Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Saturday November 15th 2008

Sunday morning 10am for Convalaria

 Feeling overwhelmed by work related tasks and events.
One thing at a time.
30 minutes at a time.
One small step at a time.
Work in chat box.
Take breaks.
Do not time binge.

Most important tasks for today:

  • grocery shopping   11.55 dobe
  • anniversary part at 3.00pm (sta only for 1 hour)
  • morning routine   11.55 started
  • doggy exercise    11.55 done
  • find a way to deal with 100 pieces of student work (also MUT 1)
  • 1 class of reports (MUT 2)
  • email to G with cc to J
  • e mail J
  • check in  11.55 check in
  • keep going

12.49 struggling....and have wasted the best part og the last 50 minutes. Did get the crock pot going :) . Next try hair colouring and morning routine again.

1.41 hair colour is on, poo is picked up , sink is clean,  some laudry is on the line and another load is going and I am still struggling!!  Next ???Try the emails

"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

Falcon CI Saturday

A few things to do this evening:

  • Shower off tickly hairs (just got a haircut and I'm itchy!)
  • Use ear drops
  • Eat dinner
  • Spend a little time on either paperwork or tidying or answering pers. ads.  It doesn't matter which, but I don't want the evening to go by without doing any of them.


Falcon CI revision

Just remembered I wanted to use face mask this evening, and can't do the eardrops at the same time.  So I've got the face mask on, and while it dries, I'll do 10 minutes each on tidying, paperwork, looking up ads.  If I do 2 rounds of 10 minutes on each, by the time I'm done it'll be time to think about dinner.

Here goes. . .


Falcon CO

O.k., I did a couple of rounds of paperwork, etc., and then did my ears.  Next. . . eat something and get to bed.

Good night!


roses CI 20:46

It's my first weekend, and i don't really know how to treat it. Where does the line between relaxing and procrastinating fall?

Even tho i wasn't at home last night, and got in lunch time today i've still managed to stick to the more important parts of my newly founded routine:

  • drink ginger tea
  • practice drums for an hour
  • exercise
  • clean teeth, shower and dress
  • practice songs and covers for an hour

As i was out yesterday and last night, i didn't make any plans for today or specify a weekend routine. So i suppose that is something i'll have to do tonight.

I have been quite down today, and feeling a little like an old self.. My ex-girlfriend emailed to say she's home from university for the weekend, could she come pick up some stuff.
My attachment to her has been a huge cause of my procrastination throughout the last three and a half years.
It's a long story. And i haven’t the energy to say more, but i could use some uplifting as my procrastination over breaking up and moving on from her makes me miss her like crazy.
I told her my mum would drop the stuff off tomorrow, as i don't know how i'd cope seeing her.

i am glad i managed to check-in.
i wish you all peace

Falcon and Convalaria

Thank you both for such warm words and advice. This place gives me strength and i am truly grateful.

hugs to roses from Convalaria

A little bit of advice from a motheer of 2 grow up sons and please feel free to ignore it.

Grief over relationships can be very painful and can paralyse.
It is better to do something than to do nothing.
Time heals all wounds.
Dealing with ex through your mum or another person is a good idea. It mananges the situation without aggravating your feelings and completely reopening old wounds.
The line between relaxation and procrastination is a fine one and can depend on what you need to do....You have done the right thing so far by following your routine.

Hoping that I can follow my own wisdom and advice today....

"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

Hi roses

Hi roses,

I'm glad you checked in, too!  And sorry to hear you're feeling down; breakups are rough.  Cry

I know what you mean about the distinction between relaxing and procrastinating -- sometimes it's hard to know which is which.  But the things you decided to do all sound like positive & healthy things to focus on, and I hope doing them helped you feel grounded.  

Ginger tea sounds great.  Smile  Hang in there, and keep taking good care of yourself.



