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Wednesday November 5, 2008

Sammy ci :: 9:20 pm

Hello again,

Youth group went very well....It really blesses my heart to see the fellowship those kids have been developing....Its late, so I'm only planning a few things to get done tonight in order to get to bed on time:

MUT :: Dishes...These have been sitting for several days.

MIT :: Read Technical Reporting homework, even though its terribly dull and boring. Must be prepared for tomorrow's presentation!

Looking forward to :: Web Design homework.... This should be kind of a fun project for tomorrow.

 Have a lovely night everyone!

Sammy :-)

Sammy CI 4:45

I didn't get to check in last night because I stayed over night at my grandma's house. This was good in two ways: 1. I got to spend some time with my grandma, and 2. No internet access, so I got some homework done.

Today I got up, went to the dentist, went to a meeting, and raked my grandma's yard for 3 hours....Now I'm home, but leaving soon to take my brother to a trumpet lesson, then drive him to youth group (which I am helping lead this week). Overall, this has been a pretty productive day so far. The true test will come after youth group when the temptation of [adult swim] and other television invades my good intentions of working on homework. I'll check back after youth group.

Hope everyone's having a good day!


p.s. I'm having trouble with formatting... strikethroughs, underlining, text color, etc.....any tips? 

re: sammy, formatting

you can click 'enable rich-text' under the box.
<u>under</u> : under
<strike>strike</strike> : strike
<font color="#ff0000">red </font> : red



Thanks, but this is all that happens....



<font color="#ff0000">red</font>

...and the rich text link only says "disable rich-text".


....Maybe this is because I am writing from a Mac? I tried to log on from my parent's PC, but for some reason the website won't recognize my user name or password from the PC.... Anyone else have this problem? 

re: formatting

if the link says disable rich text, then you should be "in" rich text editing already. Then above the text box that u edit in, are there 3 rows of edit buttons (much like ms word)? In rich text, u highlight the word and hit the B or I or U etc. But u dont see those?


CL ci

i wish i had checked in earlier, but i've been really busy. Not too many decisions, altho i did do probably 20 extra web surfing minutes. MITs today are sort of obvious and forced, so not much decision making.

This check-in is of the "it's going well, now time to finish it but i feel dread" variety. It's so bizzare, i kno u understand but i dont think i would myself if i didnt experience it.

anyway, cheers all!



wrong place....

new here, wondering if this will really work

Hi, I'm new to, thought i'd give this ago, though i'm skeptical.  is there anywhere where all of the acronyms you guys use here are broken down?  in the check-in spirit, i'm going to try to work on my current project for 1 hour.  cheers.

Welcome here Ig!

Welcome here Ig!

my best advice

check in even when you feel like crap.




I am still  new to the site but it has been working very well for me. Very supportive and uplifiting.

Acronyms - The best that I can tell is there is not a breakdown of acronyms. Here is what I have learned so far.

CI -Check In  MIT- Most Important Task  MUT- Most Urgent Task HP-Higher Power

See you on-line


thanks :)

thanks everyone for the greetings!  and the acronym explanations :)  i did start the most urgent task, though i haven't finished it yet.  getting back to it now.

Journey noon

Major progress on L, which was MIT #1.   Stayed away from the personal computer and using only the work laptop, although I did have to boot up the pc to charge my mp3 player.  Why, oh why, are Wednesdays so much better than Tuesdays??  Taking a shower/lunch break now.  Check back in when finished. 


"I tell you, we are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different." - Kurt Vonnegut

Rolzup CI

I've been holding the baby and looking at posts here for half an hour. Now my wife's holding him and it's time for me to get started.

Morning chores.

GSG work


then I'm off to campus to study.


PS my wife says that graphic is so cheerful it makes her want to hit someone.

re: cheerful graphic

> PS my wife says that graphic is so cheerful it makes her want to hit someone.

lol. welcome and way to go checking in. i wish you recovery here. good luck today.


scarlett CI 11:00 am EST

Wow, I am seriously cranky today, which I did not expect. Stupid hormones. Trying to acknowledge the mood and roll with it rather than fight it. I was already planning to go to a meeting, but now I'm *definitely* going.

Ta da:
Morning routine
Sort CP

To do:
Find ride to mtg
Outreach; Type up para & forward to SB, Email partners about venue and possible dates, Email re: poster
Ven; Tally surplused furniture and estimate weight (started),revise info from report, include lessons learned
Chase numbers; pull folders, read emails, call/email

HG; Buy plane tix, Write email to MC contact, [start g-doc (me, JH, DT), minutes to JH, call DT, email AM & TVS]
Appts; Resched MS appt @ HRC, eye doc
LTV; when do questionnaire?, look at dance sites, discuss qualifiers, print reading
JF re: caricature

Cranky kitty is cranky.

