Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Saturday, May 17, 2008 For all soon-to-be graduates, now is a great day to find all of your old library books! (otherwise, they usually won't give you your diploma!)

c ci 2

bookend reading this site--start 11:01pm.
11:02pm: 1 min reading this site. But i read a comment or 2 before 11:01pm, in reality, but less than 5 min. There are not a lot of comments. I hope that means people are off being productive.

Now i have 2 tasks. I feel resistance because i have to get up and get something. So i'm here to let go of that resistance. To shrink myself, and all the resistance that goes with that. Here goes...

c ci

well, i'm not posting a lot today. I just browsed the new content.

I have a lot to do. I'm using the techniques i learned here. List my things to do. prioritize my MITs. Select the next 1 or 2 to do next. If there's none that stands out, just pick one randomly. Then do them. Resist the frequent urge to go off task. Shrink the self.

I'm off to continue doing that...

Saturday for Lark, "Copy and paste"

Another day. It seems all I need to do each day is to copy and paste the previous day's check ins to the next day. Pretty hum drum for the most part, heh? But, for today:
finish present project for work
house tidying
check in later

kromer 8:40 CI

MIT for new research project: Choose 5 important questions from yesterday's list and try my best to anwer them; write up a coherent summary of the answers with references.

Other tasks for new research project:
Read textbook section on biochemistry of regulation
Find and print out 2 review articles on coregulators
Spend 20 min. brainstorming about algorithms: take good notes from brainstorming

Other tasks:
*Clean room
*Clean out binder
*Buy 3 new binders
*Buy bike helmet
*Organize biochem and econ notes MIT
*Split cells MIT (don't want them to die!)
*Take notes from mtg w/PK MIT (seriously, it's been a week, I've practically forgotten what he said!)
*Plan for sketchy finals muffins
*Make flashcards for nucleic acid, amino acid, and cholesterol synthesis structures and for carbon-carbon bond forming reactions
*Study M-M kinetics
*See A!

I'm going to start by making flashcards: it's important, and a good way to wake up

Update 1:10--OK, I've made some progress on my biochem studying, and chosen 5 questions I'd like to answer for my project. Now I'm going to head to lab, to find and print out review articles, split cells, and buy binders and bike helmet. Then I'll go see A.

kromer 9:55 CI feeling down

For some reason I'm having a really bad day, feeling all blue and having trouble focusing and getting stuff done.

I don't think I'm realistically going to get a whole lot done this evening, but I would like to keep my vow to get 2 hours of work done on my senior thesis every day, and I still have about 1 hr 20 min to do to get that done today. So my plan is to work in short intervals, 20 min of work (with some good music) and than 15 min of reading a book I enjoy. This will get me through my work by around midnight, and hopefully will help shake off the blues as well.

So, I'm going to start by finding out if there are coactivators in yeast and writing up the answer. Update again when that's done, with how much time I spent.

Update 10:35 found out about coactivators in yeast (there really aren't any...), this took 20 min, then took my break, this is hard but I'm doing it  :) 

Next, I'm going to read through review articles and take notes, write up any answers to my questions that I can find. I'm going to work for 20 min  on this, then take another break.

Journey 8:30

Good morning! 

I normally go to yoga class on Saturday mornings but today I'm going to try to do my own.  We've been having a lot of substitute teachers and they don't always work on the things I want to do. 

One reason I like to get up and get out on Saturday morning is that it keeps me from wasting a lot of time doing nothing before I actually get started on my day.  So today you guys will help me get going instead! 

This morning I will:

  • plan my yoga practice
  • do my yoga practice
  • make a grocery list
  • leave by 10:15
  • visit mom and dad
  • go to the tanning place 
  • buy groceries

 Check in when I get home from the grocery store.  I won't try to get a lot done this evening as I'm working tonight, probably about 6 hours 8 pm - 2 am.  I'll sleep until 10 or 11 tomorrow, and then think about what I want to get done on Sunday. 



"Stay on target!"  - Gwen D., aka Gold Leader

Greyfox 051708

Today's goals...

Writing Portfolio - archive 1 file drawer

Streamline Possessions - 1st moving sale of 3 (2 from storage and 1 from home, will determine dates of other 2 sales in two weeks)

In His Hands

e's morning checkin

  I had a wierd day yesterday healthwise, so I am taking it slowly this morning. However, there is a lot to do and I want to get it done!

  •  C: contacts
  • greek taxes
  • sort papers for health insurance
  • reservation for Kouklaki
  • have C complete missing assignments for Math
  • wash porch and porch furniture
  • set up doctor's appointments for followups
  • strip sheets and wash
  • set up desktop: get folder holder