Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Convalalria updating

 The deadline has passed.
I have mananged 5 out of 7 sets
Will complete the last 2 later tonight.
Not quite what waas demanded, but maybe it will be enough. Have to wait and see.
Feel relieved.
Going to have a manicure and dinner with son(s). :)
Next have to consider what's next.
How to get into recovery????
How to set goals?
How to prioritise? and then how to avoid paralysis and act?


"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

Sammy ci :: 7:15pm

Ah, foiled again! I was giving K a ride home when I started to have car problems,....5 hours later, I'm home again, my car is at the shop, and should be ready by saturday. I'll have to forfeit my plans for tonight and keep cleaning so I can be ready for company tomorrow.

Time for more laundry....... 

Ag again

Could not make headway on my intentions for tonight. Heavily distracted by phone calls, sad that my stepson does not want to bring his family to our house for Thanksgiving, and the awful news - my best high school-era friend works for an American school in Mumbai. I can only pray ... I am heading out to my 12-Step meeting - sorry to bring personal sadness here lately, but faking it sucks worse.  

Pro, we each deserve a Bahamas cruise when we get through this season of life on life's terms!

ag, sweets

 I just saw the news and am praying for your friend. Keep in mind, having lived in a large city overseas with terrorist actions I think it would be highly unlikely that your friend would be in the right place in the wrong time. I am sad that youir family is having a hard time  this season. It helps to read you and Pro sharing to see that it is feasible to continue to work the program even when life seems unbearable. I hope you have a safe and serene holiday. 


{{{{ Ag }}}}

{{{{ Ag }}}}

Convalalria 5 hours untill the deadline

I am hoping that I can makeit.
All the little bits and pieces I did when I was paralysed by perfectionism are helping.
I am not being very thorough or ethical but the MIT is to get this done.
From this evening  I ma going to think about how I cna become more proactive so that I am never quite as bad as this again at report time. A
I can take heasrt that at least this time the paralysis was not as bad as when I joined the site.  My familycircumstances are different, I have this site and my health is better.....but on the other had I do have the sword of Damocles hanging over my head.

When I check in again this wil be over!!!!

"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."


Hang in there:: you are absolutely not alone in this position. I have never seen any school get all  their records in on time. Stay in the day, and know we are routing for you!

supporting convalaria

i kno how you feel. most of my life i have dreaded and feared report time. This has ebbed a bit recently, but i still dread it some months, and on the good months it's something i tolerate.

I hope you make it!!!

I trust HP that you can recover--that we all can :)


Good luck to you

Good luck to you Con--strength to your elbow!

Recycler CI 6:10pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

My day has been as busy as those Threadstarter Pals up there!

I'm staying for the children's program tonight, then going home to make jello salad. Humor: I swear I am really going to make it tonight!!! (I have to lol at myself)

This morning: while my gym remodels for 5 weeks, they are sponsoring us at whichever other gym of our choice, the Y or other. I'm at another private gym. It isn't as posh as my regular gym, but I can handle it for a month or so. Stretched at gym, and showered; then got dressed for work. Made an early grocery store run for forgotten lettuce, soup, & butter ;)

Have done projects all day at work. oh my gosh we are super busy, and super crazy before the holiday. Had a guest for our lunch, and they really liked it & probably will come back. Crammed impossible projects all afternoon. Still have some things to do. While the deadline things are done, still have Stuff that isn't getting stuffed in ;) Five days of work surprisingly doesn't always fit into 3 days! ;) OK, after this, I need to make a list of that Stuff, and then plan to Give it a Go on Monday.

I ate dinner & am now letting an aspirin take effect ;) Next: make a project list for Monday.

Tomorrow morning I will need to hit the ground running for company coming about 10:30. Will I get to CI in the morning? Will I get to CI at all? I'm not sure, but hope everyone will have a great night tonight, and a great day tomorrow! :) Hugs! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

tiptree CI 5:09 PM

got some work done. best if I get another 3 or 4 hours in, tonight. Also, I managed to misplace the case for a DVD that I was watching on my laptop (have to return it by 8 pm, tonight). Guess I'll clean until I find it

(k, found the DVD case in my office under a pile of comics...)

- clean bedroom
- clean office
- clean 1st floor
- clear bugs for 3-4 hours
- return DVDs
- stretch
- practice guitar

Ag ci 3:30pm

Went to a good 12-Step meeting last night and then stayed up too late watching Dancing finale ... sigh. Ballroom Dance is now officially on my Bucket List! So today didn't start until 8:20: called Mom, did Step 11, baked banana bread, cried for awhile, re-did Step 11, ate breakfast, prepped lunch, planned some of Thanksgiving dinner, cried some more, and then had a difficult conference call for 2 hours. Been responding to its generated MUTs and MITs ever since, but need to check in again here and again at Step 11. I am still all over the place emotionally, uncertain about the future, needing to take things very much one day at a time. So, next up:

  • pray, bathe, wash hair, dress (about time!)
  • commit food and eat lunch
  • AP call to PA
  • webinar planning, forms for that and conf
  • book flights for dc trip
  • allocate hours
  • goal: 8 billable today
  • hair, nail care
  • awol tonight
  • think through Thursday dinner plans and schedule prep work

Hugs, Agnus!

Hi Agnus!



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Sammy ci :: 12:30 pm

I have some laundry in, but the house cleaning is on hold for the moment. A couple surprise MUT's popped up, so I need to finish those before I clean the house any more.


Took dog for walk

Picked up B from friend's house

Laundry IN


Working on:

Newsletter design for L. Will finish within the hour.


To Do:

Finish laundry

Clean Room

Fold Laundry

Clean Bathrooms

Call G

Call L 

Journey noon

Well, it's noon and I finally have my MITs for the day lol.   I have worked more on yesterday's problem, read email, attended a meeting, exercised, and taken a bath. 

