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Sunday 9 November 2008

Sammy ci :: 11:20 pm

Hello everyone,

just wanted to stop in quick tonight... its been a busy day. went to church, ran errands, picked up some books (for homework) from the library, then worked till 9:30 pm....tomorrow I have a meeting at 8, then I will spend some time in the photo studio trying to get the perfect shot for my photography homework, then go to class from 1:30 to 10 pm.

Sunday evening CI


- email group in test
- autocomplete enhancement - improve search
- pdf stuff in test
- clean desk
- plan tomorrow

Monica's picture

Monica CO - 6:30pm

I did well today but because I didn't plan my meals yesterday I was unable to get the grocery shopping done today. I wont have time tomorrow to do all the shopping so I'll have to make several small grocery store runs throughout the week. But at least I have a meal plan, something I haven't had in a very long time.

Goodnight everyone... until tomorrow,

To Do:
[x] CI
[x] Shower & dress to shoes
[x] Make bed
[x] Clear email
[x] Plan meals for the coming week
[x] Shine sink
[x] Vacuum upstairs
[0] Grocery shopping
[x] Update shopping list
[x] Update calendar for the week
[x] Picked out clothes for tomorrow for me and my son (additional task)
[x] Sprayed shower down for scrubbing tomorrow morning (additional task)
[x] CO

If I can't do it perfectly, I'll do it anyway. If I can't do it all, I'll do some. If I do nothing, nothing gets done.

"I don't feel like it" is a poor excuse for sacrificing your dreams.

Gwen D: CI 2:15pm

Gonna try with 15 minute increments, marked by timer. Music or radio show too, maybe.

[ ] Feed yourself a lunch (don't wait another two hours) 

[ ] Shine kitchen sink (and all that entails)

[ ] Sort and put away clothes

[ ] Take dirty clothes and wash them

[ ] Mop kitchen floor

[ ] Clear horiz surfaces, (desk, tables) and put away clutter

[ ] Dust

[ ] Vacuum rugs

[ ] Clean bathroom surfaces

[ ] Make a good workspace on desk for tomorrow's work but don't open computer except to check these things off!!

[ ] Assess week's food situation, decide about shopping needs.

[ ] Make list to meet tomorrow's goals. 

I have work to do tonight that is freelance, and it has to be done. I like doing it but there's no reason I can't have a clean house to do it in. It would be better. I'm not going to pressure myself, but I'd like to make an attempt to begin filing all my floating papers, including finance-y stuff, so, getting all of this out of the way is a way of setting the stage for what I really want to do.

Gnothi Seauton ~ Know Thyself

movingalong waves hello.

Hello all!

It's been a while since I posted a check-in here.  I've been participating in the P.A. chatbox 12-step meetings every week, but I haven't been posting much lately on the forums.

Just wanted to check in and say hello and give a brief update.

Life is a bit of a struggle, but I've been using techniques from this site to help me get through.  I've been more active in my other 12-step programs, and less active here.  I know I need to check in here more.  I have several big projects I've been procrastinating on.  Sigh.

Today, I'll commit to self-care -- which is a BIG thing that I tend to procrastinate on.

I'll also commit to one hour of financial planning.

-- movingalong

e's mid-Sunday ci

 I went to bed at 4:30 in the morning, so got up just now. I have a lot of things to make headway, and because it is sunny out, the maple leaves are calling me outside. I am not looking forward to their wetness (it has rained for two days) but I am worried about my mother falling down the stairs. 

First things first, though. I am going to make a list in so I can focus on one microtask at a time. 

Hope-Faith CI 10:00

Late start checking in. A little bit on the lazy side today. Not feeling a sense of urgency to do anything. So I am having trouble deciding where to begin the day, with the exception of Checking In. I guess I will start with reviewing my Living Life post and see what that motivates me to do. Check back in shortly.

CI 11:20 - Will I think that I have pulled some task together for the day. I have set my motivation by updating my Living Life post. So now I will work in chat for awhile to get my momentum rolling. Going to chat now.

