Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Tuesday 18th November 2008

Sammy ci :: 10:15pm

Good news! I talked to my teacher, and he's not only giving me an extra day to get the paper done....he's giving me the whole week!! HP has really blessed me by surrounding me with understanding instructors.... :-) ....But I think I'm going to pretend it's due on Thursday.... that way I'll have it done before its REALLY due, and have several days to feel good about getting the work done early!

 For now, it's time to make dinner, enjoy my evening, and maybe have some spiritual time before bed.


Falcon CI Tues.

Hi pro buddies,

My intention for this evening was to answer some personal ads, and I'm finding myself totally dragging my feet.  I want very much to be in a relationship, but I find the process of finding dates stressful.  It feels kind of like job-hunting -- it's a lot of putting myself out there, and takes a lot of energy, especially for a naturally introverted person.

I know that a romantic partner isn't just going to show up on my doorstep -- if I want a relationship, I have to make the effort to meet people.  But there seems to be an emotional disconnect. . . reaching out to meet new people doesn't feel as if it has anything to do with a relationship; it just feels like a stressful chore.

Maybe that's not really so odd, now I think of it.  After all, a person could truly want to work in a certain field, yet hate writing & sending out their resume.  I love intimacy and closeness; I just don't much like having to keep introducing myself to strangers in order to get there.

For tonight, I don't have to take any steps, but I think I need to not distract myself from my feelings, either.  Instead of pacifying my feelings with web-surfing, better to sit with the loneliness, the discomfort, etc. and let myself get centered enough to let the drive & desire & motivation start coming to the surface.  I guess that's my MIT for tonight.

Good vibes to everyone,


falcon suggestion

I don't know if this would be something you would enjoy, but it is truly non-commital way to meet strangers while getting some exercise. My mother started contra= dancing after my father passed away: she loved to dance and there were lots of them in the area. What is wonderful about it is that everyone is there for the music and the dancing, everyone rushes around to find a new partner each dance - sometimes you dance with women, sometimes with men, and even then, you are usually in someone elses arms every other minute. She had no intention of getting involved with anyone, but she did meet people of all ages and she ended up meeting and getting involved with someone who she has been with for 15 years.  If contra dancing is not your style, Texas line dancing, or some other activity might be something you would enjoy.Just a suggestion, but you might add it to your reperatoire of how to meet folks.

Thanks, e

Hi e,

Thanks for the thought!  I have done contra dancing occasionally, and you're right -- it's a lot of fun, and a nice, upbeat, low-pressure way to meet people.  English country dancing is fun, too.  I've never met anyone for dating that way, though; I'm gay, so I have better luck either online or at events specifically for gay women.

Ironically, my hobby is practicing a martial art where most of my classmates are men, and they are the sweetest guys around.  That doesn't do me any good romantically, but I tell my single straight women friends that they should join if they want to meet nice guys! 



My mom actually loves Scottish dancing: and English is very popular around here as well. I don't know if my gay friends have found their life partners through dancing. Most of my lesbian friends seem to have met in the park walking their dogs!

Agnus recommits - from morning post

  • <<< tonight is personal billpaying night; reprise Step 11 for help to start, and Chat as needed.
  • I have procrastinated personal bill-paying for 3 weeks now and have that anxiety of not knowing where I really stand. Been just throwing mail and receipts into a box so it now seems monstrous. I commit here to starting that this evening. >>>

    8:40pm: Bookending 20 minutes for prayer and microburst sorting the first 10 items in the pile. Then I'll stop to finish dinner.

    8:55 - DONE!  First 10 items in bill basket are opened and sorted. Now, dinner: Back here NLT 9:45.

    9:53 eight minutes late (watching Dancing with the Stars!) :-) Bookending another 10-item sort.

    10:30 - I have sorted the entire pile -yay!  The next step will be action on a smallish pile of due-now bills, RSVPs etc, but this must wait for morning. It's past bedtime and it really doesn't work anymore for me to stay up late. G'night all!

    Recycler CI 6:20pm EST


    Monday night I got in too late from meeting with my sponsor to walk across the street in the dark to my rental condo & use the computer here. I am staying on track on Mondays including going to my 12-step meeting, but may have to make a different plan for CI on Mondays for a while since it has been so dark outside when I get in. Maybe I can CI before I leave work at the end of the day? We'll see.

