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Friday July 25, 2008

No Frills Friday


No frills--just start!

Recycler CI 6:05pm EST

Hi there on No Frills Friday! :)

Fridays are always The Best!!! :)

Today: early train, elliptical, stretching, actually planned ahead for teller machine :) Work. Went to do special errand at lunchtime, but it didn't work + used up my patience for the day; will have to try again on Monday. Completed deadline project. While waiting for coworker, did another project; but then they left early, so I'll have to try again with them on Monday. Met someone's emergency, last-minute need at work. Rode train home; fixed & ate dinner.

Tonight: I think I will go to the movies.

Have a great night, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Recycler CI 10:30pm EST


Movie was too scary! Now, will I be able to sleep?! Maybe I can surf one more thing on Net? Talk to you later! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Agnus ci and 4:30 pm followup

I like today's headliner, kromer - thanks!  I pulled a very late nighter (until 5 a.m.) to get prepped for today so slept until 9:15. Husband still ill but responding to meds so caregiving tasks are less demanding today. My personal goal for today, one day at a a time, is to KEEP MY WORD! Do what I said I would do it, by when I said I would do it. And when I fail to DO this, acknowledge the impact on myself and others, apologize, and make amends by re-stating what I will do by when, and actually DOING it.

Errrg, I feel that demand sensitivity stuff. Gonna have to look at that again later - no time now! MITs:

  • Attend to whatever J needs DONE
  • Spend 1 hour estimating remaining KRA hours DONE
  • 11 a.m. NC conf call DONE
  • 1 p.m. Team call DONE
  • Respond to B on when I will turn in Job Prep and invoices DONE
  • Actually DO Job Prep and invoices
  • Review backlog and schedule microbursts
  • Return calls to V, M'ydone, LW

I need a nap before moving on! Setting the timer for 30 minutes, then back at it.

ok, that nap? it never happened

First there was an email, then the dog needed petting, then the husband needed a massage, then the doctor called, and ... sigh. You get the idea. I am calling it a night as far as work goes. It's 6:37 p.m. as I type this from my Eastern US home, and the sun has shone all day without me being in it even for one minute yet - that's just wrong!  I'm going to enjoy dinner, walk the dog in the setting sun, and watch a good movie with my husband if he feels up to it tonight. Otherwise, I'm sabbathing - veggin' for God :-) until sundown tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great Saturday!

journey 9:45

Good morning!  I've been to the gym and have set my MITs for the day.  I have to leave early today for a funeral, which is fine since I've already worked more than 50 hours this week  (and most of those hours were really and truly spent doing real work!).  I'm tired and feel unfocused, so I have planned to do routine stuff this morning that doesn't require a lot of thinking. 

Coffee . . .


"In our minds, we seek to be divine; but in our hearts, we know it's party time." - Rondo Bros in Aquarium Dreams


avacal201 913 ci

Hello All!

yesterday was productive, but I noticed a little backsliding.

Most Important Tasks

  1. Make changes to the display and check in.
  2. new tasks - bug fixes/enhancements.
  3. testing and review of existing code.

Goals for the day

  1. 65% or better logged work time -- 53%  need to do better
  2. better note taking/journaling -- getting better
  3. concentrate on logging distractions -- STILL NOT THERE YET
  4. Thanks! Have a great monday! friday! --Pete


kromer 9:10 CI

Have a lab meeting presentation in 3 hours that I'm not completely prepared for. Getting ready for that is my focus for the morning. The presentation goes 12-1, then I'll make a plan for the evening after that.

kromer 1:50 CI

OK, I gave lab mtg presentation.

It went pretty well (though it would have gone better had I been better prepared...pretty much the story of my life :( )

Now that the stress from that is gone, I'm very tempted to slack off for the rest of the afternoon...but I'm going to resist the temptation, because I'd like to finish my project by the end of the summer/get a paper out by the end of the fall.

People gave me all sorts of good suggestions, so the next order of business is to take notes on their suggestions. 

Then I need to leave to look at an apartment at 2:30, so I should leave by 2:10.

I should be back to work by 3:30. I'll draw up a very rough set of work goals for August, then make a schedule for next week. Then I need to leave for church at 4:30.

Update 2:05--I've taken notes from lab mtg, and drawn up rough set of work goals for August. I'll make a schedule when I get back from apt., then ideally write outline of randomization run code. 

kromer 3:45 CI

Back from apts, a little late (and didn't find anything).

Now I need to make a schedule, make outline of code, leave 4:30. I have church stuff 5:30-10:30 and would like to hang out with friends after, so no more work for me after 4:30. 

Update 4:15 done with schedule, now outlining code

Update 4:30 code outlined, leaving now.

This week I've been pretty distracted looking at apts, so tomorrow I have some work to do. So see you all tomorrow!