Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Friday, May 16, 2008

I think I can, I think I can, I know I can, I know I can...

Greyfox CI -0200CST

"Money Managed" only took 1.5 hours once started. Five "financial portfolio" files (utility bills) are set-up for auto draft payments. I recommend setting up automatic payments through your bank -versus- allowing various companies direct access to your bank account and funds.

It isn't truly the 16th here anymore but I finished what I planned (almost), just have to wash the other half of dishes.

Learned something important today... Rather than waste any time determining how long the task will take, it is better to invest those hours and minutes in "just doing" even if only for a few seconds.

In His Hands

journey check out

Good night!   

"Stay on target!"  - Gwen D., aka Gold Leader

Recycler vacation CI 9:15pm EST

Hi Flying Fish & Pro Buddies!

I'm just finishing up my Continuing Education days at St. Augustine, then will have a couple vacation days at Disney with friends :) I'm so happy to have a minute to check in, because I have been off-line since this past Monday before my trip. Also, I wasn't able to get a solution yet for my home computer, so will be off-line until next Tuesday. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well :)

Today: Continuing education class on angels (yes, this is actually work-related for me, lol), Trolley tour, nap, Dinner/networking with conference mates.

Tomorrow: Flower festival at Disney Epcot. Wow, I wish every CI was this fun!

Have a great weekend, Everyone :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Grey's CI 7:20

Have completed personal care and 1/2 dishes.

Have not tackled money management - have two files ready but still procrastinating next move...

got caught up on some emails, researched accomodations for trip next week, and made arrangements for lawn care this weekend.

...will tackle paper after dinner.

In His Hands

pro's CI - 7pm

I finished the work project I needed to do, and now my weekend starts. I'm free! Yay!! :)

(Of course, if I want to stay happy and excited I shouldn't look at my desk with its enormous pile of papers I need to deal wtih.)

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

douglas CI

It's burrito night!


hide the shaver....

Douglas, it is great to see you! Hope all is well and that the4 dog survives with fur intact!

pro's CI - 4:50pm

The sink mess is cleaned up. I did a quick vacuum - not thorough, but enough to get up the mess from the sink.

 Now I have a gigantic pile of trash and recycling to bring downstairs, but not now. I need to get back to some work stuff.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

struggling against sleepiness

I have some work to do now that takes a lot of mental concentration and I'm not feeling too perky. I got only four hours sleep last night, and my trainer put me through a very hard workout this morning. I think I'll make a cup of coffee.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

pro's CI - 4pm

You wouldn't believe the extent to which the plumber trashed my apartment installing a new bathroom sink. I just washed the bathroom floor. After putting everything back I'll keep to vacuum the rest of my apartment. And I need to clean the sink!

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Good Morning!

Long time no see, and I have missed you guys a lot!

A few months ago this group gave me the "kick-in-the-but" I needed to get through my first semester of graduate school, and it is done. I made it. Go Me! Thank you!!

Now, I want to break the habits of procrastination by applying the disciplines of Procrastinator's Anonymous. Thank you for being a good group.

Today's goals are:
Dishes washed
Money managed (schedule most bills for automatic draft)
Find and streamlined resume file

(Does anybody have a tip on how I can easily add a hot-link to this group on my tool bar or desk top? I would like to decrease the number of steps it takes to get here and link more immediately.)

It's good to be back!

In His Hands,


 I guess I use this site so often that it automatically fills in the rest if I type the letter P in the address line, but can't you save it as a favorite?

WB Grey!

"Stay on target!"  - Gwen D., aka Gold Leader

TU! Grey's glad she's back

Thank You Gwen, aka Gold Leader. I am happy to be back yet anxious already. My today's check-in feels heavy and there has been no action. I am re-assessing and changing it to:

Personal care
Dishes Washed
Money Managed(bills set up for auto draft)

- and am striking "resume streamlining" today

Thanks a lot, any available encouragement is helpful!

