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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Journey 10:30

MIT #1 is done - it was a quickie - and I'm working on #2.  Now I must go back to the coffeepot because some A-hole left it empty.  I will be forgiving this morning, though, because we do have a nice new coffee "system" that requires some figuring out.  So I will give the A.H. the benefit of the doubt and assume that he did not know how to use the new machine. 


"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." - Douglas Adams

Journey 9:30

Good morning!  I've been to the gym, scanned email, and set my MITs for the day.  That is the good news.

Now for the bad news:  I have made ZERO progress on building my new habit of early to bed, early to rise.  After I checked out last night at 9:30, I planned to spend 15 minutes winding down and then go to bed.  So what time did I get into bed?  11:15.  Did I get up at 4:45?  I did not.  I hit the snooze about a million times and got up finally at 5:30 . . .

My plan for tonight is to STAY AWAY from the personal computer tonight, and get into bed at 9 pm even if I am not sleepy.  I can listen to music until I fall asleep. 

Coffee break . . . back ~ 10 to start on MIT #1.  Actually, MIT #1 is a 3 minute task so I think I'll do that now, then come back at 10 or so to do MIT #2. 

Have a productive and enjoyable day everyone!

"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." - Douglas Adams


I am celebrating that you got up at 5:30! However, if you really want to reset your sleep clock, buy some Melatonin, which replicates the substance your body makes when the sun goes down (if there are no lights around). It is great for overcoming jetlag. It is over the counter, not addictive in the slightest,has no side effects and cheap. Take it a half an hour before you want to go to bed. You will wake up refreshed.

hugs, e

jo writes melatonin on her grocery list


If you can’t ride two horses at once, you shouldn’t be in the circus.”  - Jimmy Maxton, Independent Labour MP for Glasgow Bridgeton

e pulls melatonin out of cabinet

Thanks for the reminder: son starts back to school. As a 14 year old on summer vacation the rule has been sleep late, wake late. Tomorrow he must be up by 7 AM! 

Recycler CI 9:45pm EST

Hi Rainbow Pro Buddies! :)

It's so late here (for me), but it's important for me to check-in, so here goes.

Today: elliptical, stretching, got a lot of projects done. Dealing with an issue. Feeling nervous about it. ((sigh)). Well, a friend will come over tomorrow night, so can talk about it with them, if needed. Started volunteer project after work. Went to meeting of other volunteer group. Wrote email to international friend.

Next: I need to send a quick e-mail to my friend who will come over tomorrow. Then quick stretching before bed.

Have a great night everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

10:31am for Lark and 1:10am Fri.

Hi all. Glad to see you're back with us E. Things are alot crazy around here, and time is limited, so I'll post "better" later. My main project is done, and all I have to deal with is the client and two unneeded busybodies.
Thank God most of the whacky business stuff for today is in the courts of other folks. (Not my problem for a while!!!) I didn't do laundry for a while, so I'm taking some stuff to the dry cleaner during my next errand. Then I'll look for clean(er) socks for tomorrow. Ugh.
To do;
(X)morning things
(X)spiritual time
(X)finish project A
(X)deal with client A
(X)first section of project B
(X)run marathon errand
(X)check back later

belated hi to e greeters

I was just tracking myself and found your welcoming welcome backs! It was great to get it, even a week later, because I am struggling today. I feel like the prodigal son returning to my home.

Journey 9 am UPDATE 7:30 pm check out

I'm on vacation! I have done nothing so far today, except put a coffee cake in the oven. *yawns and stretches*

I'm going to get dressed, take a nice long walk and think about what I want to accomplish while I'm off work. I will try to avoid setting myself up for failure by planning to do much more than possible, then feeling overwhelmed and ending up doing nothing.

Things I'd like to do this week: Lose 20 lbs, get a tan, organize my whole house, organize all my financial and legal stuff, learn the new computer language I've been meaning to learn, have a yard sale, create all new habits so that I will be an organized, efficent person when I get back to work.

Maybe I'll solve the energy crisis and create peace in the middle East while I'm at it!

Things I can reasonably get done today:

1. Clean up the kitchen

2. (partly done but not completed) Put away the clutter that has accumulated on the kitchen counter

3. Visit my mom and dad

4. Fold up and put away the clean laundry

5. Enjoy a LIMITED amount of "screen time"

6. Go to Pet Smart for dog food.

7. Make a nice dinner with dd

8. Do a general straightening and dusting of the downstairs

9. Relax and read my book for a while before bed

10. Plan a reasonable amount of work/fun for the rest of my vacation.

OK, here I go to put on my shorts and head outside for that walk!


