Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Friday October 17th 2008

It's Friday!


serenity courage wisdom



oops! Recycler CI 6:50pm

Oops, I must not have put a title on my CI earlier. Good thing I came back later!

Hi Pro Buddies & all growing things! :)

Me & Snoopy are doin' the Happy Dance! :) Thanks, Chickadee! :)

Morning: Took only one load to new condo, but that was because I had to get ready to ride the train uptown. Stretched at gym & showered.

Work. Yeah, all kind of changes all around. Trying to go with the flow. Another email with ex-hubby; which, it's probably better to not do much of that; but sometimes some level of communication is appropriate. Hopefully to let it rest for one or more weeks.

Lunch at Chik-Fil-A. A worker from my neighborhood CFA has transferred to my work CFA, so I like to see them once a week to say hi, since I like to eat there anyway.

Got projects done in afternoon. Ooooh, my Flowbee hair cutting system arrived! (Hair cutting fantasies ensue! ;) Maybe will try it out this weekend ;)

Rode home on train, strategically carrying Flowbee box in gym bag, hee hee ;) [Humor: Considerately refrained from telling captive audience on the train about "my new Flowbee." hee hee). Ate dinner, started a load of clothes to wash.

Doing CI now, because I want to go to support group tonight. I felt fearful all day. Well, if I end up needing to become a One Meeting A Day person, then It Takes What It Takes. Anyway, I definitely need one for tonight, so will try to putter around a bit, then head out.

7pm. Took 1 load over to new condo, before going to meeting.

9:20pm EST. I feel a lot better after my support group meeting. I will take some Nyquil and sleep.

Have a great night, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

have a good weekend all!





CL ci

started diligently working on MIT 2 (1 is on hold) this morning and go 5 interruptions. These are important for me to deal with, but i will have to balance them against pre-scheduled work.

Now it's time for quiet time. 1:37pm

Took 40min (some early delay). better than yesterday.

In my quiet time i got the idea from HP that i am too caught up in my work, forgetting at times that i even have a HP. It makes me want to set timers and never delve too deeply such that i forget who i am: someone who does the will of HP. Also, that seems like it would solve a lot of my problems.

So 1/2 hr i'll check in. It's 2:36.

Now it's tomorrow :) i did not check in as i planned. I was productive, but not with awareness. more bing-y. i'll work on that again today (it's now sat) and mon.


Falcon CI offline

Hi pro buddies,

My internet connection is down, which interferes with most of the things I needed to do today (like checking in here!)  Luckily the library's is working, so I made the printouts I needed, otherwise I would have completely melted down into a temper tantrum (I'm usually pretty calm, but it was a stressful week & my frustration tolerance is shot to @#*&!)

Might not be able to check in for a while, but wanted you all to know I'll be thinking of you -- and glad I could check in briefly & be inspired by you all!

Have a good weekend, 


Journey 9:40 UPDATE 11:30 4 pm

So far today, I have been to the gym, read email, and set MITs.  Coffee break time!  I'm really sleepy this morning so I'm looking forward to some coffee. 

MIT #1 is not really work-related, but I need to balance my checkbook and finish my budget for the rest of the month.  Since I started it with a micro-burst yesterday afternoon, I'm ready to face it and get it out of the way.   I won't be able to focus on anything else until that's done anyway. 

UPDATE 11:30 MIT #1 is done, boss called an impromptu meeting, and I did Item #7 on my list. Item #7 was not an MIT, but it was bugging me.

Now break, then start on MIT #2. This is the task I worked on all afternoon yesterday but didn't finish. I think I can finish it today.

Update 4pm #2 is DONE! and I can spend an hour on #3 and still get out of here by 5:15 pm. Break now, setting timer


"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'" - C. S. Lewis

Journey 9:20

Getting a late start this morning.  I'm not sure what happened, I got up at 5:05 but didn't get to the gym until 6:45.   It must be those aliens again. 

So, bookending my day starter now.

Good luck to Kromer and E, hope your day gets better and gratz to Chick who's making great progress!

"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'" - C. S. Lewis

hugs jo

 today was an infinately better day because of this fellowship and the support I get from you and all the other crazies here.

kromer 7:05 argh!

Last night I was freaking out about a work situation and so didn't get any work done, and didn't really sleep much.

As a result, I've got a fairly overwhelming amount of work to get done this morning. Here's the plan:
*Spend 1 hr writing short paper (it just needs to get done, it doesn't have to be good)
*Send 3 emails about work situation
*Go to lab
*Spend 30 min coming up with potential pp ideas
*Look at results from node deletion
*Finish cover sheet

OK, I can do this! I'm going to work in the chatbox to keep myself on track. 

kromer 2:25 CI

OK, I wrote short (and very bad, but complete!) paper, sent 3 emails, went to lab, spent maybe 5 min coming up with pp ideas, looked at results from node deletion, finished cover sheet, had mtg w/ PF, went to 2 seminars. Now I need to finish my probability homework and go to class. (I have 30 min to finish the problem set, which I think is doable if I concentrate).

