Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Thursday 21 May 2009

A day is finite... life is finite... my concentration is a precious gift...

What do you want to get done in life?


today I can take a step, plant a seed, add a log... one step is infinitely more than none.

Just starting, really wanting to do something, and believing it is possible... are part of the way


ci do IT NOW

DIARY TOMORROW AND track fast minutes

Recycler CI 4:50pm


Not sleeping last night has made me really focus on my project list and staying on task today.

This morning I walked to gym, did additional cardio, stretches, & ab exercises.

At work as mentioned, I've continued plugging at everything. I walked at lunchtime, then had a bite to eat. I've printed out my project list for in the morning, to help tomorrow get off to a good start. Next: walk home after work, then see what I can get into ;)

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

rec check-in

Got in early (yea!) but have been drifting too much. Need to focus on what I want to get done, as the day-starter says (thanks chickadee for that!). My to do list:

Call TB
E-mail FL
Finish P research
Call GB
Work on TR file


ByGodsGrace todays CI

God morning everyone, another busy day!  Thank you so much for the wise words in the starter chickadee, a great reminder for me! I often am so busy with what i should, must... need to do that i don't think of what i WANT to do and am often out of practice so that I can't even answer the question - an area for progress without question! 

I caught up on reading the site a bit and it strikes me always how wise and caring and encouraging the wonderful overcomers in this fellowship are. I think our struggles make us more thoughtful about solutions and compassionate.

My Word and prayer for the day: 1 Peter 5:6-7

Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.

My to do list: 

Read Bible/pray, play and enjoy dd as i work

MIT: Job2 continue print I, D, / confirm cut layout/paper count, take to get cut asap

St/ot 3:45-6 (have work to bring), format e labels, start assembly 

jobCC email, email updated portfolio PW, JM, TO, MG, EB, email PS / LS, Clear email

Journey 8:45

Good morning! I've been to the gym, had breakfast, read email.   Started to goof off on the computer but came here instead.   Thanks for being here you guys.

I'm working at home today.   I'm going to change clothes and have a short quiet time then back here to make todo list for the day.  I'll work in the chatbox today since I'm home.   See you guys in the chatbox later!


Soon you will harvest what you are planting today - Steve Pavlina

GeorgeSmiley 7:40 AM; UPDATE 5:50 PM

Good morning everyone...

MIT#1: Project T-C press release

MIT#2: Project K-3

MIT#3: Project W-5

All of these have to get done today.

What's that line about "nothing concentrates the mind like the prospect of a hanging"? Or something like that...



Completed MIT#1

Got Started on MITs #2 and #3


a good day.


The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

kromer 8 CI

Classes are done, transitioning to work on lab projects full-time. I'm struggling somewhat with keeping organization/focus--this something I've struggled with ain the past during summer jobs and such. For now I'm going to make a manageable set of goals and try to divide up my day; over the next month or so, I'll work on developing strategies to stay organized and focused.

Scheduled: Harambee mtg/dinner 6-8

*Finish compiling data compendium
*GO analysis and clustering for Michelle's project
*Laundry, 15 min organizing papers in my room
*Quiet time/prayer

Other tasks
*Bg reading plan
*1 hr mouse development review
*Clean out 500 emails
*Read papers on SAM

Right now, I'm going to do dishes/pack lunch, spend 15 min organizing papers, have quiet time, head to lab, work on compiling data compendium. 

I want to get over thinking

  • I want to get over thinking that I cannot have a relationship with someone attractive, just because of my multi-ethnicity.  I want to get over thinking of race as a hindrance in my life. 
  • I want to save myself from dishonor. I don't even care, if they give me the money, because I know that if I do well I can get the money to finish my degree at some point. I just want to finish my crap and move on, before the dean decides anything rash.
  • I want to stop feeling so depressed all the time, just because I'm not in a relationship.  Not to mention that when I'm in them, I don't feel a whole lot better. I want to feel better about myself and feel good about myself.  It's not about desiring someone else, for me its' all about control over other people, while I lack self-control.
  • I want to invest in myself, to do things for my own sake. I want to want to invest in myself.
  • My problem throughout my life has been low self-esteem.  It's not an issue of accomplishing esteemable acts, I don't think.  I'm a perfectionist, with very little self-acceptance.  Again, I do need a sponsor to say, "Now that there....*that* you did well and don't have to rue."  Because I lack distinction in my manic perfectionism.