Update 7:30 pm

Well, I never did take that walk, but I had a nice long visit with Mom and Dad and made one of three phone calls that I need to make this week concerning financial stuff.

I'm going to fold laundry for a while this evening, and finish making my plan for the week. I know I want to make two more phone calls about financial stuff tomorrow, budget and pay bills for the second half of the month, do some decluttering starting with my closet, reorganize the kitchen cabinets, clean out the freezer, and go thru the upstairs bookshelf and figure out which books to sell or donate.

Someone recommended this site - they buy your books for cash. Sounds much easier than listing them on which is what I thought about doing. Unless I decide to have that yard sale after all.

And I must get back on the exercise track tomorrow!




"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." - Douglas Adams

pro's CI - 9am

I've been pretty efficient this morning, but I got up relatively late (I was exhausted - really needed the sleep) so I'm not going to get to work as early as I'd hoped. I want to hurry up so I get there as fast as I can. I have a lot to do, and don't like staying really late.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

e's day

Nice to have you back on the forum.   Sounds like you have got your hands full!  But you are handling it all very nicely. 


"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." - Douglas Adams

GeorgeSmiley's CI 7:37 AM; updated 9:45 AM

I turned on my computer at 7:15 and immediately remembered two details I needed to attend to regarding the youth class Mrs. GS and I teach. So I already got two tasks out of the way by doing those.

I'm feeling very much at risk for a collapse in my organizing and execution today, because of so much on my mind and an unexpected change in my plans for today.

The boss at my part-time job called me last night and said I don't need to come in today because the workload is smaller than expected. This is basically good--although it's nice to earn the extra bucks, it means I can spend more time working for myself this afternoon, and it ends up not interfering with family plans. There's a niggling bit of insecurity--will this part-time job go away? It's in an industry that's already losing a lot of people (nationally) and one that's under economic stress. It's been a good job to have, accounting for something like 25-30% of my income last year. But that's a very low-level anxiety.

I have already put a road map for my day in Outlook's calendar and task list, so I know what to do. But I can feel the urge to procrastinate much more strongly today, in part because I have no immediate deadlines cracking the whip on my back.

But I'm going to do my best to stay on task, and hope that as I get started momentum will pull be along further.

MIT#1, #2, #3: All projects for Client C. FIrst, Project M. Second, Project S. Third, Project G.

M is from scratch.

S and G were both started last month and then kind of simmered unattended during a period of major drift on my part.

Several other tasks lie ahead today:

-Begining the completion of Project R. [I have a series of specific tasks associated with that in my list, but this is what they all add up to.]

-Take my older son to his High School to finalize his senior year schedule.

-Visit an office related to the Youth Class [henceforth, Project YC w/ Mrs. GS] .

The latter part of the afternoon is now wide open. That can easily turn into "permission" to drift--something I don't want to happen.

I will report back at 9:30 about my current status.  

Update: I did some initial Internet research on Project M, also contacted online 3 friends who might have relevant experience/info on it. Those were mostly dead-ends. Then I realized that I could get an expert from a National Assn. on the subject, so I called there and got a media contact, who said he'd have someone get back to me. Was very upbeat about being able to help. So Mission accomplished on Project M.

Project S was quick: I just identified a specific next task and entered that to do tomorrow.

For Project G, I had to call someone whom I'd emailed 3 weeks ago and never heard back from. He apologized and we scheduled interview time for Monday AM. I also had to get started on editing pictures for project G. I found the folder in which they were on my computer, then put it on the desk top and set it up for editing later. I created a new task to Edit the pix and put it as a lower priority.

Bottom line: I've identified a series of concrete "next actions" for these various lingering projects so that I can pick up the ball more quickly on them when it's time to return to them. That's a relief, and I managed to keep going despite the uncertainty and vagueness before that was putting me at serious risk for dithering and drift. Knowing that I wanted to report something specific back here was very helpful in keeping me on task. THANK YOU PA!!

Now I turn to Project R, about 25 minutes late (that's OK--a reminder that I should schedule half-hour "transition" breaks between projects anyway). I expect to spend about the next 2 hours on it, with a series of concrete, identified tasks/calls already set forth for myself.

GS at 12:39 PM

Hello, all...

