Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

" gone.
Tomorrow...not here yet.
Today is really all we have.

Let us begin..."

- Mother Theresa

Isabella CI 1036pm

Today I was able to accomplish only some of the stuff I had originally planned. I did have a difficult period in the afternoon but I was more or less able to snap out of it and get some things done:

- Checked entire first semester schedule
- Went shopping for P/S
- Cleaned K and B
- Completed cs for trip

Still not perfect...but I guess that's why we are here.

Still some things to do tonight:
1. Finish packing T's
2. Shower
3. Organize paperwork for tomorrow AM

All right. Done for today.

pro's CI - 10:35pm

I'm very sleepy and don't want to fall asleep watching TV. I want to go to bed and get a good night's sleep. So I'm brushing my teeth now so I can go to bed.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

pro's CI - 6:15pm

I worked on my pile and accounting all day as planned, so I feel very good about myself. And now I am eating a dinner that I cooked rather than ordering in. And I feel good about that, too!

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Recycler CI 6:15pm + HP helped me today!!!


Here's my CI. (Oops, I started it wrong, and am editing it now). This morning I stretched & showered at the gym & got ready for work. Even though it was raining, I took some things to the new condo. Ordered one new thing before work. Did projects today. After work, clocked out & stayed late to write email. Next: volunteer group Executive Committee meeting, then go home.

My Higher Power just helped me a lot!!! Thanks, HP!!!

Every year I go to my exercise conference. I've gone 6 consecutive years.

In 2009 the conference will be on the other side of the country and I cannot go. The airfare would be $$$.

Oh my gosh, for some reason today, I decided to check the airfare. Oh my gosh, I got the airfare for $252 ROUNDTRIP including all fees!!!! Yay, I am going to my exercise conference in 2009!!! (I guess something could still happen, but I am really going to try to be there!)

Anyway, I am so thankful!!! Thanks, HP!!!



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Convalaria Fridy morning 9.20 in recovery I hope and updates

 Still no Puter!!
Having withdrawl symptoms


  • dresed but not showered (YUCK)
  • medicated coffee
  • medicated
  • e mail checked
  • poo picked up
  • tiny paper tidy at home (micro, micro burst)
  • I am at work


  • work on Curriculum document using this computer   started
  • call JH   tried and now done
  • call Y    done
  • have morning coffee at ??? done
  • 30 minutes desk tidy
  • Have a SHORT lunch break done b ut not short
  • Check in when done

ON THE way home:

  • dry cleaning drop off
  • money for self and Y
  • saee Y

11.10 Check in
2.50 CI

computer still, sick, sick, sick,!
Maybe monday

"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

e feeling scared today

 i have three muts to do and am feeling petrified. going to chatbox to make first scary phonecall. 

hugs to e!

Hi e!



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

1st scary phonecall

 completed. And no, I am not eligible for unemployment. Onto the next scary phone call.


very sorry no unemployment, e!

Sorry you're not eligible for unemployment. How come working overseas makes you ineligible if you're still a U.S. citizen working for a U.S. company?

I'm mourning the low weekly amount. My therapist told me that the max amount in NYS was $500/week, but it turns out to be $405. This amount is half the average weekly income in NYS. I guess the income in NYS has dropped.

I wonder why the base it on half the average.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Bummer on the unemp. E!



"The older I grow, the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom." - H.L. Mencken

it sucks, but....

 i think it might put a light under my butt to get into high gear and get a job, any job. Anyone need a highly talented procrastinator on your payroll? 

procrastinator payroll

Yep, I can't pay anything, but if you do all my procrastinating, I might get some work done! 

"The older I grow, the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom." - H.L. Mencken

lol, jo

 I promise I am very skilled. Would be happy to do all of your procrastinating

Agnus ci 2:05pm

Still in DC today although the major meetings are done. This morning I created a ppt and engaged presenters for a webinar, bought lunch and brought it back to a colleague's room to work some more, made and changed plans for a meeting, and checked out of my hotel room.

I had plans to spend tonight with Mom out in the suburbs and visit Dad in assisted living tomorrow before flying home tomorrow night. BUT - my sister called an hour ago to say Mom got hit by a car while walking in the grocery store parking lot, and is in the hospital. Nothing too dramatic but an open head wound and badly bruised. At 85 she is remarkably resilient.

I can't get out there before my sisters, who live closer, so there's no sense going crazy. My colleague and I still have lots to do so I'm praying for Mom and that situation, and praying for grace to stay focused on the next right thing for me to do. I'm waiting for my colleague to complete a webinar then we'll work on budgets and timelines. Meanwhile I need to finish editing the DWS webinar, and scan my Oct-Nov hours and expenses to prep for the budget discussion. Not sure when I'll check in again, but I'll be thinking of you-all. Thanks for being in my corner, as I am in yours.

Ag-I really hope it's all

Ag-I really hope it's all going to be okay with your Mom. That's a horrible thing to happen.

praying for ag's mom

oh, ag, i'll be praying for your mom! Hit by a car in a parking lot! That shouldnt happen to 85 yr olds. I wish her and you well.

ag's mom

prayers from me, too!

