Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Friday 1st August 2008


The Weekend is almost here!

Its Friday



Falcon pre-CI for Saturday

Planning ahead for tomorrow:

8:00 - 9:00 pay bills & tidy up papers

9:00- 10:00 (10 + 2) * 5 hack for tidying/cleaning my place

Note to self: this means I need to get up and eat breakfast before 8:00.  Wink


Recycler CI 6:40pm EST


Thank goodness it's the weekend :) While there are things I can do, I don't have anything urgent tonight, so I might veg :)

Today: early train, stretching at gym, ate breakfast at restaurant, had Huge Projects all day so had snacks at breaks rather than taking a lunch hour. Got most of projects done. Will attend something tomorrow "as a civilian" so will see if I need to add any finishing touches then ;) Rode train home, ate snack supper, Internet groups had news tonight so I surfed ;) Next: if I want to, I can fold and put away clothes that were hanging to dry overnight ;) Maybe journal about a step ;)

Have a great night, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)


Dont understand why CI layout looks goofy and takes up entire page!


Takeachance Official CI

Finally back at home where I
can go on the internet. I guess this new policy at work is a good thing
as it did limit my temptations to just procrastinate with the web!



1-Pay late bill for labwork Done

2- Cancel credit subscription plus print out Done

3- 15 minutes to open olde untouched mail (look for checks to deposit!!)


- e-mails: total 9 to send

- write @sailing to do list

- Contact K and M for weekend plans- In process

- Order Too Perfect book online

- Call hotel to modify reservation Done

It is weird because I didn't get much done on my list yesterday but I can
see that I didn't procrastinate except for the first MIT (pay labwork
bill). What I forgot to add here all week is that I have also been A
LOT more productive at work. I had a huge list of reports to write that
were late and people were starting to call for them. I have been more
productive there in the past 4 days at work than I have in the past 4
weeks ...(about when I started this new contract). So overall, I have
had a great week.

It is hard for me to say this and acknowledge it... I am so scared that
,like everything else I have tried it won't stick. This is where
takeachance comes in. I have to let go of the outcome and just keep on
going one day at a time.

I have been able to use the capture then to do list system (adapted to
me) from ZTD and with Journey's helpful tips. It is the first time that
I don't get "stuck" spending all my time implementing a system and never use it!!!

Back to the struggling now because I really need to send those e-mails but my MIT #3 is not done. The thing is this MIT#3 is from the backlog so there is this false sense that it can sit there longer , not urgent. (the truth is that I need to deposit these checks very soon here!!!)

Thanks to everyone here. Will keep on checking in.




great news, take!

this is great news. I totally share that fear also. My acct details here say i've been a member for 22weeks, but the first 2 weeks i had procrastinated coming back, so 20 weeks, so almost 5 months. For me, that's a really long. Longer than my previous temporary bubbles. But, still i have the fear.

And i'm doing just what you are--taking it one day at at time. And trusting the higher power for the rest.

Very encouraging to me to read this, too, because i came here discouraged today.

Fear it won't stick

Hi Takeachance,

I totally recognize that fear; you're brave to get it out in the open!

For me, that fear in the past has sometimes become a self-fullfilling prophecy -- I'd backslide a bit, take it as evidence that I couldn't change, and then spiral downward from there.  The trick for me has been learning to regard setbacks as small and temporary, just normal bumps in the road, rather than a sign that I should just give up.

If you think that's a danger for you, just remember that you will goof up, and that's o.k.  It just means that you're a human being changing a long-standing habit, and you're brave and committed enough to do the work needed to overcome the set-backs and keep on keepin' on.

Congrats on the progress!  Enjoy how great it feels -- you've earned it! 


Thxs Falcon

So great to read these words of encouragement! Thank you

Today, I am out for the whole day but will check back on Sunday!

HAve a wonerful weekend!


gratz take! you're on the way!

Takeachance said:

"I  have been more
productive there in the past 4 days at work than I have in the past 4

"just keep on going one day at a time."


