Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Wednesday 19 November

I can take one step I can keep starting courage wisdom serenity

Recycler CI 7:20pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

The temperature inside my rental condo is 66, which is still pretty good without turning on the heat yet (considering it is 32 outside right now). I can turn on the heat if I want to, but I'm going to see if I can go another day or two ;)

Here in the rental condo, I'm keeping the temp at 58, so I'm bundling up here & using the space heater while I type my CI ;) hee hee! ;)

Today at work there were a number of things that kept me at my desk. While one thing didn't work out, we also didn't seem to be getting the whole story on it; it's hard to know what to do in those situations, but my boss said we dealt with it and to sleep well.

After clocking out at 5pm, I worked on my volunteer newsletter, then ate dinner and drove home. Doing my CI now, then will decide what to do next! Goal: to go to sleep on time tonight! ;)

Have a great night, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Convalaria 11.30am Onwards

 here is the plan for the rest of the school day:

11.30 report cards and important phonecall
1.45 some grading
2.30 some teaching
3.10 duty
3.30 go home and a few errands
4.30 arrive home, feed and wal animal eat dinner
6.30 check in

Onwards in hope!

"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

Sammy ci :: 3:20 pm

The day is flying by, I can't believe its after 3:00 already!! Its starting to get dark out, too! Oh, if only it would just SNOW...I'm tired of the cold with no snow!

I've spent enough time in the house today.... its time to get out and run some errands:

--grocery store

--pick up dog supplies at pet store

--take dog for walk?? 

--get ready for funeral

--go to funeral

--work on marketing paper

--prepare lesson plans

--go to bed early!! 

tiptree CI 11:55 AM

to do:

- 1448 in bugzilla
- 1446
- 1442
- 1376
- 1438
- read paper
- read 25 pp of novel
- read 1 ch of programming book
- pay bills
- meeting about saving library
- exercise
- clean office
- clean by bed
- call R and/or T

Journey 11:30 Update 2 pm 5:30

I finally got moving :)  I have attended one of three meetings and I'm doing administrative type stuff this morning.   My MITs are set but I'm going to get this admin stuff out of the way before I tackle them, since I'm feeling so sluggish this am. 
2 pm MIT #1 is finally done, also 2 of 3 meetings.  One more meeting to go, maybe I'll get a little bit of real work done in between meetings :)  Ah, the corporate world.  
MITs 1 & 2 are done, and all three meetings have been attended.   Now I'm going to put dinner in the oven.   I guess I'm not babysitting since no ragamuffin children have shown up on my doorstep, but it would have been nice if someone had bothered to tell me :)
5:30 MIT #3 done, now to go finish dinner and pack gym bag for the morning.  I also need to make ahead something for dinner tomorrow so we don't have to pick up dinner.  
Coulda been a more productive work day, but not too bad. 
"For myself, I am an optimist--it does not seem to be much use being anything else."- Winston Churchill

Chotrain CI 10:30

First and Foremost, I gratefully thank the Energy Source that has returned my soul back to me with compassion and has given me the ability to rise and jump into a Proactive Day.

  • 7:00-7:15 Prayer and Meditation
  • 7:15-7:45 Jump on the treadmill for 30 minutes while I flip through CNN, local news etc
  • 7:45-8:15 Shower, Prepare cloths, eat breakfast 
  • 9:00-9:35 Drive to Work/Stop off at bank 
  • 10:00-7:00 Work
  • TD List Call, Empty Inbox, Review Pear Database, Work on AP Program, OPP Talley, To Be Continued.

Stay Motivated!

Peace and Love,


Convalaria going on.1.30am Thursday morning

 I find it very difficult really impossible to work at home in the evenings. Evening work at home is really part of a teachers lot. When I arrived at home on Wednesday at about 4.30pm.....the agitationa and anxiety and the work load were insurmountable. Went to bed. Slept untill about 12 midnight. Watched Letterman. Had a coffee. Feeling calmer, more composed and less resisitant.
Now HAVE to get on with MUT's and MIT's.
The Goal is to have one set of 2 or 3 comments on line. Time availiable ...5 hours.
Steps needed.

