Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Monday 17 November

Here's  a Monday cuppa and cookies for all pro-buddies



Wisdom     courage      serenity       hope                                            I can keep starting ...   Even a small step counts 

Sammy ci :: 7:30 pm

I'm just back from the photo studio, where I spent just over 3 hours taking pictures. Not only was this required homework, but it was good stress relief for me as well. I have always loved photography, and when I make time for it it is almost always a good way to re-energize. Perhaps a MIT over winter break will be de-cluttering the darkroom in the basement to a state where it is once again usable. 

Next I'll concentrate on having a relaxing dinner with my family, then FINISHING that bibliography. I've been lacking motivation to do that, since I know I'm never going to need to know how to do an annotated bibliography for the rest of my life....but as of right now, i'm looking at it as "after this, you'll NEVER have to do one again!!"

 Rejoice, for there is measurable snow on the ground and gas prices have dropped below $2.00!! (In Wisconsin, at least!!) 

Agnus checking back 7pm

Today, I want to call a plumber DONE and a housekeeping service DONE , and make some scheduling calls for work - procrastinated: fear again. I am meeting a friend at 3 for coffee DONE , and also need 1 hours telecon with my new supervisor-to-be DONE , and 1 hour to prep for a webinar. I have a favorite 12-Step meeting tonight ON my way and might take a sponsee Nope-she's n/a. Bed by 10.

e in the evening

 the house looks better, but it has not been my most productive day.  I would like to get motivated to make dinner, but am in a slump. Also, there is some stuff to take over to my sister's place. C is not home yet, which I am feeling a bit worried about, because we had an agreement he would be home by now. I will give him another fifteen minutes and then will call. 

Now, off to finish off the dishes... again... and then begin chopping up ingredients for the soup for dinner tonight. 

Journey 5 pm

I wasn't completely useless this afternoon in spite of being speech-overwhelmed.  I did not set MITs, instead I looked at my task list and chose what I thought I was capable of handling today.  I might not have done the most important things on my list, but at least I did get some work done and I feel pretty good about that.  

Now I'm going home and doing nothing.   I'm exhausted!   See you guys tomorrow.  


"For myself, I am an optimist--it does not seem to be much use being anything else."- Winston Churchill

roses CI 21:12

I feel less on top of things since friday disrupted my new routine. I felt anxiety this morning but managed to get some things done, only without much sense of achievement.

I must observe this.

Tomorrow i have another appointment in town.
The rest of the day i will try to observe my feeling lost or buried, instead of being overwhelmed.

I did have this in mind tho; i needed to stress myself out or apply enough pressure in order to effectively work out my addition to procrastination. This is where true reprogramming starts.

peoples CIs seem low, so here's me wishing all hope and love.

cry out in your weakness!

Convalaria and consequences

 The S**T has hit the fan.  I may face dismissal at work, if I do not show improvement.   I am not sure that I can change fast enough and think that my fate may be sealed, despite the process that is being implemented.

"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

Convalaria = with valor

That's what I'll be thinking and praying for you, Convalaria. Courage is just fear that has said its prayers...

more prayers and best wishes for convalaria

If you want to keep the job, then I hope that the improvement you are obviously showing here on this site will become clear to your employer :)
"For myself, I am an optimist--it does not seem to be much use being anything else."- Winston Churchill

Best Wishes

Convalaria, sorry about your current position. I hope that everything will go well for you. We are here for you and are in are thoughts and prayers.


comfort for convalaria

Whatever happens, we'll be here to support you. I've only been here a few weeks, and already I've learned that this is the place to come when I'm feeling one inch tall.

I wish you much progress and change this week, and comfort in your troubles.


I join others and keep you in my thoughts...

...may you continue to find strength and hope.




The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

my prayers are w/ convalaria

i'm so sorry convalaria. You do seem to be making progress here. I think you can do it and i hope your work gives you the chance.

Regardless, i wish you comfort and peace no matter what happens. We'll be here for you!