The adrenaline you've been living on only leaves you wanting.

m 10:24 AM

to do:
- 1420 2 hrs
- upenn thang 1/2 hr
- 1376 1/2 hr
- 1414 -folder export 1 1/2 hrs
- call office - follow-up 1/4 hr
- clock 9 hours
- exercise 3/4 hr
- 1414 -case export/import w/ folder path 1 1/2 hr
- 1414 - export test 3/4 hr
- estimates 1/4 hr
- call Dell and V. 1 hr
- budget 1/2 hr
- 1419 - minimize queries - use thumbnail 1/2 hr
- 1403 - what sets a status of 2? 1/4 hr

GeorgeSmiley 9:30 AM

Good morning...

I didn't get to bed until 2 am this morning [an hour after I got home from my part-time job], and at 8 am I had to do a phone interview for Project S. I've done that, had a bagel and I've decided to give myself 30 minutes to peruse news and commentary sites in the wake of last night's landmark election.

I'll check back at 10 AM  and set up the rest of my day then.

Update: 10:50 AM

Well, it was a little longer... Embarassed

But this is a once-in-a-lifetime day.

So: MIT#1: Work on Project K-5. for 60 minutes

Then errands/post office/lunch

Update: 2:30 PM

I actually worked about 40 minutes on MIT#1. Still dealt with other distractions. But did the errands and lunch and now I'm back

Resuming work on MIT#1.

Will check back, no matter what, in 30 minutes.

Update: 3:10 PM

well, no progress. More distraction. Starting again.

[Updated -- end of day]

I did get a little more finished. But distraction continued. Trying again today.



The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

Agnus 9:50 am, 2:45pm, 5:30pm

Good morning, friends!  Back at work/home after 4 days parental caregiving - during which I left my pda/phone in my car at the airport - grrr!  Experienced actual withdrawal symtpoms of thumb twitching, anxiety, distractedness, craving desire to push little buttons - At one point I even thought about using a calculator for a few minutes just for the effect.Wink

Now I have 111  47  emails to sort through, about half of which require some action. And 6 3 phone calls. And major project catch-up. So here goes the todo's:

  • Make coffee, pray/meditate, plan food-fitness, eat, shower/dress
  • Adjust the following as needed after prayer/meditation
  • Call Dr. M about Mom's rx
  • Call in Mom's rx changes
  • Email Jeannie the rx conf #
  • Email J&M my observations re Mom POSTPONED
  • Type J's to-dos POSTPONED
  • Call C:
    • advise avail for calls she needs
    • inquire about subcontr status
  • Review eval design
  • Calendar grasrts webinar prep
  • email C the promo POSTPONED
  • Check the AP Inbox; respond POSTPONED
  • Call D and K re: raincheck for visit
  • Spend 1 hour reading Proj AP folder and scheduling tasks BUT DID NOT COMPLETE - repeat tomorrow
  • Spend 1 hour reading email and responding as needed
  • Type contract/budget thoughts and send key team, coach - 5:30 pm NOW URGENT!!! yikes -
  • Find last todo list in luggage and update it  add to todo's:
    • (transferred list to tomorrow's calendar for itemized scheduling)
  • Type up 12 months' travel plans for J - POSTPONED
  • Leave for 12 Step meeting by 6:50 pm

Ag 'fess-up

I've been time bingeing - have not eaten lunch yet and it is already dinnertime, with one MIT that has now become urgent because it's a prerequisite for a 9:30am phone call tomorrow with my mgr.  The dog wants to be walked, there is no dog or cat food, it's getting dark - and I dare not skip my 12-Step meeting tonight.  aargh.  I'm going to stop working, start eating, walk the dog 15 minutes and ask J to buy the pet food. I will check back after the dog walk.

ag 7pm

Dog walked, dinner eaten. Fed pets a can of tuna until J gets the grocery list bought.Took a personal call (limited 10 minutes - proud of meself!) - Now on way out to mtng. Will check back after because that MIT-turned-MUT needs done yet before bed.

Thanks, chick and clem - it is good to be back with my PA pals!

Ag 9:37pm, 10:10+

Meeting done. Dinner in process. Kitchen cleaned, dishes in the washer. Nasties cleaned out of fridge. Next up: Finish dinner. Check back here 10pm.

