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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Tuesday !
"There's no time to lose
I heard her say ...
Catch your dreams
before they slip away"

-- Ruby Tuesday by the Rolling Stones

CI do ti now


remeber to ask LA about AR

finish next form and reod nos. on 1040

Prep each class

talk to aR about WGO

that is 3 why am I still writing!!

Progress not Perfection 

Recycler CI 6:20pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Summary: I'm dealing with someone who has issues. [end rant]

On a more positive note: work went well. Before my days away I had gotten a lot done + written out a project list. So coming back today, I was able to go through emails etc, knowing the other projects were lined up for me, with no urgent tasks hijacking my first day back in the office.

I also went to the gym this morning, and did ab exercises and stretches.

I ate a salad for lunch = good behavior.

After work, I got a table from the rental condo. I got another light bulb and replaced it. I was hoping I could use/re-plant 2 [old] hanging baskets at my new place, but in moving them, I could tell they are not going to work. There is still some cleaning to do at the rental condo, so I will try again in the morning.

Despite concerns I have, overall today went well. HP really helped me. I hope to drive safely tonight on my way to do some errands and to a meeting of one of my other 12-step programs. I need HP & I need my programs.

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Recycler CI 9:50pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

I'm back from my meeting.

In addition to the other person having issues, I'm still having issues because of their issues! Anyway, I have done all I can for today, AND been assertive. TWICE. I've got to turn it over for today and try to sleep.

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Sounds productive

Wow! Sounds really productive. *hugs*

thanks, Wolfie! :)

Hi Wolfie!

Thanks for your kind words! Some days are better than others, aren't they!!!

Keep coming back! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

*hangs head in shame*

I have been a bad reformed procrastinator today.

Because I slept in. I did not eat a good breakfast, only juice. I have spent 3 hours online socializing. Now it's 1pm. Shame. Shaaaaaame... :-(

So here are MY goals:

I WANT to graduate on time and be financially independent - therefore I
choose to work on my most important and most overdue assignment.

I WANT to feel better, be more flexible, and feel good about myself - therefore I choose to not eat junk food today.

I WANT to leave a good impression on my teacher who has a lot of connections that might be important to my career - therefore I choose to walk the extra time to deliver that stupid envelope.

I WANT to feel the peace of actively becoming closer to God - therefore I choose to attend the church workshop tonight on time so that guilt does not distract me from that feeling. I choose to get ready and leave starting at 5pm.

I WANT to feel rested and good as I wake up tomorrow - therefore I choose to turn the lights off no later than 1am.

dont give up

Hi Wolfe,

Im not an expert but i've been and done that (or felt that) and a lot of times we focus soo much on what we want to do that sometimes its helpful to create limitation for ourselves, by conciously knowing what you shouldn't do. For me it was the same thing, almost everyaspect of my life seemed out of balance. Recently i've tried the following to help me get into a grove:

-sleep early like by 10pm so that i can wake up early, dont expect to be on top of things if you are sleep deprived ( this really worked well)

 -it may sting but leaveee the facebook, online social networking tool, and chatting with friends on phone ALONE!!!..including mass it for a specific time each day so you don't overdo it on a regular basis ( i like to save this time during when i watch tv so that i can in a sence kill a bird with 2 stones and i wont exceed my time contraints because the show/movie will change)


-if u want to also excercise up with a dependable(non-procrastinating friend) and set up weekly gym vists, this way you'll be meeting a friend(socializing) and be excercising....talking will help with


-and a general tip frommy own experiences is, realxxx, even if u get just one or 2 items of your list of to do's great!...dont expect perfection all the time, be reasonable with you self, or self when your are not able to complete them you feel even more discouraged and less inclined to get off your butt..


okay i hope this all helps:)

-good luck:) 

Panic, list, prioritize, relax, cull...

I am trying to stay away from words like "should". By focusing on why I actually do honestly want to do the things I should do in my life I am reclaiming my goals as mine, so I am aware that by following through on these things I should do I AM asserting my will, not caving in to the will of others. This turns out to be strangely important to me getting things done.

