Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Wednesday 17 September 2008



Have a Good Wednesday, Pro Buddies!




I can keep starting. One step at a time. I can also have time to play.

Convalaria 4.34pm Thursday and 5.48am Friday

A busy day as usual and mostly ful.
The challenge? Go home and have a productive evening


  • pack bag
  • drive home
  • cook soup
  • walk dog
  • check in

Friday am

A brief vent below:

Yell Yell Yell Yell Yell Yell 

Its end of term, I am tired and perhaps quite anxious due to possible consequences. I do then to push away feelings
Will start again tody and will achieve many things during the 2 week break

I'm in the middle of moving...

Hi All -

I'm forcing myself to make a quick post tonight.  I've been MIA for, I don't even know, a while.

I've made some big decisions since I last checked in, the biggest of which is moving.  I only have a few days left where I am at, and everything from housing and employment is still up in the air.  I am stressed and just repeat my efforts at "coming back": returning to the task at hand, returning to a somewhat clear state of mind to get sh*t done, trying to stave off the awake-coma-inducing anxiety attacks. 

I've been doing ok, not horrible, not crisis-crushed, but the fear grabs on fast and hard.

Will be checking in and seeing how everyone else is doing.





Hang in there PiP and good luck!

Hang in there PiP and just keep going--I think it sounds like you have a lot of courage to make this decision and arrange it. Good luck to you.

Lark at 8:20pm. I really slipped today

Today wasn't a total wipe out, but it was really. I read news on the internet that would've been on the workshop radio. I also prepared for future projects that I may not even do, and I learned a bunch of trivial junk about places I'll never go, etc. I went on a major pro. bender. I'm trying to do some damage control this evening--the first being to admit to God, myself, and another human being(s) that I screwed up pretty bad. From now till I'm ready to turn in, I'm trying to do damage control--anything to catch up--and I'll probably check in then. Feeling pretty yucky.

Take courage, Lark

I feel your pain.  The same feelings are hovering over me from having missed some key MITs this week. It helps to read folks' posts on here, especially the reminders not to waste time berating myself for slips - rather, just resume using the Tools and Steps as soon as I can. The Serenity Prayer makes a pretty good mantra to bridge the gap between my yucky feelings, and the relief that begins the minute I resume doing the next right thing.  Good luck, Lark. We care. (((hugs)))

drun "Check In" 6:30pm, for tomorrow

This is'nt really a check in for today, but I have not checked in here for ~ 1 or 2 weeks, and I have had some set backs procrastinating and don't feel great. I want to check in torrow morning with my 2 or 3 MIT's for Thursday. Thanks, you guys really are a help, I hope you are doing well ... drun, (dave)

AG ci 6:25 pm and 7:12pm

overslept this morning and had to slam into the day, going ever since. Got some MITs accomplished but missed the important planning step so feeling insecure and anxious. Behind one day now on my personal financial-mgmt commitment, and facing a huge "first" in my work life tomorrow, - in fact, I am way too anxious.

  • doneMIT#1 -3 deep breaths and a prayer.
  • doneMIT#2 - review and notate J's slides for tomorrow; fax to her
  • doingMIT#3 -prepare and eat a decent dinner
  • doingMIT#4 - leave for meeting by 7pm.

Recycler CI 6:20pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Half-way through the week :)

Today: walked + treadmill, stretched, work. Even though my project list has been Very Long this week, today felt like I got some things done! ;) My coworker got sick and went home, so I covered for her + had lunch at my desk; that's the way it goes sometimes! I was going to ride the train home, but the weather is so nice today that I walked :) Now have to clean up and change clothes before going out to dinner with friends.

Have a great night, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Journey 1:30

Well, 1:30 and MIT #1 is still not done.  And I have another meeting at 2:30.  BUT not because I was goofing off (although i did goof off a little :))  but because dd's car is BACK in the shop!  I had to run pick her up at the mechanic's.   bummer.  Didn't make it to the noon meeting, either, which was ok, as it is an optional thing.  But still, I feel bad that I have got nothing done on the most important tasks.  Nothing to do but keep starting on #1.


