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Sunday 27th July 2008




i'm stuck - have been for a long time, need help.

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kromer 9:40 CI

I had a pretty bad day today...5 or so hours of pointless web browsing. I haven't slipped like that in a while.

I finally took a step in the right direction by folding my laundry and turning on my website blocker. But everything still feels overwhelming for some reason, so I'm going to keep my goals limited and my steps small.

Tonight I choose to:
*print and post jobs sheet DONE
*email about Harambee DONE
*print out house contract and email Ado DONE
*email about mtg DONE
*submit timecard DONE
*shower DONE

Plus cleaned 300 emails out of my inbox. 

I'm going to let myself go to bed around 11.

Updates as I finish each of these things.

Movingalong checks in

Hello all.

Today I think I will just look briefly at my to-do lists from last Sunday, and the Sunday before that, and the Sunday before that.

The list is pretty much the same each week.

I hope to (CHOOSE to) ... do at least a few of the things on those lists this week.

-- movingalong

pro's CI - 2:25pm

It's supposed to rain hard this afternoon - high winds and hail - so it's not that good a day for laundry. I have plenty to do here.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Journey 8:30

 I did very little yesterday . . .  DH  brought home dinner so I didn't have to cook.   I even left dirty dishes in the sink and went to bed early!  

I guess I needed the rest cause today I feel rested and ready to go!  I have started a load of laundry, medicated the dog, and did a short and sweet yoga practice.  Now I'm going to tackle those dishes!

I'm going to resist the feeling that I need to catch up the tasks that didn't get done yesterday.  Yesterday is over, and I will focus on what I want and need to do today.

Have a great Sunday everyone.


"In our minds, we seek to be divine; but in our hearts, we know it's party time." - Rondo Bros in Aquarium Dreams


Recycler CI 8:30am ESt

Hi Pro Buddies!

I hope today will go well for everyone! :)

This morning, started clothes in washer, ate breakfast, bike ride, started dishwasher, started water to boil to cook vegetables. Surfed Internet, sliced vegetables & put in water to cook. Put clothes in dryer, and started 2nd load to wash. Next: pick out paint color for central areas of new condo. Will probably update my CI post throughout morning.

Have a great day, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Recycler CI 6pm EST electricity is back on. Whew!

Hi Pro Buddies!

I am so glad my electricity is back on, and that my computer is ok!!! Whew!!!

I live in a rental condo, and my new condo is being built across the street. The new one has had enough electricity for construction for a while for a while. This morning the Power Company decided to re-do power lines (since there will be 45 new units powering up in the next month). So with no notice, my electricity went off this morning while the work crews were out there!!! Eeeks!!!

When I leave the house or will be away from my computer, I turn it off and unplug it. But this morning I was going to be home + keep updating my CI, so I had the computer on when the power went off!!! Aieee!!!

I was worried about the computer, but unplugged everything, then kept going about my MITs as planned. Fortunately my rental condo has a lot of natural light, so I could still pick out the paint colors & do other projects, even though it was getting warm in here with the air conditioning being off since the electricity was off. Finally about 1:30 it go so warm, I relocated to restaurant for lunch & ice cream, and then went to the movies, to see the cute Kung Fu Panda that I hadn't seen yet (which was really good).

Arriving back home, I wasn't sure if the power would be back on, but it is, and the condo had cooled off again by the time I got here. And the computer started up First Try! Yay! :)

While I am feeling thankful, the multi-hour Power Outage got on my Last Good Nerve, so I'm trying to decide if I want to sort some papers before calling my dad tonight.

Anyway, thanks to PA, I had already gotten off to a Good Enough start this morning with the MITs before the power went off; and I now have my gym bags & work stuff ready to go to work tomorrow, so I am just going to cruise out the rest of the evening.

Have a great night, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

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chatbox problems

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1:36 am CI for Lark, 12:05pm

Hi everyone. I've actually been very busy lately and haven't posted much. Today I have a work-related social function to attend. (I'd rather take a nap.) I hope to get some stuff done around the edges.
To do:
(X)morning routine
(X)spiritual time
(X)first section of work project
(X)2nd section of work project
(X)check in late morning

Convalaria checking in on Sunday at 12.37pm

Have wasted most of yesterday and most of today so far.
Trying to reclaim some of today.
Bookending 1 hour for housework, fpllpwed by 30 minutes personal care stuff.

go conv

way to get back on the horse, conv. I hope work's going ok. I hope the consequences weren't too bad. I dont remember you posting the results, really, or i guess details. You dont have to of course, just know that no matter what there's people out there (me) rooting for you!