Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Monday, Sept 7, 2009


Is everyone checking in today? :) That's me on the left ;)

WDW Progress/Accomplishments for today

Major Items for today’s list Monday September, 7th 2009

1. Work 4hr today straightening/organizing garage... including short breaks. Start 10:30 AM Central time......Made good progress. We moved into this house 3 yrs ago and the garage was full of boxes. We can now park 2 cars in the garage but my tools and much miscellaneous STUFF needs to be organized and placed on shelving and pegboard....A cable on the garage door broke and I was able to go to the hardware store, get another, and replace it..took about 1.5 hr. Also, had a flat on one of our cars and took and had fixed as well....(a neighbor across the alley had a lot of fence work done and there are now nails in the alley. I checked pretty good where I back out and pull in but I guess I missed a nail.) The garage will be an ongoing project for awhile....seeing as how I have over 40 years of stuff, and this place is a little smaller than we had.

2. Complete the Sunday carry-over for tomorrow….Organize right hand corner of desk and be ready to pay any bills I find in that stack start @ 4:00 pm.  Save LEFT side of desk for later......Right side of desk is now organized...will pay these bills tomorrow by phone...Left side of desk is a mess...moved some stuff from the right sode to the left side and to a huge pile to the left on the floor. There are about six to eight boxes of papers in the room I use as an office...the right side of the room and center is in pretty good shape except for a file cabinet that needs to be cleaned/sorted out.  I also have a lot of boxes of papers, some yard tools and other stuff in my oldest sons garage.....I will move that stuff out when I get what I have here in reasonable shape.

3. Report back on progress/accomplishments early evening when I check my e-mail.. ..Well this is my report for today....

I hope it is OK to use this space to try to sort out my thoughts and to keep on going with this project....Believe me...I have often wanted to call a dump truck and have everyting hauled to the Land Fill....actually that might not be a bad idea.....

I'll make my list for tomorrow off-line and post in the morning.



What a busy day!

Congrats. on your accomplishments-you really went in swinging!

Agnus 3:15pm - but heck, it's a holiday!

Hi, PA-Pals!  Has anyone told you today that they love you and God loves you, and that you are His awesome, perfect child?  J tells me that almost every day and no matter how I'm feeling at the time, it brings a smile to my face. So I want to pass it on in hopes it does the same for you! 

  • pet meds  :-)
  • pay bills and balance accounts
  • clear all domestic paperwork piles
  • study 2 hours for stats test
  • call M re: mailbox, painting jobs
  • home store for hose gear, refrig prices, patio storage
  • 12 step meeting 7:30pm

glad it helped! and 10:15pm check-out

Celebrating my little successes today to keep me on focus:

  • pet meds  Smiling
  • pay bills Smilingand balance accounts Didn't balance but did verify enough money to get through the week. I will need to transfer funds Wed.
  • clear all domestic paperwork piles I did about 90% of a major pile that included bill paying, so that felt good. Most of the remainder is insurance EOBs and Medicare stuf which is very intimidating - I will pray for grace to tackle that toward the end of the week, after some work and school challenges are met.
  • study 2 hours for stats test Neh.  which means cram time tomorrow morning - test is at 1:40
  • call M re: mailbox, painting jobs - realized I need to be square on finances before I make this offer - non-essential compared to bills, food nd meds. Same with the tree trimming decision I've been procrastinating -non-essential as long as the hurricans stay away!
  • home store for hose gear, refrig prices, patio storage did not get to this. This would actually be a nice little task for J to take on when he feels up to errands again - hopefully this week.
  • 12 step meeting 7:30pm I did a phone meeting instead, adequate

So I need to eat my dinner now - really late! - plan tomorrow, and hit the hay. Tomorrow J has a dr appt and I need to go with him, as he is still on pain meds. Then I also have a Stats test at 1:40 and ned to do some studying.  And I should at least get present to my workload for the week.  I'm going to try checking in earlier (where have you heard THAT before? lol) and hope that helps me get more done.

Thanks needed that!

Thank you for being so thoughtful-that hit the spot!

CL daily overcoming

hmmm i was going to post abt my demand resistance tdaoy, but my routine title "daily overcoming" reminds me that i'm a daily overcomer. that helps....

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

CL bookend

glad it helped, vic. Hope it works for you.

9:48pm bookending this check-in for inspiration.


well, that was fast. All i started thinking was that i give my life to god, and that seemed to remove the barrier to doing the next right thing. It now seems obvious and easy (light instead of heavy) to do the right thing.

9:53 including writeup.

