that you will get the report to them as soon as you feel well enough to finish it.

Then SLEEP - you really need a full night but if you can't bring yourself to do that, just sleep for a few hours, please. I do understand the compulsion to stay awake until you finish something -  I do it myself and it's so destructive - whatever time I save by staying awake I lose by being useless with exhaustion.

 Please have some sleep <3 I see you've logged off now so I'm hoping that's exactly what you're doing. Keep us posted. You are not unfixable. Nobody is unfixable. Anyone with the brains and dedication to win a place at law school is most CERTAINLY not unfixable.*hugs*

Yes, I did sleep a few hours

and now I'm back again.  hoping that this time I'll be able to push through.

If I can finish by about 7 or 8 am, I can sleep another few hours before I have to be at class (can sleep until 11am), so that is the goal.  

Thank you so much for your concern lucky :)  I loved the title of this last post!  I'll check in on progress.  I'm definitely feeling a little less defeated from the get-go, so I guess that's a good starting point! 


Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. 

~William James

Great to hear this! You're

Great to hear this! You're very welcome :) and good luck!

*laughs* the title of my

*laughs* the title of my post comes up as 'Okay, Crayon, it's bedtime' - I didn't mean to be THAT forceful about sending you to bed ;)

Argh. I really want to help

Argh. I really want to help you. Chatbox? At least we can talk over what you have to do and have a think about damage limitation.

You all rock!

Thank you so much for all your kind words!  The support of everyone here has been amazing :)

 I'm trying to be strong and make it through this.  The funny thing is that this may well be the last report I ever need to write for graduate school, so I really do feel like I'll be free and clear once I make it past this hurdle.  I don't procrastinate/freak out nearly as much about exams :) So trying to do deep breaths... I can do this.  I will do this.  


Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. 

~William James

Crayon, I'm praying for you

Crayon, I'm praying for you too. I really don't know why I care so much, I guess it's the law connection, but you are very much on my mind. Best of luck to you <3


I identify with what you describe: for me, this is fear of completion, or perhaps, fear of success. If I succeed then others will expect more from me than I feel like I can offer on a consistent basis. If I finish this, I am afraid of the other scary tasks that must be gone through.

There is only one place for me when that is what is going on, and that is the chatbox, breaking things down into incredibly small tasks, like, put my name on the page. Once I get started at all, things get much easier. I also, say the serenity prayer over and over, and even type it out when I feel the anxiety rush of facing my fear. Somehow, I think probably because of working the steps in AA, I am finding myself not as afraid of these things.

Praying for you, Crayon

asking for help to do the next right thing

go crayon go - you can do this

It will feel so great when you can mark this sucker DONE! :-)  ...  adding my prayers to those of vic and others for you: 

Higher Power, you know our friend Crayon here? She's having a tough time getting started on the next right thing. Will you please do for her what you've done for me so many times in the same circumstances? Grant her inspiration, an intuitive thought or a decision that will break through the blockage and provide her the power to carry out your will for her freedom.  Thanks, HP.  Amen.

Crayon you are not alone

Praying for you:

              We care, no matter what happens, everything happens for a reason.

         Your fellow procrastinator showing up and caring.

Hi Vic

I love your pictures!!

♥"Kindness and truth have met, righteousness and peace have kissed." Psalm 85♥