I made some progress on Project R. This is a longer magazine piece that I've been working on since mid-June. I'm on the home stretch and there are a number of challenges.

1) It's a complex "think piece" and I'm having trouble getting focused on what it's actually going to say--especially on how to say it in a compelling manner that will make it worthy of a reader's time.

2) There's been a lot of loose ends in my research/interviews.

I'd made some concrete tasks to do, and I did them pretty much down the line. Then I stepped back and reviewed old notes and generated probably a half dozen or more specific other tasks, which i've now put in the list of things to do. I know I won't get to all of those today; it will be important to take time later to look over that list and assign those to appropriate days.

11:30 I talked to one of the friends whose brain I wanted to pick for project M. Got several good tips and also leads for future subjects for that ongoing assignment.

12 noon lunch. And now this check in.

When I sign off it will be to run some errands out of the house. When I come back will be another time at which I'm vulnerable to drift--a largely unstructured (for now) afternoon that can easily lead to a sense of aimlessness. I will commit NOW to checking back here when I return so as to help keep myself on task.

 See you later... 

GS 2:24 PM

I'm back. My errands weren't completely fruitful, but that was because someone who was supposed to get me something either didn't or didn't communicate where it was.

One relief: while I was out I got a call back from someone I want to talk to for Project R. I couldn't talk then, but we set an appt. for 2:30. That gives me something to plunge right into and keep me moving in 5 minutes.




OK, this is another vulnerable moment. Mid afternoon. Hungry for a snack. Having trouble picking what to do next.

One thing to remind myself: it almost doesn't matter what I do next of the specific tasks I have.

But another thing to remind myself: A way to choose a task is pick a project that I haven't spent a lot of time on today, for the variety if nothing else.

What I will NOT do is go surfing mindlessly.

What I will do is go have something to eat.

I'll check in again after my snack and before I proceed with other work.

OK. I've settled in on my next task: Reviewing Project S for Client C, and moving it forward by setting up an outline and ID'ing next specific tasks required. I'm setting a 30 minute timer for that activity.

I managed to get through it

I stuck to the task and managed to advance the ball by significant increments, again defining clear next steps. I'm very relieved.

I'm intimidated by tomorrow's To-Do list in the office, especially since I'll probably be out half the day (a standing breakfast with friends, some errands, and helping my father in law by doing some tasks at his assisted living apt.) The first thing I've put on tomorrow's list is to reasonably winnow the rest of the list!


Have a good night everyone. Not sure if I'll be around later, but I am really glad to be here and to have all of you here!



Gratz GS!

Wanted to echo jo's congratulations--way to stick with work when it was tough, and great use of check-ins.  :)

George Smiley

Good job using checkins to keep yourself on track!  Checkins rock! 

"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." - Douglas Adams

One other thing...

For more than a year I've been putting off how to reinvest the cash in my IRA (not much considering my age). The lovely Mrs. GS (whose job once involved working in the securities law area) was very helpful last night and today in focusing me on specific next actions here, too...

kromer 8:20 CI

Time to get to work!

Computer is still down, I'm hoping it will be back up soon.

Today MUST do:
*45 min researching who I want to work with
*Post 2 sat. experiments
*45 min researching about possible experiments (15 min reviewing material on U87 cells, and 30 min thinking about/researching role of coregulators in adipocytes/insulin resistance.)
*Run clustering code, look at results, brainstorm ways to improve
*Start principled way of setting parameters (if computer comes back up)
*Email TT
*Tidy room

Today SHOULD do:
*test script for AL
*1 hr preparing for next week's Harambee, email out my ideas to PJ and CV
*call CH
*Fix and test ace2tamo and meme2tamo
*Run job with new interactome and visualize results

Today WOULD LIKE to do:
*Start writing code to process cv/rand results
*get/organize novartis data

Whew! that's quite a list. I'm going to start in on my MITs and just take one task at a time. I'm going to start by emailing TT, tidying my room, posting 2 sat. experiments and researching who I want to work with. Then I'll check back in and head to lab.

kromer 11:20 CI

In lab now.

*Computer is back up, so now I can start running principled way of setting parameters.
*Then I'm going to run clustering code and look and results (I'll do the brainstorming about clustering in the afternoon, when I've had a little time to think about it in the back of my head) (also did brainstorming)
*Then I'm going to research/brainstorm about possible experiments. This is a little intimidating for me, since I have little experience designing experiments. But I'm going to just spend a limited, focused period of time doing the best I can, take good notes, and not stress out abut how much progress I make.

