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Thursday November 6th 2008

It's Thursday



courage   serenity     wisdom                     One small step at a time...  I can take the next step 

Ag finale 11:35pm

Weird day - can't get a handle on how I feel about it - made some progress on MITs but also had to postpone MIT#1 twice due to fear/procras...and had 3 unexpected situations that were both urgent and important. So I wasn't able to work my plan, but trust HP had a plan that I was somehow following through all those changes.

Project AP got the final go-ahead tonight and has a grueling timeline that includes 10-20 trips out of state between now and June. Whole new set of MIT-MUTs starting tomorrow - including moving out of my guest room to a real office and hiring my first employee. Really scary.

Reminds me of the diff between faith and trust: When I'm at the circus, I have faith that the tightrope walker can push a wheelbarrow across the highwire.  Trust is getting in the wheelbarrow!

Recycler CI 6:05pm EST


Checking in today is an improvement. I came on the board yesterday to check in, but the day was so bad I couldn't check in.

This morning: took 1 load over to new condo. Showered at gym. Did projects at work. Ate fast food lunch; ordered new outfit for work. Projects in the afternoon. After work, brought gym bag(s) to rental condo so can use clothes washer. Started a load of clothes to wash. Checked my Internet groups. Said prayers for the President Elect and government. Next: when clothes are ready, put them in dryer. Write email to international friend.

Have a great night, everyone!


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

good for recycler

...for checking in!  Thanks for the good example of getting right back to it.

Journey 3 pm UPDATE 5:15

MIT #1 is finished.  Had another long phone convo with dd, who spent an hour with her advisor and is NOT dropping out of school now *whew*.   She is still having a struggle though so this will be a continuing saga.  

MIT #2 next, to work on a specific task on Project L.  I'm "time-boxing" this and working on it for an hour.  

Experimenting with time-boxing, assigning a period of time to work on a project and tell myself "I ONLY have an hour to work on this" and see what it does for my attitude.  I have trouble focusing on these long term projects until of course the deadline is looming.


I'm feeling really tired, stressed, and headachy today and I'll be glad when the work day is over . . . the good thing is that I really do like my work so the time goes by fast once I am able to settle down and focus on it.

Update 5:15:  The timeboxing concept was helpful, the thing about these long term tedious projects is that they seem to stretch on forever with no end in sight.  But I can face working on it for just an hour.   I also did backwards planning for my other long term project and set some intermittent deadlines for myself.  Maybe this will help too. 

My top 3 MITs plus all the administrative stuff planned for the day are all done!  I will pause here to enjoy the success and enjoy feeling finished with my work for the day.   I think that's a big thing that is missing from the lives of us procratinators - we seem to be unable to find that successful feeling of being finished.   Pause . . .

Ok I have 45 minutes left in the workday.   I'll journal for 15 minutes and spend the last half hour working on my online training course. 

On the way home, pick up dinner, then fold some laundry and put a new book on my mp3 player, then prep for tomorrow before letting myself get on the personal computer.  And get to bed on time!

Later PA-ls



"I tell you, we are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different." - Kurt Vonnegut

I'm inspired to read that

I'm inspired to read that the time-boxing works for you :smile: --I'm ambivalent about time boxing versus small goals, but see they both have their role...

kromer 12 CI

Today so far hasn't been good...I accidentally set my alarm for 6:30 PM rather than AM, so I was late to lab, so I had to rush through expts and was super-late to class anyway.

Oh well, I need to turn this around. 

Here's what I need to do.

MIT is to gather together work I did for PT...if I don't get it to him soon, I worry about destroying my professional relationship with him, which is not something I can afford to do. I need to stop by and talk to him tomorrow morning, so tonight I at the very least need to gather lit. search results, which should take about 2 hrs. I'd also like to microburst math/notes, will take about 15 min to do this. 