Then I'm going to go to class.

And then I'm going to take a walk...I'm really anxious and am hoping that will help.

Then at 5 I'll call CH and leave for church.  

e's friday morning ci

 life is getting scarrier by the minute. I am afraid to even put into words all that I am facing, so I know that I need to be here to claim my seat so I can find the courage to deal with everything.

MIT finaical aid and reclassification of residency. looked at university website. need to do more homework and make some calls. 

MIT: supporting c in handling his grade which fell from a B to an F in two weeks. 

MIT: job search began looking at possibilities. found 2 potential things. follow up on residency requirements

MIT: have one room organized

MIT: deal with ant infestation did some online research and found cinammon, black pepper, mint, cloves, and cayeene can help. also chalk and vaseline

i am losing pep but feel good about what i have accomplished so far

water, meds, dishes, teeth, breakfast done.

laundry, more dishes, plan dinner, work on paperwork, laundry, shower, handwashing, and straightening to do.

giving myself a 1 hour rest period. 




Ants et al

Hi e,

Financial aid and job hunting are definitley big scary stuff!  Good for you for tackling them one step at a time.

Excess ants milling around are kind of creepy, aren't they?  I had good luck over the summer with generic ant traps from the supermarket.  Best of luck with your critters! 


going for a pink panther theme....

 dead ant...dead ant.... deadant deadant deadant...dededeadaaaaaaaaaaant...apprently if you kill them the others can smell where they were and come to take their bodies away, even if the bodies aren't there.  I moved the fruit bowl away from the window and they don't seem to be as invasive.... for now

e's celebration of limited success

 I made zucchini fritters for the first time and everyone loved them. 

I sorted a box of office supplies out over the living room floor and have thrown some away. 

I changed my email address on several mailing lists

my desk is cleared off in the kitchen (somewhat)

the counters have been clear of dirty dishes most of the day

my son, who has been a bear, was sweet and helpful today and finally became willing to follow my advice about how to get chapstick stains out of his laundry which has been sitting in a hamper in the kitchen for 2 weeks. 

my other son, who owned up to a potential failing grade in class took ownership like I asked him to and went to see the teacher to get missing work and see if he could do extra credit. 

my spouse and I were civil to each other.

i took one nap today instead of four the other day

i have cooked most days this week and when I haven't there has been healthy food to eat that was leftover. 

C got up without argument this morning and had adequate time to walk to school

 i had eggs in the house to lend my mother when she needed them.

i spoke to my son about student loans and he didn't have a cow.

more to come as I celebrate progress instead of perfection....

wow, zucchini fritters!

Hi e!

Wow, Zucchini Fritters and everything else, too! :) Yeah, that sounds like a lot of success to me! :)

Talk to you later! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

food for thought....

 there is something to be said for this cooking extremely picky son is telling me I did good. They weren't that complicated, they have all necessary food groups for a meal (unless you are vegan) and they are impressive to others.  There are blessings to being unemployed: no money to  go out, and time enough to nap to have the energy and patience to plan to use the ingredients I have at hand. 

 Also, I feel better for having focused on what I did instead of what I did not do. One task at a time....


congrats e

that sounds great. :smile:

I will try to take a leaf out of your book for 'focussing on what I did do... one task at a time' 

ditto :)


I'm with chickadee :) Good going! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Chick CI

microburst on MIT 1 done.

MIT 2 done. I was too tired last night, wasted much time trying to do it, not focussing; this morning, decisive and alert, it took far less than the hour I'd expected.

MUT3 done, which I had been putting off all week. Again, morning dividend.


and having done those gave me the courage to tackle very scary e-mail about very late project; again, which I had been putting off

courageous Chick

 Congrats on tackling the scary email: I am hoping some of it rubs off on me.

thanks e

Thanks e, I get a lot of strength from you all here.
I hope you found some courage too... Your encouragement helps me a lot.

I realize that I want to recover from procrastinating in one single moment, just the way I want to get MITs or big tidying done that way. But very few things can be accomplished instantly. It;s easy to give up, not even try , not do the microburst, not remember to keep starting.
I have made progress at some tasks, being reading to give myself credit for small steps, to take small steps, and not be angry with myself. For stopping procrastinating it's harder to remember that progress will come in small steps too, though. And so I guess I need to learn to say: yes, I am doing this or that small thing better, even if I am not making every day perfect. Because perfection is impossible, but steady progress is..


 Sometimes if I just focus on the moment I am in and what I am doing I feel accomplished. It is when I look at all I have not yet done that I freak out.  Progress is now all I shoot for.