In His Hands

pro's CI - 9:20pm

I did a workout this morning and I'm very wiped out, but I need to keep moving. Have to shower and dress fast because I have a meeting at 10am (working from home) and the plumber is coming right after that to install a sink.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Journey 9:15

Happy Friday!  I struggled through yesterday and am looking forward to a better day today.  Thanks to you guys, I got most of my work done in spite of having a "freak out" kind of day.  Today, I feel back to normal, or whatever passes for normal around here lol.

 I have a couple of meetings this morning.  2 of my 3 local teammates are out sick.  Should be a quiet day, and I can spend the day getting ready for this weekend's changes and working on the IP address changes if I have time. 


"Stay on target!" - Gwen D., aka Gold Leader


Journey 9:20 and updates throughout the work day

coffee, and be back by 9:30 for the first meeting! (it's a conference call)  

Update 9:30 - on the conference call now

Update 11:30 - conference calls are done, 10 minute break now.  I set my MITs and read my email during the conference calls. 

Update 11:50 - spreadsheet.  After that's done I can have lunch!

Update 1:45 - the nasty spreadsheet is finished.  lunch break, then double check the darn thing.

Update 2:45 - had lunch, made a last minute change to the nasty spreadsheet.  Now I'm doublechecking the numbers. 

Update 3:15  I've done nothing!!  I was reading celebrity workout playlists on the web.  Back to work!  This is a really boring, tedious, yet critical task.  I'm not enjoying it.  So I might as well get it over with.

Update 4:10 Done with that, and did my scripts for the weekend.  I'm all ready for the weekend changes actually.  Now I'm going to work on changing those IP addresses.  I'm a little nervous about that and I've been putting it off, actually sort of hoping it would go away.  But it didn't go away, so I'm going to tackle it.  I can always ask the brilliant coworker for help if I have to. 






"Stay on target!"  - Gwen D., aka Gold Leader

kromer 9:10 CI

OK, lot's to do today. Just posted a bunch of vows in another thread.

I'm going to try and do very well on a new project...for two weeks, at a minimum.

My MIT for the project today is
*Make a list of things I'd like to know about transcription and transcriptional coactivators thant would help me design a better algorithm

Other tasks I'd like to do today for the project:
*Review the biochemistry of transcription
*Find and print out 2 review articles on coactivators

Other tasks to get done today:
*Deposit check
*Buy bike helmet
*Goodbye lunch with some colleagues
*Youth group
*Turn in PBK form
*Post cooking sheet for finals
*Cancel credit card (I can't believe I lost it *again*, grr to me)
*Feed/split cells
*Make structure flashcards for biochem (on amino acids, nucleotides and functional groups)

kromer 12:15 CI

Did OK today, but not great:

Failed: Make flashcards, find/print review articles, buy bike helmet

Will do before bed:cancel credit card (seriously, this is urgent!), prep PBK form to be mailed

Hi Kromer, congrats

Hey Kromer!
You have a whole bunch of congratulatory posts on yesterday's check-in thread (plus a gold star on Monday's thread).

We are all so excited for you.

I read your post in the "Vows" section.  Very wise choice of rewards and non-rewards.  But ... they were upset you turned your Senior Thesis in ON TIME?  Upset it wasn't EARLY?   Do they know what an achievement it is to do something on time?

Anyhow, WE are very proud of you.

kromer's list

 Make a list of things I'd like to know about transcription and transcriptional coactivators

For me, this is a VERY short list lol

"Stay on target!"  - Gwen D., aka Gold Leader

lol journey

thanks for making me smile!

scarlett CI 9:05 am EST

Placeholder to kick myself into gear. Happy Friday, y'all!

I'll come back and edit my to do, I hope before my meeting @ 9:30 am.

Ta da:
email directions to r

To do:
Eat breakfast
Take pills
Update to do and post

Become aware of resistance, and let go.

c ci 8:30am

after 1/2 hr of procrastination, i'm checking-in to get going. 1/2 hr. how many days has it been multiple hours! Thanks PA.

Set MITs. Shrink self to eliminate anxiety. check back soon.