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Wednesday 28 January 2009

Recycler CI 4:10pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

I'm still cooperating with my Work To-Do list, so that is going well. I also did my gym time this morning.

work is still WORK, though, so trying to get through it the best I can.

After work I need to work on a volunteer project for a bit.

Last night I cleared & put away 1 box of moving stuff. That's my goal for tonight, too ;) The one-at-a-time approach is realistic if slow -- I just have to keep at it!

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

rec ci

I got a late start due to bad weather, but now am at office trying to get a few things done. I have no urgent deadlines, just routine work which I find more difficult to get done than the work with an urgent and pressing deadline (do others here have this problem?). My "to do" list:

Call SL, HP, LB
Finalize FL file, send out copies of docs
Organize desk a bit
Work on AR bill


final ci

Only got about 50% of the list done due to a break in the day I did not expect, but enjoyed - lunch with a daughter. Will pick up where I left off in the AM.


CL ci looking for inspiration

i'm not staying logged in today, cause work is having internet issues. I'm guessing that's why chat not working for me.

my mental state doing my work was ok this morning, but the work itself had setbacks and frustrations. So, now, i want to quit. things are taking longer and i'm behind on other things. That's disappointing and depressing.

fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb

procrastinating by studying procrastination:

hang in there, clement

You can do it, one step at a time!


not a tip i invented, and it

not a tip i invented, and it may not work with all work... but it has helped me and I need to do it more. When I get bogged down I get outside and move around a bit. (walk, cycle, jump rope or even justput out garbage and walk a few steps. Shaking off physical and mental inertia? Even ess than 2 minutes gets me feeling less torpor... expend energy to get more energy?

I know I may be enabling the procrastinating...

but I discovered this picture....the technology is superb, and the picture was taken during President Obama's inaugural speech.....


I do hope this is ok to have done....


Great pic and the way that you can zoom in on the pic and still make out facial features is great. I have to show this to my students tomorrow. Thanks



So today I am more or less

So today I am more or less on top of things, but in my job that can change at a moment's notice.  My boss just hit me with something to do today, but it is not too bad.

So, for today, I will...

-do the memo on Ford messages (after I hear back from the client)

-outline the Ford presentation

-do edits on Carn memo (if I get any)

-register for classes (personal thing)

-watch KG video

I think from now on I'm going to limit my daily work things to five.  That's usually all I can get to anyway, and i think it would be better to have that sense of accomplishment getting those things done.  Also, if something comes up that takes me away from my list, I'll report on it at the end of the day.

progress today

So I did the memo on the Ford messages and registered for classes.  Someone else took care of the Carn memo and KG video (I didn't ask them to).  I got a lot done on the Ford outline but I'll have to finish that tomorrow.  I was also tied up for a little while today with some marketing work and an hour-long staff meeting.

I was also reminded that I should have brought in breakfast for the office on Tuesday.  That was not me procrastinating; that was me forgetting to check the schedule for weekly breakfast-bringing.  Is there an alzheimers website?Wink I'll have to bring that in tomorrow.

GeorgeSmiley 8:25 AM + Updates

Good morning.

Insomnia last night meant I slept late this morning. I've been spending the last hour revising Project L for re-use by Client W (it was delayed by repeated difficulty in reach a contact W wanted included. That finally happened yesterday afternoon).

Need to eat breakfast, shower and dress, then return to set MITs and begin work.

Update, 9:35 AM

Again, a huge list, and risk of paralysis.

MIT#1: Proof Project P-3 FINISHED

MIT#2: Address No. 2 son's birthday party invitations. Finished and mailed

MIT#3: Project Q-I

MIT#4: Project F-S Update 6:30 PM: A little progress

MIT#5: Project M-2

MIT#6: Project T

MIT#7: Project P-4 Update, 2:45 PM: Some progress

Too much to get it all done. I'll have to do the best I can.

Oh, and I Have an early afternoon meeting RE Project Y. Update 2:45 PM: Meeting went well


Here we go... 

Update, 6:30 PM

Much more to do on a lot of projects, and tomorrow, too. I'm leaving for 3 days Friday and won't be able to do any work then.

Not sure if I'll try to do more tonight or not. Probably should.

Breaking at least for dinner...

Update 8:30 PM

I have too much to do before I leave town Friday morning NOT to work tonight, so I'm back here.

Besides the above-mentioned

Project QI

Project FS

Project M-2

Project T

I also have Project D

I'll be working on all of those tonight. Probably starting with D.

Update 10:30 PM

Worked on Project D. will finish tomorrow. Turning in for the night


The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

Chick CI

Another great, wise quotation--thanks, Constance.

[x] started working at 6.30 for the day's UT; that's done and I'm happy with the contrib. of my prep and planning.

I can see that for the foreseeable future I am just going to be ricocheting from UT to UT--a large backlog, and lots going on now. How to make that compatible with recovery? Stay calm and self-aware and keep a clear view of priorities.

Now it's early afternoon--so much work that I need to plan carefully where to start.

[//] work tasks

[//] starting more work tasks

/[] restock food

[/] do some nice time off. 

[/////] household chores-various

[finished]  now I can do a ten minute microburst on my volunteer activity. That's one realm where I want to experience doing things on time from the start

Today I got on a roll, was willing to give myself credit and be happy about all effort. It made tasks light. I switched from thing to thing better than usual. This makes me feel more cheerful and optimistic than I have for a long time.  :)    :D

I've done a bit of every category. I haven't made a finite list--which is not so good. But I have kept going.

Later I will post to ask others about what kind of breaks recharge you and keep you going well when you have to put in long days.

kromer 8 CI

Yesterday, I didn't get nearly everything done that I wanted...friend came over in the evening, so I spent time with him rather than working. This was a reasonable, intentional change of plans, but now I feel so behind that procrastination is really tempting this morning.