10:40pm completed step 1 of pool.
- 30min tv
now make new list

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb


It did help. Today I signed off as "recovering" avoidance addict. "recovering" discomfort doger, it is amazing how much a few words could change things, I never realized it until I read your "daily overcomer". Thanks again, Vic

Good one

I like that. Maybe it wil help me to be thinking:                                                                     avoidance survivor, Postponement Vanquisher ,Suspension Conqueror, Victorious Deferrer, Delay Defeator



Made List



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Found P. A. site two days ago

Made lists Saturday and Sunday

Accomplished all on Sat. and Sun. lists...One item carried over from Sun.
that must wait until tomorrow, Tuesday business day.

Major Items for today’s list Monday September,
7th 2009

1.      Work
4hr today straightening/organizing garage... including short breaks. Start 10:30 AM Central time

2.      Complete
the Sunday carry-over for tomorrow….Organize right hand corner of desk and be
ready to pay any bills I find in that stack start @ 4:00 pm.  Save right
side of desk for later.

3.      Report
back on progress/accomplishments early evening when I check my e-mail.


Regards, Wm.




Falcon CI Monday

Hi pro amigos,

Happy Labor Day to those who have a holiday today!

Stuff to do today:

  • Exercise - DONE
  • Clip cat's claws - DONE
  • Tidy - Partly done
  • Tidy island - DONE
  • Dust - partly done
  • Balance checkbook - No statement yet, organized file instead
  • Pay bills - Checked file, no bills due
  • Do laundry -DONE
  • Get groceries - DONE
  • Mail card to M.
  • Maybe run through music
  • Edited to add - meditate - DONE


I got all the most critical things done, and feel good about the day.  Smile  Good night, everyone!


Journey 9:30 awwww cute pups!

Happy Labor Day to those of us in the US!

It's a holiday for me and I'm on vacation this week woot!  I spent all day yesterday hanging out at the pool.  Today I need to run a couple of errands, bathe the dogs and clip their toenails, and clean the bathroom (which will def.  be required after bathing the giant nasty dogs).  

I'm going to visit my daughter Friday and Saturday, so I have 4 days to do what I want to do.  Today I need to think about what I really would like to get done this week, and also take some time to relax. I made a list of "things to do on vacation" but it's probably a month's worth of work.   Obviously I can't do everything in one week lol, so I need to do triage and prioritization of my todo list, and only plan to work 5-6 hours a day.  If I plan 16 hours of work each day I'll end up doing NOTHING, so planning the next three days is something I want to do today also.  

I think the things that would be most rewarding would be:  cleaning and reorganizing my closet and pantry, and doing all the filing and making a plan to take care of the last few bits of paperwork that are outstanding.


Laters PAers.


"True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country."  - Kurt Vonnegut 

kromer 9:20 CI

Slept in this morning b/c it's a holiday, but otherwise it's pretty much a normal workday. I want to:

*Make a schedule for the week
*Finish G's project
*Make preliminary choice of +/- samples (working on this now)
*Read 1 paper
*Email re:poster class

*Microburst committee choice (will do this soon)
*Call NL
(will do this after dinner)
*Stats class petition (will do this next)

Other tasks:
*1 hr technique reading
*Write script to retrieve training compendium samples
*Go through 7 pages of results from lit. search
*Finish pathways project

*Organize papers/computer files

I'm having dinner w/ my brother at 6:30, and then have dance class 8-10, and I'll try calling my parents after dance class. 

Going to have prayertime now, then go to lab and start working G's project (I've been putting this off for weeks, it needs to get done!)


Potential Energy 8:53

Good morning,   cute puppies!! 

Today I will complete this list-my  (extended by months)grace period for many reports ends tommorow.  I accomplished quite a bit yesterday-but much was not what I intended due to my perfection tendency.  So now my completely decluttered wash room shines, and I still have hours of reports to do!!  The PA meeting yesterday was great and now I can try to apply what I have learned during the following:

1.  Reports for A.K.  I.H.  D.D. well-didn't have all needed to complete but did J.G.!

2.  Declutter dining room table although thought it would kill me-it didn't

3.  Put away all of that wash that I did yesterday

4.  Mow that lawn

5.  put out clothes for work tomorrow

6. gather materials for work tomorrow

7.  email to all about tomorrows schedules-to confirm

8.  devise tomorrows tx pl.- at least a general idea  on paper

9.  Email to t.

10.  clean bathrooms- do not even think about emptying and organizing closets!

11. try again to get the printer fixed- find disk to reinstall driver- call H. to ask where it might be. still broken

12.  finish cpr work

13. water flowers(the ones that are still alive, anyway Smile               

14. clean out car!!!                

