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Wednesday 24 June 2009

Be Larger

In this dark hour,
golden forces muster
to greet all semblance of fear,

to cast spiritual light upon the darkness
and make discord disappear,

sweet dear,
such is the mighty power
within your heart-felt prayer,

as we become comrades
in the common endeavor
of allegiance to life,

through whatever strife
the world may deliver,

we are larger,
we are larger,

than any illusion
of time-bound terror.

Gordon Neumann (Vietnam war veteran)

Ag 12:45pm

Making progress today: no sponsor/sponsee calls today so I had an extra 90 minutes of sleep and then a walk, Step 11, breakfast, light housekeeping and laundry. I'm trying the to-do list prioritizing strategy today, so I've been just brain-dumping and note-dumping into a master list for an hour or so.  I broke for a rabbit-trail of research on funerals, Trappist/Cistercian spirituality and Benedectine philosophy - but that's enough for now. God is encouraging me to be gentle with myself in this sadness of pre-planning ailing parents' funerals, but I still need to face the day's actual work.

I have an orthodontist appt at 5 so need to back-plan...I will leave by 4:30, pack the truck (12x12, paperwork, dinner) by 4:20; finish the ortho paperwork by 4:10; shut down 'puter by 4, start reviewing and responding to to time-sensitive critical by 3:45. 

Now I need to eat my lunch and resume work on my 2do list, prioritize it and complete at least one priority item before 3:45.

Recycler CI 1:50pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

I'm glad to be able to CI today, because the next number of days I'm not sure what computer access I will have. While I might update my CI tonight, after that it may be next Tuesday or later before I am assured of computer access.

After my volunteer service group last night, I took an otc sleeping tablet, and was finally able to sleep. However, getting up a bit later this morning, I only did stretching & ab exercises at the gym, before getting ready for work.

At work I completed some projects this morning, so I can get them to the committee chair before I am away from the office for several days. At lunch I ate at a restaurant and did an errand.

Next: I have one more deadline project today. Then some second-tier projects (I haven't decided on which order to work on those yet). Maybe I will mark out items on my assignment list as I go along to help me track progress. After work, I think I have most of my personal projects done, so maybe I can go to sleep early tonight, as getting another solid night's sleep would be great!

8:20pm. After arriving at home, I fixed & ate dinner. I surfed the Internet. I called my dad. I emailed 3 friends. [Humor]: I have done everything I can think of to delay the "final pack" for my trip. In the morning, I will still have a few things to toss in. However, I need to go through a few things tonight. Technically it should only take about 10 minutes. OK, I will do one more thing on the computer, do a quick eval of the final pack, then I can surf the Internet a little more. I am trying!!!

9:20pm. I would *like* to say that I very diligently finished packing my bag. Well, I did a few more things. I got out a couple more papers that I needed, and brought a couple more things to my bag. I think I can do the last things in the morning and still be ready on time. OK, I will read some inspirational literature and then go to sleep.

Have a great day, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Hope-Faith CI 12:10

Up late once again, but it is all good because I have my routines and do not have a time commitment until 6:00 this evening.

  1. Complete AM routine Done 
  2. Fly 
    1. Work on decluttering stuff on bar 15 min  Done
    2. Super Fling (45) (give, throw, put up)

Things to do 

  1. Compost Pile/Rake Find Rake
  2. Pick Crabs Done
  3. Pick Snaps Done 1 row
  4. Snap Snaps Gave snaps to mom
  5. Find canning jars for snaps
  6. DD ballgames 6:00 EC Ready and leaving
  7. Handle 1 item in work e-mail Done


  1. Prime Desk
  2. Project of the day Summer/Winter Clothes in progress
  3. Find L/S program
  4. Work on making Angels In Progress
  5. Put Up Tent attempt unsuccessfuly try again later -- use duck tape
  6. Wiki setup users

PM routine



send email re: project 1 (done)

set dates re: project 2 (done)

organize file for project 3 (done)

send email re: project 4 (done)

make task list for project 5 (done)

tramseyer - CI - 10:10am

Good morning!  :)

The bad - Yesterday we had the air conditioner on all day because everyone was home for much of it. The house was wonderfully cool instead of so hot - and instead of taking advantage of the time to get multiple things done, I blew everything off. Today I so regret it, and I am already sweating. 