Journey noon

Good morning!  Well, it's almost afternoon lol. 
I got a bit of an earlier start than normal on a Saturday but I still to get better at this . . .
I don't want to waste my weekends.  
But, my grocery list is made and I'm ready to walk out the door.   Trying to decide whether or not to stop by Mom and Dad's . . . well, I really should.   I can keep it short.  And they are near petsmart and then I can get the "good" dogfood for my sweeties.  
Gotta get to the store, get home, put away groceries, clean the dining room, and make dinner.  Dh will clean the living room :).   
"For myself, I am an optimist--it does not seem to be much use being anything else."- Winston Churchill

pro's CI - 11:30am

I'm thinking that I will work on my Web site today - something I've been putting off for a long time and really want to do. Perhaps it isn't priority #1, but I can intersperse priority #1 with more fun things, can't I? Or is this procrastination? In any case, I have to do this soon because my Web host is taking away support for MySQL 4 and I have to do the conversion.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Hope-Faith CI 9:55

Good morning all,


  • Focus and Plan -- I have been stuck in left field for the last couple of days due to some unavoidable personal circumstances therefore I have been off of my game plan for almost 3 days. Time to pull myself back in line. Although I been somewhat AWOL I have kept procrastination to a bare min.8) and I feel good about the past 3 days work. I do know however if I do not get back to my daily planning, organizing and reflecting I will lose ground. So the next 30 mins is dedicated to just that. CI when I get done with POR. Completed but it actually took about an hour.

  • CI 10:55
  • CI 12:35
  • CI 2:00
  • CI 3:45 check back in later this evening. Now time to get ready for family outting.
  • Now time to post my todo for the rest of my day.  I will work in chat most of the day to stay focused. Some task I may not accomplish.  

  • Put away 3 loads of clothes
  • Wash, Fold and put away 3 loads of clothes in progress still in progress
  • Bathroom
  • Charge camera bat. for tonight
  • Declutter Van -- Not a major problem but need to take stuff out from the last 3 days
  • Check bank balance
  • Pay bills
  • Work on cleaning up barbies in hallway 20 min
  • Weed through basket of toys and stuff.
  • Load Software
  • Leave for family outting. about an 1 1/2 drive will work on
  • Read books and organize info.
  • Work on Christmas list
  • Check on personal e-mail
  • Thank you notes
  • Make up test for 3.00 for Tuesday


kromer 9:45 CI

Ugh, I slept way too late (9 rather than 7:30...), and I've got a lot to get done today!

*Housewarming party!

*Write 2 pgs on PF's project
*Get together results on 3 datasets
*Figure out bug in downloading data, download 2 datasets
*Finish PT writeup

*Clean bathroom and kitchen
*1 pset problem
*gather together treasurer stuff
*list of Qs for lab members
*email 1 prof
*call AG
*Read Bible

I'm feeling paralyzed and I can't face my MITs right now, so I'm going to give myself until 11 to work on easier tasks, then I'll head to lab to work on MITs. Right now I'm going to clean bathroom and kitchen.  

kromer 11:20 CI

I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom and had some lunch. Now I'm still feeling stalled out, I'll work on pset for 30 min and then get off my butt to head to lab.

Update 12:50--very late, but I'm leaving for lab now. Once I get there, I'll try to figure out bug and download data sets.  

Update 1:45--slowpoke today, but I'm in lab now...back when I've figured out the bug.

Update 4:00--ugh, I finally figured out the bug (I kept getting sidetracked into working on my pset, which needs to get done but is not a MIT or MUT at all) and have processed on dataset. Now I'm going to do a 2nd, so I'll at least have 1 MIT done today. Then I think I'll head home.  

kromer 4:55 CI finished MIT #1!

I finally finished one of my MITs...fixing bug and downloading dataset.

Today's MITs are all scary, long-procrastinated tasks, so I'm really happy I got one of them done.

Now I'm going to head home, have some dinner, call AG and finish writeup for PT's project. Then I'll at least have 2/4 MITs done. 

kromer 8:20 CI

OK, finished writeup for PT, so got 2 MITs done.

I'm going to work on pset and deal with email for a bit, then I'll host party! Back tomorrow by 7.  

have fun at your party :)

Hi Kromer!

I hope you have fun at your party :)

Talk to you later! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

e's Saturday ci

  I have not been here for a few days and have not been as willing to bre productive as when I get here. I have made progress on health insurance stuff and on job search stuff. Thanksgiving is also falling into place. Yesterday was a good day: I got my hairs cut and got to see my neice, picked up my bicycle so my son can have his own transporation (or I can, for that matter).

I would like to do:

straighten bedroom

get extra stuff in living room placed downstairs

hot spot my desk in the kitchen

launder: I don't know why this is so hard for me to become willing to do! I think it is because it is another floor away.

meds, water, selfcare

mut: had a tire blow out at 12:30 AM coming back from a dinner out with friends last night and need to get the tire fixed. Hoping my spouse will help with that.

resume: alter for available positions.