I definitely had to chillax and cut out gazillions of things out of my "I want to do" list. I had like 20 for today, and I culled them down to a handful. It helped TONS that I had already made a prioritized list of baby steps a couple of days ago. Hey, if I'm done with today's I can always do one more.:grin:

I agree with you that going to bed early is super helpful when you manage it. For me 1am is very early actually. :-D

Thankfully I don't have Tv or Radio to suck up my time into the void. Now if I can just resist the compulsion to post just one more comment on LiveJournal or Facebook maybe I'd get things done faster. I'm not structured enough to restrict myself to social mediaing only once a day although it's a good idea, but if I can get in and out faster... *sigh* I'll worry about that another day.

Not eating junk food will be a huge help in my life. Sure, exercise is healthy and what not. It's not my goal. Maybe in the fall. Maybe next year. It is worthwhile, but I refuse to bite more than I can chew. It goes with the whole chillaxing and culling the list.

Thanks for the ideas, I'll keep them on file for when I take on those battles.


Go, wolfie!

Good for you, wolfie!

I like how you're framing things in terms of what you really want, deciding on your priorities, and taking small, doable steps.  And congrats on picking yourself up from the panic state; that's an accomplishment!


We all panic when we start?

I hope that is the biggest backlog I ever have. Right when I joined here it hit me like a ton of bricks: that is a lot of dominoes lined up waiting for me to make the wrong choice! So I'm plucking away one dominoe at a time.

Thanks for your encouragement. :-)

well i know how facebook and

well i know how facebook and oher sites are addicitve..but what your'e saying is oh i know it's bad but i just can't are you ever gonna ride of your procrastination habit if you keep saying things like doing much better these days because i don't just think and discuss about how to get better but i put it into action... i may sound harsh but i think you should hear i from someone... you may be able to lie to others and get away with it but if you lie to yourself you will always experience the not saying that your a lier just that be completely honest with yourself...if you knwo you shouldnt go on facebook 10times a day then don't


-hope all works well with you


I tried to be nice about it

But now I'm going to have to be a little more blunt:

Your priorities? Are not mine. Your goals? Are not mine. Your way? Is not mine. I will do what I choose to do in my own time. I do have basic logic skills and understand that my choices have consequences. I did not get into this addiction in one day, and I flatly refuse to set myself up for failure by attempting to dig myself out in one day.

Thanks for caring enough to speak up, but I don't think you and I have compatible communication styles.


stressed today, spent too long in a small waiting room with the kids.  Both kids because snow day today.  Went grocery shopping, came home to dirty house, and more stress - feeling pressured to clean kitchen, and guilt for surfing the web.  I need to get off this thing, it is so hard to do.  I think a visit to the chat room is in order....

Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe

rec check-in

Well, I made it in early today, but have not a lot to show for it yet. Too much net-surfing this AM (ARGGH - why is that so easy to do???) Need to get down to real work. To DO:

Review LC drafts, send out.
E-mail FL as follow-up
E-mail TW as follow-up
Call TR re docs needed
Call GB re docs
Calls re PT (one made, make second call)
Take doc to HP
Pick up C

Thanks for all the encouraging words on this site. I have not been on for a few days and have missed it!


Ag ci 11am

What a fun forum today! :-) Now that I've gotten approval on my first draft, I want to complete the rest of the resume revisions for the SoC by 1 pm, then break for lunch, then write the final SoC. I have a massage therapy appt at 6 and a meeting at 7 (I'll have to be late again - sigh - some people in that meeting express their opinion about me being late, which I hate...grrr!....BUT...I can choose up front to accept that and go anyway, because I want to!). Also I want to get a couple more AP calls under my belt today.

I notice some people here report being more productive when they reframe things as wants instead of MUTs or even MITs...trying that today.

Ag 1:15 check-in

I am procrastinating...have done nothing but check emails and surf 'net since the above check-in. Now it's lunchtime...God, please help me!

I admit I am powerless over compulsive procrastination and my life has become unmanageable. I have come to believe that a Power greater than myself can restore me to sanity. I make a decision to turn my will and my life (my thinking and my actions) over the CARE of God as I understand God.

God, please grant me serenity to accept the things I cannot change (me being addicted, the world, Time), courage to change the things I can (what I say, what thoughts I rent space to in my head, and the next action I take), and wisdom to know the difference (can't change the past, what is, or other people; can change my attitude, my words, and moving my muscles).

