Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Tuesday September 15, 2009

fudoshin: 6 days : 9:45pm

Please do not leave advice.  Thank you.  Prayers welcome. 



On Wednesday 090909 at 4:11am, I committed to a 30-day detox:

  • No youtube, no youtube watch network, no youtube on other sites whenever I can avoid it, no ustream, no blogtv
  • no fan lines, especially
  • No facebook
  • no okcupid or other dating sites, including jdate or Plenty of Fish
  • No contacting men I find attractive on Myspace
  • No Internet chat that is not twelve-step or for work purposes. 
    When I think about doing this with someone I need to come back to my
    personal objectives. 
  • No public blogging on livejournal or blogspot and other such sites, but I can use blogger for private journalling, if necessary.

And I'm committing to the following toplines:


thirty minutes of exercise{running, swimming, yoga, dance, ballet, tap, karate, walking, jogging}

a daily assessment of my goals and affirmations 

brushing my teeth and using listerine in the morning

brushing, using floss , listerine and a periodontic brush at night

I just realized that as a consequence of one of my goals, I need to stay alert of when the company I want to work for is having internships.  I book marked their website, so that I can visit it more frequently in order to discover when they have internships available in my area.  I'm open to working in all English-speaking countries, so long as they sponsor my relocation, but I'm pretty sure the states are my best bet for getting hired.  I have also submitted an inquiry to the deans of the Math and CS departments of two community colleges in my area.  If I think of another CC around here, I shall definitely contact them and see who is available.Also geting a fellowship and working for my own department seems like a great bet.

Recycler CI 11pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

A really long day here. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Don't worry about today....

...its already tomorrow in New Zealand.

Here's me posting in Tuesday's thread and its lunchtime Wednesday here.  This is confusing... I'm telling you [in the Americas] what I'm going to do with the rest of today (Tuesday) when today is almost finished but for me its already halfway through tomorrow (Wednesday) and I've not even started.  Wow!  Talk about adding to your burden.  Anyway....

 ....halfway through the day and I haven't even started.  Here's the plan for the next three hours:   Half way through and 1 is done.  Ahem.  Got lost in some sideshows - starting to get a better understanding of WHY I've procrastinated.  Humph. 

1. Lunch.  If I don't then I'll just get more distracted and won't work.

2. Work on that single thing and only that single thing and only for the next three hours. 

Its time to Exercise brute-force willpower thing.  The problem I have is that the task is a black hole.  I have to write some documentation for a pieice of work and these things can go around in circles. 


Oh dear... close to total failure as one can get.

 I'm off to review.

i been there EarlyGray

i've been there. Many times. Many here have. "as close to total failure as one can get." Yep. sux 4sure.

it's 7am here and this day is full of promise. But i am an addict, and it could easily be a day of total failure.

I come here, and i pray to HP that i be given the wisdom strength and courage to capture today and do the right thing. This site is a means for accomplishing that.

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

Potential Energy 5

Hello All,

Well, lets see what can be accomplished after work


 need to get s/f/z   and w/s            Practice v. withz                         Read a book w/z

play ball w/zSmile      Z/bath/bed on time        wash z's clothes


email to l'sm              check into resources for -G.D.        start up a new invoice for wk

read over new eval 10 more min          get printer ink and print out D.E. report


hang shirts                    Put laundry away                         mk. dinner  h2o flow.

just a little reminder: called inspection is overdue/ called need to sched dentist/  need to look at cpr/ need to take mal. p. ins. to Q



Nice Starter!!

Hi Guys,

Welcome to the newcomers!!

I keep trying to get the "me" back that used to accomplish everything and juggle it all and be on top of things, but I just can't get there??

These are the things I'm procrastinating about today:
-plugging in all about a month's worth of receipts into my monthly expense chart
-logging in my checkbook and balancing checkbook

Work wise I'm still so behind. I need my boss to help me, and she is very unavailable.

Not to look at things as being half empty, I'm improving...I guess it's my perfectionism calling? I don't know?

Wow, what an imperfect share, so unlike me!! YAY!!!

Regards and Smiles as you walk through your day!!

♥"Kindness and truth have met, righteousness and peace have kissed." Psalm 85♥

tiptree ci 2:30 PM

to do:

- impl new UI reqs. for user prefs
- fix resizing bug
- impl no status user pref
- research anon. DICOM
- anon. - add fields
- failure scenarios -> update requirements
- impl failure scenarios
- email R. re reqs
- write reqs for rel. cases
- begin reqs doc for dcm anon.
- xml for sending anon.dcm
- test rel. case vs. real data
- clean office
- exercise
- bugfix for m.n groups issue

e's 'I think I can' Tuesday

There is a lot to do today, so I am remembering that I need to chip away at things in baby steps and by the end of the day there will be a whole lotta chips on the ground! I will not carve Mount Rushmore overnight.

