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Friday 23 January 2009

Good morning! Have a great day! 

While we are postponing, life speeds by.

 Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.
H. Jackson Brown

Hope-Faith CO 10:10

Slumber party has gone great. I have even managed to complete a good portion of my PM routine with the girls running around. Got a busy day tomorrow taken the girls a a fossile museume that has a pit where they can dig for shark's teeth ect.  They are so excited and so am I.


ChickCI/thanks/confessions and reflections

Very busy day.

Non-stop since 6.30 am.

Partly that busy because of last minute UTs, partly obligations. So... I got it all done, things went well... I think the self-awareness and compassion I've been developing help in a hectic day even when some of the hecticness is entirely the result of my choice to procrastinate.

Now it's time to focus on juggling more things ahead of deadline.

Recovery and more serenity: the positive directions (as opposed to the don'ts) are that I want to fit on more small tasks and routines and get used to juggling more at once. That will create some of the good  urgency I  now create by doing things near deadline and binging. Affirmation: I can create routines that enable me to do many things at once. I can file arrange the office to make it easy to move between projects. I can do small tasks around th house daily, even as breaks.

Thanks for all the early a.m.  support in the chatbox!! SmileLaughingSmile

Great reflection

Chick you always get my mind thinking. Thanks for you thoughts and reflections that help so much.


Recycler CI 4:50pm EST


I won't get to do the Saturday threadstarter this weekend, so Thanks In Advance, someone, for getting it started :) I'm not sure if I will get to CI Saturday, because my day will be so busy, but I will try to Sunday for sure!

Several procrastinating/time debting/over-committing things converging.

I'm supposed to have taken a picture of Barbie for a newsletter ((sigh)). Then I've got to email it ((sigh))

I have a Duke University class tomorrow. I'm 100% in favor of that, but have other things I'm supposed to do, too.

Condo: moving boxes not getting unpacked ;) Eeeks!

Today at work, I finished a lot of things off my project list! :) Yay! :) I will print out my list for Monday before going home.

I'm going to my 12-step meeting tonight, for sure! ;)

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

rec ci

Thanks to all for the encouraging words yesterday. It really helped me get things done for a change. It is good to be back on this site.

TO DO today:

Call BS re appt.
Call BH re issue
Call JB re Schedule; send out final docs
Call TB re AK; send QCD for recording
Call HP re status
Send check for HVAC repair
Send cards to DP, TP


can't rejoin chatbox

Just a note to say I can't get the chatbox to re-load; maybe it is too busy as pro says has been a problem. Hopefully if we all donate a little bit it will help!


rec ci

Got chatbox to reload at at last. Have called BS, still need to make other calls.


final ci

Just a note to say I got most of my "to do" list done, but felt inefficient today. Will try to do better tom. at home and Monday here at the office.

Have a good weekend!


I've got the same chat-box

I've got the same chat-box problem quite often, thought it was my crappy internet-connection (dsl 6000, haha, that's what my phone company tells me but that's not what I'm getting here)

Anyways, whenever the chatbox won't work, I've got time to check other pages on PA or - do some work, which is nice, too ;-)

Pro, I've tried now for the n-th time to send you a small contribution, but my pay pal - FOR SOME REASON - won't work. Something with the pass word, driving me crazy 'cause that has been a paypal problem for YEARS now. I'm working on it though and will send you some (student-small) cash asap.

"Study how to use the symptoms of procrastination to trigger the cure!" Neil Fiore

Isabo 100pm

In late today, had to bring son into an appt - turned out appt is Feb, not Jan - so we went and had some mommy and son time at the mall.  Spent less tha 20$ that was good, although probably shouldn't have gone there and brought son directly to his school instead!  Ah well.  Had coffee with next door neighbour who was watching daughter it was good to have a face to face conversation over coffee instead of chatroom coffee:)  Feel pretty good today.  it is sunny out, and house is airy feeling when I walk through it!  Its nice going upstairs and seeing beds made and no toys on the floor!

In the next hour

shine sink

spend 20 min in bathroom wiping down and organizing

sweep rec room, then mop

check in and if time, do a bit of scratch and win bingo!

isabo ci 202

well, didn't get all of dishwasher unloaded, and therefore lasded,  and didn't moprp recroom, but got rest to pu ds drom school be back then

isabo ci 252

back from picking up ds, started laundry, got stuff together to pay bills, ugh. rest of afternoon, must

finish kitchen

mop recroom

pay bills

look kfc up, decide on dinner!

reboot and fold laundry

be back at 4 see how I am doing


isabo ci 407

kinda wasted the hour away - checked to see if kfc had menu online, doesn't, trying to pay bills, banksite won't upload, ....guess my list for the next hour is

finish kitchen - 10 min

mop recroom - 15 min

reboot laundry - 2 minutes

fold laundry - 10 min

pay bills - 20 min + waiting time for page to upload!

I will check in at 5

isabo ci 459

well.  not quite the productive day I was hoping for, but bills are paid, ....bathroom got cleaned and recroom got swept and vacuum, so the day isn't a total loss!  Need to clean this weekend for Mon am guests, won't have ANY time to do it on Mon am, they will be here before 830!

I hope everyone is doing well and keeping motivated!

I'll have less time today so

I'll have less time today so I should not plan on finishing too much.  I will get the Carn. memo finished, do the Ford periphs, get the Ford banners out to the client, and get CL info on the MN speaker.

The Ford stuff got done, the

The Ford stuff got done, the memo is almost finished (I dragged my feet on this one) and the MN speaker info will have to go tomorrow.  Yes, I'll be doing some work from home on Saturday.  I'll also have a little housework to take care of too.