  • 11 comments for first comment
  • 25 comments for second comment
  • open software and cut and paste.

Onwards in hope!!!!

"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

Hoping Convalaria got some sleep

Hi, hope you got some things done in your five hours but also hope you got some rest.   Would it be possible for you to "stay after school" for an hour each day and do some of the evening work then?  I know I have a really hard time doing paperwork in the evenings.   Sometimes I stay in the office "off the clock" and work on paperwork because it's just so much easier to get it done when I'm sitting at my desk.  Once I get home, paperwork is the farthest thing from my mind.
"For myself, I am an optimist--it does not seem to be much use being anything else."- Winston Churchill

teacher sleep

 my mother would go to sleep at 9:30 each night and get up at 3 to do her lesson plans. I thought she was crazy until I had to do the same thing in order to get anything done for school. I found teaching so exhausting that I had to crash as soon as I came home from school. Hats off to you for even attempting to teach!

Journey 9:15 brrrrr

Good morning, I've been to the gym and i'm eating a nice warm bowl of oatmeal.   It's so cold, it was cold in the gym and it's cold in my  house.   I'm determined to keep the heat on 68 - everyone else in the house likes it cool and it will save money.  But this morning I'm effing freezing and I can't seem to get warm.  It would probably help if I get out of my sweaty gym clothes and into some cozies.  
working from home again today, and I may be babysitting this afternoon beginning at 4, so I need to get busy.   Although I worked 10 hours yesterday and got a lot done, so if I work 6 hours or so today I'll be happy with that.  
I've read and responded to email but I haven't set MITs yet.   I have several meetings today too so that doesn't leave a lot of time for real work.   I'm going to finish my oatmeal, get dressed warmly and get busy.   
"For myself, I am an optimist--it does not seem to be much use being anything else."- Winston Churchill

e's wednesday

 managed to get C up and out the door despite all of his cold symptoms. This was not done without manipulation, but at least he got to physics class! He is to check in by 11 to let me know if he has to come home: I am hoping he hangs in there for the rest of the day. 

A starts work today. It is freezling in the apartment and I don't much feel like getting on with things, but the house is a bit of a mess, so I would like to choose some things I would like to get accomplished and go hang out in the chatbox doing them. 

coupons on chair in living room. 

blankets find a place fot them

choose where to hang artwork

straighten and put away shoes

clean up dishes

wash/rinse kitchen floor

call voicemail for Steve's message

plan supper

clip vines in the back 

clean up stuff on porch

contact bb/bs for pickup

moving to the chatbox now


CL ci

8:20am : good start. i've almost all caught up here.
8:25 (5min) : done catching up. Now set MITs. AND set timer.
10:10 : wasted time. did NOT set MITs. had 1hr mtg. i wish i had done better, but i have the strength right now to go on.
12pm (~2hr) : some distraction, using chat box. MITs just adopted from yesterday. Working hard on 1--trying to not time binge.
*** i'm going to stop every 15 min to pick my head up, so as to be aware, make decisions, and not time bing.
12:05 (5min) : right, it's time for my quiet time. that kills me because i was just about to get some work done. But i kno it's the right thing to do, so i'll reluctantly do it.
2:15 (2h10m) : did some quiet time, then got distracted 1.5hrs online. not fatal. trying to not have that debilitating guilt. I am guilty, but i want to accept forgiveness. And it so happens, it's time to pray.
2:20 (5min) : best prayer time in a while. God has, once again, used my failures to make me depend totally on him. I thank him.
4:15 (~2hrs) : been working on MIT 1 almost done. no resistance at the moment.


Agnus ci 8:15 am, 10:15am, 11:45am, etc

Step 11, food plan, sponsor call done. Next: Eat. Microburst 5 items from the desk pile. Allocate yesterday's time. Call 1 AP20 site.12:20pm - confirming via email. Write DL report. Call 1 more AP20 site.  Invoice webinar. Call another AP20 site. Print new biz cards. Telecon RR sometime. Housecleaning estimate. Book dentist and chiro (xrays). dcf mtng. pneer updates. awol.

