Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Tuesday 3 February 2009

   courage               serenity              wisdom 


 A day, a gift...               

Today I can give myself credit for the smallest step I take.

Many drops fill a bucket.

Recycler CI 4:05pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Project list is kind of slow-going today. Oh well, at least I've got a plan! ;)

Did my routine at the gym this morning. I've worked on projects today at work.

At home, can I clear one more moving box today? It's surprisingly harder than non-pro's would think!!! ((sigh)) Maybe I can do one box before going to my 12-step meeting tonight.

Oh, I did get to meet with my sponsor last night. I'm so glad they continue to recover from their surgery. They said they are ok, just get tired more easily.

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Conalaria attempting recovery Wednesday 7.40am and up dates

Have not posted for a few days and have not used time constructively.
I have a number of phone calls to make after 9am and have a few appointments between 2 and 5.
In the next 30 minutes I choose to: 

  • dump and turn on water, poo pick up, see mother,hang out laundry, wash dishes, empty recycling and rubbish and then check in
  • 8.41 above done also teeth brushed and medication minimum maintenenace on house.... 5 minutes per room and revisit mother      start with family room,laundry room and powder room then my bathroom, bedroom, and lounge room , then hall way, should take about 50 minutes then check in but first go and see mother

"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

Sammy ci :: 1:15 pm

I've had some trouble getting started today. But I've just turned off the tv and I'm going to start microbursting on my homework.

To Do:

Flash homework: exercises A & B, brainstorm for project 1, Shower, Drop off time-off requests at work, Email R. about new beginnings application, Leave for school by 5:30 pm.

I'm just going to keep starting. :-)

Sammy ci :: 1:00 am

finished everything on my list today. Hoping to do the same tomorrow. I'll check in after breakfast in the morning.

Happy Wednesday! 

rec ci

I have 4 meetings today, so in between those I need to:

Review TRA; call TLR
Finish FL file and send docs
Work on AR file
Work on taxes

Thanks for the encouraging day-starter, chickadee, and the support of all PA pals here!


rec final ci

Due to 4 meetings and picking up daughter and car, did not get as much done on my "to do" list as I would have liked. Will try again tomorrow, when I only have 2 meetings!

Have a good evening, all!


Agnus checking in 11:20am and out 11:52pm

Good morning, PA-Pals! Thanks for all the well-wishes and prayers for my folks. J and I returned home yesterday and I've been on pet care, home care and classwork....way behind on self-care and job-work.  I needed coffee for the 75-minute commute home after class last night, ergo no sleep until 12:45am, then 6:20am wake-up call - urgh! With apologies to those too young to remember The Love Boat, here is "Da Plan! Da Plan!" - using after noticing how it was helping a fellow PA member:

•DONE SmileType Baltimore notes; be in communication with folks on this
•DONE SmileCall Indy guy and set dates; call Selma in VA on same
•NOT DONE FrownRemaining calls to training sites
•NOT DONE YellDec billing for rr, bh
•DONE SmileCall E and (NOT DONE Frown)mail card
•NOT DONE FrownMail get-well cards: Mom, Ray
•NOT DONE FrownMail sympathy card to Dori
•NOT DONE FrownSpend 15 minutes entering debit receipts in Q
•NOT DONE FrownSpend 15 minutes sorting expense receipts by trip
•DONE CoolMassage at 12:15
•DONE CoolLunch by 2 pm
•NOT DONE YellBanking
•DONE CoolHaircut at 5:15
•DONE CoolDinner by 6:30
•NOT DONE FrownAA meeting 7 p.m.
•NOT DONE CryRelax 20 minutes before DONE-G'NITE! Winkbedtime by 12

Journey 9:20

Good morning!  Getting a late start due to putting car in shop this morning.   I also have to run back up there at lunchtime and take them a part that DH ordered for me, but I forgot to take it with me this morning.

I've been to the gym, read email, and listened to a long voice mail from the low talker. He's really a nice guy I just wish he would speak up.   When I'm talking to him I get louder and louder too, and I don't speak softly to begin with :)

I have one task left over from yesterday that I need to do asap while I have my coffee and yogurt.  I've really gotten into the European habit of mixing cereal into my yogurt.  It rocks.  

OK, I'll do the first task, make my todo list. clean up and get dressed, then head to the chatbox. 


"It is never too late to be what you might have been."
- George Eliot

GeorgeSmiley 7:50 AM

Back after a 3-day absence.

Huge backlog of email and tasks

MIT#1 is fixes for Project F-S. Yesterday I sent an inquiry to an interviewee on that. I'm waiting to hear back.UPDATE 3:50 PM: FINISHED

MIT#2 is to finish Project M-2.

MIT#3 is to finish Project G

MIT#4 is to advance the ball on Project P-4.

In between those I'll be doing lots of cleanup of my email and tasks.

And I finish early today because of my part-time job.