"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." 

Journey 10 am

Well, I did get started at 7 am, read email, set my MITs for the day, but THEN instead of exercising I goofed off for about an hour, until I only had half an hour to exercise and get back here for a conference call.  But, I did the 30 min. and now I'm on the conference call, semi-multi-tasking through the call although I do need to listen I don't really need to say anything.  There are like 40 people on the call. 

After this call, I have another one, then I need to prepare for a noon meeting. 


"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." 

Lark at 9:30am, 3:30pm

Today's main client called and basically procrastinated on me a few minutes ago. Imagine that...What nerve! We don't like being the target of a procrastinator, do we? There's alot to do here anyway, so I need to get some stuff done. A good rule of thumb is to not start anything new, and just do stuff that's here. Good luck everyone!
(X)morning routine
spiritual(not me)time
finish the thing that screwed up yesterday
(X)put laundry away
work project A
(X)return call to MK
tidy living room (not bad)
mow front lawn
(X)work on any stuff for work for an hour this morning
focus on one work project this afternoon
check in at lunch

scarlett CI 9:20 am EDT

Morning, y'all.

Ta da:
Eat breakfast
Talk to R & E re: bin in Carm
Do WR for brick pull
Take pills
Listen to voicemail

S M/Carm plan & respond brick letter
Prep mtg AA: look at what’s done, chase numbers (1/2 hr)
Beard Elev
Type up MEJ

To do:
BG - resources to Mike (1 hr)
Green NC f/u
Ven – pull folder & look for salvage info
M f/u: update salvage sheet & email to PK (20 min)
Update leave xls
Review Hist Land Plan
PS plan???

Pull outreach folder
Sched mtgs (10 min)

Find pet sitter for sat or sun morning
Add D to GG
Send S sched & ask for confirmation
Send out perf sched (done: email, work email, flist. Remaining: tlites, fb)
Gather GT EOBs
Buy C tix

The adrenaline you've been living on only leaves you wanting.

GeorgeSmiley 7:30 AM and rolling updates...

~Chickadee: Love your message on the page-starter about one step at a time AND having fun. So true!!! 

I posted a post-mortem on Project R, and hope I can make it a lesson to myself that will stick.

MIT#1: Wrap up Project P-11

MIT#2: Finish Project T

MIT#3: Finish Project D

MIT#4: Work on project VW


Update, 8:30 AM

~Worked on MIT#1 for about 40 minutes. Needed to take a break, 10 minutes. Now back to work.


Update, 10 AM

~continued working on MIT#1. Another break at 9-9:30 for in-box and other adminisrative stuff.

~9:30 spent 20 minutes on a Project R tweak.

~Now returning to MIT#1, Project P-11


Update, 12:48 PM

~finished MIT#1--Project P-11 at noon; ate lunch.  On to MIT#2. Ummm...Update 1:23 PM: Well... Got distracted. trying new Beta update of a favorite software. [Side note to Journey-It's the beta 3.0 for Action Outline--have you seen it?]   NOW On to MIT #2.


Update, 2:38 PM

Moving along on Project T editing. Also good feedback on first draft of Project P-11.

Taking a break for a snack.


Update 7:39 AM 9/18

After my break I did more work on Project T, and then continued working on it until we had a late dinner. It's almost finished, which is why I've partially struck through the item above... :-)



The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

kromer 7:10 CI

Got some sleep last night, now I'm ready to focus.

My first priority is to finish the P-H paper. I'm going to get out my notes, figure out where I am and then read 1 page at a time... It's a dense paper and I've been putting off finishing it for forever, so I'll check in every 5 pages to help keep my motivation up.

Update 9:20--got through 6 pages (I've been concentrating pretty well, it's just incredibly dense reading). Another 6 rough ones to go, then 6 easy pages. I'll keep reading until 10:30, then I need to pack up and go meet my brother for lunch.