6pm: been unproductive since 4 pm: at least one hour was sponsor's orders, after I sought help for a problem that came up. I'm glad I asked for the help, instead of applying my usual independent pridefulness; it shows some growth. The other hour was spent posting about my spiritual exercises - it helped me refocus on what's important. And I feel good to have one AP call done!  Now: 30 minutes with J, then AWOL, then the report CL needs tomorrow, and bed by 10.Undecided 11:30! G'nite, all!

Hope-Faith CI 8:10

Good Morning To All 

A little late CingI in today. Even though I was late CingI and late getting up, my am routine is becoming a no brainer and I am doing very well and sticking to the plan. It is such a relief. The newly established routine has enabled me to make it to work on time and I do not have to argue with the kids about getting ready in the morning, well maybe a little.. A solid peaceful am routine is beginning to emerge.

Am Routine

Load of clothes Hang out clothes
Check In Get kids up
Get ready


Feed animals Leave
  • CI 10:00 day is progressing well.  

  • CI 11:30 progress is still going well, in a bit of a bad mood, some of my students in my first class do not care about learning or getting an education. Today it is just really hard to deal with. I think it is because I am working so hard to improve the quality of my life by taken responsibility for appropriate use of my time and yet these young individuals with their future in their hands will not even lift a finger to help themselves or improve.

  • CI 3:00 the work day is almost done Have a PLC committee meeting at 3:10 then we will go home to start on our pm routine.



 Check on Forum, read articles

 CI online q agenda
 Check E-mail  Plan 3.00 Test Review get info ready for 2nd period - Print Labels for folder
 2nd & 3rd Lesson plans, e-mail, PPT, on-line quiz BP 24
4th Lesson plans, e-mail, PPT, on-line quiz  Lunch Account
Input Grades - Print Progress Reports 2nd 3rd 4nt  Sch SGA Speeches
 Read senior project paper  PLC Meeting
  • CI 5:25 Did not get home by 4:00 went by the bank at 4:30 they were closed. I had left a couple of items at home that I needed to take to the back. So I went to the bank close to my house. I forgot that I closed at 1:00 on Wednesday. :rolleyes:I will have to leave work at 9:00 tomorrow make my deposits, I will have to operate outside of my new established routine.:( 
  • CI 6:10

Between School and Home

  • Bank did not happen
  • Grocery Store did not happen

Home - Evening


Arrive home by 4:00 Did not happen

Move Dresser -- Remove clutter from hallway


Next on the list is get get clothes for next day and eat supper. Husband and son are moving dress as I type. Progress Progress

Maintain Van Clothes for next day
Take in clothes Bath/Homework
Supper in the oven/Dishwasher


Fold/put away clothes Declutter Project
Son Piano  Reading A-Z

7:30-8:30 Family Time

8:30-11:00 Coupons, Intel 15 min, Christmas list 15 min, checking 15 min.


Things to remember 

  •  Son check for lunch
  • Daughter check for lunch


hope-faith  Have a Great and Productive Day

kromer 7:40 CI

Done so far: Got to lab, started yeast culture

Scheduled: toastmasters, mtg w/ NM, mtg w/ CY, mtg w/ CN, mtg w/ CE

*Finish pset
*Yeast transformation
*Balance checkbook
*List of Qs for lab members, plan out rest of week's work in NM's lab
*Read 1 paper for NM's lab, spend 30 min thinking about project
*Figure out what I need to do to get drivers license

Other tasks (won't get through all of these, will just do as much as I can):
*Finish CSB100 papers
*Ask about TetO seqs
*Organize papers
*Get key!
*Email 1 prof.
*Screen 2 colonies
*Fix interactome cp/coreg issue
*write up how I indentified coregs

Right now, I need to work on the pset. I need to get back to work on transformation at 8:15, and would like to be mostly finished w/ pset by then.

kromer 1:55 CI

OK, doing OK for most of today, but I've stalled out for the past 20 min.

Right now, I need to read a paper for NM's lab. Then I'll go meet w/ CY, then check back in.

Update 3:10--read 2/3 of the paper and met w/ CY.