Thinking of you, convalaria

Thinking of you, convalaria and echoing clem's message. {{{ }}}

convalaria, just saying

convalaria, just saying again--here for you whatever happens, wishing you strength

e wakes up

 back again and now have some energy. I am getting distracted by television so I am going to work in the chatbox on microtasks. 

Agnus ci 1:50pm

Glad to see I'm not the only late-starter in the group!  One of my meditation books this morning reminded me that recovery is about changing - so I want to get better about that. I usually arise early but then fiddle around too long. I work across four time zones and mine is the earliest, so I rationalize that I'm "working west coast time today" - LOL - ah, the "cunning, baffling, powerful" nature of addiction!Laughing

I spent the weekend staying off the computer, trying to relax into the idea of becoming an employee again, giving up the negative thoughts (I've failed, I've been screwed, did "they" plan this all along, how can I be a good employee under these conditions, blah-blah-blah). 

In the end all that matters is: Do I believe in the work? Yes. Do I believe my HP wants me to do the work? Yes. Do I think HP prefers structure, or results? Um, results. And finally, what does my track record with HP tell me about "forced" change since I've been in recovery? Um, that it's HP's way of getting me someplace better, that I couldn't get to otherwise.

So. There. "'n that's all I got to say 'bout that." [Forest Gump]

Today, I want to call a plumber and a housekeeping service, and make some scheduling calls for work. I am meeting a friend at 3 for coffee, and also need 1 hours telecon with my new supervisor-to-be, and 1 hour to prep for a webinar. I have a favorite 12-Step meeting tonight and might take a sponsee. Bed by 10.

Hope everyone has a fabulous afternoon. Thanks for all the great sharing and support here. All the Steps start with "We..." so I can't do it alone.

Ag, it's inspiring to me to

Ag, it's inspiring to me to read how you are facing this...

re: ag

i like the way you worked thru ur questions. i can see how it clarifies things for u. I'll try that myeslf next time. in fact i do sort of do the same type of thing to sort "issues" out.


Journey 1:30

     Looks like I'm not the only one getting a slow start this morning!  Here's hoping we get stuff done this afternoon! 
     My speech is done and I'm in post-speech relief mode.   It went well, and I'm glad it's over.  I'm giving myself a one-hour lunch break, then I'll make a plan for the rest of the day.   I am not expecting myself to be super-productive this afternoon, but I do need to get SOME work done :)
"For myself, I am an optimist--it does not seem to be much use being anything else."- Winston Churchill


Haha, you're right..... looks like we've all had kind of a slow morning....I pray we have a more productive afternoon and evening!

Sammy ci :: 12:08 pm

I've been doing a whole lot of nothing this morning, but I'm not beating myself up about it.... I think it was a well needed break from the constant stressing about homework.... I've had a long enough break, though, so I'm getting ready to go, and hoping to be out the door by 12:45. I'll check in again later.

tiptree CI 10:50 AM

to do:

+ 1444
- 1442
- investigate 1441 -> try to reproduce bug by exporting case to a development installation
+ 1440 patch
- 1438
- 1436

that should be at least 6 - 8 hrs of work. I'll add more tasks once the (most of) the above are cleared.

GeorgeSmiley 10:10 AM plus updates

Very slow start today. I've been online for the last two hours but done nothing productive.

MIT#1: Must finished Project D-G today.

MIT#2: Things to clean up on Project P-1

MIT#3: Must finish a new Project K-C [which arrived Friday]. I'm actually going to start with that for 30 minutes Finished, 2:40 PM

Update, 1 PM

An unproductive 3 hours. Starting again on MIT#3

Update 2:40 PM

OK, finished MIT#3. No progress on #1 or #2. I have a 2-day out of town biz trip tomorrow and won't be online until Thursday. I'll try to work on #1 and #2 before I leave in the morning tomorrow.

Off to my part-time night job.