    Today we had a Large Event where I work, which means staff have to park in a parking lot 1/2 mile away. So I rode the train in this morning. I came in early so I can work out at the gym, then showered and got dressed for work. I did projects today. One other department didn't have their part of the project ready, so I will try that one again tomorrow; plus I need to ask their help on some label prep that is turning out differently than I expected. Got my hair cut today, then ate lunch at a restaurant while I was out. Did other projects in afternoon. Worked a few minutes of overtime for boss, but then she decided she wants to wait until in the morning to complete the project, which is ok with me. Rode the train home.

    Arriving in the neighborhood, checked my new condo first, to see if I need to bring over the space heater from the rental condo. No, new condo is warm enough. Came over to the rental condo to have dinner, do my CI, and get the matching top for a warm sweatsuit I want to wear tonight. Next: to go my other 12-step meeting.

    Have a great night, everyone! :)


    Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

    Sammy ci :: 5:20 pm

    Well, I stayed up until 3:30 am, and i am FINISHED with the annotated bibliography!! Wooooooooo!!

    I presented my photography assignment today in class (AND turned it in on time!). The rest of the class was really impressed with my work, and my teacher said I did a superb job.

    So the first half of my day went well.

    I just realized I have a paper due in 30 minutes that I have not even started....I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that....This was not an act of procrastination, just forgetfulness..... This is definitely NOT going to help my grade....Perhaps I can get a 1 day extension, and work on it tonight / tomorrow and turn it in by tomorrow evening via email?? Ugh...HP, please help me to be less forgetful!!

     I'll check in again after class...hoping things go alright tonight......This paper is beginning to crush today's accomplishments......................... 


    sammy congrats

    on finishing that bibliography!  Hope you can get the extra day for the overlooked paper - I have that kind of forgetfulness too. It tempts my Beat-'er-Up Committee: "How could you?!"  But thanks to PA, I now refuse to provide transportation and refreshments so that committee doesn't meet as often or as long! :-)

    Yay Sammy--two triumphs!

    Yay Sammy--two triumphs! Hang onto that! Smile

    tiptree CI 4:16 PM EST

    to be done (in priority order):

    - take care of missing js file issue in main
    - hang signs
    - call Mayor's office about library closing
    - test new release in production (bumped up in priority)
    - 1441 - investigate
    - 1442
    - 1446
    - 1376
    - 1254
    - pay bills
    - dishes/kitchen
    - clean office
    - clean basement
    - read ch. of work-related book
    - read 50 pp. of novel

    Journey 4:30 Update 7:30

    MITs 1 and 2 are completed; I've also attended two meetings and a class!  So, doing ok today.   MIT #2 (project L) is so close to being completed, I think I will go ahead and spend the rest of the day on this and get it done.  Right now I'm taking a break!  
    MITs 1 and 2 completed, Project L completed yay, dinner has been served, gym clothes are laid out for tomorrow and a few clothes have been folded and put away.  I want to vaccuum my bedroom and do the dishes then I'm done for the day, and it's been a very good day.   Especially for a work at home day!  Tuesdays have been the bane of my existence for the last few weeks.  
    "For myself, I am an optimist--it does not seem to be much use being anything else."- Winston Churchill

    tuesday check-in

    After my last check-in a few weeks ago, I actually completed everything I had on my list. And then I proceeded to relapse for the next 2 weeks.. I tell myself that I don't have time to post on this site because that time could better spent doing my schoolwork. But I am MUCH more likely to do work if I post here. I need to stop listening to the side of me that wants to put everything off.

    -Anyway, I have a test today in my computer science class. I haven't been doing very well in this class lately so I really need to focus on studying today. Hopefully there's enough time to study.

    -I have work due in another class that I need to study for. I'll work until about 12:30 tonight in order to finish.

    I think I can manage these main tasks today and not get distracted.

    tuesday check-in

    funny, I'm less likely to get work done if I post here. oh well...

    tuesday check-in

    then again, the sample size is too small, and the odds of my getting something done are already quite negligible.

    lol tiptree

    not to diminish ur difficulty, but that was funny.


    chick's late CI

    I got up early and did necessary small tasks before a day of meetings; now it's been a full and fairly productive day, but I have urgent tasks so I need to take a break and then focus.