I'm going to spend 20 min finishing the paper, then go talk to CJ so I can plan out the rest of the week in NM's lab, then go meet w/ NM, then meet w/ CN, then go home! This'll be the first time I'll get home before 11, yay! 

kromer 5:05 CI

Checking in to keep myself most of the way through the paper, met w/ CJ and NM, now I need to go to mtg w/ CN, then go home and make some dinner, then take notes from mtgs w/ CJ and NM, finish reading paper, spend some time thinking about my project and email about the tetO sequences. Back with frequent updates.

kromer 7:50

met w/ CN, came home, had dinner, talked on the phone with a friend, started laundry...then spaced out for an hour. Now I need to get back on track. I'm going to quickly hang up my laundry, then I'll tackle the tasks listed above. I'll work in the chatbox and check in often.

kromer 10:05 CI

Not doing great, but I did hang up laundry, balance my checkbook (and do some general budgeting) and figure out what I need to do to get MA license.

Now I need to push to get all my MITs done today. I need to take notes from mtg w/ NM and CJ, make a list of questions for lab members, finish reading paper, spend some time thinking about project, make a schedule for week's work in NM's lab. I'm feeling really unmotivated, so I'll work in the chatbox to keep myself motivated.  

Rolzup CI

[X] 5:40 internet reading
[X] 5:50 e-mail dash
[X] 6:00 morning chores
[X] 6:10 meditation
[X] G work
[X] 7:30 GTD/family time
[ ] 9:30 exercise+shower
[ ] pack lunch
[ ] 10:00 go to campus.


roses CI 10:07

I'm having to change my list today, as my mum's staying home to work.

  • get up before 9
  • eat breakfast away from the pc
  • CI, check emails and search for jobs
  • end cold stratification and plant P
  • rehearse songs and covers for an hour
  • eat a good lunch
  • exercise
  • practice drums for an hour
  • shower, dress and clean teeth
  • work on project
  • eat a good dinner
  • watch one house episode

I ended up cooking dinner, for which i had to get ingredients first. It was a success tho, no matter how much working on my project it took up.

Peace and a fulfilling day to you all.

chick CI

charity bag out

work 30 min on MUT--e-mail and internet off-.54-24; whole thing roughed out five minutes early
Smile reminder to self: I can do this. turning off e-mail is good.Just a bit, just a step and the next step is easier. Set new goal-30 min writing every morning first thing

now type it up--starting on this now-
I have made a good start; it feels good to do a chunk of the scary task first instead of storing it up! reminder to self-eat those frogs-if you did this every day it would be really good

conf-help s.

prepare afternoon meeting

ci cont'd

meeting prep done for two meetings.


liaising s. done

set off to meetings

more on paper

time to get back on track; review material; tea; type 

you referring to the French?

or do you really have frogs in your fridge..?


appetizing frogs!

 roses, your queiry really helpd me to see that what one may dread doing can be a pleasant experience: I like frog legs: perhaps I can start to like those things I find scary to do!

maybe actually doing what

maybe actually doing what one dreads is less unpleasant than dreading doing what one dreads and not having done it yet? :D

hi roses, there's a book

hi roses, there's a book about getting stuff done called Eat that frog. I think there's even a review of it somewhere on ths forum. So the expression is my shorthand for doing, or starting on,  the scariest or most important task first...when i manage it--far from often, it makes me feel really good not to doubt myself and have avoided task looking ahead.

Yesterday someone's post here (Jo? recycler?) led me to Leo Batauta's Zen habits blog-- really helpful -- now I like that better than the frog-image.

Sounds like i could benefit

Sounds like i could benefit from reading that. I'll be sure to have a look for it online.
I apologise if my silly questions undermined the context of your frog eating metaphor. And i say that with earnest.
It did bring about some wisdom however, which was quite inspiring.

about frogs

Thanks for all the laffs this morning!  This thread reminded me of something fun Dad used to say: Eat a live frog first thing every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day!

Eat that Frog!

I think this book is by Brian Tracy.   Anyway, he starts out by saying "  If you have to eat two live frogs, eat the ugliest one first " 
"For myself, I am an optimist--it does not seem to be much use being anything else."- Winston Churchill