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Monday March 9 2009




All I have seen teaches me

to trust the Creator for all

I have not seen.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Happy Monday All

Sammy ci :: 10:30 pm

Hello, PA friends,

I'm making it a goal to check in here more often. At least once a day, maybe. My school schedule this semester is more laid back than last semester, so I somehow tricked myself into thinking I don't need to be here as often. WRONG! I'm falling behind in my Adobe Flash class....

Flash is a big challenge for me...I just can't seem to get a grasp on it. Its not even that I don't know how to do just takes me a LONG time to get the results I want. It doesn't come naturally to me, like most other computer programs do. Its frustrating for me to have such a difficult time with Flash when InDesign, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc, come so easily to me! Then I get discouraged, and put off Flash homework because of the frustration I know it will bring! Ugh!

I really enjoy web design, but if I can't get my head around Flash, my web-designing future isn't looking too bright!

I'm listening to a CD that never fails to amaze me...EVERY time I listen I am in awe. Its called "Moody Bluegrass." I reccommend it to any of you who are fans of the band Moody Blues, and any Bluegrass fans. Its even better if you're a fan of both, like me! 

Today I am thankful for those who use the gifts God has given them to make the world a more beautiful place....artists, musicians, teachers, writers, etc. Father, I pray that You would help me to discover my gifts and use them to bring You glory.

flash animaiton

i probably dont kno what i'm talking about, but i have noticed that animation, in general, is a very large undertaking. There seems to be a lot of material to control in a realistic and/or fun way. My kids do pivot, which greatly simplifies the process, but the step to flash seems large. It's so free form. It seems to require much more of the creative brain, which might be a different way of thinking than the other skills, altho a lot of web design is creative.

anyway, i'm sure you'll get it eventually--keep working at it and realize that your pcras will make you want to avoid it, but that's the opposite of what you want. Esp in terms of finding and developing those gifts god has given u.

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb


Well, after 6+ hours of intense (and un-distracted) work, I finished a 30-second animation. lol. Nothing too fancy or detailed, but a cute little story about pac-man. I am sure there are things i didn't do the right way, but I'm glad to have finally finished the project!

 I do, however, think I am getting a better hold on Flash. 

 Today I am thankful for the maturity and leadership I am beginning to see in one of the kids on my puppet team. He is in 8th grade, and really becoming a great role model for the rest of the team. His patience and humility is inspiring to me. I pray that he would be someone I can stay in touch with for years to come.

Recycler CI 9:35pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

I ended up working a little late tonight. Probably going to the gym to work out some frustration would have been good, but I needed to do soem things. I just got back from a meeting + talking with my sponsor afterward. Today had a number of challenging moments.

Tomorrow I want to get up on time, go to the gym, and have my workout to release some of the frustration. Some days are better than others. Some weeks are better than others.

OK, now I've done my CI. I need to spend a little time with HP. Serenity Prayer time!

Have a great night! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

isabo ci 440pm

Today I rebooted the laundry and ran the dishwasher.  Had a meeting with ds's teacher, and decided what was supper.  It was sunny and warm for the afternoon.  I was sleeping this morning.  I ate a mashed avocado with crispbread, had a green tea. I also had a chocolate bar, 5 cookies and three timbits. 

Keep moving forward was the saying of a character in a kids movie I (re)watched this weekend.  I like that. 

Keep moving forward....keep moving.  I can do it, I am enough. 

Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe

CL down 4 teeth, and mantra day 6

i used my mantra during the procedure, and sang to myself, "it is well with my soul." That worked beautifully.

but i can still procrastinate.

time to get back to work.

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

being well enough to

being well enough to procrastinate--or even work!--after that sounds pretty good!

tiptree ci

to do:

- clean up ads and submit for review
- pod for module
- promotion code in main
- inst munge tested in mvc
- pix. library tested

Falcon CI Monday a.m.

Hi pro buddies,

I'm taking today off, and may be stuck at home for most of the day because I'm waiting for a telephone service person to come check my internet connection.  (One of those things where they expect you to be home, but won't give you an arrival time more specific than "between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m."  Hmph!)

I'm going to eat some breakfast, then set some priorities for the day.


O.k., here are the priorities for today:


  • email G at cleaning service done
  • tidy up partly done


  • email M done
  • email P done
  • email OD done
  • email M2 done


  • Start writing out feelings about T got a start on this

Update: The internet connection guy has come and gone, so now I can go to the bank.  done

Falcon Monday bedtime

I'm totally procrastinating on going to bed, which is a silly thing to do.