Going to make and eat a healthy lunch next. (Thank you God).

kromer 10:10 AM CI

Got some sleep last night (made up for the previous night on the airport floor...)

I've got an awful lot to do today, but I'm just going to work steadily and see how much I can get done

Scheduled: class, mtg, maybe square dancing

*Finish budgeting
*Email B and PJ
*Prep 2 papers for mtg w/ WG
*Notes from mtg w/ WG
*Finish reading paper+skim review
*Make ppt pres on paper

Other tasks:
*Figure out how to look for motif conservation
*Clean kitchen
*Go over midterm
*Start pres. for csb class
*Finish looking for uORFs

OK, going to work on budgeting for 10 min and then pack up for class. 

Update 1:30--worked on budgeting, went to class, skimmed 1/2 of review, had lunch with friends, now I'm going to prep papers for 2:30 mtg w/ WG. 

kromer 4:15 CI

OK, meeting w/ WG was really really long and exhausting and somewhat unproductive and now I'm feeling completely fried.

I would really like to go to square dancing this evening (I've been feeling sort of down b/c 2 good friends of mine just moved 3000 miles away...), which requires focus now. I think what I'll do is get out of lab and go somewhere else to work...I'll head to the student center, and work on reading+ppt there. 

kromer 11:35 CI

OK, not the best day, but I read most of paper, made most of ppt, made progress on the kitchen and went to square dancing.

It's almost time for bed, but first I'm going to email B and P, write some checks to finish up the budgeting, finish reading paper, and microburst presentation for csb. Should be able to get this all done in 30 min. Heading to chatbox. 

It's the right direction that counts?

You said it wasn't the best day but it did sound pretty good. You made time to take care of yourself and you moved your goals in the right direction. I'm kinda impressed.

GeorgeSmiley 8:25 AM

Good morning, everyone...

Another day in which I want to focus on doing something about as many items as possible on my list.

I'll be out for at least tomorrow morning, perhaps most of the day, so anything I don't get done today will have to be pushed off to Thursday.


So I MUST finish 3 different projects today: 

Project M-W

Project M-4

Project E-M

 Update 10 PM

Almost finished E-M

No progress on M-W or M-4, but I won't be out tomorrow after all so I'll finish them then.




The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

Journey 9 am

Good morning!  I'm working from home today.   I've been to the gym and the grocery store and stopped by to check on Dad.  

First thing up is to make a phone call about a financial matter, then I'll see you guys in the chat box.


There is a proper balance between not asking enough of oneself and asking or expecting too much.  - May Sarton

Isn't Old MacDonald in the hymn book?

That sounds like waaayyyy too much fun lol. 

oops - this was supposed to be a reply to bGG but you probably figured that out lol.


There is a proper balance between not asking enough of oneself and asking or expecting too much.  - May Sarton


One of my great spiritual mentors pointed out that there are no grown-ups in Heaven - so I'm thinking Old McDonald is probably one of God's favorite songs! :-)

LOL Journey!

Yeppers! I really needed to laugh this morning :D

Yes I think it is from the "if your happy and you know it hymn book" page 5! lol

Sadly it was rained out today so just me eating my sack lunch at the laptop! Another day on the work farm :-)

beecharmer4 to dos

Finish lesson plans for the week.

Submit receipts for reimbursement.

Write email getting permission to buy playdough.

Call naturo path and schedule Thursday apt.

Print out paperwork for airline tickets reimbursement. 

Call Dad and tell him ATM card is cancelled.

Call MEdicaid lady to ensure she got info. she needed regarding parental units bank statements. 

Meditate!!! Even if only for 5! 

Have a good day everyone!! 

Falcon CI Tues.

Hi pro buddies,

I'm inspired by everyone here working toward their dreams!

My dream for today is to switch from being bored & dozy & avoidant at work, to being engaged & interested.

Goal for today: do next actions on ALL my projects except for printer project in the morning, do Project O and credenza stuff in the afternoon.  Or the other way around.  This could change if I can start training M today.

Have a great day, everyone!


Falcon CI Tues.

Hi pro buddies,

It's been really helpful to check in here before work, even if I don't do the things I originally planned (I don't check in here during the work day, so I don't always remember what was on my list here!) 

