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Saturday, August 1, 2009

kromer 12:20 CI unpleasant realization

Yesterday I  realized that for the past month or so I've been having a lot of the symptoms of depression (always tired, feeling blue, even more trouble focusing than normal, getting kind of morbid)

Good to know, I guess, but I'm not quite sure what to do about it. I'm reluctant to go to my school's mental health service (they do not have a great reputation for how they deal w/ depression, though for other things I've had good experience with them), though of course I should go if I need to.

I guess my plan for dealing with this will be:
*Try things that have worked in the past (exercise, eating and sleeping well, prayer, pushing myself to be social, breaking tasks down into small steps)
*Try a couple new things (I've had computer CBT and some online groups suggested to me, guess I can try that)
*If things aren't looking up in a couple weeks, make an appointment w/ therapist.

Today I slept late (which I think I needed), and I'm having a bit of
a hard time getting started this morning. So far I have cleaned the
kitchen, gotten dressed and started tidying my room.

I want to try out a computer cbt program today, do some social things (go out w/ friends for dinner), clean bathroom, do lit. search, have prayer time, call AG. 


kromer 2:15 CI

Did computer CBT program, now I'm going to clean bathroom + have prayer time, then I'll head to lab to do lit search and talk to AG

kromer 10:40 CI

Cleaned bathroom, went to lab, got most of the way through lit search, talked to AG, went out to dinner w/ friends, just wasted an hour surfing. Now I'm going to have prayer time ahd then read a couple of papers

Vic 9/1/09

Got through yesterday without shutting down. Took son to roller rink and picked him up, went to store, got carpet sweeper, walked, calls. Looking back, this is a miracle.

Today, woke up, very anxious, almost shaking, flooded with things to do and overreacting, becoming paralyzed, etc. So I did calm myself down, wrote and shared on loops, did some decluttering and found a lost item, called sponsor.

I really need my HP, I almost  psychotic (you wouldn't know by looking at me but inside, I feel like every cell in my body is ready to jump out of my skin)It is all the stuff in my head. Not ony do I have my stuff to do but also 2 sons to do stuff for, and husband and trip stuff. I feel like I did when I got plane tickets. I can't seem to anchor my thoughts into the now, they are flying all over the place, past, prest, future, I have to focus, so will do next 3 things at a time.and keep checking in:1.lunch AAA 4. send e-mail about t-mobile 5. pray (#1,3,4,5done)doing #2 now, need to stay out of resentment, older son started job today (we got together by the grace of HP)so took and brought him home, I had given him stuff to get learners permit, he had driver ed in school, etc., and yet he is pressuring me to do everything for him, he lost the books, etc I got for him, he wants to do it on line (me do it) and it would take me all day, I have to remember he is a kid and I just have to say no, I did call AAA and found out where to go, now I just have to STOP, but stop without being resentful. I am a bit calmed down but not much. If I were to trace the feeling, it would be from my family of origin, the panic, fear, and feeling incompetent. (things worked out with son, after I got rid of negative feelings I called AAA and they told me where we had to go, and I told him and he asked if we could go after his job and I said ok). The HP part is that IT IS THE SAME PLACE WHERE I NEED TO GET MY LICENSE PHOTO!!!sO HP worked it out. Feeling better but worn out from all the emotion. Now shower, do on line thing with husband and store and walk. Feel so tired.


Hi all dear fellows! Today

Hi all dear fellows!

Today to do:


*go to post(done)

*go to the supermarket with list (done, but without list)

*vacuum (today on sunday i did it)

*e- mail or call with skype Mum.(not done)

 *moderate low carb luch (done)

In recovery

ElinaFoot in mouth 


When I look into the future, it is so bright it burns my eyes ~ Oprah Windfrey

Journey 8:45 & update

Thanks for starting us out with pretty flowers recycler!  

Today I want to exercise, buy groceries, visit mom, straighten the house, and have the kids over for dinner.   I cut out my weekend exercise classes because I was having back and foot problems so I figured I was overdoing it, but my back is fine now so I'm going to try some gentle yoga at home.   I think I was trying to keep up with people who are half my age and twice as experienced in the yoga class, and as much as I hate to admit it, it was too much for me.  

So first, 1/2 hour of yoga, quiet time, and then grocery list.  

UPDATE 10:45 exercised, had quiet time, and I'm dressed.  Now for that grocery list.


"The elevator to success is out of order.   You'll have to take the stairs . . . one step at a time." - Joe Girard

Recycler CI 8am EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

I'm back from my Saturday morning bike ride. I'm eating breakfast & doing a couple of things around the condo before going to the store. I've started some bathroom swishies and will finish those up before leaving. Next: I need to change clothes & clean up a bit before going out! ;)

11:30am. I bagged up some trash & finished the bathroom swishies. I took the trash to the dumpster. I bought provisions at the store & remembered to bring a reuseable shopping bag. I put gas in my car. I dropped off a couple things at Goodwill. I bought a couple things at another store. Arriving at the condo, I cooked & ate lunch.

Next: I have about 30 minutes before I go to an afternoon exercise class. I need to Clean Up the place, because after my class some people will be coming over. However I'm tired, so not sure how much I will be doing ;) Maybe I will allow myself to rest for a few minutes, then bustle about ;)

10:15pm. In going to my class, the traffic was horrible. Somehow I made it to the class, basically on time before they started. While I was tense for a while, basically I calmed down "enough," then was able to learn stuff in the class; stuff that was helpful to me. Driving home, the traffic was better.

Arriving at home, I had a snack, then stuffed items in a side room. My friends arrived; we went to dinner and then went out & played miniature golf. After golf they came in and helped me set up my new tanpura. I am still trying to adjust it to the way I want it.

I am a little excited about some other stuff for tonight, but I've taken a Melatonin and I will try to go to sleep.

Have a great day, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)