Journey 8:45

Great thread starter Constance!

I am working from home again today as my Dad is back in the hospital for tests . . . surgery was postponed because of some weird results from his blood tests, so now they are following up on that.   My wonderful brother is handling it all for the most part but I'm home so I can be nearby and available.   20 years ago I would never have dreamed I would be letting my baby brother handle things for the family!   Brothers are all right once they grow up aren't they?

I'm back from the gym, had a loooong workout this morning and it was great!  As I'm getting in better shape I'm actually enjoying spinning class.   It was a mighty struggle for a while just to get through class without falling off the bike.  Today it was actually . . . fun! 

I've checked email and my calendar, updated facebook and work about my Dad's status, and I'm going to make a nice spinach omelet now.   I'm really hungry! 

I'll make my todo list for the day while I eat breakfast and will be back here at 10 with a todo list that is slightly challenging yet very doable.  Yesterday I did everything on my todo list, and that is my goal for today too.   Not to be superhuman, but to plan a reasonable amount of work for the day and end it with a sense of accomplishment. 


"It is never too late to be what you might have been."
- George Eliot

GeorgeSmiley 7:15 AM + Updates

Today's tasks

1) Weekly overview  Update 12 N: Finished

2) Weekly breakfast club  Update 12 N: Finished

3) Errands (hearing aid to FIL,  pay car insurance, move money at bank) Update 12 N: Finished

Update 12 N: New #4) Project H Update 5:40 PM: Finished, almost ready to ship

4 5) Project QI 

5 6) Project G

6 7) Project M-02

Update 5:40 PM: QI, G, and M-02 all got sidetracked because of Project D research (people returning calls placed earlier in the week). So I finished Project D research, but didn't advance the ball on the above 3 tasks.

Will try to spend some time tomorrow catching up on more adminstrative/organizing matters.

Have a good weekend everyone!



The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

kromer 7:30 CI

Scheduled: youth group 5:15-8:45 (+ask about computer), doctor 12-12:15

*Email about dental insurance
*Pick dataset to work on, get list of TFs+corresponding expr values
*Take notes on where I currently stand on DP's project, talk to Mark and Greg
*Review/take notes on 4 papers
*Clean room/organize papers, deal w/ email from last couple days

Other tasks:
*2 hrs signals and systems reading
*2 small documentation tasks for PF's project
*Finish R tutorial
*Clean kitchen
*Microburst scales
*Finish reading affy doc (all except QC section)
*GO analysis of cyb26b1 data

Right now, I'm going to email about dental insurance. Then, I'm going to look over possible datasets, and email SM with any questions. Then, I'll clean my room, deal with email, pack a lunch and head to lab to work on DP's project. (This means I'll get to lab at around 9:30, not at 8 the way I like to, but I really can't get work done until I organize my papers). Back when I'm in lab.

kromer 9:45 CI

In lab and ready to work.

Right now, I'm going to take notes on where I crrently stand on DP's project, then go look for Mark and Greg and talk to them. Then, I'll review/take notes on 2 papers. Back when done with these tasks.

Update 10:45--reviewed 1 paper and took notes for mtg w/Greg. Realized that there are some problems with my analysis. Here's my plan:
*Take notes for mtg w/ Mark
*Read 25 pgs of limma doc
*Re-compute p-values
*Make new gene lists
*Talk to Greg
*Talk to Mark
*Review 1 more paper

kromer 4 CI

Did all of the above, except in my discussion w/ Mark I didn't talk about wet lab work (which I need to do, but am b/c I don't like asking for favors), plus read 1 more paper.

I'm feeling kind of fried, but I know I can still get useful work done...going to do GO analysis, then talk to Mark about wet lab work, then review 1 more paper, then it'll probably be time to leave for youth group (and I'll do my 4th MIT+clean kitchen after youth group) 

Hope-Faith CI 6:05

Running a bit behind but I think that I wll be ok. Very anxious today. Slumber party to night and my house is not where I want it to be. But at least I am not keeping my daughter from having friends over because her mom is a terriable house keeper. So I will be happy about that. When I get home I can work on my kitchen while the girls play. Kitchen is the last "hot spot". Made sure that the girls had plenty of room to play so that is good.

Next I need to get ready CI when I get to work.

CI 7:55 at work now next step is to check task list for the day then post here.

Task for the next 2 hours

  • Get coffee
  • Sign Marks Edit
  • on-line activites for 2 and 4
  • on-line activites for 3
  • e-mail classes
  • Call M about wikkie
  • Work for DE -- TODAY


Hope-Faith having daughter's friends over

The kids will trash your house anyway Hope!   But congrats on having company!

It was a big milestone for me when I could get my house in good enough shape to start having people over for dinner again.   My house is far from perfect and often messy but 1) it's good enough and 2) I'm learning to accept that I can be less than perfect and still have fun and be happy.  


Good luck !  A house full of pre-teens is not my idea of a good time, but it's a wonderful thing to do for your daughter!



"It is never too late to be what you might have been."
- George Eliot

Constance's Friday

x Went to library this morning, that's great!

x read notes on Ubu Roi, Traumspiel and Frühlings Erwachen

x take more notes on Ubu Roi and Traumspiel

x pick up daughter at 2:45 pm and have some fun at playgroup

  o resume studying by 7 pm

it's 8:30pm now

o READ UBU ROI, for Pete's sake!

"Study how to use the symptoms of procrastination to trigger the cure!" Neil Fiore