Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Wednesday 21 January 2009



Good morning everyone - have a great day!


Convalaria on Thursday at 9.20am and updates

Now untill 1.30

  • work in 15 minute  intervals focussing on a particular area
  • work for 45 minutes at a time
  • take a break for 15 minutes
  • repeat
  • have lunch and drink water
  • check in with updates
  • use the chat box

1.30 untill 3.30

  • haircut and driving there and back

and then......?

So far I have had breakfaast and coffee and medication. Now I choose to

  • 15 minutes self care
  • 15 minutes laundry
  • 15 minutes house tidy

10.30 check in
It took 60 minues  to do three 15 minute sets of work.
Could be worse ....I could have been playing bubbles or solitaire or surfing
Now I choose to

  • 15 minutes garden
  • 15 minutes typing practice
  • 15 minutes dining room able sort
  • 15 minutes check i n and rest

Checking during resrt period....
Have been active and I am pleased about this....
Next I choose to

  • another 15 minutes laundry related tasks
  • 15 minutes tidying my bedroom and bathroom
  • another 15 minutes on table of doom
  • 15 minutes rest , liuch and check  in

6.20pm check in
have had haircut and spent about 2 hours window shopping.
Since getting home i have fed doggy and self.
I want to watch svu and criminal intent from 8.30 untill 10.30.
I need tp cook dinner for son, deal with laundry and walk doggy
dinner and laundry should take about 39 minutes ...
A proper walk takes 60 minutes.
first dinner and laundry then doggy walk in the hope that the weather will cool down a ittle bit more.

Must also remembre night time routine!!!



"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

WE DID IT -- Victory Post





Has worked very hard today and we do claim victory over the playroom. All toys and clutter have been boxed up and room has been vaccumed. Kids are currently moving their new Christmas toys into the playroom right now.





My kids worked really had to help make this happen and I am so proud of them and of me. Originally I was going to do it all by myself. I have issues with trusting others with task that I wish to accomplish (that is why I got out of managment I worked harder then the ones that I was managing) but my kids came into the playroom and began to play so I gave them 10 to 15 min task and rewarded them with fresh baked cookies every 10 to 15 min. It worked like a charm (Thanks Chick) I left the room and did other things between the 10 to 15 min work-a-thons. Getting my kids to help is a major break through for me, a much need break through. 



Thank you Pro for this site, and thanks to all of you in chat today, who helped me make this possible. 



Good for you,

Good for you, hope-faith!   That is absolutely wonderful!  

With the enthusiasm you just gave me, I am off to clean my kitchen!!



hope-faith-- yay!

Yay!!!!!! way to go!!!!!!!!

wow, you did great! :)

Hi Hope-Faith!

That is awesome! :) Congratulations on your success! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Thanks --

Recycler  Journey and Kromer it is a great day today. That monkey is off my back.


congrats h-f!

That's a great accomplishment...delegating is *hard*!

Enjoy your celebrating! 

WOOT Hope-Faith *\o/* cheering!

"It is never too late to be what you might have been." - George Eliot

prodigal e

 has been in relapse for a while I am working other programs really hard right now, but the procrastination is where I live and fail, so if I don't get in here I don't make progress. Yesterday was wonderful and highly emotional; it really reminded me of my childhood. On top of that I feel like I am beginning to do some step work and with it a lot of emotions are thawing out and with them weight and tentions that i have held for years are letting go. However, I am in binge mode with sugar and salt, so I want to acknowledge how all of my addictive behaviors cycle and the only way out is to climb the 12 steps. 

So. today. do stuff. I woke late, talked at length on the phone with a friend, took meds, did some dishes, shifted laundry, read through syllabuses and arranged for C to get some gym clothes. I would like to move a bunch of furniture around so I can have my life the way I want it: arrange for a recycling bin to go into the back hallway, pack up a bunch of educational supplies, move my desk into the dining room, move C's bookshelf into the hallway and find a place to store giveaways. Nothing that i can't procrastinate on for a month or so, or I can get it done in one day. So, I will see where I get to. chatbox time!