So far, spat with my significant other about sleep and dogwalking. Did not handle this well, because I was badly sleep deprived. Forgiving myself for that, but know I need to pick up the pieces later.

Walked dog, took morning meds. Need to take second meds before I forget! Doing that now....

1.26 took morning meds. Working on getting those taken at an earlier time. Radio is on which is a big motivator for me. now scheduling pickup for BB/BS. Then planning dinner (chops defrosting).

tasks for the day: cook dinner, work on steps, meet with sponsor, launder, return bottles, C to shop up hoodies, 8 pm with S to help her with taxes. File. shift money. put returns in car for returning tomorrow. 5 minutes on dining room table.

asking for help to do the next right thing

rec ci

I did not check in yesterday due to a meeting and this morning I have procrastinated on starting the day and getting into office because I had no meeting or pressing matter to make me get into the office in a timely fashion, so I thought maybe posting here would help hold me more accountable to do what I intend to do, so here goes:

-shower, dress and get into work ASAP
-review Master "TO DO" list to organize day once there
-call TB re doc needed and file completion
-call MO re Amendment to OA status
-call TR re docs signed?
-review W file, new docs from client and review and revise bill to send out
-work on S file and send out docs to GM; call or e-mail RS re same
-work on C file - mail out return and edit memo and FS

Good working to all today! Celebrate your small successes!


Agnus ci 11:30am

Woke up sluggish this morning with a mild case of "I-dohn-wannas" so I've taken an extra hour on Step 11 prayer, meditation writing, phone calls.  I've let coffee and diet sodas slip back into my days since Saturday, so my sleep is disrupted which can wreck alot of my recovery.  I'm getting anxious about tomorrow's trip, the work I'll be doing, and the work, study and taxes I won't be doing because of this trip.

After Step 11 I dumped the coffee, made tea and a gratitude list: I am caught up on bill-paying, laundry, housecleaning, and J's medical care. I live in a decent house with two nice vehicles int he driveway, a paid-for camper in the yard, 2 pets, and a dollar more than I need.  I have good relationships today with everyone in my life. I have great health considering my addiction history, and wonderful 12 Step programs and fellowships to help with all my addictions.  Best of all, I have a God of my understanding today who is more powerful than any of my craziness!

I'm going to micro-burst work tasks for 20 minutes, then focus on studying until class time. Then I have massage therapy at 3:30. Then I'll prep and pack for the trip, have dinner, and be available for some service work I offered to do. I have a 12S meeting from 8-9, then I'll prep for bed and relax a little. Happy "procrast-abstinence" to all!

Agnus 1pm

Once I started working I realized I had to finish my travel planning so I did that, woke J and took care of another 2 work MITs. Now it's after 1 and I have to make and eat lunch, study and be in class by 1:40 - ack!

Man, will I need that massage today!

and...more Ag argh

...boss just called and needs major budget work done today. This is impossible.  I had to tell her I cannot possibly do this, attend the class (she says she supports my commitment to get this degree by next summer but will she really, when it means I have to say no?), keep my massage therapy appt (actually needed, still recovering from car accident), have a decent meal, and be ready to leave for the airport at 6 a.m. tomorrow? 

So my only choice is to disappoint the boss I love, and spend the time on the plane that was going to be my tax catch-up time, now doing budget work -  grrr.

Ag budget

yuck I hate having to work on the plane!  The good news is that the banking industry has tanked so they don't make me travel much anymore lol.


"A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you." - Elbert Hubbard

Hi Agnus,  Yuck,

Hi Agnus,

 Yuck, horrible situation - you have my sympathy! Best of luck getting through it all - I love my boss too so I can relate to the fear of letting her down (and it's not just the job, is it - you don't want to let *her* down) but you know good bosses hate to see their employees burn out, so I do hope she'll be cool about this... keep us posted!

Journey 10 am & hugs to crayon

Happy Tuesday!  I'm working from home today and getting a late start on the workday.  But it's not too late to have a good day!

I've been to the gym and the grocery store, had breakfast, and goofed off for about an hour.  Now it's time to get to work! 


"A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you." - Elbert Hubbard

you go, jo!

IF a late start is after you have been to gym and grocery store, I think you should be proud of yourself - that sounds great to me!!

Way to go!


thanks rec!

well I should have gotten right to work when I got home :rolleyes:.  But the day is going well now!   Before PA, if I had gotten the day off on the wrong foot I would have been lost the whole day.  Now I can recover from those things almost like a normie lol.


"A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you." - Elbert Hubbard

Chick CI

recommitting to CIs

to my bottomline tasks today

to task l

first--leave the morning's events and info behind; I can do nothing about it now--this is hard to do.

OCz CI day1

Hi everyone, today is Day1 of my recovery. It feels so good to be here!