10:10 - dawdled a bit at dinner. Now to the MIT-MUT. I am going to work on it until 10:30 then take a break back here.

10:35 - working steadily. Going to keep at it until 10:50 then take a break.

11:05 - gotta stop, falling asleep over the keyboard.

hi ag

i've been there. not fun. praying that you'll experience surrender 2nite. u seem to hav a gd plan.

And welcome back!


Welcome back Ag!

Welcome back Ag! :smile:

e's day

 I am in an after-glow from watching the election last night. There were firecrackers going off in the park down the street and it really feels like it ought to be a holiday today, so I am checking in to make sure I continue to make progress and don't blow off the day. 

So far: meds, dishes put away, breakfast made and eaten, C to school, 

laundry: pull out stuff before it mildews in the wash!

dishes: keep up with them today

finish up dining room so that C can work on it this afternoon

finalize health insurance

double check with u mass

load car with stuff: dry cleaner,parking sticker, lesley stuff and more

get A to do the lawn before it rains! 

check back in 2 hours....

e's off the wagon

 nothing happened today since I checked in this morning. I slept again, and have planned dinner, and worked a little bit on the clutter in the dining room and living room, but otherwise made no progress. What I really don't want to deal with is the dishes, but they are what stand in my way between feeling motivated to do something. 

for now, hitting to make a simple to do list: I usually find that helps me focus on one thing at a time. 

kromer 8:25 CI

Didn't quite finish my work last night, since I was watching the elections...oh well.

I have a lot to do today!

Most stuff is scheduled: Meet w/ CJZ 9 am, (hopefully) toastmasters 12:30-1:30, meet w/ ML at 1:45, meet w/ NM at 4.

Other than that:
*Gather lit. search results!!!
*Email about late fees+update budget tracker
*Download 1 dataset

Other tasks:
*Read paper for lab mtg
*Email AR
*Email ED

OK, going to get dressed and tidy a bit, then head to campus.

Update 9:30--CJ not in lab yet, so I'm going to work on other stuff for 30 min and then go check lab again. I'll take care of budget stuff, then email ED and AR. 


kromer 1 CI

I met with CJ, and ended up spending a long time in lab, so I didn't get to go to toastmasters...I need to be more careful in managing my time in the future.

I've done budget stuff+emailed ED. 

I have about 30 min before I need to leave for mtg w/ ML. In this time, I'm going to take some notes from my mtg w/ CJZ, and then at least get started on a few tasks...I'm going to email AR, print paper for lab meeting, and spend 5 min working on downloading dataset. 

Back after mtg w/ ML.  

kromer 4 CI

OK, I emailed AR, spent 5 min working on downloading dataset, took notes from mtg w/ CJZ (didn't get a chance to print paper), met with ML.

Turns out CJZ wants me to look at a whole bunch of slides, so I've been working on that. I'm going to go meet w/ NM, then go look at 8 more slides (hopefully I'll be able to get that done in a couple hours), then go print paper and pick up my dataset notes, then go home and have dinner, then tackle my other 2 MITs. Whew! lots to do. Back when I get home.  

kromer 10:30 backsliding

I didn't get home from lab until 8, then I had some dinner and just crashed. It's understandable that I was tired, but this crash was mostly stupid websurfing, which isn't the best or healthiest way to relax. And I still have two MITs I wanted to get done.

I'm going to push myself to spend 50 min downloading a dataset. I'll listen to some cheery music and work in the chatbox. Then I'll go to bed and try to do a little better tomorrow.  

chick CI-bad weather at work


meetings in the morning. after a late start and then some unexpected need to help a colleague.

Now a brief space before another meeting. GOAL afternoon: be focussed on MUT, tidying, MIT1


My natural procrastination got way worse during a protracted episode of workplace bullying. I had another excuse--"them" and depression, rather than ME and me needing to be accountable. Now I'm not depressed and don't want to live a way that involves blaming others for 'causing' me not to do things. After all, they are not sitting on my computer..... But now for the second time, 'bully number 2' is trying to press my buttons. I have a new manager who will support me better than the last one. BUT I need to watch myself, and my excuses to self, carefully, and think WINNING is getting my won projects done, I don't need to be a victim. I feel a bit anxious and stressed about this, but I hope I can manage those feelings.

The huge drama of the election gives me a larger perspective--that was a struggle and triumph. The ingredients of self control and a large vision can inspire me, too. 

Hang in there!