"It's not about perfect results, it is about getting ANY results." - Constance

Good luck with you task

e said "Nothing that i can't procrastinate on for a month or so, or I can get it done in one day." I can relate to this feeling I hate when I procrastinate or make a task more than what it is. It is so much dead weight and really effects my motivation level. Isabo channeled some energy to me today and I have plenty left. So I am sending you some energy.

  Energy for e


Good Luck 



Gentle hugs and encouragement to e

keep going sweetie and remember that sometimes you have to be yoour own best giving yourself support , forgvness and encouragement.  This site does help a lot but I  think when we change the self talk in our head then we really begin recovery


courage, hope, serenity
one step at a time
i can keep on starting 

"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."


Hi e!

Be good to yourself! (((hugs)))



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Hope-Faith, Convalaria and Recycler

 All the energy you channeled to me has made a big difference: I have found the willingness to get up and putter along. I also have discovered why cordless phones are so useful: when my dear friend calls me I can walk around and putter my way through lots of stuff I usually stay immobile for. As they say here in New England "Dawn breaks over Marblehead!" I don't know why I have such a hard time doing that, but I do and I know better, but again, I do. 

Happy things: I have found that I am not isolating anymore. I have been getting to daily meetings and with my sponsor am also reaching out to people in the community and despite not knowing them, this socialization is contagious. My life now involves going to New Hampshire to visit with my childhood best friend and her husband, going to sit Shiva with some friends tonight, a date for coffee on Tuesday andthe intent of 90 meetings in 90 days, daily outreach calls, and so forth. I am reading the AA Big Book everyday, which is a great How To manual for life: really and truly, if I can follow the suggestions I might actually be happy, do the next right thing and be willing to not just put things down, but put them away. Who knew being screwed up was such a gift!


"It's not about perfect results, it is about getting ANY results." - Constance

Hope-Faith -- Original Post

Posted this on Tuesday by mistake.  So excited I guess.


I changed plans from my previous post. I went to work first and did my
"need to do's" now Ihave until PM routine time to work on cleanning out
the playroom. I had a plan in place to work on it a little be each
night but I resisted doing that. So now I have it breathing down my
back to get it done. So on my drive home from work I was running ideas
through my head about how I could motivate myself to get this done. I
have come up with an idea which my not be the best approach but I need
a band aid to fix the situation that I am in. I am going to tap into my
fear of failure.

Commitment -- Clean out playroom -- reward will be to post a
celebration post here "I DID IT" when I am done. If I do not do it then
I will have fffffffailed. I am not nervous about the commitment but
actually excited to get my task on its way. 

Disclaimer --- If something comes up (something important) and I did
not complete my task then I get a do over.  (When I do not know)

On to my task work in chat to celebrate small success that will lead to my ultimate victory.



Yay hope-faith!!!! juadc

Yay hope-faith!!!!

juadc = jumping up and down cheering!

I am so happy to read this--it's inspiring and fills me with positive energy and hope!

Thanks --

Thanks Chick and thanks for your support I could not have done it with out you. Good luck to you tomorrow in case I over sleep and do not get up early enough to chat with you in the am before I go to work.



Good for you hopefaith, I am

Good for you hopefaith, I am happy to see you excited!

Thanks --

Isabo, thanks for the enegry that you sent my way, it worked. It looks like you had a good day as well. Congrats on the well deserved gerber daisy.



Recycler CI 4:20pm EST + personal brag ;)

Hi Pro Buddies!

This is not a political post, but a fashion post, so please excuse me!

If you saw pics or video of the Inauguration Ball last night, Michelle was wearing the ivory Jason Wu gown with the one shoulder. I personally have over 50 Jason Wu's [dolls], so feel very excited to see him finally getting [more] national attention! We in the doll community are very excited and proud, since we've been purchasing Jason Wu for 5+ years. With his human couture, he's placed some Red Carpet fashions before, of course, but this is the Most Prominent and will be in the Smithsonian!!! :) Wheee, you go, Jason!!! :)

[Of course, what does that have to do with me -- not anything, but just sharing some trivia! ;)

This morning I went to the gym, then did projects at work. Attended a mid-day activity and had lunch. More projects in afternoon. Tonight: I would like to go out, but will probably stay home & play with my Jason Wu dolls!