I posted this list last night to reminde me what I should place in my 1st CI

  1. A minute to talk with God!
  2. @W - Place POs:
    1. Mtr.
    2. Tcl.
    3. CC.
    4. Ugn.
    5. BBs.
  3. @W - Prepare mail on BaM to FV and actually send it!
  4. @W - Write my @W list for wednesday!
  5. @H - Cleanup desk to avoid working at the table so close to the TV
  6. @H - Take kitchen bar size and send it to G. for quote
  7. @G - Start drafting course end plans
  8. @H - Thank God for whatever I get to accomplish!

As I was comming from work I played some relaxation music on the car (great 15 minutes without this now almost constant headache) I realized I needed to add just one more bullet to my list:

9. @PA - Thank Recycler, crayon0, Lucky and Clement for your kind words. Thank you for taking the time! - This will make #2 in my daily CI list!

11:30 and haven't accomplished a thing!

I will be really happy If I finish #2 today... it's been sitting there for weeks!

Starting to feel frustrated as the day goes by and I keep getting all sort of distractions!

At least I have opened the file and gathered the information I need for the first one!

you and me, both

I am in the same boat today, OCz. I have not even made it into work yet, so you are way ahead of me!

Good luck with #2. I need help with getting the first thing done on my list - getting into work!


kromer 10 CI

Today I'm in lab a little late (but I stayed late yesterday, so it's not a big deal).

Today MITs are:
*Make 2nd overview graphic
*email DR re: staging, elim. germ cell layers (will do this soon)
*description/graphic for Dmc1 expt (working on this now)
*Get RNA-seq protocol, read all protocols (will do this soon)
*Harambee and deacon notes
*Notes to SM, BP, TH, M+FWC

*Review CAC protocol from MG (will do this soon)

Other tasks:
*Start description/graphic for germ cell elim
*Get readings on staging
*Abstract, summary, acknowledgements
*Pick Dmc1 age
*Get readings on staging

CL daily overcoming

i'm getting excited that my daily routine, which feels like shackles, might shackle my addiction.

It feels sooooo bad and constricting and claustrophobic to follow this routine day in and day out, i cant imagine going thru it w/o faith in a higher power, trust that HP knows it's good for me.

altho, i can see, intellectually, that the routine has positive benefits.

well, i better get going.

DONE @ 9:17 just 2 min- 9:15 quick check email for emergencies, dont respond otherwise

  • now that's what i'm talkin abt

9:20 short wko.
10 quiet time


DONE with all training.

now prep. for mtg.

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb


Okay, at least I managed to get around to posting a tasklist by LUNCHTIME today - got on well with clearing up urgent tasks this morning ahead of the massive work bomb that's going to drop on my head soon :)

 Task  Estimated  Actual
 Clear decks of all urgent tasks  3h  
 Yesterday's email  1h  
 " paper  1h  
 Bible stuff for Lucy  2h  
 AC meeting mins  30m  
Tidy desk  10m  
 Tomorrow's list  15m  
 Call DFH    
 Read novel  20m  
 Read self-help book  20m  
 Pray  20m  
 Clear kitchen  10m  
 Email 30m  
 Reply (x2) to T  30m  
 Job app for C  1h  
 Vitamins                                 2m                     
 Check out prayer link from L  15m  
 Work on story  30m  
 Tomorrow's list  15m  
 Clear up before bed  5m  

And I still don't feel I've given myself enough to do at home... !!


good morning fellow procrastinators,

showed up for morning checkin yesterday's gave me some great new tools to use, it's great to talk with others who are working a procrastination program,  i always feel a bit more normal and that this too shall pass with diliberate and continuous attention to the desease.

have a lot more energy today..expect to accomplish a lot more.  Had some hanging tasks from yesterday, so i will complete that list before making another list today.

  • 15 minute morning checkin complete
  • completed gpac from yesterday yeah meSmile it was a hard to force myself to finish but finish i did. 



Additional tasks for the day

  • Make appt with pete
  • Locate new houses for Cristin
  • Make appt with Cristin
  • Put empire board meeting on calender
  • Contact pres to become subcontractor
  • Follow up with paul
  • Call Herbert
  • Contact cb Richard ellis

should be able to complete these today-oops one more task incomplete from yesterday.


yay Spirit!

The hardest ones to finish are the most rewarding when done - way to grow!

Vic 9/15

Show up (done) There is a phenomenon of  synergy that activates when I show up here. For that I am grateful,(I had "greatful' before- ego? otherwise I would NOT be here. "Something" is happening.

ck in later. By the grace of god, faxed in the whole application. I am exited about this-miraculously found all the papers needed, including immunazation records from 2005 and last yr report card- trust me only my HP could have done that!