The good - Breakfast is over, dishes are done, and Heidi's eggshells are baking in the oven, something that should be done at least once a week, instead of the usual store-eggshells-for-months-and-clean-and-bake-when-the-bugs-find-them. 

Still have to consider lunch, changing clothes, and so forth before heading off to clean. 

Stay cool!




Gentlemen, I believe we have much to discuss.
(Robert Lansing as Control, The Equalizer, Trial by Ordeal.)

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I fixed it this time.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

kromer 9:40 CI

Went to bed a little late last night, so I'm a bit late to lab, checked my email, now I'm ready to work. 

Scheduled : gc mtg 1-2:30, coffee w/ lab 4-4:30

*Prep for germ cell mtg!:
  1)Add strain descriptions to slides on QTL project, print out
  2)Summarize list of available datasets, spend 30 min coming up w/ wishlist (done enough with this for the mtg...after mtg, I want to spend about 30 more min cleaning this up)
  3)Make overview slide for VAD proposal
  4)Practice presentation
*Take notes from germ cell mtg
*Read animal protocol, take notes, make list of questions
*Harambee phone calls
*Email about TAing

Other tasks:
*Write up chem. treatment expts
*Write up genetic manipulation expts
*Brief lit. search on Sertoli cell sorting
*Organize computer files on lab computer

Breaks: Swing dancing 7:30-11:30 (should probably leave by 11), call AG

I'm going to start by working on prep for gc mtg...I'm going to take 30 min and add strain info to QTL slide, then take 45 min and make an overview slide for VAD

Update 12:55--finished prep for gc mtg. After mtg, I'm going to take notes from the mtg, then do a little more clean-up work on dataset summary (take notes on a paper, make table of available KOs), then email about TAing. Then I'll check back here.

kromer 3:10 CI

OK, went to gc mtg, then took about 30 min off. The meeting didn't go quite as well as I would have liked...I think I was pretty well prepared, I just didn't quite know what format I should present in, so I'll be able to do better at the next mtg in a couple weeks.

Now I'm going to take notes from the mtg and brainstorm what to do next. Back when that's done (about 30 min) 

Update 5:35--OK, took notes from the mtg and brainstormed what to do next, then went to coffee hour w/ lab, asked some questions about follow up steps. This hasn't been a very productive day, and now I'm feeling an incredible amount of resistance to doing anything more. I'm going take small steps, and use the chatbox (since lab is relatively empty today). I'm going to start working on animal training, will work on this for 45 min and then break to call AG. 

Update 7:10--OK, I'm actually making OK progress. I've gotten through a lot of the animal training stuff, and made Harambee phone calls. Now I'm going to spend 10 min composing a draft email to CB about TAing, then I'll head to swing dancing and call AG afterwards.  

Journey 9:30

Good morning!   I just realized I posted yesterday's post on the wrong day.  oh well!

Anyway, yesterday was a really good day.   I worked from home and was actually pretty productive.   I'm trying to complete my todolist each day, which requires me to make it reasonable and allow for the unexpected.  It feels good when you can actually check off every item on the list!   It sounds like a no-brainer to make a todo list with the intention of completing it, but often I make a todolist that is impossible, but still feel bad when I don't complete it.  Go figure. 

I've been to the gym, checked email and calendar, and made the impossible todo list.  Now to go perform triage on the list and make it reasonable and doable. When I finish that, I'll have breakfast and maybe take a shower . ..



"The elevator to success is out of order.   You'll have to take the stairs . . . one step at a time." - Joe Girard

Striving for Consistency

Trying to find a structure of consistency -

I decided I could have a consistent stucture of "Inconsistency"

The consistent stucture could be "Presence, not setting conditions, productivity, Heath, Exercise, self actualization"

Within that structure of consistency, I could adapt according to my life at that time.

Today I will walk and the use 15 minute times for whatever comes up, and not trying to "force" what I think "I should be doing"

mj wednesday checkin

Simple goal, yet complex tasks:

to be able to see all of the floor of my room today.

more boxes

move one room of furniture

check class requirements

call for home visit