Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.



Hi all:

I've just joined this site a few minutes ago, and that only within a half hour or so of finding and exploring it...just about the only thing I haven't procrastinated about this week!

I realize, on an intellectual level, that anyone reading this has heard (if not lived through something similar) all this before, but the way it feels to me is that I push this procrastination crap to within an inch of my life and my sanity.  I'm a solo business owner with a couple of "professional" post-graduate degrees, always a top student when in school, who presents very impressively to the outside world.  I have the respect of many clients and peers, my spouse (hereafter, "S.O.") and I have been together, pre and post wedding, for 20 years, we live in a pricey urban condo, and I lead people to assume that I've never made much money because I'd "rather be my own boss than sell out" and besides, S.O. makes enough for us to get by on.   And it's all a total and absolute sham.  I've never earned nearly what I "should" because I constantly invent new ways to sabotage myself.   I can't handle my own finances responsibly, even when I have enough money I don't pay bills on time (I can't even come up with "excuses" anymore for THAT one!).  Worst of all, I've abused S.O. with multiple broken promises that I will change, get my act together, make more money, pay back "my share" of everything, find a real job, stop being a drain on savings, never again let my health insurance lapse because I "forgot" to pay the premium, never again let my car be repossessed bacause I can't bear to admit that I can't afford the payments, never again put off making the necessary calls to my creditors... gag.

I apologize for venting.  I'm just terrified that, some day soon, I'll finally have *#^%-ed up my life irrevocably.  I really, really hope that, somehow, being a member  on this site will give me a little help, so I can make a little progress.

 La Sorciere


Hi Sorciere

Welcome here. We're glad to have you. Keep coming back!!

Welcome, Sorciere!

Thanks for joining PA, Sorciere!

No need to apologize for venting. That's one of the things this site is good for. There are a lot of caring people here with similar experiences and you are likely to find others who have been there themselves.

For my part, I am also a professional in a (not solo but) very small company, and I know firsthand how much procrastination can affect the health of any business venture. I'm still coming to terms with this myself. The good news is that participating in PA we are acknowledging the problem and taking a step to deal with it.

We hope that you will find the resources, references (there are some good books noted here), and friendly, supportive exchanges here useful. Take advantage of whatever parts of the site you find helpful.

Best wishes for your success!

Thank you

Thanks for the welcoming words.  I've just been exploring the site for the past couple of days, trying to figure out how best to participate and take advantage of it to help myself.  Advice from anyone on that subject will always be appreciated.   


Welcome to our communit sorciere, the first step that I took was to CI (bookend). Just post what you would like to do and then after a period of time come back and post what you did. It helps me stay focused and motivated.

Today there will be o-line meeting moving has posted the info about the meeting in todays thread.

Good l luck.


welcome La Sorciere!

There is a proper balance between not asking enough of oneself and asking or expecting too much.  - May Sarton