Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Wednesday 23rd July 2008


 Winging along on Wednesday


Recycler CI 10pm EST

Hey there, High Flying Pro Buddy Squadron! :)

I'm getting in late from my Mensa dinner, but need to stay up for a little bit.

Today: elliptical, stretching, got Good News about a vacation for next summer :), work, typed/e-mailed information for volunteer group, did some filing. After work, got a massage, then had Mensa social activity.

Tonight: I need to unwind a little more, then brush teeth & go to sleep.

Have a great night, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)


hey, a fellow mensan!   cheers --Pete

Hi fellow M :)

Hi fellow M :)

Greetings right back atcha! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

wow mensa! I'm impressed !

I often wonder if we procrastinators are smarter than the general population  and therefore more easily bored.   Seriously. 


"In our minds, we seek to be divine; but in our hearts, we know it's party time." - Rondo Bros in Aquarium Dreams


Procrastination at my Table

Heh, I went and sat the test once.

Of course, I forgot about
it, stayed up late the night before, got 3 hours sleep, slept in,
missed the bus, ran all the way into town (without breakfast), managed
to get there just as they were entering the room for the test. Had to
borrow a pen, and then irrationally obsessed about the answers on a test which had
about a 10 second time limit per question so didn't even finish it.


I'm not smart-beans enough to have gotten in anyway, but I did get a
reply saying my results were close enough to the margin that I could
resit the test for free anytime in the next 6 months.

Punchline - Do you think I resat it?


(Eh, I was actually just sitting the test to get over some insecurities, and just arranging to sit the test seemed to pop that particular bubble :) ) 

I think that's true :)

Hi Jo!

I think that's true :) That's one reason I like this board -- everyone here is extremely intelligent, and I definitely feel inspired and learn a lot each week here! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Journey 7:30

I did get away from work a bit early today, so I'm already done with dinner and the animals are fed.  I'd like to zone out in front of the computer for 3 hours . . .but instead I'm bookending 1/2 hour of housework, then I'll have an hour or so for screen time before I GO . . .TO . . . BED . . . EARLY !  I've been staying up til 10:30 or 11 which makes it hard to get up at 5 and schlepp myself to the gym before work. 

"In our minds, we seek to be divine; but in our hearts, we know it's party time." - Rondo Bros in Aquarium Dreams


Journey 2pm

I've done MITs 1, 3, and 4.  I'm avoiding #2 because it involves actually going to talk to a human being, and possibly looking stupid and/or ignorant.  I'm going to gather my info, think about what I'm going to say, and then going to see that person. 

Right after I go to the ladie's room and get these shredded wheat crumbs out of my bra. 


"In our minds, we seek to be divine; but in our hearts, we know it's party time." - Rondo Bros in Aquarium Dreams


Journey 3:45

#2 is done - at least the talking part.  I have some research to do, but for me that's much easier than talking to real people. 

I'm going to try to get outta here early today, I've been working late every day so far this week . . .


"In our minds, we seek to be divine; but in our hearts, we know it's party time." - Rondo Bros in Aquarium Dreams


way to go jo

i see you resisted the difficult MIT, then did it. Good for you. Your recovery is obviously working, at least for today.

thanks clem!

I've been numbering my MITs 1-whatever and just trying to crank through them in order.  Then I don't have to think about what comes next.    Even if I only get one of them done, at least I know it was the most important one . . .



"In our minds, we seek to be divine; but in our hearts, we know it's party time." - Rondo Bros in Aquarium Dreams


My Joke for the Day

Q: What happen when the butcher backed into the meat grinder?

A: He got a little behind in his work.

Sorry ...that was baaaad. Don't hate me cuz I'm stupid. Sometimes its so bad its good. Okay ...back to the grind.

LOL - good one!

Thanks for the grin.  While I'm on here, I need to admit that I am using the PA site to procrastinate!  It is so heartwarming to share here, and I've been waxing locquacious today. Enough!  I now bookend reading my task list related to today's team conference call. Back when done.

Rick's Check In 8:30am

It's going to be a busy day and on the road mostly. My MIT today is to use my TIME LOG all day and see how many hours I actually work and what I can get done. Again breaking down tasks and finishing each one before I move on. I'll check in on my progress. I have a growing sense of HOPE, but have to fight a false sense of well-being that can get me lazy. It nice to "feel" better, but I have to take "action" to get out of my cave. Yesterday I did start connecting to the people in my life I love. I do have support in my life, I just have to use that and my own recovery to fuel my journey to a new life!

It’s not the sentiments of men which make history but their actions. - Norman Mailer

Agnus ci

Hi PA-pals! I am grateful for a new day. Already had some prayer time, sponsee time and a 12 Step meeting. Husband is ill so I accept that this may sidetrack my other MITs today, and I commit to not letting it be an excuse to procrastinate.

  • MOST Important Things:
    • Prepare for 1 pm team conference call DONE - time chgd to 3:30
    • Job Prep course edits
    • Finish addressing and mail thank-you notes DONE
  • Next MITs:
    • Order J's power cord
    • State report updates
    • Spend 20 minutes on debit backlog

Hope your day is just what you and HP planned it to be!

kromer 10 CI

A bit of a slow start this morning...I did my house job this morning, but that's it. Now I need to stop browsing and head to lab. Back when I'm there.

kromer 11 CI

Got to lab, had an early quick lunch (I was really hungry for some reason...), called about apt., emailed about another apt.