I'll check back in again when these 3 tasks are done. 

kromer 2:30 bad day

I'm having an awful time concentrating today!

OK, I got 1 MIT done (clustering+brainstorming).

I started principled way of setting parameters, but the job failed, for unknown I'm going to run it manually (should only take about 15 min), and ask LR about the job failure)

Then I'm going to test script for AL--that's a simple task that I hope will help me get back into the swing of things. 

Then, there are some urgent issues with WM that came up today that I've been trying to deal with for the past 30 min, and I can't figure out the source of the problem! So I'm going to re-start job with better error logging; if it fails again, I hope I will be able to diagnose the problem.

Then, I'm going to start job with new interactome. 

Finally, I'm going to research/brainstorm about possible expts.

kromer 10:40 CI

After work, I went to dinner and baseball game with my it was a good day, if not a particularly productive one.

I choose to get a little more work done tonight, so I'll have finished my MITs and made some more progress on my "should-dos".

I'm going to spend 30 min researching possible experiments (15 min answering some questions I had from my earlier reading, and 15 min researching the role of coregulators in insulin resistance. That will finish up my last MIT.

Then, I'm going to take the next step in running code on new interactome.--DONE

Finally, I'm going to microburst the ace2tamo/meme2tamo task (I'm going to get out scratch paper, log onto web server, and open the files--that's all for tonight)--DONE

kromer 11:50pm CO

Finished all of the above, meaning I got through all of my MITs and a few shoulds, despite a fairly unproductive-feeling and frustrating day. Now for a shower and bed. Night, all!

e's Thursday

Good morning to EST folks, good afternoon to GMT + folks! Thanks for the starter, Edge.

Yesterday turned out to be.... all right. I spent much of the morning trying to diffuse my anger, but I am now feeling a bit more hopeful now which may be illogical considering that a family member had her identity stolen and with it, so far, about $6000 in charges that we know were sent to the Phillipines - to ME! SAdly, I am not in the Phillipines, and so some other e is walking around with her money My mother's computer has a severe virus, our tenant found out that her partner was cheating on her, and I am living with someone who is similar to Raymond's mother on Everybody Loves Raymond.

On the upside, I am hopeful that we will have new tenants lined up soon, we have permission to put stuff in the basement of our new place, we have transportation, communication, and the sun actually came out yesterday. No one smokes here, the graffitti is minimal, and, ahem, the toilet functions as it should. My children are handsome, my husband is reasonable, and I am not jumping out of my skin.

Today: do it right away if it will take less than 3 minutes. I dread certain tasks but when I remember to do that dread seems to disappear.

find missing meds

finish changing addresses

straighten up belongings

plan dinner and cook it

get cash

ice my knee

make a decision about my new phone

begin (gulp) job search.....

oh boy! English Muffins for breakfast!



*Waves a cheerful hello to e*

*Huggles* Glad you're back, e :-D

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

Chickadee's Thursday check-in

Lots on the to-do list.:?

Right now I am going to commit to 2  45 min. sessions on MIT before a meeting this afternoon.

Later, finding the missing file is an MIT.


Household tidying: table, dishrack 


Edge's CI - 2:14pm

Good "Morning" :-)

x hmed 1/2
x fmed 1/2
x kitty litter
x laundry 1/2
- reschedule lesson
- finish and send remainder of feedback
- clean room
- laundry 2/2
- fmed 2/2
- hmed 2/2

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

Edge's CI - 3:34pm

x hmed 1/2
x fmed 1/2
x kitty litter
x laundry 1/2
x cancel lesson
x order pastpapers
- call Ay
- finish and send remainder of feedback
- clean room
x laundry 2/2
- fmed 2/2
- hmed 2/2

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

Edge's CI - 10:27pm

x hmed 1/2
x fmed 1/2
x kitty litter
x laundry 1/2
x cancel lesson
x order pastpapers
x call Ay
- finish and send remainder of feedback
- clean room
x laundry 2/2
- fmed 2/2
- hmed 2/2

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

Edge's Closing CI

x hmed 1/2
x fmed 1/2
x kitty litter
x laundry 1/2
x cancel lesson
x order pastpapers
x call Ay
x finish and send remainder of feedback
- clean room
x laundry 2/2
- fmed 2/2
- hmed 2/2

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

Looks like you've gotten a lot done today!

Mazel tov!


Thanks, George :-D


~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson