Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Convalaria on Sunday at 8.30am

I have been stuck with accomplishing the real stuff.
Today I am planning to ???
So far I have been awake since 4am and have had coffee and a healthy breakfast.  I have also dumped bath water and turned on sprinklers in the garden.  The rest of the time I have surfed and played a mindles patience game.
OK enough is enough!

  1. One hour self and house in 15 minute intervals
    1. 15 minutes laundry
    2. 15 minutes kitchen
    3. 15 minutesshower, teeth brush and floss, medicate
    4. 15 minutes garden water and doggy do pick up


"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

Falcon CI Saturday

Just got back from the library with an armload of books.  It's like having a huge, tempting box of candy.  How do I restrain myself from sampling everything right away?

O.k., next thing to do. . . email shovel guy.  Then get the mail, then try on new pants.

I am totally fighting myself about emailing S.  I'm at the point where pushing myself is just going to cause inner gridlock & that would mean not getting anything done.  So I'm going to live all the other parts of my life for now, and let the little people in my subconscious sort it out.  Once they've figured out the logjam, I'll come back to it.

Email!  Pants!  Onward!

P.s.  Hope those of you in eastern U.S. aren't too buried!  The snow where I am isn't bad yet.  I'm hoping it'll just fizzle out overnight.


Falcon Saturday eve.

I emailed the shovel guy and tried on the pants.  NONE of them fit.  But. . . you heard it here, folks. . . I actually did the return paperwork, boxed them up & got them ready to mail immediately, instead of procrastinating on that till the end of time (which I could easily have done.)

Next up, decide whether to use face stuff.  Fill & run dishwasher.  Clean bathroom.  Clean up kitchen.  Maybe call K. while cleaning kitchen.

Maybe read a little, but go to bed early-ish.


Journey 12:30

good afternoon!  

Busy day for me, no time to procrastinate! 

I've been to yoga, visited mom and dad, goofed off on the computer for 1/2 hour, now I am getting ready to take mom and dad to a friends 90th birthday party.   After that, groceries and dinner.   I did NOT invite kids over for dinner tonight, that would have been TOO much! 

See you tonight after I get home from the grocery store.   I'll be tired so I'll check in to keep my self on track putting away grocreis and making dinner.


"It is never too late to be what you might have been."
- George Eliot

gonna try

got lots of t hings on my to do today, probably too many. may be setting myself up for failure, but i hope not

wash dishes
straighten up
pick up cat meds
food shopping

spend 2 hours writing
work on k project at  nite

okay, let's see how it goes. one thing at a time, right?

 eta: bah. got some stuff done but spent too much time taking breaks and procrastinating which stretched out the time to get each thing done and left less time for fun. but i didn't spend the whole day napping and avoiding it all (only spent a 1/2 hour doing that). so that's success.

Chick CI


[x] food shopping

[x] post office

[x] dishwashing

[x x] birdfeeder, catlitter

[] m

[x  some, can do more ]  s


[some] tidying-- including need to find x found

[x] printing for tomorrow's volunteer meeting(done: usually I would leave this till near last minute; there's no particular challenge to it. Now I am savouring the unfamiliar feeling of being a bit more organized and in control)

[x]guitar practice

[x] roast a chicken, eat some :)

[x] wash up from dinner


Hope-Faith CI 9:35

Good morning all and thinks for the inviting day starter recycler.

I am not sure where to begin today. I am thinking of skipping my daily routine and jumping into my major project at hand which is to box up the toys in th playroom. I really only have 3 household items that I have to do to maintain. That would be to load dishwasher, wash a load of clothes and put away some clothes. I can do these items later after I finish in the playroom.

It is important that I get the toys boxed up in the playroom so that I can move the kids Christmas toys in there and it will reduce a huge amount of clutter. Granted the clutter will just be in boxes in the frog room but at least I do not have to look at it. The other reason why it is important to work on this project is because my daughter is having 7 friends over for a sleep over next Friday. I need room for all of the kids. I have had this project on my list for a long time and I have made some progress on it however I should have had it done by now. I will not beat myself up over the fact that I have not accomplished it yet. However I have been reflecting a bit this morning as to why I have put it off and not worked on it a little bit at a time. The obvious reason would be time but I seem to be able to make time for the things that I really have to do so I do not think that is the reason. I think that I have put off because it forces me to think about decisions that I am going to have to make in the future and that is "what to get rid of". I have such an attachment to "stuff" that I just shut down when I have to make decisions about getting rid of any of it. What I need to keep in mind as I work through this today is that I have no decisions to make today. Just box it up. So that will be my moto as I work through this project. Just box it up.