Journey 10:45

Happy Friday everyone!  I've had to work the last couple of weekends so I'm really looking forward to this one.  The kids are out of town, so I don't even have to make company dinner.

I've been to the gym, set my MITs, and completed #1 and #4 (cause #4 showed up at my desk lol). 

I wasn't real productive yesterday working from home.  I did MITs 1 and 2 and made a start on #3 but didn't finish it.  I have to get better at this working from home stuff as we're going to start telecommuting 2 days a week starting next mo. Yay!  I'm excited about it, but also I know I must be vigilant. 

So, today's MIT #2 is to finish up yesterday's #3, but first . . .coffee . . .!


"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." - Douglas Adams

Journey 5:20

Pretty good day :)

Telecommuting is officially approved, starting next week.  I'm telecommuting Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  I will be monopolizing the whole forum AND the chat box as I learn to stay on task from home.


"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." - Douglas Adams

welcome to the club

working at home provides ample opportunity to indulge in procrastination!! Altho, i like knowing who i am w/o the external structure propping me up. I like *knowing*, altho i dont much like *who* i am. But i'm learning to accept the things i cannot change.

re: the club

Indeed it does!  They are requiring us to be on the corporate IM anytime we're working from home, so that will help. 


"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." - Douglas Adams

i love IM

that does help. a lot. I like IM because, unlike phone, i can take a minute and formulate a response. And i type fast.
And if it's not too demanding, i can do something else while IMing. OR IM two people at a time.

Does you IM beep at you so you can hear when you're in the kitchen and you've left your laptop in the office? :)

You lucky girl :)

Hi Journey!

That's great about your new work arrangement! Yes, keep us informed about how it goes! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Go Journey!

Thanks for the support Journey and good luck with working from home! Sounds like a great opportunity to get your best tools out of your PA toolbox!

Have a great weekend!


cl ci

since i accidentally fell asleep last night, i have to do my next MIT now.

dont wanna.

let's try just 5 min. til 8:20.

5 min task. then 5 min break. then could not start again for 5 min.

another 5 min. here goes.

and another 5 min. and now 5 min break.

8:57: another 5 & 5

9:31: done another 2 cycles of 5 & 5, plus a required interruption.

Now for another one...

inch by inch, clem

You are an example why I keep coming back here...When I go through the inevitable setbacks of compulsive procrastination, I have evidence that others have gone through it too, and survived, and are still trying. You are describing just the way I felt yesterday, but today is better. Thanks for being an inspiration, clem.

Inspirational inches

Agreed!  When you just "don't wanna" and you do anyway -- five minutes at a time -- that's pretty darn cool. 


thanks, guys

So to think that the extremely unpleasant struggle i went thru yesterday had anything positive in it seems crazy to me. But at our weekly online 12 step meeting, Movingalong has us pasting in "the promises". Guess what #5 is:

"No matter how far down the scale we have gone, we will see how our experience can benefit others."

I know that i have personally benefited from people's experiences here, both positive and negative, so i guess i can see it.

I'm just glad Someone's looking out for us.

Now i have to get thru today :/

kromer 8:15 CI

First tasks for the day are:
*Figure out bug with STRING interactome DONE
*Check on running scanning code DONE
*Check bus times, email DONE
*Call about account access DONE
*Start laundry DONE
*Spend 30 min working on getting Brg1 datset DONE

Then I'll check back

kromer 11:45 CI

I have 15 min before lab meeting. This isn't much time, so I think a sensible way to use this is to plan out what I'm going to get done this afternoon and find necessary papers/files.

Update 1:10--back from lab mtg, emailed AL with some questions about bg files she wants

Now I'm working on MIT #1. Goal is to get this done by 2:15 if possible. Will work in the chatbox and update when done.

kromer 10:10 CI

Making pretty good progress on work this morning.