    [x] quiet time... now [x] clean kitchen and cook

    [some thinking to plan]a hr paper

    [some reading done] p paper

    [] bills

    [some done, some left] corresp

    [x] tix

    Agnus ci 11:30 am, 2:45pm, 8:20pm

    Hi friends!  Up at 6:20, planned food, called sponsor, did Step 11, pet care, and was on a business call at 8 am!  I planned that to force myself to start earlier, and it feels good to have so much done already: webinar planned and rehearsed, Mom called, Dad's birthday cards signed, mail opened and sorted, emails checked and two client calls handled.  I even called a plumber yesterday who came this morning and fixed an annoying problem I procrastinated for 18 months!  :-) Still to come:

    • solo dry run wbnr notes
    • create poll
    • restful lunch
    • microburst 1 AP call missed again
    • wbnr
    • enter and deposit rcbls
    • 1 hour on eval notes more like 3
    • microburst pneer rpts nope
    • check loa status
    • restful dinner just starting at 8:20 so...uuurgh
    • tonight is personal billpaying night; reprise Step 11 for help to start, and Chat as needed.

    I have procrastinated personal bill-paying for 3 weeks now and have that anxiety of not knowing where I really stand. Been just throwing mail and receipts into a box so it now seems monstrous. I commit here to starting that this evening.

    scarlett CI 11:00 am EST

    Another slow start. Just trying to keep plodding through.

    Ta da:
    Morning routine
    OT sched on calendar

    To do:
    Create weekly to-do
    F/u mtg; email responses, sched walkthrough
    Reviews; MEJ, BYN - plan rm, type up, enter, MP - sched walk
    Report; enter data
    Chase #; read emails, send 2 more

    Find sub
    Find pet sitter
    Check leave for hols
    HG; check to-do
    LtV: read, start res
    Pay bills; buy reward (started)

    The adrenaline you've been living on only leaves you wanting.

    scarlett CI 1:00 pm EST

    Stumbling and fumbling along...

    Ta da:
    Morning routine
    OT sched on calendar
    Email re: sub
    Check leave for hols
    Create weekly to-do
    HG; check to-do

    To do:
    F/u mtg; email responses, sched walkthrough
    Reviews; MEJ, BYN - plan rm, type up, enter, MP - sched walk
    Report; enter data
    Chase #; read emails, send 2 more

    Inspect W/C walls

    Find pet sitter (started)
    LtV: read, start res
    Pay bills; buy reward (started)
    Plan meals

    The adrenaline you've been living on only leaves you wanting.

    scarlett CI 4:20 pm EST

    Not bad, but still not prioritizing my MITs. B/c they are the ones I least want to do, but I can't let that be an excuse.

    Ta da:
    Morning routine
    OT sched on calendar
    Email re: sub
    Check leave for hols
    Create weekly to-do
    HG; check to-do
    Buy reward
    Reviews; MEJ - plan rm, type up
    Resched equip mtg
    Respond RJ
    Email OT sched to SQ - 12/20 conflict?
    email responses to B
    Find pet sitter

    To do:
    F/u mtg; sched walkthrough
    Reviews; MEJ, BYN - plan rm, type up, enter
    Report; enter data
    Chase #; read emails, send 2 more

    Inspect W/C walls

    LtV: read, start res
    Plan meals (started)

    The adrenaline you've been living on only leaves you wanting.

    GeorgeSmiley 8 AM

     Probably my only check in today. I have a few calls and errands, then leaving on a two-day business trip, back late tomorrow [when I have to go back to my part-time job]. I might end up checking in late tomorrow but more likely not until Thursday AM.


    The Hero's Code:

    Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

    Rolzup CI

    got up a little earlier than yesterday. Still feeling behind and anxious. I'm really resisting the day... but it's time!

    [X] 7:40--morning chores
    [X] meditation
    [ ] GSG work/walk with baby
    [ ] 10:00--study M
    [ ] lunch
    [ ] Study M
    [ ] 1:20 leave for piano teaching


    kromer 8:30 CI

    Lots of work today! I need to prune interactome and start NRIP1 job, then go to genetics and CSB100, then email CY and start cultures, then look at results from 5 calculations, then meet w/ PF.

    kromer 12:30 CI

    pruned interactome and started NRIP1 job, read 1.5 papers, emailed CY, went to genetics and CSB100.