Just the mindfulness and setting some good intentions has been helping me stay more focused.  My office is organized for the first time since last summer!

It really helped today to think in terms of being interested rather than bored at work! 


Mansah - morning + past midnight

Wow, things for the brilliant starter (also I am dazzled)!

I do want to live my dreams not forget them in the midst of wasting time or in dreaming up new dreams.


I didn't come on yesterday because despite a very promising start - got up early, had breakfast and finally did my dishes, I somehow made myself believe it was okay to watch one episode of a series then and suddenly it was late afternoon and I had to hurry out the door to meet a friend... Why?


But anyway, I won't dwell on what I have not done but focus on today:

Tomorrow is a new day - with no mistakes in ~Anne of Green Gables

I cantry to keep it that way:D


For today:

PA check in

Urgent: Call travel agent

Important: Battery -looked for it everywhere, but couldn't find it, knee thingy

Write letter M + send

Write letter N&S + send - they wouldn't let me send it, have to repack it, baah!

Write mails: B, P

Knee exercises: morning, midday, evening

Important: Transfer m

Urgent: Pack

Meet up w A

Take laundry in

Do not buy anything needlessly


Whew, a lot of tasks but I hope I will actually do them for once for no other reason that I can't do any of them tomorrow or for three weeks after that.


I got started very late on most of my tasks, baaah... and I missed out going to the park. But still, for once I really tried doing most of the tasks  which is something at least, so I am not altogether negative.



Though this be madness, yet there is method in't ~ Polonius (Hamlet)

chick using dreams for motivation

Thanks for the great starter!

Yesterday I finally started my notebooks, though not yet backward planning. I wrote out things by category according to wishes and dreams I hope for, and the steps on the way. just short lists, clear categories.

Today: I will start with an important thing. Take a break for a short time each hour doing small other chores.


'You cannot find happiness by searching for is by being fully involved... that we find [it]...the best moments usually occur when a person's body or mind is a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile...such experiences are not necessarily pleasant when they occur' -M. Csikszentamihalyi

'Happiness lies ... in the thrill of creative effort'  -FDR

beecharmer4 to chickadee love your happiness quotes!

I love your happiness quotes!

I've been reading about and pursuing happiness aggressively since early 2007...tell me about the notebook?  Is there an article on the site that talks about starting one?  One thing I successfully do is write gratitudes on a few times a week basis...used to do it daily...towards increasing happiness and decreasing depression.  



Movingalong catches dreams

Hello all !

Today's theme (Lyrics from Ruby Tuesday) speaks to me because of my new yearning to "catch my dreams" and no longer procrastinate on them. I don't want to lose time. I choose to live life more fully.

This will involve commitment.

-- movingalong

byGodsGrace todays CI

Will really miss you guys in chat today!

Today I will I was supposed to be gone all morning & afternoon on a 2 hr school bus trip to a farm – but we got there and it was a rain delay... so rescheduled for another day now... Frown 

SO! Now i have to change my mindset totally and get to work - a big danger zone because I had already let myself off the hook for the day -and I have a really stressful financial situation I have let happen with a friend, trusted too much and today it has the potential to be really bad for me and I can't do anything about it in the natural- truly a faith stretching day, again. 

tx for reminder chickadee... it brought this word to mind:

1 Peter 5:7 "Turn all your anxiety over to God because he cares for you." I will rely on this today.

Word and prayer for the day: Psalm 28:7

The LORD is my strength and my shield. My heart trusted him, so I received help. My heart is triumphant; I give thanks to him with my song. 

Soundtrack of my day: old macdonald  Wink

LOL!  Just read how that sounds,all together, Not THATsong!Or maybe I do give thanks with that song, by enjoying the day and having faith that He is in control of the things I can't control and He has a plan for a hope and a future for me! 

My to do list: 

Read Bible/Pray - call k

dd school by 8.10, FIELD TRIP – EIEIO!  RAIN DELAY!

job1 &  job 2 supply cost list - continued

job2 order summary  invoice

email job3 2 proofs  AND! i evencharged for extra work they wanted done,when i would have done for free before :-) Turns out they may just do work themselves now that i am charging... hehe!

call cw

+ email a dates

+ call prospective july client

pray and deal with house issue

dd appt 5.15p

Clear email/inbox for day 

bGG tooling the tasks, deep breath

Agnus ;-) you inspired me in chat the other day - as you were "tooling your tasks" 

I have done in part for tasks - but going to do them all and get these things DONE!!

