Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Monday 6 April 2009

At each moment, I can forgive myself and make a new start.  


   'We'll thrive if we are given the freedom and encouragement to try again'

isabo ci 750pm

Good day today, despite whiny crying children on the walk home from picking up son, and my dog being brought to the vet because of a cut on her leg....4 staples it took to close it up.  Poor baby!  My daughter was quite concerned as her Daddy took our year old pup out the door.  But they are both ok now :)

Til tomorrow....

Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe

Agnus checking in

Today I did morning routines, had a massage therapy appointment, completed my very complex March expense report, and wrote "trip prep" task lists for J and me. Then a rep brought some product by that I purchased, and then the tech support guy came and took me offline most of the afternoon for upgrades.  That gave me time to do some 12-Step reading.

I finally admitted I am totally sabotaging myself by taking on way more than anyone can manage: monthly travel, respite care for Mom, daily caregiving for J, family breadwinner, household manager, treatment for my car wreck injuries, 12 step recovery, and a 4-hour class that is 90 minutes away.

Amazingly, until today, I have been unable to let myself off the hook. Last week I blew a major work deadline because I just went paralyzed with stress.  Also my doc said I am not recovering from my injuries well.  I've been praying for Good Orderly Direction and today I chose powerfully to drop the class to make more time available for self-care.  The time will come when the class fits in my life, but it is not now.  This decision feels really good!  So tonight:

  • Healthy dinner
  • 12 Step meeting
  • grocery shopping
  • pray to stay off the computer
  • pray for Good Orderly Direction to journal (hand-write) a plan for our trip itinerary to send my family so they can plan accordingly.

Good going, Agnus!

Congratulations!  It's not easy backing away from a commitment to yourself, but you did it!  And you are right, the time just isn't right if your health is being jeopardized.

Wishing us all your strength!


Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe

Recycler CI 4:30pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

It's the end of the workday now, so I am doing my CI. I will have a chiropractor appt & then go to my 12-step group, so I may have have a chance to update my CI later.

This morning I did some household chores before going to the gym. At the gym, I wasn't on the treadmill long, but I did get on it. I also did my stretching & ab exercises.

At work after our Mon morning staff meeting, I updated my assignment list, and have started pecking away at it. At lunchtime I did an errand; it didn't conclude as satisfactorily as I wanted it to, but it is supposedly accomplished now.

Going to my chiro appt tonight, my goal is to drive carefully. I am trying for a panic-free day!

After that I will go to my 12-step meeting, and talk about the agoraphobia & panic flare-ups I had this week. I want to get the pendulum swinging in a nice calm arc again, instead of extremes like it has been.

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Falcon CI Mon.

I'm home from work a little early - a good time to get a couple of things done.  So here's the deal: if I make two phone calls about apartments, and call the credit card company, then I can spend a little time reading the gripping book that I'm in the middle of.


Thought for the day Monday

This is an excerpt from an article on Lifehack called " How to Ditch Meekness and Walk Tall"  by Mary Jaksch.

Say ‘no’ to your gremlin

Next time you hear your own judgmental thoughts telling you that you’re no good, imagine a little gremlin sitting on your left shoulder, whispering nasty things into your ear. What does it look like? What color is it? Maybe you can imagine it in some way that’s funny and makes you smile.

Whenever you notice negative self-talk, imagine the gremlin sitting there and say to it firmly, “Not now!” Then carefully wipe it off your shoulder. (To others it’ll look as if you’re brushing lint off your clothes.)

It’s really important to treat your gremlin with kindness as well as with firmness. After all, your negative voices are the remnants of remarks that hurt you in the past. The gremlin is like a little part of yourself that is still smarting from put-downs that happened years ago.

If you say ‘no’ to your gremlin over and over, you will begin to see that your negative self-talk has nothing at all to do with who you are. It has to do with how other people hurt you in the past. Then you will be able to walk taller each day.

(I imagine my gremlin as a furby . . .remember furbys??)


There is a proper balance between not asking enough of oneself and asking or expecting too much.  - May Sarton

wow journey, thanks for

wow journey, thanks for this.