The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

CL ci

10:20 : LATE. well, start now. inbox...
12noon (1h40m) : inbox had several issues and had to finish up one from fri eve. Now quiet time.
1:30 (1h30m) : quiet time was very distracted. but 1) at least it didnt last more than 1 hr, and 2) by failing at my quiet time, and feeling the loss of that inspiration, it highlights how much i really depend on HP. now admin time.
2:20 (50min) : working on mut, trying to get back to setting mits
2:30 (10min) : mut still going, setting mits going well too.
2:20 (50min) : mut still going. a bit of work on mit 1. setting mits going slowly. Finish those mits.
4:30 (2h10m) : mut done. mit done. well part a anyway. set my mits--and hey, it's only 4:30pm! working on mit part b. but need to focus. i think i'll ci every 5 min in chat.


Rolzup CI

Feeling discouraged about having gotten up so late. I meant to get up at 6. But there's still plenty of time in the day and I'm not going to beat myself up. I'm praying for freedom from anxiety so I can hear the still small voice as I go on.

[x] morning chores
[X] meditation
[X] pack lunch
[X] exercise and shower
[ ] study DS
[ ] 11:30 lunch with C
[ ] read M for an hour
[ ] read article
[ ] 3:00 study group
[ ] finish article

That should do it!

Tonight I want to get to bed by 10


Journey 9:20

 Happy Monday everyone!   Getting a late start this morning but that's ok cause I worked a lot this weekend.   I got called about a problem Saturday night and spent several hours Sunday writing my speech for Toastmasters.  Improving public speaking is one of my work goals, we all have to have a "self-improvement" goal bah.  But the good thing is that time spent on Toastmasters is considered work time yay. 


I won't be able to do anything this morning but stress out over the speech at noon, so I'm not going to expect any real work to get done until after lunch.  Wish me luck!   And if any of you are nervous about speaking in public, I highly recommend Toastmasters.   It's a very supportive organization. 


Off to get a very small cup of coffee and rehearse a couple more times. 

p.s. wonder if I could make anti-procrastination a work goal, and then all the time I spend on this site could be work time too!



"For myself, I am an optimist--it does not seem to be much use being anything else."- Winston Churchill

Sammy ci :: 7:40

I think I'm nearing rock-bottom....but thats good, right?

 After a looonnnnggg serious discussion about school, I've decided to talk to the dean of my department today about dropping 2 classes.... This should make it easier for me to keep up in my other 4 classes, and hopefully pull me out of the depression I've been experiencing for the past few months. hopefully. I've been praying that HP would show me what to do, and I think this is what He wants. At the moment I'm missing the time I had scheduled to be in the photography studio, but I'm in no mental condition to be there, anyways.... I need to pick myself up, get moving (still in pj's), and start my day.

 Please keep me in your prayers, and I'll keep you updated....Thank you so much for your support


sammy support

 It sounds like a very difficult decision, but I really admire your abiliby to take care of yourself so that you can be successful. I have been paralyzed in your situation before, and it is wonderful to see you move forward, even if it feels disappointing. Hugs and congratulations for taking the next right step.

prayers w/ sammy

it sounds really ruf. My prayers are w/ u. I do admire u for taking steps to improve ur situation. Tho perhaps not ideal, i pray they will help u move fwd and make progress.

And, yes, i have found then getting knocked down makes me look up. Which is good, IMHO.


Good luck to you Sammy with

Good luck to you Sammy with all this--I hope you feel support coming your way from us who all face our procrastination struggles and I hope that seeing the dean will have been helpful.

If you really are depressed, rather than just discouraged, I hope you'll be able to whatever help and support you need for that; many schools are willing to make allowances for that if you get the right evidence; that could help lessen the pressure. 


kromer 8 CI

A really busy day as usual!

*AR's lab mtg
*Probability class
*Harambee (+Harambee prep)

*Stop by PT's office
*Get results on 3 datasets
*Make hybrid interactome
*Write 2 pgs on PF's project
*Make a schedule for the week

Other tasks:
*Finish pset
*2 hrs work on NM's project
*List of Qs for lab members

Right now, I'm going to make a schedule for the week, then I'm going to gather my stuff and head to AR's lab mtg. Then I'll stop by PT's office, then work on getting results on 3 datasets and making hybrid interactome. Back after AR's lab mtg. 

kromer 11:10 CI

I made a schedule for the week, then went to AR's lab mtg (2 hrs) and took at 15 min break for an early lunch.