I also need to do a bunch of work to establish myself in NM's lab...specifically, I need to read a paper, finish expts, get key form, and go to lab meeting.  This is both urgent and important, so I'm going to take care of it now. I should be done with all NM lab tasks by 3 (when lab meeting gets out)

Finally, my papers+computer files are becoming a terrible mess, and it's making me less efficient, so I'd like to spend 1 hr organizing.  

This is plenty of work for today, so I'm not going to push myself to do anything else hard. If I get a chance, I'd like to download a dataset, bug people about Harambee, call home, and clean bathroom. But these aren't particularly urgent or crucial tasks.

I'll read paper for NM's lab now, should take about an hour. After that's done I'll get key form, then head to lab to finish expts. 

kromer 9:10 CI

OK, not doing the best today...I stayed concentrated on NM's project until 6, then took an hour walk, had a pretty healthy dinner, called home, then just zoned out for more than an hour. Now I need to work on gathering lit. search results for PT's project, and I don't wanna! But it's really important that this get done. I'm going to work in the chatbox and finish gathering lit. search results by the time I go to bed.

Journey 11:30 late check in!

Good morning all, I barely got here in time to say good morning, didn't I?  

Yesterday was a very good day, I stayed OFF the personal computer until I was finished with all work, including housework,  for the day.  It's hard, but it really does help on a work-at-home day.  3 hours of babysitting the grandson yesterday evening too, we had a very nice time at the local park.  

Today . .. not so good so far.  I've had several stressful phone calls with DD who is thinking about dropping out of school AGAIN this semester.  This is her last chance with us for school - she can certainly continue but she'll have to pay for it herself or get financial aid on her own.   She has some health issues that make it difficult for her, but she will have to support herself regardless of issues.  Mom and Dad will be retiring in the foreseeable future, so she has to become a grownup like it or not.  She will be 25 next year, so as hard it will be, we're going to have to kick her out of the nest. 

These issues added to the "normal" issues of a struggling industry with the always present fear of layoffs are adding up to an unpleasant day. 

BUT, here I am, and I have been to the gym, read email, done my daystarter, had 5 mins of quiet time, attended one meeting and followed up on some configuration issues from yesterday.   I've broken down my tasks for the rest of the day into small manageable chunks.  

Next, I have to make a phone call that I've been postponing for a week already.  Since today already kinda sucks, I might as well go ahead and deal with that too. 

Check back after phone call is made. 


"I tell you, we are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different." - Kurt Vonnegut

hugs to jo!

Hope today gets better! Congrats tackling phone calls.

thanks kromer!

It helps to be able to b*tch to you guys, rather than internalize that stuff and then let it turn into procrastination fodder . .. 

and happy to report back that the phone call is made.  This is about my 2005 taxes, which I thought was all straightened out when I filed an amended return last year.  But now it seems I need to go through the same thing with the state.  Shouldn't be too horrible though, because they will accept the ruling of the Fed and I just need to find some paperwork and fax it to them.  

Now, on to the next task which is MIT #1.  


"I tell you, we are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different." - Kurt Vonnegut

Sammy ci :: 10:30 am

I got up on time this morning (even a little earlier than I had planned!). My Technical Reporting textbook seems to me MIA....luckily I didn't need it in class this morning...hopefully it will turn up soon. My only other class for today is Web Design at 6pm....

#1   MUT/MIT :: Annotated Bibliography on History of Posters (emphasis on Circus Posters)...must get this turned in ASAP to avoid penalty for late assignment.

#2   MUT :: Web Design Homework (finish Flash assignment)

#3   MIT :: Tear Sheet Book (turn in to D ASAP)

These are each pretty big tasks for the day, but do-able. I'll check back later. 




welcome here Sammy.

welcome here Sammy.