Now walk-I have put it off cause itis boring- but if I don't go now, I proved I will not go later.

I do believe in Divine providence he had his eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living, part of the overall purpose he is working out -in everything and everyone.

Once again, my HP has done for me what Icannot do for myself, thank you HP, for finding me , you are still there in spite of me.

Good morning? Night? Crayon CI for middle o' the night redux

I'm taking another step today toward finishing this report.   That's my only goal.  Staying up tonight again (I slept a few hours earlier in the evening). Wish me luck. 

Update 2:25 am, got stuck in the interwebs...arg!  Does anyone else wonder if their problems would be solved if the internet just didn't exist? 

3:30am - still haven't begun. Terrified. Exhausted. 


Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. 

~William James

Still haven't begun

Spent the last 2.5 hours researching fear of writing, panic disorders, anxiety disorders and every other thing I could think of to just avoid doing it.  I don't think this is normal procrastination anymore...I'm seriously thinking I have something wrong with me with regard to papers, because the rest of my life is *more or less* in order.  If only I could get past this stupid paper issue, I'd be fine...ARG!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Edited 6:15  I'm not sure what to do. there isn't enough time now to write this, so I think I have to fess up.  I can't believe I've done this for almost 8 weeks straight now! I am seriously worried about my health having pulled all these all-nighters.  Plus I'm skipping classes, destroying my marriage...seriously, why am I doing this?  I just feel like once I get in a hole like this I just can't ever get out, I just dig and dig and dig deeper. 


Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. 

~William James

thoughts with crayon0

your situation sounds really tough. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

honesty (admitting the problem) has been working for others on this site (including me).

As others have said, microbursting and timers have helped people like you (and me).

microbursting for me sometimes has to get to the level of, "open file." that's a microburst. Now that's done. Write one sentence, ignoring quality. now that's done. look up single fact. done. writ that down. done. etc. it's really that "pathetic" for me.

altho these days i (mostly) dont use disparaging adjectives like that. Rather i look at myself as an addict and look at these seemingly pathetic steps as a tool to manage my addiction.

which reminds me, i came here to make sure i keep to my own schedule :P

whatever happens, keep coming back. Those that do find recovery.

look at my signature. Here's another:

It's not the falling down we call failing, it's the staying down. (paraphrase, i'm sure)

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

Crayon <3 have you got a

Crayon <3 have you got a friend in real life you could turn to? Someone who knows the situation to discuss this with, who could provide hugs and coffee and maybe sit with you while you get started - my best friend at university used to sit with me sometimes while I did essays and I'm pretty sure that's why I have a degree now.

I know it's hard to ask for help, because we're all worthless nuisances and nobody would want to help us, right? WRONG :)

Your almost there

When I found this site by the grace of God, #3 is the one that really got me through to the end of doing my pathetic part of the taxes. If anything is incomplete, ask if you can redo that part, if not, so be it.

This list of tips for getting started was posted by Procrastinator's Anonymous member, Milo (original post here). I'm re-posting it, with minor editing, as an article so it won't get lost:

1. Visualisation. Visualise the task being completed and how good it feels to have it off your list and out of your head.

2. Break it down into small steps. (But don't overanalyse; that's another form of procrastination.)

3. Exercise brute-force willpower. Grit your teeth and say, "I'm just going to do it, dammit!"

4. Use a timer to commit to doing it for a short period of time. For example, set the timer for 15 minutes and tell yourself, "I only need to spend 15 minutes on it, that's all - 15 minutes won't kill me." You'll find that 15 minutes gets you past the hardest bit (starting), and then you'll have less trouble continuing.

5. Recognise your own excuses and play devil's advocate. Tell yourself you're full of sh1t and you'll just make more work for yourself if you believe your own lies.

6. Eliminate distractions. Turn OFF that TV, take the phone off the hook, unplug your modem... whatever it takes.

7. Think about the task as an abnormal cell that, if left alone, turns to cancer. The longer it is left without treatment the more it grows and the more dangerous it becomes. Get to your tasks before they turn into cancer. If you prefer less dramatic analogies, try keeping your molehills from growing into mountains so you don't have to climb over the mountain when it grows that big.

Have you seen that quote.... William James? 

What you have written above reminds me of a student I used to know.  Coming to think of it I still know him..... eh,.... I am him.

Do you need support right now or suggestions? 

Suggestions: You know the various ones.  I have no idea what your paper is on but here's some of the places I used to get stuck

  • If all else fails, just start writing. 
  • There's plenty to write, get it down.  You can sort out that snappy intro later.
  • Get those ideas for the discussion down.... weaving them together will come later 

Support: You've gotten this far, there's no reason why you can't go a step further.  I saw a great quote today, it went along the lines of...

 Imagine what you could do if you knew you'd never fail.

All the best

How is it going?  Is it going! :grin: