Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Friday 6 February 2006

wisdom serenity courage   small drops fill a bucket. I can give myself credit for small steps.....the next right thing

Agnus ci 2:15pm

Lots to relate to here today...staying up too late, getting a late start, not finding needed items to get started - whew. All me too's.  I did get 8 hours last night, but it will take a few more of those to make up the deficit from Wedneday's work-binge. I am asking my Higher Power for the grace to take my nutritional support today, and to be as generous and authentic with myself as I want to believe I am with others.

I did get the billing sent and reports written, but now am 2 days' late turning in expenses and my timecard. That and lunch are next.

Also still hanging as unfulfilled to-do's: banking, return 5 phone calls, 3 more AP/20 calls, find a new phone/pda/calling plan (hate that stuff!), team call 4pm, call sponsee about meeting tonight.  Also need to update Mom's webpage and email the url to familoy and friends.  Off to chat - blessings, y'all!

Agnus ponders defeat at 10:10pm

Unbelievably I am still working on my timecard. I do not keep good daily records, and I suffer from perfectionism, twin demons that about kill me. My own logs indicate I hardly worked at all.  Yet I know I did much more, and I have Outlook Journal to prove it.  So then I am stuck poring through Journal entries trying to cume minutes into billable hours, sort them into 7 billing categories, and create a timecard that meets my perfectionistic standards for honesty and integrity - aaargh! 

Normies would say, "Why don't you just keep daily logs, silly?" Which is why I'm here in Procrastinators Anonymous, and they are not!  My PA friends tell me not to be so hard on myself, to take it a little at a time, and to celebrate my successes.

So: I can celebrate that I did not spiral into major procrastination despite this anxiety. I can be proud that I listened to Mom share her feelings about dying, instead of trying to fix her or escape into work. I can laugh about giving up my S-corp because I hated the accounting, only to find myself in an employee situation with even more daunting paperwork!  And I am so grateful for a Higher Power who cares about me.

Keep moving...


You are amazing, Agnus, to have the strength to listen to your Mother.  We here are your strength to talk about your feelings of her dying.  Please indulge us  :(( ... :)


hugs (((((AG)))))

"It is never too late to be what you might have been."
- George Eliot

tiptree 12:45 PM CI

to do:

-- clock 7 hours clearing out bug items
-- sh/sh
-- clean 1/2 hr
-- practice g.
-- review bz
-- read 25 pp js book
-- read 25 pp. CK
-- pay bills

isabo 129pm


note to self - shopping in the morning makes me tired and grumpy, I don't want to do anything after that & - sitting in the ultra comfy chair drags my self will down, down, through the bottom of the chair and anchors me.

It's already 130 I have to p/u ds in .5 hr.  Back home at 230.  Need to make beds, gather laundry, start laundry, gather up financial things to organize, then pay bills.  Need to unload dishwasher, check dishes to make sure all clean, load dishwasher adn see what kinds of sounds it makes this time around.  Need to portion out gr.beef from yesterday, and peel potatoes for supper.  Need to vacuum kitchen and stairs down - dog hair is multiplying again. Just looked at kitchen, need to put away purchases from this morning.  I am feeling just a tad chilly, I should probably check the fire.  Supposed to start Valentine crafts with kids - I realize that I mentioned this to the kids too quickly, as there is alot of pre work to be done before they can go at it.  They are not going to like that.

I feel ok, if sick.  Throat hurts, alot.  Head starting to throb.  Do I feel worse because i know there is quite a bit to be done?  I imagine so.  When I get back from p'ing/u ds, I will move to the chat room, so I have some support in moving forward to get the above accomplished....

in a bit then...


isabo ci 400pm


still need to do beef, peel rooms were good.  Didn't do any laundry, that's ok, tomorrow I am home allday, after work.  Was an okay day, all in all.  Still feel yucky, but house looks half decent.  Finances are done, not terribly depressing, one of these days I won't have to fiddle with numbers to make everything work!

Have a good night, everyone :-)


rec ci

Another late start; I really need to work on that so I don't feel so behind when I get in. I have 3 meetings today and need to pick up daughter at school, so only have time for a few things;

E-mail FL re docs; send docs
Review AR; revise and send
Call HP

Thanks to all here for the fellowship and support.


GeorgeSmiley 10:35 AM; Update 5:25 PM

Home from my weekly breakfast and in my office to work.

MIT#1: Looking ahead to the next week and the weekly overview of tasks and projects

MIT#2: More calls for Project P-4.

MIT#3: Draft Project G.

MIT#4: Draft Project P-4

MIT#5: Project S catch-up. 

Update 5:25 PM

Finished #1, #2, partially #5, not started on #3 or #4. Did OK on staying on task.

But still too many tasks in my task list.

Will try to get caught more up on the weekend.


The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

Journey 9:30

Late start for me too this morning, I worked pretty late last night so I slept in a bit this am.   It was a good thing though because I was working along without realizing how late it was!   I got a lot done yesterday. 

I'm feeling kind of tired this morning, but I'm heading to the break room now for "a cup of ambition".  See ya in the chat room later . . .  

"It is never too late to be what you might have been." - George Eliot

kromer 8:30 CI

Late start this morning (I stayed up late working last night, which probably wasn't the best decision...)

Today has a lot of scheduled events: journal club 10-11, student panel 1-2, cooking/youth group 3:45-8:30, then meet prospective students for drinks.

*Laundry (started)
*Prep for journal club
*Work on systematic analyisis of Stra8/dazl data (figure out how to evalulate fit of mixture model, fit a simple model under the assumption that data are normally distributed)
*1 hr documenting solutions for WM problems

Other tasks:
*Email Mark about sequence motifs
*Finish sig/sys chpt 4
*Ask about billing at univ. health center

Journal club is at 10, so prepping for that is a MUT (and is important also). Working on that now 

kromer 2:20 CI

I got in about 50 min focused work on documenting solutions for WM problems, and I went to student panel.

Now I'm in DP's lab. I'm exhausted, but I need to focus and get my MITs done.

My main task here is to work on systematic analysis of Stra8/dazl data. Heading to chatbox now 

kromer 11:40 CI

Haven't had a great morning.

I did my laundry, then prepped for and went to journal club. However, I hadn't left nearly enough time to prepare, so I wasn't able to contribute much. Next week, I need to leave about 3 hours (rather than 1) to prepare.

Then I had lunch and a short break. Now I'm going to get a recipe for church cooking. Then I'll spend 1 hr documenting solutions to WM problems, and then go to student panel and then to DP's lab.  

Constance's short Friday

- wrote for hours on important Email I've been putting off since last weekend - had one formatting disaster after another ... am kind of disapointed cause I've just read it once more after having sent it and the layout and formatting looks ridiculous ... I'm a literature student and this mail was to my literature Prof., that's why I care so much ... agghhhh!

-at least I got it done, even if 5 days overdue ...

-11:10 take a quick break

-11:20 get on task lit. hist. 18th cent.

-finish L.G.G., no matter how!

-fun stuff: parent's meeting at daycare

-important: go to bed at decent hour tonight


"Study how to use the symptoms of procrastination to trigger the cure!" Neil Fiore

Chick's CI

// two small things



big tidy--chaos of not finding materials is making me unhappy and unproductive