Scheduled today (most of the day, yuck):
*Germ cell mtg 1:00-1:30
*Safety training 1:30-2:30
*"How to find a postdoc" 2:30-4

*Call girls about Harambee
*Email CB about classes
*Brainstorm how to compare stra8 datasets (making good progres)
*Compare male/female data
*Decide how to weight genes (have done all the thinking, just need to do about 20 min of coding this evening)
Other tasks:
*QC on cyp26b1 arrays
*Review/notes on 3 papers
*Finish reading affy doc
*Bg reading on molecular function of stra8 and dazl

*Finish reading chpt 3

Right now, I'm going to email CB about classes and spend 30-45 min thinking about how to weight genes, then I'm going to pack lunch and head to DP's lab, where I will compare male/female data brainstorm how to compare stra8 datasets. Heading to chatbox now

kromer 4:20 CI

I've been making decent progress through scheduled things, did 2 MITs and made good progress on the 3rd.

Right now, I need to call Harambee girls...this is scaring me, I don't like the phone, but it's important and will be over quickly. Then, I'm going to head back to DP's lab and keep working on the brainstorming MIT. I've come to the conclusion that c+lr are probably the best way to analyze, now I need to work out the details. Goal for today is to work out the details for method c and do some bg reading on lr.

Update 4:45--made phone calls.  

Isabo 900am

Wow, where is everyone today?  I can't believe I am the second person to post!

Feeling good today, again.  Need to keep it up :)

todo list

laundry reboot fold

vacuum kids rooms, living room and kitchen

clean lampshades

wash then windex sliding door and front windows

10 min disaster room

mactac 2 remaining cabinet windows

make cookies

have roast ready to go in oven for 330!

I will be back - have a good day everyone!

isabo 1045am

new todo list

finish wiping fingerprints

reboot and fold laundry

clean lampshades

wash then windex windows

mactac cabinets

make cookies

take roast out

make and eat lunch

isabo 1212pm

hmmm, 1hr 45 minutes til need to leave

new todo list(have been doing other stuff, so not much has changed I think)

finish wiping fingerprints

reboot and fold laundry

clean lampshades

wash then windex windows

mactac cabinets

make cookies

take roast out

That is sad, all I did was copy and paste above list....

prioritize -

1) make cookies - ds is having a friend over after school

2)reboot and fold

3) fingerprints cuz they are bugging me

4) lampshades cuz they have been noticed and will cont to be noticed until done

1 2 3 GO!


isabo 150pm

found that pic of the Obama, been checking out all the pics......didn't get anything done.  Wharfed down a good twenty pcs of chocolate - good chocolate covered hard and soft caramels...feel not so good now.  got kicked out of that procrastination session by juice being spilt - had to move fridge to wipe mess, brought up vacuum cuz fridge was out.  Haven't made cookies, I WILL make them when we all get home....need to start roast, cut potatoes, and rutabagas....I WILL take a damp cloth and wipe down lampshades.....


isabo 345pm

jeez, definitely not getting much done, putting aside some 'harder' tasks for others...supper is in oven, need to make salade, everything out just need to do it....but my back hurts, my legs hurt...would much rather sit and watch tv...I can do that, just not right now...just going in circles.  I am going to go and come back tomorrow, I will just try and accomplish what I can....

Hope-Faith CI 8:05

First check in of the day here is my task list for the next 90 min.

  1. Lesson Plans A1
    1. Review Yesterdays Lesson
    2. Update PPT
    3. Quia
    4. E-mail
  2. Lesson Plans A2
    1. Review Yesterdays Lesson
    2. Update PPT
    3. Quia
    4. E-mail
  3. Gather resources for todays classwork
    1. Review Movie Maker
  4. Monday's tasks not done
    1. Mrs. G and PC
  5. Enter Grades
  6. Classroom Clutter 15
  7. Forum
  8. Desktop
  9. E-mail Mrs. L about NBPTS
  10. Lunch Duty
  11. Enter grades
  12. Read info from Mrs. MW
  13. Create battleship game
  14. CI 10:33 1st task done -- I am having problems moving beyond my routines. Having routines in place help so much but I am not moving ahead I have to figure out away to keep flowing beyond the routines. Part of my problem with prcrastination is that I do not know what to do next because I have so much to do. Routines have helped me establish a way of getting of those feelings for daily task. Now I have to put something in place to help me with projects, hopes and dreams. I will have to think on it awhile there has to be away. Need to take action -- but on what?



Hope-Faith CI 3:50

  1. Monday's tasks not done

    1. Mrs. G and PC
  2. Classroom Clutter 15
  3. Forum
  4. Desktop
  5. E-mail Mrs. L about NBPTS --
  6. Lunch Duty
  7. Enter grades
  8. Read info from Mrs. MW
  9. Create battleship game


Hi h-f, I am so inspired by

Hi h-f, I am so inspired by what you have gotten done. I'm hoping to follow your example on the routines, so I'll be really interested what you figure out for 'beyond routine'.

Constance's Wednesday

x Lunch + watch FE

can't get chatbox to work, so I'll post here what I did:

x Lunch

got through watching 2/3 of FE, it's just too boring ... need to watch rest tonight but wanna do some flylady tasks tonight as well. See who wins - or do both? Flylady doesn't seem to wanna make me a MArtha Stewart ... Will be my first flylady eve, so let's see what happens

x did some flylady which felt good, but as always when I get finally started on household chores, I do too much and am annoyed by it. I should stop as long as it's fun ...

0 read notes on FE- this will only take 6 min, can do that tonight

0 read FE, postponing ...


"Study how to use the symptoms of procrastination to trigger the cure!" Neil Fiore