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

GeorgeSmiley 10:30 AM + updates

A late start this morning. I'll be going to the dentist at 11 and running other errands, but for now I'm going to once again simply work from my task pad list and see what I can do.

I've spent the last 2 hours mostly just surfing, looking for different matters RE yesterday's historic events.

I also checked out that site and set up an acct there, although I'm not prepared to put any money on it.

I'll update this check in later after I return from the dentist and my errands

Update, 2:40 PM

Finished my errands, came home, had lunch, then spent the last hour or so in aimless avoidance.

MIT#1: Project Q-C

MIT#2: Project G

MIT#3: Project P-4

MIT#4: Project E


PS: Love the day starter. It makes me think Yoda has taken charge of the Obama campaign slogan committee :-)




The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

GS 6:40 PM


MIT#1: Project Q-C  FINISHEDSmile


MIT#2: Project G

MIT#3: Project P-4

MIT#4: Project E

 See you all tomorrow


The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

lol !!! I know, my English

Laughing lol !!! I know, my English is baaad, but after months (years?) of Obama campaigning even over here in insignificant Germany I just had to let Yoda speak - and not to disrespect the new leader of the free world (I've cried rivers of tears of joy, no kidding!) :

I've definitely seen banners at Obama conventions with the exact above wording!



 Nobody seen those?

I love Obama, I do!

"To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day" Macbeth, Shakespeare


I have caught bits and pieces of the Star Wars movies but have not watched a full movie yet. I just caught on to how Yoda talked yesterday when my son was watching the movie and I was knitting. I never noticed it before. 


kromer 9:05 CI

Today I had an unexpected change of plans (have been visiting parents for a day, decided it was best for me to stay an extra day).

I've already changed my travel arrangements and contacted people to let them know I'll be getting back a little late.

I'm going to be spending some time today with my parents, and some working from home. I'm not sure exactly how much time I'll have to work, so here's a prioritized list of things I want to get done, I'll just get as far on this list as I can

1)Map probe values to gene names
2)Make histogram of general up/down trend
3)Get a list of genes w/ large fold change
4)Compute all variances and make a histogram
5)Start 3 runs w/ higher cap
6)15 min documentation
7)Add link to WM FAQ
8)Review and take notes on 2 papers
9)Make doctor's appt.
10)Spend 45 min working on homology mapping
11)Review and take notes on 2 more papers
12)Finish reading affy doc (except QC section)

I know I'm not going to get all the way through this, but I'll just start going down the list and get as far as I can.

Right now I have 20 min to work, then I need to go out shopping. In that time, I'm going to try and finish mapping probe values to gene names.

Journey 8:33

OK, the historic inauguration day is over.   Time to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and get back to the work of building a new life!

I'm early to work today, have an important meeting at 9:30!  now, coffee and the nice south beach breakfast I packed for myself.   I forgot to post my calories on Calorie King yesterday so I'm going to do that while I have my coffee and eggs.

Then, I'll review the agenda for the meeting and spend a few minutes in quiet time.


"It is never too late to be what you might have been." - George Eliot

Journey 10:30

Meeting over, went well, but I have a LOT of work to do in the next 30 days.

To the batchatbox, Robin!  


"It is never too late to be what you might have been." - George Eliot

Morning All!

Today I want to be a full day...found out I will be hosting a playdate on Monday, starting at 830am!  Need to be on top of things so Sunday can do a quick blessing and don't have to be embarrased on Monday! 

today - am routine, zone and mission work up to today, make cookies(family is begging) and do 3 hotspots. 

As well, I need to find the cheese cloth I have to strain the chicken broth I made last is in the area I close my eyes to, don't know how to start, and if I go looking for something, I end up leaving a bigger mess in my wake.  SO....I will need to bring a garbage bag with me upon entering room, and throw the garbage out as I come upon it instead of shoving it aside..... 

I will think on that for now, I set my timer for coffee and getting sorted this am, so I can't linger.

Hope everyone is doing well !

Well, couldn't find the cheesecloth in the dreaded room, had to go to the store.  Finished my am routine and two five minute room rescues - kids rooms are tidied up!  Onto straining the broth and my basic home cleaning.....