I have a couple of non-work tasks to get done:
*Tidy room DONE
*Put laundry in dryer DONE
*Email about Harambee DONE

Then, I need to pack up for the day (inc. emailing myself files that I need), and head to work. On the way to work, I need to pick up and deposit a check.DONE

My work MITs for today are:
*Finish getting Brg1 dataset
*Implement principled way of setting capacity
*Go to lab meeting DONE
*Keep an eye on scanning code CHECKED 11:40, 1:00

My other possible work tasks are:
*See if STRING connections help with clustering problem
*Get/organize novartis dataset
*Add clustering to algorithm
*Bg files for AL (emailed her with questions)

My non-work MITs are:
*30 min on who I want to work with
*Fold laundry

Falcon CI Friday

Hi all,

Haven't checked in in awhile. . . I hope everyone is well!

Priorities for today:

  • Exercise -- already done
  • Rest/sleep/let go/recharge
  • Determine what I want
  • Do laundry
  • Plan
  • Library maybe

Edited to add:

  • Practice music (important!) 

Got lots of much-needed sleep this morning, and took a walk for exercise.  Did some music practice, printed info for planning and got list of books to take back to library.  Next up:  put in load of laundry, write list, take shower.


Falcon CI - music is coming along

So far so good -- I'm getting over the sticky bit in the music, I did a load of laundry, laundered myself in the shower, gathered up the library books and wrote my list.

Next up: eat something, then go to library.  If time, get oil change before getting groceries. 


Falcon CO

Got my errands done, including the oil change, though it took longer than expected.  Good night! 


good to hear from falcon!


Thanks, Agnus!

Hi Agnus,

Hey, thanks!  I've been too busy to procrastinate, lately, so I haven't stopped by for a while.  I've missed everyone -- looking forward to looking through the site & catching up (but not till later when I've gotten my other stuff done.  Wink)

Today's one of those days when it would have been easy to lose sight of what I really wanted, even though what I wanted was to sleep and rest!  But somehow sometimes I can even put off doing that (ex. if I get to surfing the net) so it was good to come by here & set some intentions right away!


Welcome back, Falcon!

Loved reading that you'd been "too busy to procrastinate". Laughing

Takeachance CI Friday 8/1/08

Good morning and HAppy Friday!!!


Wow, had crazy , busy day yeasterday and will come back to explain later. Also, new policy at work and very difficult to access PA during the day! I guess they want to monitor internet access in case some of us are...not working. Ha!  So now am at home but am running late for work ( the irony!!) to write this. Yet I feel the need to check in!

Anyway, got lots done yesterday but not MIT's so starting with similar list this morning.

Will be able to check in mid day with more time and details.



Ahhhh...Friday! and follow-up ci at 3 pm

Thank God for a new start every morning!  Sponsee cancelled so I have a precious extra hour this morning to finish MIT1 before I actually have to take it to the client at 11...whew!

  • Finish Job Prep DONE
  • Invoice DWS through June
  • Check email for letters to review for E DONE
  • Read PEP stuff they asked me to review, and respond DONE
  • 10:30 leave for DWS DONE
  • get all new edits for the Toolkit to Erica/Kim
  • 1 pm team call DONE
  • quarterly report

Ag bookending a microburst

I am procrastinating eating even though I already had a trembling low blood sugar attack about 1 p.m.   I am going to post this, walk toward the kitchen while praying, open the fridge and get the lettuce out.

OK, that worked. Once I had that mini-microburst done, it wasn't that hard to pull together a decent lunch. Now I'm going to eat. DONE

And while eating, I realized I had already worked 9 hours without a break. So I did not return to my desk until this minute...and this minute is 5 p.m. - officially the weekend!  Have a good one, everybody. I will probably ci again before Monday because my unmet MITs are deadlined tasks, but for now, I am on PLAY! :0

Convalalria checking in on Friday at 9.16am

Good morning all!
MIT's for the day:

  • dental visit
  • make appointment with accountant and complete tax papers
  • admin tasks for mother
  • walk dog
  • 1 hour house tasks
  • 15 minutes of paper sorting
  • walk the dog
  • check back in