I will CI and work in chat to get through this project today.

Task to accomplish

  1. Update Living Life Post
  2. Just box it up - Playroom
  3. Call phone company
  4. Exercise
  5. CI 10:00  just finished updating post and have added a few items I am now I will check in to chat, get some music going grab a cup of coffee and work in playroom. Check back in in an hour to update progress.
  6. CI 11:00 well it has been an hour and I have still not started my boxing up project. Everything but. When I reviewed my Living Life post I had estimated that it would take about 5 hours to box up the playroom. One of the things I am the worst at is estimating  how long a task will take. So in 15 min I will start boxing up taking a 5 min break every 30 min for 5 hours. So I should be done boxing up by 5:00. Lets see how far off my mark I am. CI again at 11:45. Wish me luck
  7. CI 11:50 Things are going well. Two boxes taped up and ready to transport to frog room. I have to tape up more boxes. CI again in about an hour. (Need to find my timer, kids have put it somewhere, I can not wait until everything in my house has a place)


  1. hope-faith

But where will the frogs sleep?

. . . now that you've filled their room with boxes?

Seriously, though -- congratulations on getting so much stuff boxed up & out of the way!  I bet it feels good to have less clutter around!


e on Saturday

Good morning. I am a bit under the weather today and am obsessing about whether I am developing arthritis in my wrist. This would not be good and would affect my ability to work in the profession I currently do. This getting old thing is getting old....

Yesterday was a day I really did not get much of significance accomplished, but I did manage three things that pleased me: I got to a meeting for the first time in a week. I got a temporary sponsor who I am set to call today, and I set up a time to meet with her next week. 

My son had a friend sleep over, which was great for him. They have plans to get out today, which will be good because he tends to hang out in the house more than I did as a child. This will be doubly good because my spouse woke up sick this morning: I guess we won't be going to the annual dance tonight after all. 

I spent a lot of time bonding with my new ipod and learning that, while I am definitely not a techno person, I can squeak by. I put together a dance dance play list, so I can move move around the house house and maybe maybe get things done done. 

Today it would be nice to accomplish the following: resume final draft, vacuum dust bunnies, wash kitchen floor, laundry boogie, paperwork hotspot that is now an inferno. And it would make me happy to get to another meeting: last night's was wonderful. I am going to ask for help today with moving things. and chatting would be a good thing. 


Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Albert Einstein



9 days to go to study for Masters-Degree

9 days to go to finish studying for third of five final exams to get my Masters-Degree


Task for today:

finish up yesterday's reading in 60 min. (now that is putting some pressure on me)

go to library at 3 pm to get today's task done if family (I'm a wife and Mom) is too time-absorbing: there: read and structure Wycherley, "Country Wife"


"The sands are numbered that make up my life" Shakespeare

Recycler CI 6:45am EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

It's going to be a busy day here today, so I'm trying to get an early start.

With the rental condo, close-enough summary: one of my friends is going to be "house-sitting" it for me. During the week I mostly cleared out the upper level & cleared out the lower level for them. I've put my remaining items on the middle level. My friend understands that I will be cleaning/clearing a lot of that today and this weekend, then finish sorting through things in the next days/weeks. ((sigh)) I'm happy to help my friend, and it's stuff I need to do anyway. It's just a lot of work. I think having someone else around will help make it more fun, & motivate me.

Also today: I need to do my regular chores. Due to being busy, I may or may not be able to update my CI again today. We'll see.

Also, maybe Sunday I will take my computer to the new condo, which is supposed to have wi-fi. My eventual goal is for the wi-fi to work (lol). Ideally it will work right away. If so, I may get to CI tomorrow. If not I will CI from work on weekdays, then eventually get my home computer working on weekends and evenings.

9am. I've done errands and bought provisions. Now I will update my expense tracking sheet. Then there are still a couple things to do before I start cleaning & moving around more boxes. Whew! Talk to you later! :)

12:35pm. To make things more hospitable for my friend, I did some additional straightening and cleaning on the 3rd floor. Third floor is now done! :)

Main floor needs some help. Do I feel like it? Ummmm ...

OK, I will load up one car load of stuff & take it to the other condo. Once there, I will eat a salad & hang around the other condo for a while. Then I may drift back over here.

Have a great day & weekend, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)