Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Wednesday April 1st 2009

The day is a gift. My attention is a gift

Present in the present moment, I can do a single thing and choose what to focus on.

Agnus trying not to sink...

I missed a deadline today by 7 minutes. I thought I'd sent it right at deadline, but it hung up in email. The impact could be immense for my whole company. I appealed of course. Even forwarded the Mail Administrator message that said why it didn't go through on time.  But that might not matter, because "normal" people don't wait until the EXACT LAST MOMENT before sending things that can impact whether they win or lose several hundred thousand dollars, keep their jobs, homes, cars, etc.

WTF is WRONG with me???  I spent a little while beating myself up, now distracted by a damn virus...urgh.

Ag, I can SO identify with

Ag, I can SO identify with this... solidarity to you.

Hugs for Agnus


It's done. If there's fall-out from that there is no point in you beating yourself up ahead of time. You're in procrastinator hell already. *HUGS* What can we say to make it better?

Agnes, hugs!

Hi Agnes!

Hugs to you!!!



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)


Im sorry you have to deal with that Agnus- try to take it easy on yourself, praying 4u.


Hang in there, Agnus!


That sounds scary!  I hope it works out o.k.  Keep breathing, and be kind to yourself.  If you kick yourself, then you'll just have to put energy into recovering from being kicked, rather than focusing on coping with the situation and making the best choices you can. 

Sending good thoughts your way,


Recycler CI 6pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Irony: I'm being affected by someone who is a procrastinator. (argggh!!!)

Please shoot me with a tranquilizer dart as I run by!!!

Humor: now I am qualified for another 12-step group: Procrast-Anon!

A plumber will come tomorrow to the rental condo. I *could* have had the plumber 7-9 days ago, but the other person said, "let me take care of it; let me take care of it; let me take care of it." Then they were going to do it "Tuesday" (yesterday). Then "by 11am Wednesday" (today). Finally at 2:30 today when *I* reached *them* on the phone, they said they tried but couldn't fix it.

Tonight: I am going to write an email to a friend, then go over to the rental condo & clean a little more. Most of it is done; I'm just going to go over it several more times, looking for stray spots that need cleaning. Due to the headache I am having, I am going to try to go to sleep early.

8:25pm. I cleaned at condo. I moved stuff around. I went to the store & got a couple more products. In the morning, I will Swiffer some more. I need to remove 2 more items from rental condo. Other than that, with a couple more Wipes, basically it is done? I'm going to keep going along for the next 48+ hours and find out! Now it is time for me to go to sleep anyway. Hopefully sleep will help the headache go away.

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

CI DO It Now

Did a lot today.  Spoke to Mm, DW and LAC and to AR last night, Called sevearl parents, put out the glass (rmemebered)  spoke to Y about BA and the problem of 

Goals: AR on WGO meeting tonight and study

finish txs:  NY info. 

todo:  call Paul M, nys YM Brill - LM 

CI Do it now


Did: car (took longer than expected) Everything does - progress not perfectionn

spoke to Y about $$ and RR did proc recording  Spoke to AR about WGO !!! victory Getting closer...

Need to send email about TF to Doug

studied two hours ( a little less) planned (!!!)

 Made the calls:  Paul, YM Brill, Becker - right away

e's wednesday

back today after a long absence, and feeling more productive than I have for a while in the past week. The light is out longer, and it is warmer, both of which make a big difference. Today I am celebrating puttering in the right direction and would like to continue on, so I am here.

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started." Mark Twain

WB e

Welcome back! To you and to the long-absent sunshine! :D

e! keep posting, we miss you!

There is a proper balance between not asking enough of oneself and asking or expecting too much.  - May Sarton

byGodsGrace todays CI

thanks for the starter chickadee - today is a gift and I am grateful - no circumstance can change who I am in God and I am determined to not be moved from my faith or my purpose - I can not think about things I can't control and focus on doing what is before me by the Grace of God!

Word and prayer for the day: Ephesians 6:13“Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand…and having done all, to stand. Stand!” 

Soundtrack of my day: Mercy Me, Third Day 

My WANT to do list:  (like your idea wolife! thanks)

Read Bible/Praydd school by 8.30a

call A, email dates, call c

job3 text pages proof, email

job6 proof –  LOGO DONE, FINISH TH

job5 ltrhd, email

MEET school, re: meeting

job1 &  job 2 continue tools: work in progress

TAKE THAT, you sorry RESISTANCE trying to keep me from working and succeeding - I'm taking a step anyway!

DONE! Complete list of every item to design, brief description, and # 

Next step: List any optional items or choices same way, finalize design ideas if pending

dd school 2:30p, post office

call k

call t

Clear email/inbox for day 

dd bday invitations - design - STARTED, FINISH TH

Looks good!

I see lots of crossed-off things. I like it!

Wolfie CI

Report on yesterday:

Goal 1: More progress than in the past 2 weeks combined! :grin:

Goal 2: Did not overeat, but did eat junk food. I found out I was in the grasp of Hungry-Angry-Lonely-Tired, next time I will have warning. :(

Goal 3: Bailed. I worked for 30min too long and had to ditch this goal to make my 4th goal. :(

Goal 4: Did everything I wanted to do. Next week I’ll include preparing for lecture into goal! :grin:

Goal 5: Lights off by one! Actually, I fell asleep like a light. :grin:

My “I want to do” list for today:

I WANT to prove to myself that I am a good person and above being petty at my ex
- therefore I choose to help him this morning although inconvenient to me.
Done. :grin:

I WANT to fulfill my team commitments and leave a good impression on a possible future client
- therefore I choose to not skip the early afternoon class. Done
. :grin:

I WANT to leave a good impression on my teacher who has a lot of connections that might be important to my career
- therefore I choose to walk the extra time to deliver that stupid envelope.
Done! Finally! :grin:

I WANT to graduate on time and be financially independent
- therefore I choose to have the practicum report ready to be signed by tomorrow at dawn.
Postponed because the deadline change was an April's Fool thing. SIGH. :rolleyes:

I WANT to graduate on time and be financially independent
- therefore I choose to have my big project online by tomorrow at dawn, even if incomplete.

out of my head

The more I focus on me and my life and husband and things I have no control over, the more unfocus I am.