11:30 check back. the chatbox is doing its work altering thing this morning and i have been productive. the dryer just buzzed, and my first load of laundry is probably done. dishes are clean, breakfast made, coffee made, grocery list in mid-swing. G went off to get the tire fixed and to have a run around the pond.

4ish the day has been productive in many ways today, but I just got off the phone with C's physics teacher who called to say he was not on top of his work. It is so frustrating to have the same problems come up. 14 year old boys are ... 14 year old boys, and that is not always fun. I did get to go for a long walk and phone conversation with my friend, so that was good, and now that I am home I am trying to get motivated to go back into the chatbox and do some more stuff. I have a hard time recovering from disappointment, so I want to acknowledge that I am in a sad place and that it is okay to still work and not necessary to go climb under the covers. to the chatbox!

6:00 the chatbox did its thing... again! dinner is in the oven and the laundry is transferred again. Son #2 has done some folding of the laundry, and I am now going to fold my own and the general stuff. I am in less of a bad space now at 6 than my last check in, mainly because I got my tuckus to the chatbox. I would be quite content of all of my days were like this: slow and steady wins the race! Now, fold laundry, make salad, set table, wash up pots and pans, research a bit. not everything is getting done today, but that is really okay with me - which is the biggest gift, not beating myself up for 'failling'

Yesterday could have been

Yesterday could have been awful, but it turned out fantastic thanks to this forum. Especially thanks to clement and roses for cheering me on!

Here's today:

[ ] morning chores
[ ] meditate
[ ] pick up box
[ ] study for oral exam
1 hr lunch/nap break
[ ] Fri's appointment
[ ] head for campus, bring zines to bookstore
[ ] read an article or two
home for 1.5 hr dinner break
[ ] study another 2 hrs--insofar as baby allows :)


pro's first check-in - 8:48am

Must, must, MUST be productive today - in the areas that count.

Making breakfast now.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

going to the chatbox...

I'm heading to the chatbox - check in there...

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

CL ci

7:20am : i am late to men's breakfast, but i really want to go, and have quiet time first so i'm in the right mindset, but there's not time for that, so i'm owmd. So i'll just make the best of it--get rdy, do a short prayer, get there as soon as possible, and turn the rest of it all of it over to HP.
7:35 (15min) : ok that worked. i just got rdy, w/o all the guilt and berating i'm used to. Now a short prayer, say 10 min.


Recycler CI 6:25am EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Thanks, Chickadee, for the Lucky Trunk Pacyderm to start the day with :)

Landlord visit today, so I've got to bustle around here this morning. Landlord lives out of state; it's only 2 or 3 times a year they visit. Even if for them it isn't a White Glove inspection, somehow I always feel that Martha Stewart and a SWAT team is getting ready to pull up in a van ;)

This morning I need to change air filter in furnance, wipe down air vents, inspect kitchen floor and clean any spots. For the ground-level room and bath, I like to Swiffer those, but may need to vacuum today to get things accomplished more quickly?

I also need to buy provisions, and do some other things today. The refrigerator for my new condo is supposed to be delivered today, too. I may try to update my CI later :)

11am. Whew, thank goodness I've gotten the more noticeable areas cleaned up :) So when the landlord comes by, the condo should be "ok enough" for his visit. I'm glad that I use the orange-scented Swiffer instead of vacuumed, because now the condo has the good smell when entering the front door :) Next: use coupon & walk to get take-out from the new Noodle restaurant in the neighborhood. Refrigerator isn't supposed to be delivered until 1-4pm, so I've got time :) Then will probably putter around until landlord gets here. I tell ya, I've got plenty to do! ;)

9pm end of day. While lots of long stories, here's the summary: The refrigerator is delivered & plugged in. The landlord inspected the rental condo & didn't get freaked out about anything. Even though all of this kind of overwhelmed me, I still accept an invitation to go over for a small party at someone's house and had a nice visit. Back home now, I needed to pick up pajamas at the rental condo, so that allows one more update of my CI :)

[not much of an exaggeration] I experienced severe Shopping Withdrawal today. Usually Saturday is the day I buy provisions. However, because of all the events of today, I did not get to shop. Shopping relaxes me, distracts me, and even if I only spend moderately, it's my weekly fix. Even though tomorrow morning isn't that long to wait, I really missed the shopping today. Going in the morning will probably help me feel back on track :)

Have a great day, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

chick CI

-read for MUT 1--some done

laundry load in  and now out
; dishes


-reading: leisure & for work

-corresp.--a few