Update 9:50--got through the 6 rough pages miraculously fast :) Now I have just 6 easy pages to go. (That, plus staring at one equation that continues to baffle me.) My goal is to get through these pages and set my other MITs/tasks for the day before I leave to meet my brother. 

kromer 10:15 CI

Finished paper! (Well, I still have to stare at that one equation a bit more...)

Scheduled events: Lunch with brother :) , probability class, mtg about student life grant

*Email PT
*Finish reading 1st S+H paper
*Finish reading 2nd S+H paper
*Draft proposal outline
*Email LR about mtg
*Email DR

Should do:
*Genetics pset
*Notes from harambee mtg
*Finish cleaning room
*Make list of 20 people I could do research rotations with
*Email about lab mtg
*Email about drill

Would like to do:
*Finish rand tests of Brg1 data
*Put figures in ppt

I'll email LR and DR now, stare at that equation a bit more, and then leave for lunch with my brother. After lunch I'll email PT and start tackling the S+H papers.

kromer 12:25 CI

Emailed LR and DR, figured out the equation, went to campus and had lunch with my brother. I'm panicking about emailing PT...I want to put it off (in fact I almost just wrote that I was going to put it off), but I know that's not the solution. So instead I'm going to put on some nice calm music, work in the chatbox and just write the darn thing. It should take me about 15 min and I'll be really glad when it's done.

Update 12:55--took longer than it should, but I finished the stoopid email :grin: Now I'm going to tackle the 1st S+H paper (the harder one), I should be able to finish it before probability class at 2:30.

Update 2:30--still not done with S+H paper (I've been focusing, I just have been understanding too much detail and not moving at the pace I should be). Now I need to go to class and then to mtg, then I'll finish reading the paper and check back in.

Update 4:50--back from class and mtg, I'm going to finish going over the 1st S+H paper now. Should be able to get through it in 40 min.  

kromer 5:30 CI

Done going through 1st S+H paper. Now I've finished all my scheduled tasks and 4/6 MITs. The next S+H paper should be easier, so I'll tackle that next: I think I should be able to finish going through it in an hour. I'll spend 20 min right now, then head home, start dinner cooking, and finish reading while dinner is cooking. Update after 20 min.

kromer 9:30 CI

OK, have slipped somewhat...I read the 20 min, went grocery shopping and made and ate a healthy dinner, and read 40 more min, then slipped into procrastination. I still haven't finished with the paper -reading and I'm very tired. I don't think there's any way I'll be able to get my draft proposal done tonight, since it requires clear thinking and my mind is exhausted mush right now :(

So I'm going to push through the rest of this paper (think it should take me about 30 min), then microburst the draft proposal (read the assignment, put down name+section headings, read over topics, and quickly write down the first 5 ideas that come to mind), and finally do small and relatively mindless tasks (email about drill, notes from Harambee mtg, finish Brg1 rand runs, spend 30 min tidying room).

I'll stop work at 11:15 no matter what I've gotten done, take a shower and go to bed. Frequent updates until then.

Update 10:10--got through rest of paper, now time for draft proposal microburst.

Update 10:30--Finished microburst (though 20 min wasn't so micro...) Now I'm going to work on some small tasks. I'll start by finishing Brg1 randomization runs and emailing about drill.

Update 10:55--Finished randomization runs and emailed about drill. Now I'll take notes from Harambee mtg (10 min), then spend 10 min tidying room, then shower and go to bed.

Update 10:25--done (I actually did 20 min tidying...I should be able to get it all the way clean with 20-30 min work tomorrow morning)

Not a perfect day (I didn't finish my MITs, partly I think because I had too many of them and they all required a very clear mind), but I was reasonably productive and good at prioritizing.

Night, all! 


Journey 7 am

Working from home today, gonna do my day starter, then exercise for 45 minutes, then come back here ready to get to work on the MITs. 


"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." 

chick's CI




organizing and sorting--left to do, plus facing the unlisted MITs

reminder to self: get up and move around when I get in a rut