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Thursday, February 5, 2009


Recycler CI 4pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

I love the threadstarter today! :) Thanks Isabo! :)

Last night I couldn't sleep, so I used Benadryl spray on my arm. It was enough to put me to sleep, but then I overslept for gym. I still had time to go there and take my shower. Tonight I hope to sleep well AND do my workout at the gym in the morning.

Using an improved project list continues to help me at work. After updating it for tomorrow, I can wind down for the day here.

After work: am I going to the rental condo to see how the upgraded computer is working? The cold weather is not motivating me for this, lol. Maybe I can wait one more night? ;)

Tonight: do weekend prep :) I actually like to wash clothes, etc., so it's a relaxing but productive evening for me ;) Hopefully there will be some goof-off time, too! :)

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Ag checking in to rat myself out

It's 2:46pm local time and I have not even made a task list for today. I work-binged all night until 5:50am this morning then had a scheduled sponsor call at 6:30am. Went back to bed until scheduled Mom-call at 8:30, then had several scheduled MUT-generating calls until 1:15pm. 

At that point I needed to stop and eat but did not...just bounced all over the place until now. Verry scatterey and scary, this compulsivity. So now I am hungry, way overtired, my neck hurts, and I have 6 "open" projects arrayed around me in various stages of non-completion. And a massage therapy appointment (still in whiplash recovery) at 4:30. Aaack.

First things first: I will eat a healthy lunch, and work this out in chat.

e back from relapse

"I have been abusing facebook. And loving it. And finding healing as I find my old friends, but being thrown by how lives can pass without being in contact with loved ones. And as you all are part of my loved ones I am back. 

I am asking my higher power for help with the following items:


Perparing Taxes


Job applications

Patience with myself and others while I sturggle through the feelings of anxiety that crop of me as I face these tasks. 

Self care. 

It feels good to type this. 

love, e


It's not about perfect results, it is about getting ANY results." - Constance

good to see you back e

good to see you back e :)

Ag, Kromer, Jo, Pro and Clement

It is so nice to be back! I love that I can come and no one scolds me!

"It's not about perfect results, it is about getting ANY results." - Constance

Ag hugs e

glad you are back, e.

Welcome back e!

I was just wondering where you were...good to see you back! :)

Journey spits on FAFSA

Isn't facebook awesome?   I can now contact my brother with having to log on to World of Warcraft!?

Nice to see you E, I was just thinking that I hadn't seen you in a while!


"It is never too late to be what you might have been." - George Eliot


I love it, but it is highly addictive behavior. I have found out three people I knew well have died in the past years and I had no idea. Very upsetting, but I am so glad to know!

"It's not about perfect results, it is about getting ANY results." - Constance

GeorgeSmiley 11:10 AM

Very late start this AM

MIT#1: Project P-4

MIT#2: Project M-2

These are by far my top 2 tasks today, along with once again cleaning out email and rationalizing my task list.

Over to chat.




The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

off to a rocky start

My morning has been taking up with helping a coworker on a project that I had worked on a year ago.  We were hunting down some data in vain.  Now I can finally turn to my stuff.

Today I will:

-finish the L memo

Journey 8:50

Good morning, I've been to the gym and I'm at the office today.  Going for coffee and then I'll finalize my todo list and schedule the day.   Yesterday was a good day and I think this one will be good also!


"It is never too late to be what you might have been." - George Eliot

Journey 10:15

Had a conference call and then an impromptu meeting with boss . .. now scheduling the rest of the day and then heading to chatbox!


"It is never too late to be what you might have been." - George Eliot

Hope-Faith CI 8:11

Todays task list is -- Long list of task -- time to get to work

  1. Lesson Plans A1
    • Review Yesterdays Lesson
    • Update PPT
    • Quia
    • E-mail
  2. Lesson Plans A2
    • Review Yesterdays Lesson
    • Update PPT
    • Quia
    • E-mail
  3. Gather resources for todays classwork
  4. Games for A1  for 1.00 test
  5. Voc for A2
  6. Classroom Clutter 15
  7. Forum
  8. Desktop
  9. Update Grades  
  10. Update attandance
  11. Meet with admin 
  12. Work on blog 
  13. Start making Movie 
  14. Fill out PO
  15. Mrs. G and PC -- Friday afternoon




kromer 7:40 CI

Scheduled: class 11-12:30, mtg 5:30-7 

*Finalize class schedule
*Apply for renter's insurance
*Talk to univ. off-campus housing office about landlord situation
*WM list of problems
*Prelim analysis of RAR data
*1 hr brainstorming about comparision of Stra8/Dazl data

Other tasks:
*Prep for journal club tomorrow
*Finish sig/sys chpt 4, start chpt. 5
*Figure out where I stand on rotation choice
*Find motif for seq. analysis, email Mark about any missing
*Write algorithm overview

Right now, I'm going to work on finalizing my class schedule. Then, I'm going to work on WM list of problems. At 9, I'm going to leave my appt. and go to the univ. housing office. After that I'll go to class, then deal w/ renter's insurance. Heading to chatbox now

kromer 8:35 CI

Went to DP's lab, started prelim. analysis of RAR data (got about 1/2 way done), went to church mtg, came home, took a break + had dinner, now it's time to work!

I don't feel like working, but I suspect that once I get going it'll be all right. So I'm heading to the chatbox now. I'll start by finishing preliminary analysis of the RAR data (list of sig. up and down genes, ovlp. w/ cyp26b1, GO analysis of up/down and ovlp). That should take about an hour. Then I'll spend an hour working on comparison of stra8/dazl data. 

kromer 3:45 CI

Went to both classes, finished finalizing my class schedule, and applied for renter's insurance. Yay! Now I need to head to DP's lab to do the prelim. analysis of RAR data

kromer you are rockin today

sure helps to see it working for someone...thanks for the inspiration!

kromer 11 CI

I've made good preogress so far.

I talked to univ. housing office, they advise me to just sit tight for now and see what my landlord does...I'm really glad that I don't have to get into any messy confrontations just yet.

I also made progress on WM list of problems...have about 30-40 min work left to do on this.

And I've made progress finalizing class schedule...have to email head of program and go to 1 extra class this afternoon, but mostly done.

I have class now, then want to go to extra class 1-2:30, then I'll finish application for renter's insurance, then I'll head to DP's lab and do prelim. analysis of RAR data. 

Isabo 815 am


Back to babysteps.  I overloaded and burnt out...

This am shopping with son after dropping daughter off at preschool.  Be back about 11 30, where I will just start at the beginning of my routines, and babystep them.


isabo ci 230pm


i am starting routines now....


isabo 420 pm ci


got  initial mess cleared up, as well as recyclables.  Dishwasher is acting up.  I so want the noise to just magically disappear.  I don't feel so well today, sore throat...I just resolved the "I want the pretty spoon, not you" issue by throwing the spoon out.

listening to the is making the noise again.  And now gone, though doesn't sound as smooth as it should. 

it's late in the afternoon, I am going to go now.  Tomorrow I will be back, in the chatroom too, I hope. 

Have a good night everyone (who reads this!)