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Thursday November 20, 2008

Recycler CI 7:45pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Getting near the weekend always boosts my spirits :)

This morning straightened some things up, and brought several things to the new condo. Showered at gym & got dressed for work. Did projects this morning. Went to luncheon for someone who is retiring. While I did some projects this afternoon, I also had to repeatedly look up stuff for one of my bosses; which was ok, but afterwards, it was like one of those things: did I really get anything done? However, it did help her, so that's why it counts! :) After work, bought allergy stuff at drug store; then had my monthly massage. Washing clothes now. Next: write email to my friend in Singapore. Plan: after that, read an inspirational page, do some yoga stretches, and try to go to sleep on time.

Have a great night, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

GeorgeSmiley 1:25 PM + Updates

Back from a two-day business trip. I've spent the morning largely winnowing my stacks of email. I also began the day with a social gathering of guys I know--a weekly event that I've generally passed on but now think I want to make a part of my regular routine. 

MIT#1: checking back on matters involving Project P-1.

I'll return here when that is finished.

Update 2:30 PM

Took too long to make one call, but it's made and I'm awaiting a return call.

MIT#2: Bring Project D-G up to date.




The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

ScottK CI 1:00 pm

I really need to develop the habit of checking in here right away every day. It always helps enormously when I do. I need to see it as part of my self-care.

  1. Call New York
  2. Check out UW masters program
  3. Revise EBR release and get back out
  4. Get started on AS profile
  5. Make at least a little progress on book proposal
  6. Burn Archive to Disk

My therapist canceled on me this morning! Good thing I see my sponsor tonight!


tiptree CI 1:23 PM EST

to do (next 12 1/2 hrs):

- complete all tasks by bedtime (2 am)
- clean office 1/2 hr hr
- clean bedroom 1/2 hr
- look into MIG issue (1448) 1 - 2 hrs - not done, but initial investigation done and waiting on coworker
- 1376 done and results emailed to dev 1/2 hr - again, partly deferred and waiting on coworker
- 1446 done (institution/signup error) 1 hr
- 1442 done 1/2 hr
- 1438 - issue w/ claiming a case 1 1/4 hr
- 1445 - autocomplete improvement -> at least partly done 1 hr
- o. munge -> copy folders from m.v.c. to dev/script to copy cases to processing folder/script to rsync cases from m.v.c. processing folder to dev/script to import rsynced cases 2 1/2 hrs
- read 1 ch. programming bk 1/2 hr
- baby duty 1 hr
- dinner 1/2 hr
- practice guitar 1/2 hr

ended up working on another item (1443)

CL ci

1:15pm : bad start to day. Back to work.


CL ci 2

11:30pm : starting some late night work again


Hi Clem

Sorry your day started out bad, hope it gets better!  
"For myself, I am an optimist--it does not seem to be much use being anything else."- Winston Churchill

Journey 1 pm Update 2:15

So far a good day.  MITs #1 and #2 are done.  I had lunch during a lunch meeting, and there are no more meetings today.   Meetings tire me, especially if they are useless bureaucratic ones.  That was not true for today's meeting though, it's a lunch and learn class that I'm taking.  

I've earned a break - although that doesn't sound right anymore, as I'm learning to take breaks and time to relax whether I deserve them or not.  Seems counterintuitive, but I get more done when I know a break is coming and I don't have to earn it.   I still promise myself rewards for finishing a task, but breaks are always allowed.  My reward now is getting to read some favorite blogs, but with a time limit!

Update 2:15 nice long break.   back to work.  MIT #3. 



"For myself, I am an optimist--it does not seem to be much use being anything else."- Winston Churchill

kromer 12:30 CI

I've been in a bad pattern the past month...working very hard at the beginning of the week to prep for mtgs/classes, then crashing at the end of the week. I'm going to try to keep up some effort today and tomorrow, so hopefully I won't be panicked next Mon/Tues.

So far I've gone to 2 hrs of genetics class, emailed CY about project, had lunch (and wasted a couple hours...)

*notes from mtg w/ NM, ask about seq, 30 min thinking about proj, plan for week, Qs for lab members
*try to get doc. for license app
*deal w/ coregs and cps
*set up for yeast transformation
*Finish reading CSB100 papers

Other tasks:
*Go over probability lect.
*Write 1 pg on coregs/cps
*Bible/spiritual time
*email mini-parish
*call bank
*organize papers (started)
*go running

OK, now I'm going to go work on getting doc. for license app, then I'll take notes from mtg w/ NM, then I'll go to lab and deal w/ coregs/cps.