What a great day!!! Feels so good to get stuff done-even when I hate doing it!         

Vic 9/7

Showing up (done) The puppies are toooooooooo cute. I just want to hug them!!and take them all home!

Made a "WEEK CALENDER" using word and inserting a table. This kind worked for me before- I would print it out and write, when I worked full time. After months and months of trying to find "the perfect" calender, I decided, do what works and I made my own, the kind that worked., so I am putting my day/day things in there, saved on computer to my desktop.

Yesterday I was reading some articles in this site. I came accross:

Basic Principles of Efficacy

This is adapted from work by Dr. Robert Boice, PhD. The principles are his (word for word except the word "writing" in #5 is replaced with "actual work". The explanations are in my own words. The principles are based on controlled studies - not just his opinion.

The #2 principle ( #2. . Begin before feeling ready. This helps you to develop systematic ways of finding imagination and confidence ) blew my mind. The only time I began before feeling ready was when I had NO OTHER CHOICE. The thought of doing this without a gun to my head seemed so strange and wierd. It was the "wording" that struck me- the way it was worded made it seem like something I could try, I even vaguely remember doing it before I "crossed the line"  into addictive procratination/avoidance

. Guess what???  IT ACTUALLY WORKED!!! Wow! Trust me, I do not have it down packed or anything, but it was a really neat experience. There may be hope....even for me. 


up date

going with the flow, my weekly list is working, stil trying to do a few things "before feeling "

"READY"/ really has me thinking what is that feeling? to me it could mean afriaid, unprepared,tired, before I think I interpreted it as being responsible.

Personal issues, hope to get to meeting tonite.

Hi Vic

Wow!  That makes sense. I am glad to hear that worked for you and I am going to write it out and put it on my desk. 

re: begin before feeling

My mom used to say: 'You can't just sit there and wait for the spirit to move you!'


"True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country."  - Kurt Vonnegut 

same idea....

My mom used to say something similar: "the right action creates the right mood". I try to remember that and implement it to start doing things even when I don't feel like it, but it is much easier said than done!


Recycler CI 7:05am EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

I'm getting ready to go on my bike ride now, so doing a quick CI first.

Plan B is already happening today. I had loaded a different threadstarter, but it only showed as Red X, so I have put up a diff pic ;)

There is at least one errand I need to do this morning, then I have a box of paper and another stack of paper to deal with. I hope to update my CI later.

Have a great day! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Recycler CI 1:20pm EST

Thanks, Falcon :) hee hee! ;)

Let's see; continuing my CI ... the bike ride went ok. I went a different route for various reasons. Toward the end there was a bit more traffic than I like, but that's ok.

I did my errands at 2 stores, & scoped out 2 other stores on the way. Back at home I rested, then ate lunch. Oops, I had forgotten to take my high blood pressure medicine, so I have just taken it. I've started a load of clothes in the washer.

Next I need to decide whether to work by zones, or just start on the papers stacked around the box. Or maybe it will be a combo ;) I hope to update my CI later.

Zone 1. 1st swipe completed = 1:35pm. 2nd swipe completed = 3:00pm. Clear = 4pm.

Zone 2 clear = 1:40pm.

Started another load of laundry in the clotheswasher. Sent an rsvp email. Started a load in the dishwasher.

Zone 3. 1st swipe completed = 2:05pm. 2nd swipe completed = 3:05pm. Clear = 3:30pm.

Zone 4. as clear as it's going to get ;) 2:15pm.

Zone 5. completed = 3:15pm.

Zone 6. completed = 3:20pm.

Zones 7-14 still completed from yesterday. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Next: ok, the box of papers. OK, I may be going mini-zone by mini-zone, mini-stack by mini-stack ... Will I update my CI again? ;) We will see!!! ;)

Papers around the box are pre-sorted. I have a mini-stack that needs to go in an already-established accordian file ((needs to look in closet for accordian file)). I have started running discard papers through the shredder. Shredder is taking a break. Either it is almost full or the motor has gotten hot. I will let the shredder rest for 10-15 minutes, then empty it. Then I will start another stack of papers & observe how it handles that ;)

5:15pm. Shredder has "overheated" again. I will let it cool off, empty it, then try again. I had let it cool & emptied it earlier, and it was working again. However I am meeting my goal of rapidly going through papers this afternoon, & it is a little much for the shredder ;)

Have a great afternoon, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)


Hey recycler,

Great picture!  So that's what corgis look like from the front!  Wink