Things to do today

MUT Keep an eye on ebay watch list - Christams Present for Daughter

  • CI Update 2:30
  • CI Update 10:05


  • Wash a load of towels 
  • Put up the last of the kids winter clothes
  • Take clothes to E
  • B-day party for nephew
  • Buy new printer cartridge
  • Fold and put up clothes I forgot to put them up.
  • Went Christmas shopping and grocery shopping 

Items in red need to be done before I go to bed. Do not know if I can accomplish them but I will give it my best shot. Check back in before I go to bed

  • Print out pics for thank you notes
  • Resarch Learning from motiavtion site
  • Plan tomorrow
  • Lesson Plans for the week
  • Clean out top closet in kids room
  • Kids write thank you notes
  • Son begin reading program






Falcon CI Sunday

Hi pro amigos,

I scrubbed the bathtub this morning!  And put in a load of laundry.  Now I feel like going back to bed ('cause that's enough for one day, right?)  Wink

I think my annual winter depression is trying to start creeping in (I'm one of those people who gets seasonal affective disorder every winter when there's less daylight.)  I've been doing really well at using my light box every morning.  Now I just have to make sure I get enough exercise and plenty of time outdoors.  I'm hoping not to have to take antidepressants this year -- tried lexapro last year, and it helped but made me very sleepy.

Anyone else in the northern hemisphere starting to feel that drive to hibernate?


  • Get stuff ready for class
  • Hang laundry
  • Go to class & shower at dojo
  • Get groceries
  • Do (10 + 2) x 5 hack on tidying apartment
  • Make lunches for next week
  • Email M
  • Call K


Falcon CI Sunday eve.

O.k., the pizzas for the week's lunches are in the oven, and the tidying is coming along.  I can actually see some of the flat surfaces in my apartment now!  I'm realizing that I have WAY too many books.  

Time to put the load of socks in the dryer, do some more tidying, and make some phone calls.


Falcon Sunday CO

O.k., I got the phone calls made and did some more tidying.  There's more that could be done, but it's bedtime, and I feel good that I got the most important things of the day done.

Good night!



Btw, for anyone interested in light therapy for seasonal affective disorder, I've had good luck with my "sadelite":

To use it for light therapy, you have to be up close to the lamp for 30 minutes a day.  To get myself to actually use mine, I keep mine by the bed, and as soon as my alarm goes off I spend 30 minutes reading under the light.  The 30 minutes of pleasure reading time is how I bribe myself to be consistent with it! 

I find that using it in the morning helps me wake up without being groggy, and I can feel the effects for the rest of the day -- I stay more alert and less depressed.


Falcon CI Sun. afternoon

O.k., I'm back from class and got the groceries.  Next up, tidying!  Yay!  Smile (Actually, it is sort of a happy thing, since I'm tidying up so someone else can clean! )



in my bear cave

 I had not realized how badly I was affected by the lack of sunlight until this year when I moved back from two years in a sunny, dry climate. I love both places I live, but this one seems to be made for curling up in bed with a good book. I have not discussed the issue of seasonal affective disorder with a doctor, but will now!

where did you live before? :)

Hi e!

That is interesting that you can tell it making such a difference.

Where did you live before? :)

I hope you will find some solutions for where you are now. Two of my friends swear by their Full Spectrum light in their office/work area :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

from summer to autumn

 I was in Athens, Greece and am now in New England. I don't really miss it because I love all seasons, but I do find my motivation is non-existant now. Thanks for the suggestion of the light: I will check it out. 

thanks, e :)

Hi E!

Thanks for your reply :) That must have been really interesting living in Greece :) You lucky! :)

I always enjoy the Greek festival here in our city :)

Talk to you later! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

kromer 9:25 CI

A tricky personal situation came up that I have to deal with...I spent last evening and this morning obsessing over it, which wasn't the best use of time. But now I've composed a draft email addressing the situation...I'm going to let it sit while I'm at church, then edit and send.

Otherwise, today I need to
*Organize my papers
*Download 2  datasets
*Work on setting parameters in a sensible way
*Spend 2 hrs gathering lit. search results.

Right now I'm going to tidy my room and head to church. After church I'll go to lab...should be there by 1 or 2.  

kromer 2 CI

OK, just got back from church, which was very nice.