Now on the boring stuff . . . first I need to schedule my vacation for the rest of the year, that is one thing that keeps falling off the bottom of my list.  Then I will spend 15 minutes on my desk/pile.  



"The older I grow, the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom." - H.L. Mencken

Sammy ci :: 9:45 am

Wednesday IS my favorite day....its the day our puppet ministry meets (I coach a team of middle/high school puppeteers). No meeting today, though...Because of the holiday.

Speaking of holidays...We're having some people over for Thanksgiving tomorrow, so today is a day for cleaning the house!!

 MIT :: Clean bedroom!

I will work on each task for about 30 min, then take a "break" by switching to another task....I'll check in later!

 Happy Wednesday! 


I love them, too... Such a fun form of theatre. :-) And the kids are just so sweet... :-)

another puppet fan here :)


That's really cool about the puppets :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)


how cool is that! I love puppets :)

puppeteering coach!

 that sounds like a blast! I miss Jim Henson.....

CL ci

9:17 : latish start, but it's been worse, much worse. MIT 1 carries over from yesterday, so get started. check those tests. set timer. use chat.
12noon : using chat and timers. a productive day so far. now time for quiet time. HP pls let it go well.


e's wednesday ci

 I woke up this morning for the first time in a week aned felt... okay! I think it was because I had a door open all night so I did not get too hot and dehydrated, but it may just be that my cold is finally passing. I left a huge pile of dishes in th kitchen last night and I am to start cooking properly today. My spouse has done a magnificent job of getting the house in shape: it is time for me to step up to the plate.

I would like to : drink water again. take a shower. call in dr. for meds refill. do a basic morning routine to get myself in shape. tackle those dishes (some work done in this direction, but tons to go. eat a healthy breakfast. clear up the porch and make a donations bag of those items on the porch. sweep the porch. straighten trash cans. call A to confirm he is up by 10:30. 

today I am likely to lose pep later on, so I would like to take advantage of whatever energy I have to get things moving. 

Rolzup CI

I've been solving puzzles for the last half hour. Thank goodness this site was open in another tab with the little blue dude staring down balefully at my time-wasting, or I might have gone on longer!

Actually, I'm still not ready to start the day.

[X] morning chores
[X] meditation
[X] writing
[X] e-mail dash <--not much "dash" in that dash--took me half an hour instead of 15 min.
[X] check tickler
[X] G work
[X] pack lunch
[ ] GTD/family time
[ ] 10:00 to campus

going to campus early


kromer 7:35 CI

Up, dressed, had breakfast.

I've had a bad couple days, would like to pull myself out of this rut. Here's what I want to get done today:

Before I leave for home
*Finish tidying and packing
*Update lab notebook
*Start post-processing for 2 calculations,visualize results
*Run check-gel
*Finish probability pset

On the plane home:
*Read over probability notes
*Read over human genetics notes
*Do genetics pset

If I have extra time:
*start data processing
*visualize some results

I'm going to start by finishing tidying/packing, then I'll start post-processing, then I'll head to lab to run check-gel and update my lab notebook, then I have a mtg w/ friends to finish pset.  I'll work in the chatbox to keep myself on track. 


Chick's CI

thanks for the day starter journey.

I have been working since early. Two small tasks for others done first thing, now writing with a deadline. I have my material, have a few hundred words. I need to stay calm and look after a few household tasks too. Staying calm and keeping going are the most important for getting this done. Once again, it's a last minute crisis and time-binging, but then, a while ago i wasn't up to this, so even if i want to change the whole pattern I give myself credit for facing the challenge.

all catboxes clean. dishes washed; timer; clothes etc. tidying. papers; pres. almost finished. and: this is wednesday and it's not till saturday. there is some time. Whew. It is still a last minute binge, but for me it's relatively tranquil.

roses CI

i have been procrastinating these last couple of days. not getting up before 9, not practicing. i have that familiar clouded head which is autopiloting my actions. my desk has become a mess, and i believe that might hold some sway over my mind. so my first task this evening is to clear it.

the purpose of re-enforcing a routine is 'rationalized-out' as i'm unemployed, and have nothing to do for anyone all week, save a couple hours or two. all my routines are for me and by me. i believe that employment, especially the job i really would like, will help with that. it will take my ego, my business or opinions out of the equation. i'll be working on others schedules.

speaking of that job, yesterday (the day after i applied) i had a telephone interview! which went ok. i wasn't prepared, but the many hours of whose line watching proved invaluable. they'll let me know in the next three days if i have a face to face interview. i sure hope i do.. this job would mean travelling to a new city each week, working in a team and staying in paid accommodation, usually holiday cottages! (:

right now tho i have to practice drums, and then catch the 13:08 bus to town for a meeting.

thanks for your hi-five the other day sammy (:

i wish you all peace

Journey 7 am

Good morning!   I struggled through some boring stuff at work yesterday, but got a trouble call at 5 pm so worked on that for several hours last night.   I'm on call this week, so the problems come to me.   Too bad they waited until 5:00 to call me, but still I am happy to have something interesting to work on.  Skipped gym this morning to upload some more info to the vendor so they can assist.  

Now I need to go get on the treadmill for a while, eat breakfast, and get back to the boring stuff.   Yesterday I wanted to change sheets on dd's bed, work on the pile, and work on my online course.   All of those things dropped off the end of the list .  

Back by 9 am with MITs for the day. 




"The older I grow, the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom." - H.L. Mencken

journey 9:15

back but sans mits.   I sent a few emails regarding the above problem and now I'm going to take a shower before diving into the rest of the work day. 



"The older I grow, the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom." - H.L. Mencken