Now I'm getting back to work. Here's my plan:
*I somehow managed to lose my lab notebook. Argh! So I'm going to spend 20 min looking for it.
*Then, I'm going to spend 15 min to go over what I've done for PT. I've been putting off this meeting for weeks, and I'm just getting more and more embarassed. So I'm going to prepare as best I can, and then suck it up and stop by. If he's not there, I'll email what I've done/set up a time to meet
*Then, I need to do some small chores for NM. Specifically, I want to get an office key, and I need to check on transfection plates and put them in the fridge if they're drying out.
*Finally, I'll go to lab to work on PF's project. Before probabiltity class, I'd like to make hybrid interactome and get results on PGC1alpha dataset.

Update 11:50--I found my lab notebook, thank HP! And I started chores for NM...checked on transfection plates and got key form. Now I'm going to go over PT's stuff and stop by his office. Then I'll get actual key, ask labmate about transfection plates and send CJ an email about NM's lab stuff. Then I'll go to PF's lab. Back when I'm leaving to stop by PT's office, and after I get back.

Update 12:15--Went over PT's stuff. Now I'm going to go stop by his office. Ugh, I've been such a flake on this for the past couple weeks and now I really don't want to stop by, but avoiding the situation won't make it any better. I'm going to print off some papers (so I'll have something to do if I need to wait for a bit), then I'll head to PT's office. I'll check in when I get back.

Update 2:20--Had mtg w/ PT. It took forever, but I feel so good that it's over with. But the bad news is that I'm really behind on my other work. I'm going to start Harambee prep now, then go to probability class, then finish Harambee prep, then finish NM lab stuff, then work on PF's stuff, then leave for Harambee 5:30, then come back to campus and finish getting res on 3 datasets/making hybrid interactome.

kromer 4:45 CI

Ugh, tired and unmotivated. Decided to postpone NM lab stuff until tomorrow (I'll email CJ  but that's it). I'm mostly done with Harambee prep, and I think the rest can be done after I get to church.

I want to make some progress on getting the datasets. In particular, I want to try and figure out why PGC1alpha dataset is giving me memory errors...going to work in the chatbox for 20 min and try to figure that out. Then I'll check back here.

kromer 9 CI

OK, back from Harambee (which went pretty well) and took a 15 min break, now I'm ready to work some more.

I figured out why PGC1 dataset is giving memory errors, so going to run calcs. again. I'm going to look at results from CTNNB1 and RARA datasets and start calcs on esr dataset. Finally, I'm going to make hybrid interactome, count # of coregs compared to other interactome, and start NRIP1 run on that. I'll work in the chatbox and update here every 30 min. 

Update 9:45--started PGC1 calcs, 1/2 way done looking at CTNNB1 results. 

Update 10:10--finished looking at CTNNB1 results, now I'm going to look at results on RARA dataset and do the hybrid interactome stuff

Update 11:45--looked at RARA results, started calcs on esr dataset, also sent email to CJ. Now I'm going to catch the last train home, then make hybrid interactome/count coregs/start NRIP1 run. Hope to get to bed by 1 at the latest. 

e on Monday

 I am here this morning, for which I am eternally grateful. So far, headed out to add stuff to the recyclables, water (a little) and meds. breakfast made for C and got him out the door. 

today's want list: front hallway, front porch, dining room, bedroom and kitchen desk clear. That is a highly optomistic want list, so I give myself permission to work on things and celebrate whatever gets dcone. I would like to take advantage of the chatbox's super charging power today. little bits to do

water, put away laundry in living room, straighten groery list, move paper shredder, become willing to release the extra organizers I have in my life, realizing they are cluttering things. arrange for bb/bs pick up. cardboard the garden in the back yard and cover with mulch. move furniture off of porch. make tax list of donations. bedroom: change sheets, continue working on the big straighten. 

Chatbox now....