Update 2:40--I sent an email/did some research to get doc. for license app, took good notes from mtg, finished CSB100 papers. Now I'm going to go deal w/ coreg/cp issue. When that's done I'll check in again, then go to NM's lab to ask about seq. and set up for yeast transformation.  

kromer 8:40 CI

I set up for yeast transformation (and did some other necessary lab work), asked about seq., organized some of my papers, got half way through dealing w/ coreg/cp issue.

Then I came home, had some dinner and a 30 min break, tried calling bank but their hours were listed wrong (so I'll try calling 1st think tomorrow morning, they open at 7).

Now I need to finish my MITs... I'm going to finish dealing w/ coreg/cp issue, that should take about an hour, then I'll spend an hour thinking about NM's project and coming up with a list of questions for lab members. Back when I'm done with each of those tasks. I'll work in the chatbox to help stay on track.  

Hope-Faith CI 11:00

CI 9:45 completed lessons for 2nd and 3rd, check forum, watched A’s class. Next work on 4h period plans (HTML)  and update grades. Staring to get behind need to spend at least 15 min today updating.



scarlett CI 11:00 am EST

My thought for the day; to be mindful is to remember.

Ta da:
Morning routine
Review; MEJ, BYN - plan rm
Make appts; MS (LM), eye doc
Forms to GW

To do:
Call BLL re: gh
Const update
Reviews; BYN - BCs, type up, enter
Draft email to partners (dates, venue)

Inspect W/C walls
Equip action items
Report; enter data
Chase #; read emails, send 2 more

Call WF re: scarf
LtV: read, start res

The adrenaline you've been living on only leaves you wanting.

e's thursday

 yesterday my son and I were sick but today everyone is in better shape and I am feeling very good about things. The sun is out, it is frizzling cold and the lack of clouds in the sky really seems to affect how much energy I have. 

This morning I got up to face all of yesterdays dishes that were piled around the sink. I am the only one who does dishes, which is maddening, so I keep asking for people to help me. I finally remembered Flylady's suggestion of finding a place to store dirty dishes, which is basically what a dishwasher does. So I piled all my plates and bowls in one large bowl, stacked all the glasses in a lobster pot and found an old rectangular casserole dish for the silverware and stowed them on shelves on my new kitchen cart. I now feel like I can do dishes at my own pace without feeling like the kichen is going to eat me! (Now I just have to train the wild ones to rinse things and put them there! Which really should not take any more time than actually washing their dishes, but that has been a losing battle). 

The windows are open, the living room is neater, the bathroom is swished and wiped, and I haver had my coffee and a bagel, cream cheese and tomato. Today I would like to do all the things I wanted to do yesterday. I am noticing that the yard work I had been doing has left things looking better than they had, so I am feeling optomistic about continuing with that, although I will wait until it is a bit warmer before I attack more vines out back. 

todo: meds, more water, shower, launder, vacuum, unwrap pictures and sort out where I want them to go, plan supper, make supper, work on resume, submit some applications, clear off porch, arrange pick up for donations, purge some items, hot spot the kitchen desk. file. file. pay bills, file. chatbox here I come

e's afternoon

 very pleased with the day so far: the laundry is in much better order, I have put some thought into where to put the paintings, I saw my mother, fed one son lunch, the other one breakfast and snack, took the recovering-from-bad-cold one to school, did masses of dishes, have the kitchen in good shape, began to shift some stuff to the basement, and switched the sheets on the couch. I am particularly happy with the situation in the kitchen. 

Now: finding recipe

roses CI

Yesterday I got the dates for the three shows; this sunday, next sunday and the 16th jan. I thought i'd share that with you.

So far, and to come:

  • Get up before 9am
  • Eat breakfast away from pc
  • Drink ginner tea
  • Check emails, PA
  • Practice drums for an hour (i did more)
  • Exercise (i included meditation today)
  • Shower, clean teeth and dress
  • Vocal warm-ups half hour
  • Practice songs and covers for an hour
  • Eat a good lunch
  • Check emails, PA
  • Work on project
  • Eat a good dinner
  • Write a letter
  • Watch one House episode
  • CI on paper
  • In bed before 12

wishing you all peace

gratz on landing the show dates roses!

"For myself, I am an optimist--it does not seem to be much use being anything else."- Winston Churchill

Thanks Jo and update

I am pretty stoked, the show in january is the day before my birthday too!