ScottK CI 12:06

Hello everybody:

Have some leftovers from yesterday:

3) Email PPlus re: Alison's transcript

4) Redraft PT profile

5) Microburst on book proposal


And fresh for today:

1) Redraft profile & send

2) Conf call

3) Draft new T&L Piece and send

4) email correspondence to Tom Griffin

5) Straighten up conference table and front desk

6) Finish H&R 3rd-Step Questions


Journey 12:30

Finally moving along, MIT #1 is done, I've had some lunch, and now I'm going to work on Task A for an hour or so . . . no more than an hour though because I have other MITs that need to be done after. 


"The older I grow, the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom." - H.L. Mencken

Sammy ci :: 10:50 am

Thanks for the starter, Isabella. That is a truly wonderful quote.

Done: Get up on time (6 am), go to class (7:30 - 9 am), stop at grandmas, check in at home, eat breakfast, check in on PA.

To Do:

Go to bank

Check work schedule

Web Design homework

Eat lunch

More web design homework

Meet L at 4pm

Web design class 6-10 pm 

CL ci

2 newcomers today! woo hoo! i hope they find recovery here as so many have, including me.

10:30 am and MIT 1 and 2 are done from yesterday. I have two today. Working on 1 in chat w/ timers.

kromer 9:40 CI

Having an awful time getting started this morning...I'm really behind this week, and it's making me feel like it's not worth starting.

So thanks for the threadstarter, Isabella...that Mother Theresa quote really spoke to me today.

Scheduled for today:
*Lab mtg
*Data and drinks (best seminar ever!)
*CB's lab holiday party

*Finish tracking stupid cells!
*Look over plots and take notes on trends
*Call RH
*Check interactome in OK, start new scans, start new runs w/ higher cap
*Notes from 2 mtgs

Other tasks:
*Read papers from DPs lab
*Go over 2 probability lectures
*1 hr reading about PCR
*Post list of coregulators

Getting my behind to lab now, where I'll work on tracking cells and taking notes from mtgs. 

kromer 6:30 CI

Yet another rough day

This cell tracking is taking so much longer than I think it should...I was expecting to be done more than a week ago. It's just so boring that I have a really hard time staying motivated.

I have made progress, but I'm *still* not done. And I have a mtg w/ NM tomorrow about the data, so I really need to be done by tomorrow.

I have been to lab mtg and data and drinks.
CB's holiday party seems to be starting late. I'm so tired and behind that I don't want to go...but it's a dept. event, and I really want to build connections with people in the dept., so I'm going to push myself to go for at least 30 min, then I can go home.

And I read papers from DP's lab and am almost done taking notes from 1 mtg.

I tried calling RH, but she wasn't available (she lives in Greece, so there's only a limited period when I can call her).

So my plan for the evening is:
1)Spend 15 more min. tracking cells.
2)Finish notes from Harambee mtg
3)At least stop by CB's lab party
4)Go home, get some (healthy) dinner
5)Finish tracking cells
6)Start scans
7)Figure out how to combine cell tracks
8)Look at plots from CJ's data
9)Check that interactome is correct
10)Take notes from mtg w/NM
11)Email RH about a good time to reach her

That won't quite cover all my MITs, but it'll get me most of the way there. It feels a little overwhelming, but I'm hoping I can manage most if not all of it. Step by step... 

kromer 9:15 CI

I spent 15 min tracking cells, finished Harambee notes, went to CB's lab party (and had a horribly unhealthy dinner there), now I'm home.

It's a bit later than I'd like, but I'm going to march on down my list as best I can...have 1 straightforward set of cells to track, then another with a bug to figure out. Then I'll start scans, that's pretty quick and easy, and then check in again.  

kromer 11:25 CI

Not as much progress as I'd like...but I *finished* tracking cells!

This has been a week and a half of boredom, and it's over now, hallelujah!

Now I need to start scans and figure out how to combine tracks, then I'll go to bed.  

GeorgeSmiley 8:25 AM

Earlier check-in than yesterday, at least.

I'm going to try a different model for check ins. one MIT at a time.

And more frequent check-ins.

MIT#1: Write a quick draft of Project P-2.


The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

GS 10:20 AM

No progress.Checking this, checking that, surfing here, surfing there, reading this and that ('but it's related to my work!')...

Starting again on MIT#1/ Project P-2

And I'm going to try using the Chatbox


The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

GS 12:30 PM + Updates

Made several research contacts and transcribed interviews on MIT#1/Project P-2.

Will get lunch now, then return to Chatbox to pull me through the next steps on Project P-2

Update 1:25 PM

Back from lunch. Resuming MIT#1/P-2

Back to chatbox

Update 5:45 PM

Finished MIT#1. 

Putting supper in the oven and setting the table, then getting some other tasks done



The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

pro's CI - 9am (heading to chatbox)

I'm still going through receipts - zillions of them, years worth. I'm going to the chatbox - will check in there.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Hope-Faith CI 8:30

Goodmorning, Still struggling with ..................everything. Trying to at least maintain by checking in. Here goes.

