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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

e's belated check in

 I had horrible insomnia last night: was there something in the air? I was up until 4 am unable to sleep, finally crashing and burning and sleeping in until 11 or later. I don't want to do that again tonight!

However, once I got out the door I was able to finish the registration process for c's high school. Now we just need to choose classes (I guess we are not finished!)

I then saw my mom, dropped by the library, checked email, returned some expensive sneakers my son had bought and bought even more expensive (but truly to-die-for) shoes for myself. I am going to hide them from myself and if I don't find a job in two weeks I will make myself return them....

Tenants... we need them. Soon. Jobs... I need one I love. soon. Then other things that have been on hold will be things I can notice i am procrastinating on again. However, little breakthroughs, like dealing with tiny tasks I usually put off is making a difference. ie, registering for thing. 

 For tonight: another half an hour of looking online for work and then off to bed!




Lark at 8:34pm

It hasn't been a wonderous day here: lots of interruptions and some laziness. Sometimes it's really hard for me to get started again, but I'm going to burn some late night oil to try to salvage some of today's goals. Checking in a bit later...

Agnus checking in - 5:40-ish - um, pm

Sheepish. Another day in which I caved to my procrastination addiction. Started strong with prayer/meditation and my new daily MIT of calling Mom. But when the next two MITs wouldn't budge (because the people I needed were unavialable), I froze up and frayed out. Cooked, ate, napped, shopped online a little, played with the pets, casually reviewed email like I had nothing else to do, packed up my housesitter's stuff and took it to her (she doesn't drive), took 4 sponsee calls and one call with my sponsor. Now I have an hour to check-in here, eat dinner, and get to a support group meeting I committed to attend.

I think I know what is stopping me: Looming in my pending MITs is The First Invoice to a New Client, a Huge Decision About Money, and a Return Call to the Accountant. All headlines in my worst nightmares. All need to be done this week. And now that means, the next 48 hours.

When I started sharing on this site I found Chat very helpful for getting through these scary tasks. I am going to chat myself through the next 40 minutes to rebuild the habit, and commit to chatting through my scary MITs in the morning.  Thanks for being here, my dear PA-Pals!

Convalaria Checking in at 6.50am Thursday, then at 13.26

I have 75 minutes to do my moring routine.
At work I have recess, lunch and 1lesson after lunch free.
I need to to organise a roll and planning book and think about my lessons for the day at fairly short notice.

13.27 Got through the majority of my lessons, only 1 to go!
had morning tea and lunch and now have 50 minutes to do a roll book  (a MIT for today) and somey tidying up!
Will check in when I arive home from work.

After work I need to:

  • banking and health insurance
  • pick up refral
  • buy some fruit and veggies
  • laundry, dinner and dishes
  • 15 minutes tax
  • 30 minutes backlog marking
  • 15 minutes sorting desk in bedroom


  • do some current work for work!!!!
  • bedtime routine

I do want to move function but get stuck in the business and resistance and resentment


GS: Wednesday

Good morning, all.


Today's going to be a pretty stressful day.

Bottom line, older son is in a bit of trouble with me, his mom, and his step-mom (Mrs. GS). I won't go into details, there's no court action involved, but it's going to consume energy today as we settle on appropriate consequences for his poor judgment.

I started the day around 8 AM with a phone appt for Project P-11.

The other main tasks today (outside of family concerns) revolve around Project R.

2 MIT's today:

1) Touch base with all the loose end calls I need to make. I have a specific list in Outlook that I can march through, so that's doable.

2) Get a handle on the story's narrative. I will shoot for something by 10:30 AM to start with.

I'm going to try checking in every hour instead of every half hour.

1:54 PM

Well I've just been bouncing between so many different things today, personal and work-wise, that I haven't even made time to check in.

MIT #1 did get accomplished, after a fashion.

MIT#2 has been hopeless so far. And I'm horrendously fatigued from being gotten out of bed at 11:35 last night and not getting to sleep again until 2:30 this AM.

Once again this is where I freeze up, my mind pulled in a hundred different directions and unable to settle on a task that can be done and do it. 

teenage boys

Ah, yes, I remember those days.  Better you than me. 


If you can’t ride two horses at once, you shouldn’t be in the circus.”  - Jimmy Maxton, Independent Labour MP for Glasgow Bridgeton


Oh, yeah...

 He's a good kid but right now on account of him I'm operating on about 4 hours of sleep.


keep going GS!!

Because you are responding in the calm and reasoned way and doing what is needed now, your son will be OK in the long run.  Its hard .....but here is an area where you are not procrastinating.

Good luck with him and with your other MIT's

Thank you...

Mrs. GS, along with the former Mrs. GS (who was once known to say of the current Mrs. GS, "You know, if circumstances were different, I could like that woman! :-) ), and yours truly sat down with the kid last night and hammered out a series of consequences for his infraction.

Yes, I think he'll be OK, but I'll probably lose what little hair I still have in the meantime! :-)

Still, that's a big MIT taken care of. And the support here means a lot in that as well as in everything else. 

My life is a sitcom

Have you ever seen that tv show Reba?  I picture you guys as the characters from that show. 


If you can’t ride two horses at once, you shouldn’t be in the circus.”  - Jimmy Maxton, Independent Labour MP for Glasgow Bridgeton

9:32am for Lark

Late start foe me too. Rainy here, but we need it. I have something to paint, and I'm going to run errands while it's drying. It would be a good idea to plan my trip to be efficient. Yeh, right. Also I need to do a sweep through the house to put things where they belong. For example, there's something sitting on my microwave which belongs in my car. Hmm. Have a really good day folks.
To do:
(X)morning things
spiritual time
make list and run errands
paint door first
return movie
tidy table some more
finish one section of work project A
do something to B
check in this afternoon

kromer 8:20 CI

A bit of a late start this morning, but that's all right.

I have a fairly busy morning.
1)find detergent+quarters, wash sheets (done)
2)prep for mtg w/ PT (should take about an hour) (finished 10:35)
3)Make/print/copy toastmaster's agenda (prepped 10:50, now need to print)
4)Prep opening and closing remarks for toastmaster (finished 11:25)
5)Orientation session/lunch (Finished 12:30)
6)Toastmasters (Finished 1:30)
7)Mtg w/ PT (Finished 4:00)
8)Get my stuff out of friends' apt. (finished 5:00)

Updates as I complete each of these tasks.

kromer 5:40 CI

Had a pretty busy day, finished all of the above, then wasted about 40 min--oh well.

In the next 20 min, I'm going to transfer files to my laptop and figure out bike route to J+AR's house, then I need to leave at 6. This evening, I'll write up something on my research philosophy and spend 1 hr working on WM doc...if I have internet access I'll do some other work as well, not sure if I will. 

Journey 7 am

Good morning!  I'm babysitting this afternoon so I need to get to work early.  First, exercise.  Skipping the gym this morning so I can get to work earlier, but I'll get on the treadmill. 

Progress on the early to bed, early to rise goal:  Well, I did the first half lol!  I was in bed and asleep at 9:30 . . .but didn't get up til 5:30, knowing I didn't have to get to the gym.

I've done a load of laundry, but I don't want to get distracted by housework today.  I didn't concentrate very well yesterday, so I'm going to try to do better today.


If you can’t ride two horses at once, you shouldn’t be in the circus.”  - Jimmy Maxton, Independent Labour MP for Glasgow Bridgeton