Next up:

  • Take supplements
  • Brush teeth
  • Check alarm clock
  • Put on pjs
  • Go to bed, for pete's sake

Maybe I'll take a book with me and read for a few minutes once I'm tucked in, to give myself an incentive.



Yes...I do this same thing! and it hurts me in the mornings, when i am sleepy and don't want to get up!

e c/i monday

A groggy day so far, and I am not in the best of moods. I did manage to get up and get out the door to take my son to school and got myself to physical therapy despite the snow I had not anticipated. I also have eaten breakfast, and finished up all the dishes. The recycling is in bags. I took the trash barrels in, but left the recycling bins behind, because I was cold, wet, and was worried about slipping. Not my best, because lately I have become more willing to do. I think the time change has me jetlagged, but I am a bit more hopeful this morning, although what I would really enjoy doing is going back to bed.

There is lots of laundry to do, the fs application I keep doing and not sending in. An apologetic letter is in order, and a final draft of my resume for a job that I don't really want. I am in ostrich mode and so I will ask for help from HP today to do the next right thing.

"It's not about perfect results, it is about getting ANY results." - Constance

Sam- 10:00 am




eat breakfast 

11:30   go to the gym.  could not

instead attending a meeting. 12:00-13:00

13:00 shower and get ready.

13:30   eat lunch

14:00  get ready for work

14:30 leave the house

 18:15 back home

18:15-18:45 relaxing, coffee, checking emails

19:00-21:00 Ironing clothes. ( have been putting that off for over a month)

                    do downloads/watch a movie too.


did not go to the gym or attend meeting!

late for lunch too. need to break teh denail that i am a Procra. should have checked into the chat box.... will from tommorow. off to the office now.

18:46 back from the office. turns out that I wasnt booked for today! first I was almost late then realize that i wasnt booked for today. so ended up doing only 3 hrs. today has been a difficult day. did not go to the gym, which is important to me. why do I keep avoiding that.? i guess becasue i stay up late at night. i need to strictly enforce my deadline of finishing all work by 8:30 pm and switch the PC off by 10 pm under all circimstances.



Glad to see another Sam here. :-)

I get frustrated with myself for staying up too late, as well. It makes mornings much more difficult! 

10pm check in

I need to do work for project on Thursday and one on friday.will make more detailed list later. Read info Jd sent (done) Read rest of info for Fri project(done) Follow up location (done) Follow up docs

Good night!

journey 9:45 gridlocked traffic

Ah, traffic sucks.   I was able to get off the expressway and take the surface streets into town but still was quite late.   The parking lot is pretty empty so I guess I'm not the only one!

Getting a late start, but doing my morning routine now.  I have toastmasters today and I'm totally not in the mood but oh well.

Back in a few with my todo list for the day.  I shall be in the chatbox!


For the good that I want, I do not do, but I practice the very evil that I do not want - Romans 7:19

Hope-Faith CI 9:40

Home today with son we are both sick, him more so than me. I would have gone to work despite the fact that I have a chest cold, but son need to stay home so it works for me. Hoping today will give me the edge that I need to get caught up. I will work with posting a sch. with times. Again I fear this type of demand but it has helped me the last two days. I just have to keep in mind that the times that I set are flexable within a 10 to 15 min range and then I will not feel as if I have failed when I get behind. so here goes, starting with task left over from yesterday.

Master List

  1. 10:00-10:25 Load Dishwasher   Prepare for Supper Done
  2. 10:30-11:30 Check e-mails, Done 
  3. 11:00-12:00 Work on van decluttered front
  4. 12:00 Lunch done
  5. 12:30-1:00 adjustment. Son wants me to sit down and watch Star Wars New Hope. I can fold clothes and organize papers while we do this.
  6. 1:00-2:00 Clean out van,
  7. Lesson Plans
  8. Paint sample board
  9. Taxes 20 min
  10. Put pics on portable Hdrive



kromer 8:55 CI

OK, today is focused on a MUT...I have a paper to finish, and about 4.5 hours (today and tomorrow) to work on it. This is doable, but I definitely need to focus to get it done.

Today I also have to go to stats class+lab. Then, I'm going to take most of the evening off.