    Now, here is a more coherent plan for the rest of the day:
    Scheduled: mtg w/ PF 3:30, bio colloquium 4-5

    *Screen colonies + start cultures for transfection
    *Look at res. of 4 datasets
    *Notes from mtg w/ PF
    *Finish reading CSB100 papers

    Other tasks:
    *Email 1 prof
    *Write 2 pgs for PF's project
    *Read paper on NM's work
    *start laundry
    *balance checkbook
    *finish pset

    Write now, I'm going to look at res. on 1 dataset. Then I'm going to start some cultures for screen, then look at res from more datasets, then meet w/ PF and go to colloquium, then take notes from mtg w/ PF, then screen colonies and start cultures for transfection, then go home, finish reading CSB100 papers and deal with any other tasks I have time for. 

    kromer 5:10 CI

    Looked at res. from 4 datasets, met w/ PF and went to bio colloquium.

    Now I'm going to get some dinner, then take notes from mtg w/ PF and finish reading CSB100 papers, then screen colonies+start cultures for transformation. Then I'll head home. 

    Update 6:10--dinner break was too long, but now I'm back in lab. I'm going to take notes from mtg w/ PF now. Then I've got a whole bunch of wet-lab work to get through (screen 10 colonies, start cultures, also think I should start PCR. During breaks in the wet lab work, I can finish reading CSB100 paper. I really want to get to bed by 12 today, I've been having to stay up late and I don't think well when I'm tired. 

    Update 6:50--headed to NM's lab now. 

    kromer 11 CI

    Yay, I got through NM's lab work. Then I came home, took a break and sorted laundry (but couldn't start it, landlord is using the machine).

    I need to go to bed at 11:30 tonight, so I can get to lab at 6:30 tomorrow without being exhausted. I'm going to take 15 min to work on my pset, then make my bed, take a shower, gather stuff for morning and go to bed.  

    CL ci

    8:30 : catch up here. been here 5 min already. got distracted on line, but taking my faults quietly and moving on in confidence and hope.
    9:05 (35min) : that was mostly thinking about "spiritual practice" from GS. geesh, i could spend all day on that stuff. Now inbox.
    9:40 (35min) : inbox done. also did one quick feature.
    10:40 (60min) : MITs set. working on MIT 1. stalled. getting back to it now.
    10:45 (5min) : good, checking in w/ awareness now. MIT 1 humming.
    11:00 (15min) : good, checking in w/ awareness now. MIT 1 humming.
    3:00 (4hrs) : mit 1 good progress. lots of delay w/ quiet time. used chatbox. back on it.
    3:45 (45min) : mit 1 still making progress. having to "restart" often.


    clem sticking with it

    thanks for modeling this today Clement - I always learn from you!

    Journey 8 am

    Today is a work-at-home day.   I've been to the gym, and now I'm going to have a healthy breakfast and boot up the work computer.   While the computer is booting up, I'll have 5 minutes of quiet time.  
    10:00 Email has been read and responded to, dog has been medicated, and mits are set for the day.  Getting dressed now in work-at-home clothes, then starting on MIT #1 
    "For myself, I am an optimist--it does not seem to be much use being anything else."- Winston Churchill


    Hi Journey. What does MIT stand for?


    MIT=Most Important Task

    It comes from Leo Babauta of the Zen Habits blog.  
    "For myself, I am an optimist--it does not seem to be much use being anything else."- Winston Churchill

    Thank You

    Thanks Journey!

    Chotrain CI 7:00AM

    First and Foremost, I gratefully thank the Energy Source that has returned my soul back to me with compassion and has given me the ability to rise and jump into a Proactive Day.

    • 7:00-7:15 Prayer and Meditation
    • 7:15-7:45 Jump on the treadmill for 30 minutes while I flip through CNN, local news etc
    • 7:45-8:15 Shower, Prepare cloths, eat breakfast 
    • 8:15-8:45 Drive to Work
    • 8:45-6:00 Work
    • TD List Call G Dentist, Review Pear Database, Work on AP Program, OPP Talley, To Be Continued.

    We are all motivated. Some are montivated to watch TV. Others are motivated in getting task done. There's no such thing as a lack of motivation. Make sure you channel it in the right productive area today.