I'm going to download 1 dataset now, then I'm going to take a break and call my friend, then I'm going to finsih dealing with tricky situation, then I'm going to work on setting parameters for 1-2 hrs.

Update 3:20--mostly finished downloading dataset (I encountered a problem and am waiting for email response, but my part is done). Now I'm going to call my friend, then start some calculations so I can work on setting parameters. I'm going to work in lab until 5, then head home and start dinner, then organize, then have dinner, then deal w/ lit. search and maybe get another dataset. Back at 5. 

kromer 6 CI

OK--not a great day so far. I flaked out in lab (left 30 min early), and I really want to talk with my friend and get her advice and she's not answering her phone, and I pretty much just want to curl up in a ball and cry. I did manage to shop and start cooking dinner, and I did make a little bit of progress in lab and call home. I think now I'll let myself watch part of a movie, then have some dinner, then organize. that's all that has to get done tonight.

kromer 7:45 CI

Thanks for all the good wishes! I watched a movie and had dinner and now I'm going to work on cleaning/organizing (in the chatbox)

kromer 11 CI

I finished the cleaning/organizing I wanted to get done, now I'm going to go to bed.

Tomorrow is another day

Sorry about your lab. I sure can relate to the feeling of curling up in a ball and crying. I often have the same feelins. Just remember that today is done and you can look forward to a different day tomorrow. There is always hope that tomorrow will be better. I hope that you have a better day tomorrow.



Hang in there, kromer

Hi kromer,

Sorry you're having such a crummy day!  Give yourself credit for the progress that you made, and take good care of yourself.  


Recycler CI 7am EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Yay, the second coat of paint is on the wall, which is my big project for this weekend :) [Before the new refrigerator can be delivered later this week, the wall has to be painted & dried ;)

I am going to do a faux finish on it this afternoon, but at least the 2 base coats are on, & will be dry by the time I work on it ;) Then, later today & this week, I can do any touch-ups that become apparent.

I've started a load of clothes in the washer here at the rental condo. (Estimated): this time next week, I'll be using the newly delivered washer & dryer in my new condo :)

Next: straigthen up around the rental condo, before going to mid-morning activity. Followed by purchasing faux-finish paint + extra paint rollers at Home Depot; then buying some groceries and eating lunch :) I may update my CI later.

12noon. I usually go to Home Depot after my mid-morning activity; today I went to a different location of HD but they weren't open yet. This has re-arranged parts of my day. I am adjusting my schedule; it's making everything take a bit longer, but that's ok. I used some Down Time to take some autumn pics with my new camera :) I did accomplish buying the groceries and eating lunch. Next: try Home Depot again!

1:46pm. Home Depot & other factors continue to not cooperate with my plan(s). However, I am feeling relaxed and having a good day, so I am just trying to re-adjust my plans with every change in circumstance. The faux painting is my goal for this afternoon, so I will see if plans & resources are coming together now :)

4:25pm. Finished faux painting, cleaned brushes, ate snack. At rental condo, touched up baseboard ding before landlord visit next week ;) Goofing off a little now, surfing net. Need to pray. Next: re-charge cell phone so can talk to dad later, put clothes in dryer.

Have a great day! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Monica's picture

Monica CI 7:00 am

To Do:
[x] CI
[ ] Shower & dress to shoes
[ ] Make bed
[ ] Clear email
[ ] Plan meals for the coming week
[ ] Shine sink
[ ] Vacuum upstairs
[ ] Grocery shopping
[ ] Update shopping list
[ ] Update calendar for the week
[ ] CO

If I can't do it perfectly, I'll do it anyway. If I can't do it all, I'll do some. If I do nothing, nothing gets done.

"I don't feel like it" is a poor excuse for sacrificing your dreams.

Hi Monica

I'm inspired by your signature, and will now rise from this weekend stall and make my list too. How are you coming along?

Gnothi Seauton ~ Know Thyself

Monica's picture

Re:Hi Monica

Hi Gwen,
That's great you're up and moving again. I'm glad the signature helped.

chickadee CI

one load of laundry done

working at MUT 1; later: mut2 (which is short)

--a long interruption, now back at work, coffee, look up one then then reread earlier t.

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