MUT/MIT update

It's 11:42, and I have 10 books on hold at 2 different libraries. This will be hugely helpful, since my annotated bibliography is required to have at least 25 sources. I will do about 30 min of online research, then eat lunch. Hopefully after lunch the books will be ready so I can go pick them up. I'll check back after I visit the library.



still waiting...

still waiting for the call from the library telling me my books are ready....I was hoping to make BIG progress on this project today. 

 Web Design homework is DONE.

Tearsheet book is ALMOST done. Had to run to the store for more magazines to finish.

2 hours till I have to leave for class....should be plenty of time to finish tearsheet book and get a jump start on planning trip for saturday. 

scarlett CI 10:00 am EST

Got through yesterday okay, readjusting tasks for today.

Ta da:

To do:
EMAIL UPDATE TO BT (report, reviews)
Outreach; Type up para & forward to SB, create flier, email DL for mtg
Email partners about venue and possible dates
Email re: poster
Chase numbers; pull folders, read emails, call/email
VReports: Tally surplused furniture and estimate weight (started),revise info from report, include lessons learned

The adrenaline you've been living on only leaves you wanting.

Ag 9am, 9:30

G'morning!  Already talked to sponsor, planned food, Step 11, called Mom. Now to the unfinished MIT-turned-MUT item which is financial stuff (euuuwwww!!!)...Since I fell asleep last night trying to complete it, and since it's a prereq for a 9:30am call, I'm going to request a reschedule of that call for later today. I will check back after making that request, as it will largely determine the rest of the morning.

OK, Done. Feels good to say that about something already today! :-)  Next up: Post 2do2day. Prioritize Onsites. Promo grsrts webinar. Break. Spend 1 hour on AP financial projections. Lunch. 1:30 call re financials. Check-in and adapt 2do2day as needed. Break. Prep for 3pm call. Do 3pm call. Sched resulting action items. Break. Return emails and calls.

Ag wants 2do2day!

I've just been reading another thread herein and decided to reframe my thinking about this day. So here's is what I want to do today:

  • DONE! Onsite recommendations - at 11am I am just coming back from a sponsee call during which I played some free cell. (HP, please help me refocus on the next right thing, which is what I want to do.)
  • DONE! Promo webinar
  • DONE! finally, 11:15pm Understand my contract budget 1:45 I am seriously procrastinating this MIT and just had to ask for another extension. Going to break for lunch, then microburst and check back at 2:15...ended lunch 2:30, going to chat thru using the Tools.
  • DONE! Contribute positively on AP team calls at 1:30 postponed and 3
  • revisit postponed items from yesterday and think: reschedule, eliminate or capture them for a later thinkpostponed
  • Bless the AP DLs with excellent TApostponed

GeorgeSmiley 8 AM

Out a lot today, but I need to get a lot more done at home. I'm sort of hoping that my busy-ness out of the house today will keep me more focused on what i need to do when I am home.

MIT#1: Project K-5

MIT#2: Laundry today [I usually do it saturday but this weekend will be crazy...]

MIT#3: Some fun time w/ younger son today...





The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

Hope-Faith CI 8:00

Very late getting started this morning. Last night I just had to take a break and do nothing. Now the real challenge for me is not to beat myself up beacuse I did not accomplish some of my PM/AM (thins am) task that I have set to move me towards a more proactive lifestyle. I just need to accepte the fact that I need the down time and not try to make myself double up on task today to make up for my break last night and this morning. Try to check back in before 1st class. Moving on Moving head.

Monday-Friday am

  • Put a load of clothes on  Slept in did not this
  • Check In
  • Get ready before 6:00 am Monday-Friday
  • Feed animals/Hang out clothes
  • Get kids up
  • Breakfast
  • Leave


  • Coffee
  • Check E-mail
  • Plans for Thursday 2nd and 3rd done.
  •  Call about verfication
  • S count beads and tattoos determine profit.
  • Finish Filing SGA information
  • S Organize Business Documents plan review
  • Talk to Mrs. G about SGA voting
  • Forum  e-mailed ip address – waiting - still waiting for IT to unblock the site.