Chotrain CI 5:30 AM

First and Foremost, I gratefully thank the Energy Source that has returned my soul back to me with compassion and has given me the ability to rise and jump into a Proactive Day.

  • 5:30-5:45 Prayer and Meditation
  • 5:45-6:15 Jump on the treadmill for 30 minutes while I flip through CNN, local news etc
  • 6:15-7:00 Shower, Prepare cloths, eat breakfast 
  • 7:00-7:30 Drive to Work
  • 7:30-8:00 Prepare for CO Meeting
  • 8:00-5:00 Work
  • TD List work-Call Hanover, Deposit check, Pay George, Review DN Doc, Review Pear Database, To Be Continued.

Does yesterday exist?..........One thing for sure is that NOW does. Stay present and have a productive proactive and getting it done day in order to have an anxiety free tomorrow.


Hope-Faith CI 5:15

Good Morning All,

Chickadee, thanks for getting us started this morning.

Monday-Friday am routine

Load of clothes Clothes Dryer
Check In Get kids up
Get ready by 6:30


Feed animals Leave
  • CI 7:00 Great start to the day we will be out the door in about 10 min.
  • CI 7:57 I have arrived at school and everything is still going great.
  • CI 9:50 Everything is still progressing well.
  • CI 3:10 Completed all most all of my school activites


 Coffee  Get Boxes
 CI  Find SGA Applications, update time line
 Check E-mail  E-mail about planning meeting
 Plan 2nd and 3rd  Plan Tuesday before leaving
 Plan 4th  Missing 10 days report
 online q agenda  Call D
Check on Forum  Lesson Plans for homebound student by 3:00
 Input Grades  Copies  and staple for 4th

Between School and Home

  • CI 4:15 ready to begin at home I hope that my evening will be as productive as my day has been.
  • CI 5:30 moved barbie stuff and sorted basket of toys -- Progress - Progress
  • CI 7:30 about 1/2 behind sch. starting homework now
  • CI 9:10 final check and check out for the night did not accomplish all that I wanted to but I am getting tired and I need to get in bed so that I can get up on time and have another very successfull day.

Get boxes from bus garage.

Milk and Mac

Home - Evening

  1. Arrive home by 4:00
  2. Move barbie stuff to frog room, Move and sort basket of toys to frog room. Finish by 5:30 this is next on my list. Have to tape up boxes first.
  3. 5:30-7:30 PM Routine
  4. Maintain Van Clothes for next day
    Take in clothes Bath/Homework

    Reading A-Z

    Fold/put away clothes


    Declutter Project Family Time
  5. 7:30-8:30 Family Time
  6. 8:30-11:00
    1. Son pick out NG
    2. Coupons/Newspaper
    3. Intel
    4. Christmas list
    5. checking
    6. pay for on-line quiz assessment
    7. Book for Tuesday
    8. Word Wall


Chick's CI

[x] r done

Great Work!

Great Work in gettng R Done!

Have an awesome day!



chick updates yesterday's ci

Thanks, Chotrain, for your encouragement, and for the inspiration I get from your posts :D

[x] c done too (was on the list for yesterday, like r--realistically, i should have given myself time off, knowing they could be done quickly when rested on monday

[x] a.v.

[some ]starting mit--now

[] tix

[x] prep for tomorrow--do early early tomorrowWink done quickly and easily early this morning. Reminder to self: choosing what the MITs are and doing MITs first, rather than MUTs, is worthwhile because the first time of work is so productive for certain tasks. once again, setting aside anxiety about not finding things and just getting going is important--reminder: as i keep sorting and filing it will be less effort to be more productive. Affirmation: I can sort out one or two things ever day, I don't have to conquer the whole thing at once.

[x] phone meeting

[x] m for tomorrow

there are so many things I have to do that I havent even put on the list, but for the first time in ages I am feeling energized by the pressure and thinking 'I want to do all these things' instead of feeling overwhelmed and scared. I hope I can translate this 'I wanna' into positive accomplishment not nervous goofing off.


I haven't done everything on the list . But i have rediscovered productive hours in the evening. that's a goal for changing my process, one step at a time...