  • AM routine 
  • Coffee
  • Plan 2nd and 3rd
    • On-line games
    • Activities
    • E-mail
  • Plan 4th
    • On-line games
    • Activities
    • E-mail
    • Make copies find
  • Check e-mail
  • Lunch
  • Call parents
  • Clean off desk - so I can think (clutter, clutter, clutter)
  • Load and unload dishwasher
  • Wash load of clothes
  • Work 15 on C list
  • Update "Living Life" - A must do to focus

CI 9:40

  • Software from E for printer
  • AG-Auth in 9 days
  • Clementines afterschool


pro's first check-in - 8am

I've had breakfast, the bed is made and the table is expanded for papers. I still need to get dressed.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

early morning receipt tossing

I'm going through a huge bag of receipts and tossing anything that isn't really important - anything that isn't a tax deductible expense or that I don't need for a possible return.

To track my expenses, I've started using credit or debit cards as much as possible. These little receipts are maddening. It's on the statements - out they go. For now, I'm not tracking cash.

I have to get my important expenses to my accountant. He's upset with me because he made promises to people on filing my back returns, and he can't keep the promises because I didn't send him the info.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Rolzup CI

[X] check ins
[X] morning chores
[X] e-mail dash
[X] check ticklers (file, e-mail, reader, bookmarks, desktop)
[X] pack lunch
[ ] go to campus
[ ] work D journals
[ ] study H
[ ] (after dinner) write on H


Journey 6:45

 Unplanned work at home day because the guy from Dell is coming out to fix my daughter's computer (again!).   Slacked off on going to the gym because the weather is so nasty.   I promised myself I would exercise at home instead so I need to get started! 

Check back when workout is done . . .

8:00 Well, I did work out but it was mild and short . . .I have a bit of an upset tummy this morning, so taking it a bit easy.   When I don't feel well, I'm never sure if I'm really ill or just being lazy.   Sometimes if I keep going I find I feel ok, and other times people around me get the same exact illness and stay in bed for two days haha.  Then when it's over I say "Darnit, I really was sick!"  Anyway, if one feels well enough to keep going then one should I guess.    As you can tell, I'm not only feeling slightly under the weather but mentally confused this morning too.  

I'm going to take a shower. 



"The older I grow, the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom." - H.L. Mencken

feel better Journey!

<<<When I don't feel well, I'm never sure if I'm really ill or just being lazy. >>>

Man, do I relate. My mom never let us stay home from school unless we had a fairly impressive fever, so I'm programmed to not believe I'm sick unless it shows up big on the thermometer!  I have to think that through and remind myself, mom had a vested interest in us kids going to she could have a break!  I can give myself a break too.  And so can you, my friend! :-)

thanks ag!

turns out it was some frozen lasagna we ate for dinner last night . . . everyone else felt a bit icky this morning too but it passed by lunchtime!  No more frozen lasagna for a while.

"The older I grow, the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom." - H.L. Mencken

Chick's CI

Thanks for the nice day starter.


last batch [more done, more done, a handful left]
all done

did a long neglected kitchen chore. (It didn't even take that long) 

another []

chick confession

chick confession


Okay..since joining here I'm doing much better day by day, more focussed and productive, more honest with myself, wasting less time, feeling overwhelmed less often. I feel grateful for the help from here and this progress gives me real hope for recovery, first ever.

BUT I am still avoiding some big scary long deferred tasks, just got another scary e-mail from an editor. There is one realm of ITs that don't even go on my daily lists. And they need to. I think I need to start the --just find the stuff, just bring it to the desk...routine. And to start being more proactive on all sorts of things.

THis is like climbing up up up, then realizing I'm on the crest of a foothill and there's still a trail upwards to the real mountain top. One step at a time.---Anyone else had this experience?

Yes, I have...

 ...had this experience.

 I joined this place in August. It's been very valuable, but I've also found that bringing about the change I want to happen in my behavior has been a lot harder than I imagined.

 I know everything I need to do, but it seems like until the 11th hour I can't motivate myself to do it. Even things that I like and have enthusiasm for.




The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

11th hour

meee toooo!! Sometimes even when I WANT to do things, I can't get started until the last minute!

11th hour theory

I've read that one reason some people procrastinate is the adrenaline rush they get by waiting until the 11th hour helps them to focus and do the work.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

tiptree 12:49 AM CI

to do:

- modification to default title for autocreation (must do this)
- commit and test dev script change and image size fix (likewise, must do)
- doc re delta scripts (urgent)
- review bugs and determine which can be delegated to A.
- clean office (this has been deferred to the point where it really is imperative that I do something -- doesn't have to be totally clean, but it needs to be manageable)
- practice guitar
- cook dinner
- get some good sleep
- read new Nation
- read 25 pp. of JB
- read 1 ch of programming book
- look into Selenium -- install plugin and try it out
- budget/bills