It really speaks to me...and the insight that negative self talk is remnants of past hurtful remarks... so that's why thick skinned people also tend to be positive.

I feel as if my recovery is as closely linked to new more gentle self talk as to goals accomplished. And the areas where I've made the most progress are the ones where I've rewarded myself the most.

isabo ci 1240pm

Yay me!  All except the laundry, I have cleaned the upstairs, wiped the bathroom down, kept the kitchen clean and made chocolate egg cakes, and chocolate chip cookies.  Well, I need to add the chocolate chips and then bake them, but that has to wait until I actually buy the chips.  Those ran out pretty quick!  In about 50 minutes we have to leave to pu my son, walking today.  Hopefully I will have the call that the van is done when we get back, then we can go to wally world and pick up chocolate chips....and kitty litter.  Keep forgetting about that too.  Enough for now.  I am check the regular places in the web, and then see how much vacuuming I can get done before we head out...

Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe

Must move

I don't feel like doing anything, but I feel awful not doing anything.

My first step is to get out and move.

Thank you

That's right, vic, get up

That's right, vic, get up and get moving!

It's all about the baby steps.  I know how you feel, last week was not a great one for me.  I slept in the morning lots, after dropping my son off at school, and then stayed on the computer til it was time to pick him up.  With that small amount of momentum gathered up, I would tidy the kitchen a bit, and decide what super quick and easy thing would be for supper.  And that would be it. 

Keep checking in!

Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe

Thank you

Thank you for your reply. I just got back. I don't know if I would have gotten out if I did not have this ste to share on. I am so amazed that there are other people like me out there.

I need to make a phone call at 4pm, then I will check in again.

Take care,


ByGodsGrace todays CI

thank you for the inspiring starter chickadee - each moment - i had thought of the necessity of living moment to moment as a negative in a way - a tool i have to use - but starting to see it is more a gift of God, to focus each moment on his next step for me and the freedom to start again as needed - often! My weakness makes me focus on his strength and the more i do it, the more I want to! In God i find freedom and encouragment - reminder to self, seek Him for it!

Word and prayer for the day again: 2 Samuel 22:33-37

It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he enables me to stand on the heights.  He trains my hands for battle; my arms can bend a bow of bronze.  You give me your shield of victory; you stoop down to make me great. You broaden the path beneath me, so that my ankles do not turn. 

Soundtrack of my day: Joyce Meyer (Bible teaching), Natalie Grant 

My to do list: 

Read Bible/Pray

dd school bank, library


job1 plan for meeting – to do list broken down into steps

job1 invoice update emailed

job1 label proof  designed just assemble now, almost done!!

Well big surprise - all my planning and i am still working last minute - to be fair i didn't know the deadline would be this soon - but to be real i had a rough week last week and didnt look at my calendar/plan and only managed to do what HAD to be done not what also needed to be done. I learned a lot last wk tho and i am thankful for the return of a gift i felt from God when i first met Him - feeling as if mistakes are learning opportunities, necessary for growth - comes from being able to receive His love and approval and forgiveness. I trust His opinion of me until mine gets back to lining up with His Word. I know just making a plan was progress and havng one scared me then family stress and even with all of that i didnt hide out - so in the face of this almost all nighter i still feel hope for progress and recovery.

new client A, C emails  +M

havent even done those yet and just took new client M - my faith is so being stretched

babysit pickup 2p, dd school 2:30p cvs

Clear email/inbox for day 

clean house prepare for mtg tu  (last - in am)

update bank pwd, settings online

If I finish job 1 meeting prep then job 2 continue - won't have time

Journey 9 am

Well I just wrote this long and very insightful post and I forgot to hit the submit button and lost it!   Anyway, I'm feeling positive this morning after finishing my taxes yesterday.   I am so grateful that I was able to stay on task and get them all done in one day.   This small success has me feeling that I can work hard again today and stay focused. 

Headed to the coffee pot, then I'll make my todo list and see y'all in the chatbox.


There is a proper balance between not asking enough of oneself and asking or expecting too much.  - May Sarton

must be in the air...