Hi Chickadee-

Though I have never had to deal with a "bully" in the workplace, I can relate to your pain... My brother knows JUST how to push my buttons to make me feel like a worthless low life who is 1 inch tall. It sounds like you have a good strategy for staying true to yourself. Keep on looking up, things are sure to get better! 

Thanks Sammy and welcome

Thanks Sammy and welcome here!

I do have a strategy now, and enough practice to know that it does work--I just want to stay calm and stick to it.  And now I know that I make things better by accomplishing my goals and looking after myself well, one day at a time. 

Finding support here like yours, and by CIs, solidarity, and others' sharing helps me stay focussed on what I can do instead of falling into the victim trap...

workplace bullying

I'm sorry you have to deal with the bully!  Hang in there.  I've never had to deal with that particular problem thank goodness, I am sure it makes everything more difficult!   I don't know if you have the option of just avoiding that person, but hang in there.   .   
"I tell you, we are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different." - Kurt Vonnegut

Thanks jo. Support means a

Thanks jo. Support means a lot. I hope no one else here ever  has to deal with the stuff that went on.

Right now my tactic is to avoid that person, and to be absolutely cool and unruffled, and pass any difficulties on to a manager. In the past I allowed the bullying to collude with procrastination and to become an excuse not to do things. I was badly affected mentally and genuinely couldn't do a lot, but now I can, and want to! :smile:   Being here and making progress has become part of reclaiming my own path and putting the past behind me.

CI follow up: this evening I got my energy back by not waiting to long to eat and then setting a few very small goals where i could see clear progress. It worked! One small step towards regaining good hours in the evening. 

Chickadee, my bullier got fired Tuesday

Hi Chickadee!

Hang in there! I'm on your side with the work situation.

An employee that was hired a year ago where I work had bullying qualities. It really does mean taking the high road every day with someone like that. Fortunately other people on the staff could see it too, and the bullier also had other work issues. The other issues were eventually their downfall, but they did get fired Tuesday.

Anyway, good luck with everything, and I hope yours will be resolved, too! Hugs!


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Recycler, thanks for

Recycler, thanks for sharing that! Solidarity! It cheers me to know that things can work out this clearly. The downfall of any bully is good news :smile:  You are so right about always keeping to the high road...

I doubt I'll be lucky enough to have this bully get dumped, but I am determined to look after number 1, not think of myself as a victim and get on with my own goals instead of letting outside circumstance collude with my procrastination...

Journey 7:45 Obamanomics

Good morning!  I guess the election hasn't been officially declared, but it seems clear that Mr. Obama will be the new US president.   It will be interesting!   I don't really have any comments about Obamanomics but I heard someone on the news say it this morning and I like the sound of the word.

Yesterday was ok for a work-at-home day, still not perfect, but spent several good focused hours on both top MITs so I feel good about that.  I'm still wasting too much time in my new addiction Second Life.  I'm going to try to have one of those "internet moratoriums" today, and only use my work computer.   All the potentially bad stuff is blocked on my work computer, either by my company's intranet or Simple-ology. 

Just got home from the gym, breakfast first because I'm hungry, then day starter. 


"I tell you, we are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different." - Kurt Vonnegut

Hope-Faith 7:00 CI

Good Morning all. Got a lot to accomplish so I must get moving. Hope that everyone has a wonderfully productive day.

 Monday-Friday am

  • Put a load of clothes on  
  • Check In
  • Get ready before 6:00 am Monday-Friday
  • Feed animals/Hang out clothes
  • Get kids up
  • Breakfast
  • Leave


  • Coffee
  • Check E-mail
  • Plans for Wednesday 1st and 2nd done
  • Submit reimbursement for beads and tattoos paper work done need make copies and submit
  • SGA announcment
  • 9:30 CI working on knocking items off my to do list so that I can had more. :-? First class will be starting in about 4 min's Check back in later.

    • Plan 4th
    • update grade
    • Impact Visit -- Pick up room
    • SGA elections time line
    • Organize Business Documents plan review
    • Talk to Mrs. G
    • Forum e-mailed ip address – waiting
    • Club Pictures

    4:30 CI day at school is done and now I will leave to go home and try not to think about school work until my kids go to bed. Spend some time with them.


    Between School and Home

  • Bank
  • Get Van Inspected buy tags
  • look up purchase info
  • Take tickets to mom
  • Pay for theater tickets


 Monday-Friday pm

  • Maintain Van - Maintain state of unclutterness
  • Take clothes in
  • Supper/Dishwasher
  • Fold and put away clothes
  • Get clothes for next day
  • Kids bath/Homework
  • Kids paino/computer
  • Work 1/2 on declutter project