405pm   well, the day is much shorter than I my am routine done but nothing else.   I am really tired and want so much to go watch tv....

but I am a mom, and must make supper and find a snack for my son cuz he is still hungry - he just had a pb sandwich.  I need to make cookies too because that has been on my mind and if I don't do it, well, I don't want to feel guilty.

the shine does seem to be coming off this cleaning routine thing - I have to remember that my husband does appreciate it and the kids are happier for it - or happier that I am not on the couch or on the computer.

My husband did bring a gerber daisy home for me last night....I need to keep that feeling close to me....

Til tomorrow, then! 


Hope-Faith CI 5:15

Not sure where to start today. At this point I am only Checking In because it is on my am routine and I wont to check it off (I hope that by the time that I finish my am routine I will be motivated.) My motivation and intensity level are very low this am. Sitting down and watching tv today sounds like a great way to escape. However if I do that then I will have even hardtimes to face tomorrow. So it is not an option.

Things to accomplish today.

  1. AM routine
  2. Finish getting ppt ready for classes tomorrow
  3. Clean house
  4. 1:30 School and bank, Mrs. L
  5. Call about husbands UE
  6. Call School at 8;30 may have to change plans depending on when Marks Edit is due.

CI 6:25 AM routine is now done. Plan for the day is to work around the house until about 12:30 take kids to mom's and run by school and take care of any necessary items hopefully return home by 4:30 work around the house until 5:00 then start pm routine. I will use chat to stay motivated and focused.



wow, you are up early!!

I'm thinking of you today, hopefully can channel energy to you!!

Yes send me some energy

Your post has boosted my energy level already. Thanks for the boost. Good luck to you today.


Oh good

I was thinking back to what I have written you, and I realized that it has been kinda fluff.   I know how I have felt, I can channel those feelings like *that*.    I have tried some meditation in the past and found it has worked.  Course, my meditation includes a hot cup of tea, and just sitting against a wall( in a pool of sunshine if available) and turning inwards.  Feeling the tea slide down my throat and into my stomach....relaxing my arms legs, hand feet. rolling my head about..   THats all, til the tea is cold.  Its only 15-20 minutes, but I tend to feel better and can move about after that........


Convalaria starting again at 1.25pm and updates

I have wasted the last several days. Monday and tuesday were hot and I am not good in heat.  Today I watched the inaguration, Dr Phil and now Oprah.
Time to resurrect the day. 

Can I change?

Yes I can :)
*Unload dishwase
*Clean sink
*Run load of laundry
*dump water and poo Ppck up

2.28 above done....I am too slow!! the resisitance is huge!!
*do not feel like moisturising and doing make up...:(

"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

keep up the good work,

keep up the good work, convalaria, keep taking the baby steps.....and put on your favorite music REALLY LOUD!!!   



keep up the good work,

keep up the good work, convalaria, keep taking the baby steps.....and put on your favorite music REALLY LOUD!!!   



thanks Constance/ Chick commitments for tomorrow

Thanks Constance, it really helps me to focus my intentions in writing here before the next day. :)


-start on time  working on the hardest item first.done ; pptd

-make a schedule for myself for after the meeting

-assemble material for project p that i already have

-make a start on material for project yl

-make a start for c so i do not have to do it all at once

keep going on project r

Me too, a time-management coach

Me too, a time-management coach once told me that it was vital to set up the day's schedule the evening before (and put all the neccessary items/books on desk the evening before, too), so you don't have to waste a thought about WHAT to do in the morning and just get straight to work.


"To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day" Macbeth, Shakespeare

Chick CI /reply

Very interesting, thanks for that. Yes, it rings true all right. When i know what I am going to do first, I get right down to it, less chance for anxiety or feeling overwhelmed to kick in.--And the tool is my list or doing CI the night before.


p p

r cb-done some a bit more then next task. breaking it into bits always helps, i still ahve to learn that

COnfession: have not done tasks since meal, posting now to commit to shutting browser for at least an hour.

r r

c cb

After two days of getting

After two days of getting distracted, I'll start my day with small tasks:

O sort index cards 19:25-20:00, then ci

O prepare lunch for tomorrow 

O prepare breakfast/milk for tomorrow

x Lunch 12:30-13:00

x call M

x call D about  realism/naturalism

O read R+J


"To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day" Macbeth, Shakespeare