I did the same thing this morning - wonderful sharing, I thought of myself. <<agnus pats back>>>  Then I got distracted (imagine that :O !) and never posted it. sigh.  SO helpful to know I'm not alone :-)

re: in the air


There is a proper balance between not asking enough of oneself and asking or expecting too much.  - May Sarton

kromer 8:30 CI

I didn't do as much work as I would have liked over the weekend, and this morning I'm having trouble getting started and am getting annoyed at myself for it.

Today I'm going to keep a time log to help keep myself on track, and try not to beat myself up for this weekend/morning.

Here's a list of what I'd like to get done today:

*Class 10:30-12:30

*Call about Dr.'s appt.
*15 min prayer time
*Make a schedule for the week
*Read paper
*Organize papers
*Send emails to DG and TJ about research rotations
*Finish looking for conservation (check on running calculations, summarize results)
*Submit reviews, go over midterm

*Comparison to transfac and brown motifs (started)
*2 problems from stats hw
*Practice presentation
*1 hr work on DP's project
*Start tutoring prep.

*Call AG
*Watch 1 TV show
*Cook dinner
*30 min cutting strips for rag rug

Right now I'm going to start by checking on running conservation calculations, then I'm going to organize my papers and head to class. Starting time log and heading to chatbox now.

Update 1:10--made some progress on conservation calcs, started organizing, went to class, had lunch, now in lab. I'm going to do some more work on conservations calcs, then organize papers, call about dr's appt, make a schedule for the week, send emails to DG and TJ. Heading to chatbox now. 

Update 10:20--Haven't been quite as productive as I would like, but I think finishing my MITs tonight is in reach. I'd like to get a good hour's work in and be in bed by midnight. Will start by composing emails to DG and TJ, then I'll make a schedule and have some prayer time. Heading to the chatbox now. 

Update 12:15--Well, I finished my MITs and went a tiny bit beyond. Not perfect, but I'll take it. 

check in babarino

Review file project one(done)
Call w 2(done)
Copy k(done)
Copy g(done)

4p update
I am thinking this project is going to fail but I am going to just keep trying to find what I an until 5p.not giving up.

8p update
9:30p read for one hour the. Talked with boyfriend.don't know what else I can do right now on project. Just get good sleep.I did everything I could today.I don't feel like it is enough but that is a quick way to wearing myself down.doing enough then telling myself its not good enough.
Worked on it until 5p. Going to read for half hour then relax and bed

isabo ci 926am

Today I want to have a positive productive day, so I will feel proud of my accomplishments.  I found yesterday, when I wrote things down in order and visualized myself acting out the tasks, I did them willingly and easily. So here goes!

Get up from this computer and go to my bdrm.  Make bed, put away folded clothes. Kids rooms, makes their beds, do five minute tidy.  Bathroom, wipe down counter and swish toilet.  Gather laundry to bring downstairs.  Start laundry cycle.  Into kitchen, load dishwasher, wipe counters down.  Gather ingredients for choc chip cookies.  while baking, make chocolate cake batter and spoon into eggshaped tins.  reboot laundry and fold. 

I feel comfortable with the above, and will start now..... :)

Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe

Monday check in: 7:25 AM

Today I have to divide my time between several projects while trying to untangle a malware problem on my computer. So I won't be here much, but not because I don't need it!!!


If the going gets tough I promise to come here for help today.  



The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

8:45 GeorgeSmiley

I've been hung up on this malware problem.

Starting NOW on Project S-L-K 



The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

2:35 PM GeorgeSmiley

Well, the Malware problem seems to be resolved. I used the free version of MalwareBytes and got help from their support forum.

And I finished the first draft of S-L-K and submitted it for fact-checking as well as editor's look-over.

Now proceeding with other projects for the day.




The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

mj checkin

Sjo I'm taking a mental health ay, to try to get at least smewhat caught up. I'm going to try working in .5 hour stretches. Also, I'm going to try the PA techniques of visualizing and breaking down into steps.

Chick CI...

help me make this a calm day.

morning tasks:

last nit of work on a (nit of work is a freudian slip typo) just about done! one more check DONE  :D

volunteer stuff:
phonecalls one down one to go


 thanks to all pro-buddies--I feel so grateful for the fellowship here: I do not recover or accomplish things alone.