My work MIT's for the day are:
*Finish getting easy datasets (this has been on the list for weeks, it really needs to get done!)
*Try to figure out if a node penalty would help (DONE--it might help, but it's not urgent)
*Try run-running with tweaked capacities, improved source->coreg weights, and reversed ratios (Made a first try)
*Make introductory slides for project
*Talk to LR about memory requirements (DONE)

I'm going to start with trying to figure out if a node penalty would help. DONE 11:40

Update 11:40--Now I'm going to try re-running with reversed ratios and improved source->coreg weights. I'll look at the results from that and try to figure out how to tweak capacities. This code all takes a while to run, so, in parallel, I'll compose an email to LR about memory requirements, copy beginnings of lab mtg pres. to my work computer, and research which time point to use for NRIP1 dataset. Check back when these tasks are done (an hour or two)--12:00 started running code, copied pres., starting researching NRIP1. 12:30 finished running code, decided on time point, now need to look at res. and email LR.

kromer 1:15 CI

OK, I talked to LR about memory requirements, briefly looked into node penalties, tried re-running with imporved weights and reversed ratios, and chose a datapoint.

Here's my next set of tasks (broken into nice small steps)
*Email AK about Cellomics DONE
*Try re-running alg. with lower flowweight, infinite source->coreg capacity, and branching factor of 3 rather than 2. Look at results. DONE
*Look at scrambled siRNA data DONE
*Finish getting easy datasets
*Make 3 intro slides for Friday's lab mtg pres.

*Talk to MO about check DONE

I'll start the alg. re-run. While it runs, I'll email AK and look and start the code to get easy datasets. Then I'll look at scrambled siRNA data. 

kromer 4:30

I'm having a hard time concentrating this afternoon.

I have another 1.5 hrs at work, then I'm going to leave to look at a couple of apartments.

I've emailed AK, looked at scrambled data, tried re-running, talked to MO. Also spent 30 min looking at some standard lease agreements so hopefully I'll be able to understand my lease when I get it.

The urgent tasks to get done in the next hour and a half are the ones listed about: intro slides+finish getting other easy datasets.

Then, by the end of this evening, I want to have tested on 2 more data sets, and made slides on possible tests for my results.

I'm going to work in the chatbox, since sometimes that helps my concentration a bit.

Update next morning...totally flubbed last night, watched TV by myself rather than working. Urgh! I just finished getting the easy datasets, though.

avacal202 ci 855am Wednesday

Hello All!

Most Important Tasks

  1. Check in code and maintenance -- BIG PROGRESS - i am doing well.
  2. work on new data transfer task -- pending
  3. testing and review of existing code - I normally let this slide -- pending

Goals for the day

  1. 65% or better logged work time -- ONLY 43% TODAY -- must do bettter
  2. better note taking/journaling -- in progress
  3. concentrate on logging distractions
    -- haven't been doing so far

    Thanks! Have a great monday! --Pete


11:31 pm (Tuesday) CI for Lark, for Wednesday

Well, it's not Wednesday here yet, but I thought I'd start. One thing for work didn't work out as well as I'd hoped, so part of it'll have to be re-done. Everything should be finished before too long. Crossed fingers... I'm trying to get in touch with my helper for work, but no luck so far. I need to schedule someonthing for either tomorrow or Thursday. Again, crossed fingers.
To do:
morning things
spiritual period
finish main project for work
contact and schedule helper
sort laundry
fix light in bathroom
finish bathroom ceiling
order supplies for next project
reduce table pile (50% visible tabletop)
check in before mid afternoon

Convalaria a12.50pm Wednesday

The consequences at work have begun.  I think that the worst that can happen is some very unpleasant conversations and possibly/probably an even more difficult allotment next year.
At the moment I am at home. I will be absent for the next 2 to 3 weeks due to some upcoming fairly minor surgery and will not have to deal with the PEOPLE IN CHARGE untill then. The challenge is to structure my time in such a way so that I am able to look after myself, my family and to make some preparations for my return to work.
I do want to turn this around at work and at home.
Today I have not done anything productive...apart from sticking to my eating plan.
SO in the next 3 hours I want to:

  • spend 30 minutes on the house
  • spend 30 minutes on personal hygiene
  • spend 30 minutes on house papaer work
  • spend 30 minutes on school work
  • keep checking in with list of what I have done

Hang in there convalaria

Some days, just sticking to my eating plan is the only thing I can do - and that's an accomplishment.  You have a lot of demands on your life and time. I admire your determination to make progress. Good luck with your surgery and I hope you can keep in touch to let us know how you did with it.

Convalaria on Thursday morning

Thank you angus.
I mananged to do 15 minutes of each of above.
Today I have been working on preparing some work to be done in my absence.  It is not a capapcity matrix as requested yet but I do have some really good worksheets.

I want to try something that was on one of the threads yesterday.

personal care          5       10          15

kitchen                   5       10         15

backlog sorting        5       10          15

ironing, laundry              10         15

and then check back in

Back at 10.28. five minute on ach area done!

next 10 miutes on each area  then check back in at 11.10am

Back at 11.21 waylaid by a couple of phone calls. Have to go out and attend to issues raised by calls.  Will do the 15 minutes of personal care now and will attend to rest later when I return. I also have errands to run.

Hope to be back by 1.30pm to sesume my quest.
This has been helpful. Its not efficient but certainly better than sitting paralysed!