Right now, I'm going to try and make a figure on effects of sigma and NN, and (if time) to make a figure on concentric clusters. 

GeorgeSmiley 6:20 AM + updates

Several big items to finish TODAY before 3 p.m., then my part-time job.

A bit of good news: Project Y [the youth class Mrs. GS and I helped teach] has finished for the year! It's been a tough run, w/ rowdy middle-schoolers and some less-than-supportive parents, but also some very, very supportive parents and very helpful co-instructors besides ourselves. But we're so glad to be finished!

Today's MITs:

#1) Project T-T
  10:35 AM -- DONE!

#2) Projet T-G  4:45 PM -- DONE!

#3) very late Project M-3



The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

ByGodsGrace todays CI

2 days to finish and mail these… I can do all things!

Word and prayer for the day: Psalm 16:7-8 (NIV)

“I will praise the LORD, who counsels me; even at night my heart instructs me. I have set the LORD always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.”

As I seek You in this uncomfortable place, help me to not exit, but keep my eyes on You and face it with Your grace and power. Help me to lean on and be confident in You.

Music today: Third Day, Nicole C. Mullens 

My to do list: 

Job1 tasks

Read Bible/Pray

Daily CI


Pack up printer - started working !  Nevermind, exchanged anyway

dd school 8:30a keeping home 1 more day to feel better

bank deposit - forgot!

JOB1 Deadline 3/10 – mini deadlines

     Print envelopes

     Install printer - 2nd printer

     Print remaining pages       ( in progress)                

      Cut/Tie R x 150                in progress

     Assemble layers (monogram 200, text 300, enclosure 250)               

     Embellishment x 700               

     Wrap x 350 

If done, Printer/cuts

dd appt 4p - reschedule


Email Job3 invoice (and schedule)

Return client emails as needed

cup of tea

Here a monday morning cuppa for all pro-buddies--and especially those working early now! Thanks for being here. :)

Chick CI=a good day!


Today  got an early start, worked well, did some hard or scary deferred tasks, recognized and valued my effort, did some routine household stuff, cooked healthy simple food, had focussed and renewing time off. I made it a good day and I can make more days like this. 

today: remember small steps, don't turn away from the things that are hard. fit other tasks into scraps of time.

Acknowledge progress and give myself credit

small task

c m

scary task, other task

tidying filing dishwash laundry

Now I need and want to do more tasks, the list could be  very long, but I can only do them one at a time. So I am going to start on a paper pile and make a visible difference.

YAY! Cool

I've benefitted so much from others' saying, observations and mantras that I'm pasting in Isabo's below--thanks, Isabo :)

I can do it....I am enough.

Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe


I am pissed off that my last

I am pissed off that my last hairstylist could not get it right.  I did not want an A-line haircut.  Now I gotta wait like three months for my hair to grow out enough to undo the A-line and then I got to put up with the annoying length of hair, where it's not quite short and not quite long.


I was recently dealing with fantasy, and wanted to get it off my chest.  I went into a channel for another 12 step program, and the person there castrated me for totally irrelevent reasons.  He was upset that i had left the room, and had not said hello upon joining again.  I felt sort of hurt that he was castrating me at the moment when I was pouring my heart out and sharing about my addiction.  It just felt horribly off-topic. And here I was trying to get help so that I wouldn't obsess and would feel focused enough to get stuff done.  I don't want to scape goat people like that, but what am I going to do, not sign in to that other 12 step channel and *not* talk to anyone?  Do I even tell these people that they are out of line.  These questions circulate me.  Of course I left shortl thereafter, but I felt bad about staying for even so much as two minutes and continuing to discuss my issue, his objections notwithstanding.  

The other thing I need to get off my chest here is that I hate what is happening. I feel like I need some free time, so that I could just work, but then I acknowledge the tool of the program here: make use of small blocks of time.  

Anyways I'm still pretty pissed off about this hairstyle.  It's still A-line-ish, and that's not what I wanted.  I feel so confused and angry that i could not even communicate properly to the hairdresser what I wanted, and then felt like I just had to take whatever she shovelled out to me.  Her first interpretation of what I wanted was not that   great either.  I don't like what she did.  The next time I'm in SB, I need to get a trim done by a "professional."  There is nothing I can do about my hair right now, but it's bugging me.  It is now time to assess the most important things to do for me.  I am going into the last two weeks of the term, and I am willing to adopt maybe some parameters for how I am going to operate on this site, and how I am going to make use of my time during this time, maybe set some ground rules, etc.