So my first endevor is to get out of my head and out of the house.

Thanks for this site.

GeorgeSmiley 8:35 AM

1) Finish up E-M

2) Start to finish, M-4

3) Start to finish, M-W


The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

kromer 8:40 CI

Lots to do today, feeling a bit overwhelmed.

First of all, what do I absolutely, urgently have to get done today?
*Grocery shopping
*Email/call PJ about Harambee prep
*Send off resume for part-time tutoring job, request book
*Write checks for March
*Finish presentation on paper
*Go to class and Harambee

What very much needs to get done (but wouldn't be a total disaster if it didn't happen today)?
*Notes from yesterday's mtg w/ WG (halfway done)
*Call AG
*30 min brainstorming about WG's project
*5 slides of csb presentation

What would be very nice to get done (but can easily be postponed)?
*Schedule for rest of week
*30 min work on DP's project
*Deal w/ 100 emails
*Email to EYL

So, here's a reasonable plan to get started:
*Write checks
*Grocery shop
*Head to campus, when I get there deal w/ resume/tutoring stuff and contact PJ
*Finish presentation on paper

Heading to chatbox now. 

Update 11:25--just got to campus, going to spend 15 min on resume/tutoring stuff. 

Journey 8:25 argghhh

Good morning!   I've been to the gym and stopped by to check on dad, read email, and checked my calendar for the day.  

The arrgghh is for yesterday.   Yesterday was horrible!   I did NOT want to do any work and I drifted off course continually.   I did manage to "keep starting" and eke out a minimal amount of work, but it was like pulling teeth.   I left dishes in the sink and went to bed very early and slept like a rock.  Maybe I was just really tired?  Yeah, that sounds good, I think I'll go with that lol.

The good news is that today I feel really motivated.  The past few weeks when I was working so hard and taking care of mom and dad too, I started to think of myself as a hard worker.  I sort of like thinking of myself that way.  I want to be the hard worker today and then relax this evening feeling that I have done my best.  

Now off to make coffee and then make my reasonable, doable todo list for today.  See y'all in the chatbox. 


There is a proper balance between not asking enough of oneself and asking or expecting too much.  - May Sarton

ddesignboy first posting

Hi everyone! I just discovered this site and created this account. Please bear with me if I'm a bit slow on the rules and customs of this community. I'm excited to meet you all! I'm a law student in Chicago. 

For today:

- do Con Law incorporation readings 

- do Property law readings

- do Business Association readings

- pick up firewire cable and capture interview footage 


oops - see i've been here 6 wks and still figuring it out - posted reply and thought it was lost then did a new one and now i have 2! progress not perfection in action :-)


welcome ddesignboy

Congratulations on your first post, you will fit right in here and figure the site out quickly! There are lots of people here willing to help and encourage you! Best thing is to just jump right in as you have done!

Since we replied to your check in list you can just copy and make a new post here to be able to mark things as done - and if you are like most of us, we love to make lists and mark things off! :-)

Try out the chatbox too - it is a great way to help work thru the things you post on your daily check in list! Glad you are here

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.-Albert Einstein


Welcome ddesign!

There is a proper balance between not asking enough of oneself and asking or expecting too much.  - May Sarton

babarino check in

Task one

Numbered tasks today trying something new

Falcon CI Wed.

Hi pro buddies,

When I get to work, I've got a couple of MITs I need to do first.  Then I have about half a dozen little tasks I've been procrastinating on.  Today I want to just bang them all out - when I just do them, they'll go quickly.  I have some medium-sized tasks, plus a project I need to catch up on.

I'm going to email some of this CI to myself at work, so I'll remember what I want to do.


Falcon post-work CI

Hi pro amigos,

I did great today at work (if I do say so myself. Wink)  I did a lot of "swatting mosquitos" -- clearing off little pithering tasks that I'd been putting off.  And made good progress on some bigger projects.  It's nice to finally have my office more organized!


Falcon CI Wed. evening

This evening I need to:

  • Treat myself to some coffee 'cause I got my exercise done.  Smile
  • Eat dinner
  • Get list of things for tomorrow
  • Get directions for tomorrow
  • Gather stuff for tomorrow
  • Set out clothes for tomorrow
  • If time, run through some music


Chick CI-rescue the day

today i want to finish item a. it's mostly done but i tend to stall and delay over the very last phase.


Chickadee is trying to rescue a day that was not productive until the last 20 minutes... clarity focus, let go of perfectionism. I'll be checking back to keep on track. 

I want to finish item l before easter.

I am getting more in touch with 'wanting' my goals!

There are other smaller tasks... I'm not sure how much I want to do them, but i wil be glad to have done them.

Hope-Faith CI 6:50

Bood Morning All,

This morning I have unloaded the dishwasher, folded and washed a load of clothes and picked up the L/R.

Next on the list is to

  1. Check e-mail
  2. Get ready
  3. Kids up and ready

CI when I get to work.