Between School and Home

  • Pay for theater tickets
  • Check of Deductions
  • Insurance form
  • Bank
  • Get Van Inspected buy tags

  • Daughter teacher conference 11/6/08 4:30 
  • Buy the "stuff" to make b-day cake for nephew"

    Monday-Friday pm

    • Maintain Van - Maintain state of unclutterness
    • Take clothes in
    • Supper/Dishwasher
    • Fold and put away clothes
    • Get clothes for next day
    • Kids bath/Homework
    • Kids paino/computer
    • Work 1/2 on declutter project
    • order software
    • Egg Project We have started add the ingredients to make crystals


    CL ci

    8:00 : 15 min on yesterday's MIT 1 then today's MIT 1
    8:30 : (30min) didnt get too far on yesterady's MIT 1. interruptions. now today's MIT 1. dread but doing it anyway. check back 8:45.
    9:10 : (40min) i hate checking in cause i'm time binging. But, it's now 9:10 and i've been working on MIT 1 for 40 min. Check in at 9:15 to get back on a 15 min sched.
    9:40 : (30min) interruption. that keeps happening. i notice today because of checkins. back to MIT 1. check in in 5 min.
    10:15 : (35min) didnt check in in 5 min. brings me down. But out of necessity, i'm slowly giving my day to HP. My MIT changed. Now on MIT 2->1
    10:45 : (30min) not too bad. still working on MIT 1, but got distracted. not too long tho.
    1:20 : (2h35m) several interruptions. but MIT 1 almost done. didnt check back like i planned. feeling much anxiety about not doing well today.
    2:15 : (55min) MIT 1 is one. Back to MIT 2. check in in 15 min. trying that again.
    2:35 : (20min) just missed ci by 5 min. MIT 2 is going well, actually.
    3pm : (25min) ci's getting better. missed by 15. MIT 2 what's next, then mit 3. ci 315.
    3:20 : (20min) 5 min late not too bad. mit 2 is in good shape, now i have to wait for it. so mit 3 is set MITs. back at 330 i hope.
    4pm : (40min) missed that one some. MIT 3 is getting a little mired. straighten that out. feeling only a little stressed now.
    4:30 : (30min) MIT 3 stalled. get back on track. tuf one.
    9:15 : after dinner. 1 hr of wk. work in MIT 3.
    10:45 : (90min) 1hr turned into 1.5. But i did finish. Still striving for more awareness during the task. But i'm happy still.


    chick CI

    small correspondence--batch 1 done

    planning of day's tasks: now supplanted by urgent e-mail from editor for late MU/MIT task.


    I am going to have to go straight to that and leave... things due tomorrow afternoon till later.
    In big stress from editor's e-mail. Dealing with the e-mail and working on the late project are separate and necessary. I will only feel better about them by doing them.


    Confession: still responding to stress by avoidance; the avoidance task also has to be done, but the stressy stuff needs attention to and I haven't faced it yet.

    Still avoiding and doing other necessary stuff. I need courage and serenity! Grouch.

    re: chick stress

    i kno that feeling. praying for your wisdom courage and serenity. I like when u put those in ur sig. They stand out quietly.


    *thanks* Clem... Im really

    *thanks* Clem... Im really touched. I know that the help will come from HP and via c.s.& w. but it's still uphill.

    Okay, doing the scary find-the-missing-folder search now. I have found a book I need that I thought was lost, commit to searching for the folder for another 30 minutes...

    progress, :smile: found and filed more mislaid material; haven't looked at scary e-mail or crucial folder yet though.

    found another crucial item.

    Now: commit to looking through one more box, then get an early start tomorrow.
    confession: I have avoided opening the e-mail about the scary project. :((  That's nothing new. But I 've watched myself in avoidance mode and not made excuses, just thought: I am choosing to avoid this and stood alongside. which is a tiny bit better than lies and self-justification.