SO HERE GOES - I have no idea how long this will take to complete for 2, a lot of items on each invoice... one is due Friday, other past due - but I am starting and will finish bgg :-)

I know it is long - I gave this 20 min to plan - but whats 20 min compared to the weeks i have spent avoiding!!  NOW I HAVE A PLAN,AM ACCOUNTABLE TO DO THIS

TASKS: job1 & 2 supply cost list, job1 & 2 order summary, invoice

1.Break it down into small tasks

Complete list of every item to design, brief description, and #  (almost done for job1)

only have small pockets of tme until tomorrow, so trying a little at atime instead of waiting for big amount of time)

List any optional items or choices same way

Finalize design ideas if pending

Make list of every supply to order include assembly needs and shipping

Total those costs

Compare to past rates and decide on fair charge to cover costs and make profit (remembering bills due)

Type the items into invoice and itemize totals       

pray, email               

2.Visualization – ok  this is helping and i commit for each step to do it

3. Ask myself why –  

perfectionism  (committing price means I am committing to design in many cases and no room to keep perfecting or changing – also want invoice to be perfect price, etc.

fear – boundary issues – I don’t charge enough and regret later and then often too late or worked so hard only to realize I didn’t make enough for  bills or I didn’t factor things in – like not having enough money to order what I need and having to rush ship it later ETC

self-worth: habit of doing things for free – which is good tobe a blessing – but God says a worker is worthy of their hire, so there is a time to reap and a sow – I am due for some reaping and the only thing holding me back is ME!

A client sent me this – can you believe and I STILL avoid it- oh the agony! "P.S. If its not a problem can i get the total of everything so I can write one big check please! :-)  "  

4. Long term consequences

3-4Revised: step 3 not  as helpful right now because it is just reminding me of what is still so wrong in me –  makes me want to avoid and step 4 not helping me either, makes me want to run and hide not face this - so I am adding my own step 3/4 instead.  Not saying these won’t work for others or aren’t good – just not helping me right now.  

Also, I know this isn’t everyone’s path for recovery, its just the only thing that has ever worked for me – when I work it – so I am sharing it as part of my list because this is not advice for anyone just a record of the plan I have made:  

I will stand on the word of God- He tells me I can do all things and that if I just ask He will give me strength where I am weak. He tells me to do my best and put the rest in His hands, to commit to do my part and trust him with the outcome and how it is received. Amen! I am going to keep music or the word in my ears so my focus doesn’t return to my own weakness – whatever I magnify gets bigger – so I choose to magnify him and not myself.

I like fighting songs for tasks that are hard: starting with this one

 5.  Avoid time binging  - yes a big one – I commit to using timer every 10 min – I would go longer but see the temptation to drift to other tasks just in trying to stick to this task – so 10 min for awareness                

 6. Using small blocks of time – ewww, another big one! I have 1 hour before school pick up and it would be so easy to say well I cant start not enough time – but here I am 1 week past the deadline I gave myself on each invoice and 5 days before I must pay rent and the time will never be perfect enough for me.  SO by breaking into smaller tasks and doing what I can when I can that makes it better.                

7. Perfectionism – oh that’s a flesh burner!! (as joyce meyer likes to say!)

BUT, nevertheless! I commit to not getting caught up in formatting or fonts or little details on supplies – but to be aware and admit when I am being perfectionistic – I will put it to the side and come back to it and the end if there is time or if I even feel that it matters by then (which it likely won’t!!)

8. keep a time log – I am doing that by making this list and committing to chat and Ci as I go

9. develop routines – I have done well with this since starting at PA so I can see how that is helpful here in my working on this task. Routine tasks must continue for day, but they don’t have to mean I can’t work this routine/plan made here.

10. Bookend tasks and time – great help, I have done this often and can see even more that it is essential here as I work through this task. Stay connected and accountable – pray and chat thru when I get stuck