And I need to do something regarding Project Y.


Going to chatbox.


Progress made on projects P-4, Y. Not on G or M-2.

Leaving for night job. See everyone tomorrow.



The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

Isabo 850am

Wow, Feb third already...time does fly!

Lots to do today, wanna get routines done, shower, and go into town before the snow starts!  Kids have a snow day today, not that it is bad right now, but supposed to be bad from noon on - we will see if the school board reacted to quickly then.  Though I suppose Murphy's Law would apply anyway


unload and load ishwasher  

shine kitchen

make beds

straighten rooms

shine and swish

start load of laundry

10 min in disaster room

wipe dining room walls, baseboards

wipe down under table, chairs, legs of table

10 min in disaster room

vacuum kitchen and mats

10 min in disaster room

Hopefully the above will take between an hour and an hour and a half!


go into town.

be home with decent time to make sugar cookies (valentine ones :) )

will check in in a bit!





Isabo CI 1020 am

Have done first half of list, will shower now and then me and the Dchildren are going into town.  When back will continue list....



Isabo CI 214pm

been back for abit, had lunch,  checking emails, fed kids.  They wanna do crafts, play play doh, but I won't remind them as they are playing nicely upstairs...knock on wood that it st......."And Mommy, do you remember, we have to do crafts after lunch, do you remember, after lunch, we have to do crafts,  now Mommy!"  Big smile on my face, just nod and say nothiong, shouldn't have written anything!!!   Urg!!!

I will be back in a bit...


Isabo 310 pm CI

Well, look at hour happy though :)  ....did get garbages done, and fire relit....

Can't worry about rest of list, just concentrating on dinner, cookies, and this headache..and cleaning the kitchen and the table.  Sweeping up the floor.  Oh yah, DS found dog poop in his room, not happy about that! 

Must go and actually do stuff now   :rolleyes:


hope-faith CI 7:55

Todays task list is -- Long list of task -- time to get to work

  1. Lesson Plans A1
    • Review Yesterdays Lesson
    • Update PPT
    • Quia
    • E-mail
  2. Lesson Plans A2
    • Review Yesterdays Lesson
    • Update PPT
    • Quia
    • E-mail
  3. Gather resources for todays classwork
    1. Games for A1  for 1.00 test
    2. Games for A2 for 1.00 test
    3. Voc for A2
  4. Classroom Clutter 15
  5. Forum
  6. Desktop
  7. Update Grades  
  8. Update attandance
  9. Meet with admin 
  10. Work on blog 
  11. Start making Movie 
  12. Mrs. G and PC -- Friday afternoon



kromer 7:35 CI

Today I start classes! Scheduled today: class 9:30-12:30, doctor's appt 2:15-2:30, mtg 6-7

*Talk to landlord
*Work on getting renter's insurance (done a lot of work on this, still need to make 2 phone calls)
*Prep for Harambee
*Run algorithm on list of genes
*Talk to Mark
*Finish analysis of clustering data

*Take cans for deposit, run by drug store
*Make appt. for eye exam
*Notes on wet lab work
*1 hr of systematic analysis of Stra8/Dazl data

Right now, I'm going to take 45 min to research renter's insurance. Then I'll try to get algorithm running on list of genes, then head to my 1st class.

kromer 8:40 CI

OK, I've made good progress on my tasks for today.

I did 2 MITs (talked to Mark, finished analysis of clustering data) and started a 3rd task for DP's lab (notes on wet lab work).

I made progress on talking to my landlord: I wrote out a script for what I'd say to him, knocked on his door and talked to his wife, who said he'd stop by soon. Based on what his wife said, I'm expecting him to either 1)not stop by or 2)blow me off, so I've spent some time thinking about how I'd deal with those possibilities. I've done all I can on this MIT today, now I just need to wait.

I also made progress on getting renters insurance, but I didn't make the 3 phone calls for quotes that I needed to make. It's too late to make the phone calls now, but I'll look up the numbers tonight so I'll be ready to make the calls tomorrow morning. (I'll also look up number for making eye exam appt.)

Finally, I went to all my scheduled stuff--class, doctor, mtg.

Plan right now:
1)Edit and send out mtg plans
2)Harambee prep
3)Gather phone #s for insurance/eye exam
4)Start algorithm on list of genes (mostly done, might still have a little debugging)
5)Finish notes on labwork.

Heading to the chatbox now to start on my list

kromer 1:15 CI

OK, I've made some progress on my tasks so far today.

My goal for the workday today is to finish DP lab tasks (finish analysis of clustering data, talk to Mark, notes on wet lab work if time), to do a little more work on renter's insurance, and to prepare for talking with my landlord (eek!). Then I can take care of Harambee prep and running algorithm when I get home from lab.

Right now, I'm going to spend 45 min working on analysis of cluster data, then I need to go to doctor's appt. Heading to chatbox now.  

chick CI

starting now.

task 1.