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how/where to find a good coach?

hi everyone,

does anyone have suggestions for how to find a good coach? ideally, i'd like to find someone who is part therapist/part organizational consultant. i think i need someone who has an understanding of compulsive avoidance behavior, but also someone who can give me some practical tools, specific suggestions given the particulars of my life (children, graduate school, etc.)...and most of all, i think i need some kind of face-to-face accountability/cheerleading.

if anyone has any recommendations for how/where to find a good 'anti-procrastination coach,' i'd be grateful.


The "Coaching/Therapy" section of the forum

There's a coaching/therapy section of the forums, here:

I don't know if that will help or not, but maybe there's some ideas there?


i checked the 'coaching' section of the site, and there was contact information for one woman in NYC.  i sent her an e-mail in case she is available by phone or could recommend someone locally (i am in Michigan), but i have not heard back.

does anyone else have any suggestions?