It's 3am and I'm still up. It's not that I don't want to go to sleep.  It's that I procrastinate on brushing my teeth.  And why?  because I am afraid of being alone.  Sleep is a moment of alone time.  I literally have had to get myself drunk on tiredom in order to make myself sleep.  Because I resist solitude. I'm seeing the psych tomorrow, but I need to set my alarm clock. 


What I want done

In life, what I still want done is learn how to accept and be happy with myself and let go of shame. I want to have said I did my HP's will more and know it. I want to be more spiritual and be used by my HP.

My magic word for this is "practise"  "acting as if". I know if I stop criticizing myself, I can accept myself more and free up my brain to do more.

Today I plan to take care of one of the vehicles (husbands) which means calling AAA for a tow, following them to the mechanic-25 miles away, visiting mom in hospital, getting home before 3., then dinner and soccer.

Right now I need to check my son's science notebook (due today).

I did some paperwork Tues, bt it was excruciatingly painful (like taxes) and took all day,(did not take a shower until it was done) I guess I can "act as if" I am getting better. I am "beilieving it is possible."Thanks


Sarito CL10h00 update & plan of action

multi-tasking is a real challenge for me... but with several exams back-to-back (some practical, some written, etc.) plus concerts, i have to break things into bits.  focus on little steps and not think of everything at once.  otherwise, i will become paralyzed with fear and won't get anything done.  

until sun & mon, i've got to focus on So with minimal upkeep of V rep & Dech rep in back drop.  after mon, i can focus on Mo, Bl and Dech.  Maz comes last in list of priorities. 

self-care: run/walk in park, floor exercises; spiritual reading

school: rehearsal; So rewrite and review yesterday's Di; So review difficult gams; So ryt; So review theo notes.

household: recycling; sort papers/books; fold clothes 

note to self: gotta stop So at 21h00 to review few Perg & 1 Bocch spot.

Agnus 1am

Nervous about Thursday work assignments, stayed up way too late trying to "perfect" my knowledge and materials. Now I need to prayerfully strategize my "upon awakening" scheuling so I don't mess up from being overtired.

I want to arrive at the worksite at 8:15. Backing it up: It's a 5 minute cab ride. hail cab by 8:10. load garaged car by 8:05. Breakfast 7:40. Printing 7:30. Checkout 7:25. Pack 7:20. Shower/dress 7. Swim 6:40. Wake, pray 6:30.

After work I'll fly home; probably won't check in again until Friday. Hope everyone has a recovery kind of day!

Deej CI 21/05

Had all yesterday preparing for and being in the field - nice to be outside but a very busy day. Tomorrow I have a meeting which with travel will take the whole day too. Next week I have three similar days so not much time for getting real work done. Have a bit to do to prepare for these so no time to muck around. Sadly with this pressure mucking around is exactly what I feel like doing so I'll need to use all the tricks to stay on track.

So for today...

  1. An hour on brochure review - wish this would finish but need other's input
  2. Prepare for Friday meeting presentation
  3. Follow up on PHS field days, consider making calls to SIRFFN
  4. Process remaining info notes and call authors if necessary (if time allows)


Deej at 1700

items 3 and 2 done

tonight and tomorrow

Since it's evening on the West Coast of the US I'm going to pretend it's Thursday.  So I've had a really bad day so far.  I spent it reading / skimming a book that I'm not that interested in.  I talked to my partner and started crying.  I missed an appointment to meet up with a friend to hang out and work on stuff.  I've been isolated in my room, not wanting to talk to housemates because I feel ashamed.

 For the rest of today:

1. I will talk to my friend and apologize

2. I'll find out the program that he uses to keep track of tasks

 3. Whether or not I get I will write down and organize the personal tasks that I have floating around in my head and written down in a notebook

 4. I'll do as many of the tasks as I can given the time of day and the fact that I'm home

For sure tomorrow I will:

1. Call and set up an appointment with an adhd specialist that was recomended to me last night

2. Add more tasks here once I figure out what they are / what makes sense to do


shame is welcome

Shame is welcomed here with open arms.

Hang in there h.perfecto.