* Get up before 9am
* Eat breakfast away from pc
* Drink ginner tea
* Check emails, PA
* Practice drums for an hour (i did more)
* Exercise (i included meditation today)
* Shower, clean teeth and dress
* Vocal warm-ups half hour
* Practice songs and covers for an hour
* Eat a good lunch
* Check emails, PA
* Work on project
* Eat a good dinner
* Write a letter
* Watch one House episode
* CI on paper
* In bed before 12

Agnus ci 9:45, 1:50

Great starter, Hope - thanks for the cheer! I've done Step 11, planned and committed food, had a lovely meditation, healthy breakfast, called Mom, showered and dressed early today. Feels good, making this change in my routine. MIT#1 is an AP phone call. MIT#2 is a conf call that will generate about 2 hours of MUTs. MIT#3 is a 12-Step meeting tonight. Between these:

  • 12n eat a healthy lunch
  • studio 1-4 pm; pack skates, Aln bks, metab/cooler -1:50 running late, no chance to skate now. and no need to pack the other stuff since I now need to come home b4 the mtng
  • 4:30 chiro, xrays, sups
  • get red chard, pork top loin roast
  • get 20 minutes sunshine
  • call N in hospital
  • meet w/ sponsor or sponsee b4 mtng? call to see
  • eat a healthy dinner
  • pray for the transition teams (safety, wisdom, provision)
  • bed by 10

Rolzup CI

[X] 7:50 e-mail dash
oh dear, it's already 8:05!
[X] 8:00 morning chores
[X] 8:10 meditation
[X] G work
[X] 9:00 GTD/family time
[X] pack lunch
[X] 10:00 go to campus (till 6).


Chick's CI

thanks for the nice day starter, hope faith!


MUT is a paper this afternoon.

I've just finished writing it, am reading over and preparing a page to circulate. It is 1.30. I have more than enough time and want to make sure not to let fussing over the final polishing keep me from doing a few other things.

paper and handout printed. now snack, quiet time, get ready, etc


Off to give paper now, a bit nervous 

Journey 8:34 Update 9:05 9:45

Thanks for the sunshine this morning, Hope!  I'm ready for summer . . .

This is a good morning, I am feeling happy and motivated.   I've been to the gym, read email, and had my quiet time.   Back with MITs and a schedule for the day in half an hour.   Then coffee break! 

MITs done, coffee break, the MIT #1 which is a phone call.   I don't like making phone calls, so I'm bookending it.   I should be reporting back at 9:30 with the phone call behind me. 

Phone call made, a couple of small admin tasks done, and checkbook balanced.  On to MIT #2.   



"For myself, I am an optimist--it does not seem to be much use being anything else."- Winston Churchill

Hope-Faith CI 8:15

Goodmorning to all, the sun is finally out here so I thought I would share it with the rest of you in the forum starter this morning. However it is still very cold here.

AM Routine

Load of clothes Hang out clothes
Check In Get kids up
Get ready


Feed animals Leave



 Check on Forum

 CI online q agenda
 Check E-mail  Plan 3.00 Test Review get info ready for 2nd period -Put lables on folder
 2nd & 3rd Lesson plans, e-mail, PPT, on-line quiz  Sch SGA Speeches call G
4th Lesson plans, e-mail, PPT, on-line quiz  Watch A's class at 9:00
Input Grades  
 Read senior project paper  

8:30 next on the list is to pull together lesson plans for the day. Read paper and update grades and watch A's class. Check back in after a complete these items.

Between School and Home

  • Buy Canned food for S and D to take to school
  • Get clemintines

Home - Evening

Arrive home by 4:00

De-Clutter corner by bedroom so we can move next dresser

5:30-7:30 PM Routine

Maintain Van Clothes for next day
Take in clothes Bath/Homework


Fold/put away clothes Declutter Project
Son Piano  Reading A-Z


7:30-8:30 Family Time

8:30-11:00 Coupons, Intel 15 min, Christmas list 15 min, checking 15 min.

Things to remember

  • Check for Daughter
  • Check for Son - Jump Rope for Heart



 thanks for reminding me! I believe they are on sale for a box at $5.99 at shaws through today... unless that was last week! I call them zipper oranges....

yay clementines!

I haven't seen any down here yet, but if you have them, I'm sure we'll be getting them shortly.  I don't really like fruit, but try to eat it anyway because it's good for you and very portable . . . but I usually end up buying apples, bringing a couple to work, putting them on my desk for a week, and then throwing them away . . .maybe I absorb some nutrients just by having them on my desk for a few days?  Anyway, maybe I'll actually purchase and then EAT some clementines. 
"For myself, I am an optimist--it does not seem to be much use being anything else."- Winston Churchill