    Peace and Love,


    Convalalria, Tuesday Night 10.26pm GOING ON!

    Thank you every one for your kind wishes and words.
    The resisitance I feel is as huge as the task I am facing at the moment.
    The task has to be completed regardrless of my future fate and is a step in the right direction.
    I must not allow the paralysis to continue.
    One small sub task for tonight is to add up 4 sets of marks.
    I have done 1 set and there are 3 to go.
    I have had a nap after work. it is 10.30 in the evening.
    Setting my timer for 1 hour.


    "Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

    good work with everything, Convalaria!

    Hi Convalaria!

    Good luck with everything!


    Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

    Convalaria updating on Wednesday 9.43am

    Working on the last of the 4 task mentioned yesterday. Also made notes on individual students.  Next start writing partial report cards for thhese 4 sets.

    Onwards in hope!!

    "Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

    good progress convalaria


    Onwards--rooting for you,

    Onwards--rooting for you, con!

    Hope-Faith CI 5:55

    Roses, thank  you for the great day starter.

    Had a very successfuly day yesterday. Did not accomplish all that I had planned to however, I did make some major progress. Today is off to a great start and looking forward to have an equallly productive day.

    Monday-Friday am

    Load of clothes Hang out clothes
    Check In Get kids up
    Get ready


    Feed animals Leave
    • CI 8:05 arrived at school on time. Feeling a bit of pressure only have about 1/2 hour of my typical 1 1/2 planning period due to a meeting. Completed my plans yesterday for todays lessons but I still have to e-mail students and setup on-line quizzes. Here goes.
    • CI 11:35 making strides but not winning any races today.
    • CI 3:00 Updating accomplishment for the day


     Coffee  Input Grades
     CI  Find SGA Applications
     Check E-mail  Planning Period Meeting
    2nd & 3rd Lesson plans, e-mail, PPT, on-line quiz  4th Lesson plans, e-mail, PPT, on-line quiz

    Plan 3.00 Test Review get info ready for 2nd period - Print Labels for folder

     online q agenda
     Lunch - Grocery List Work in progress  1.50 BL
    • CI 10:15 My busy day is almost done I have a few items to wrap up. Do that now.
    • CI 11:40 Final CI of the night

    Between School and Home

  • Son hunting
  • Funiture Store
  • Bank
  • Daughter Ballet
  • Christmas Shopping
  • End Tables
  • Grocery Store
  • Home - Evening

    Arrive home by 8:15 pm

    PM Routine

    Maintain Van Clothes for next day
    Take in clothes Bath/Homework


    Fold/put away clothes Declutter Project
    Son Piano  Reading A-Z


    • Update Christmas list with items bought tonight
    • Check Bank Balance and pay a bill
    • Organize coupons and other papers



    roses CI 10:30

    Here's my days tasks. I have realised that the many things swirling around my head that i 'must do' are unimportant if they're not on my list, and i need to stop stressing out over them, and write them down so they can be included in another days list!

    • get up before 9
    • eat breakfast away from pc
    • check emails, CI here
    • find info for appointment in town
    • practice drums
    • exercise
    • shower, dress and clean teeth
    • practice songs & covers (if there's time!)
    • catch 12:08 bus into town for appointment
    • work on project plan
    • eat well
    • feel peace!

    The appointment I had today was a 'course' called Barriers to Work and i found it was so very relevant to my procrastination. I wasn't expecting it to be. It re-enforced
    everything I've learnt and have changed in my life since coming here, and I'm grateful it was such a positive experience.

    peace and love to all

    Oh and also... The promoter

    Oh and also...

    The promoter got back to me with some show dates i can play.. So i basically have three shows booked!!
    Is that achievement or am i going blind(er)!?

    Now there's a huge smile on my face; how do I share this feeling with you guys?

    i love your encouragement!

    i love your encouragement!
    so thank you all a lot

    sammy, i play acoustic solo stuff at the moment, but eventually i plan to 'find' other musicians to play all the parts to what i write.
    agnus, where did you get that GROW idea from.. huh?!


    Super news thanks for sharing with us. We are all rooting you on.


    way to GROW roses!



    That's a huge achievement. Wow! Laughing

    Congrats, Roses!

    Achievement indeed!! You are part of a band, I gather?

    that's so inspiring to hear!

    that's so inspiring to hear! yay!