Everything considered, I'm feeling kind of suicidal, but the people at 1800-suicide are of no help to me.  They don't want to help anyone unless they're right at the point of popping the 20th pill. I've called them dozens of times.  This whole circumstance of my life is bugging me.  My life is totally and completely disturbing at every corner.  Well, there are many aspects I appreciate, but there are a lot of things that are making me feel suicidal and freaked out right now.  I feel like I can't take this.  I feel like I need a solid break so that I can work and I do not even know how to tell my boss this, so that I can catch up with school work.  Working 40 hours a week + annoying roommate, who wants to watch tv all the time or not even tell me when she's doing it and invite annoying friends + attending several twelve step programs + school + crazy irresponsible mother, who expects me to pay both her and my fees for the car club + chiropractor I'm seeing right now who cannot adjust + codependent boss, who expects much of me, though I'm new on the job and my mentor just got his contract terminated + inability to find a therapist who is willing to work with me, b/c of the timing + anxiety about posting things publicly here, which takes me back to unfortunate times when I blogged = not the "less is more" lifestyle

Whenever I see a Ralph Waldo Emerson quotation, I am reminded that his best friend, Henry Thoreau was in love with his wife.  And I worry that I will end up like that-  in love with someone who is unavailable, and will virtually avoid getting involved in an earnest relationship.  On the flip side, I am concerned that I fear I've been repulsive to those people I have loved.   I want to keep my distance and be respectful, but there are times when i'm not supposed to be distant, and those circumstances, have made me feel I've missed my chance.  But that's the fantasy of the thing: it's never too late for second chances, especially where love is concerned, and especially where love is concerned, timing is essential.  I mean-- I will have to have my ducks in a row, which is exactly why my recovery in this program is essential to my recovery in my other program.  Only I don't want to get caught up in being perfect for someone else, I want to be caught up in enjoying my life and doing what I need for myself, and eventually if I want to share my reality with someone else I will.  

Take care of yourself!

Fudo-Shin, take care of yourself!

Keep coming back!



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Bad haircuts

Hi fudo_shin,

Oooh, I hate getting a bad haircut!  It always makes me feel so helpless, since there's nothing to do but wait for it to grow out.  Sounds like you are under a lot of stress right now, and I can imagine that being stuck with a crummy haircut would feel like the last straw!

I'm concerned that you're having suicidal feelings.  Since you're not finding the hotline helpful, I hope your search for a therapist is successful and you find someone you're comfortable working with. . . you deserve to have connection & support.

Hang in there, & I hope you will keep checking in,


I was seeing someone regular

I was seeing someone regular twice a month, but in this post I was going on about it, b/c I had checked into another office that would supposedly see me more frequently.  However, no one materialized.

Still been seeing the same

Still been seeing the same person until just now. 

fudo_shin hairstyle and Emerson

I completely sympathize with the bad haircut experience, but I am much encouraged that you write this: 'I want to be caught up in enjoying my life and doing what I need for myself'

Hang in there!

I so did not know that fact about emerson and thoreau.  Must google.  Setting a timer for 5 minutes to look that up lol!


For the good that I want, I do not do, but I practice the very evil that I do not want - Romans 7:19

less is more

As a virgo, I am always worrying about this that and the other thing. I
constantly worry about things that are not even going to happen.  In
program, I've learned how to take one day at a time, and at times, one
hour at at time, and at times, one minute at a time.  The only thing I
can do, is be here now and do what I can with what I have right now. 
The times in my life when I have been successful are those when I've
focused in on one priority only and have lived up to that
satisfaction.  Mastering many priorities, simply means I've learned to
prioritize different things at different times.  Part of overcoming
procrastination is learning what not to do, as much as it is learning
what to do. It's hard to see the end of the tunnel, when I cannot see
the light, but every little step counts, just sometimes it helps if I
start out walking the right direction.  Sometimes I can't do that, so I
have to just start walking so that I can find my way.
And remember when it comes to planning requirements for myself...

Less is more.

Isabo Weekly List

My past week was good.  I do need to remember babysteps.  And that I need to be aware of what I need to survive at all times.  Only I can change me.  Only I can do it for me. 

I can do it....I am enough.

Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe